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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

Poem Details | by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, imagery, longing, love, miss you, missing you,

Silent Love

"i carry your heart with me(i carry it in
my heart)i am never without it(anywhere
i go you go . . . "
                                   ee Cummings

He sends her hearts in Instagram,
liking every photos that come.
Thoughts of what he thinks about her
drift in his mind year after year.
He is determined to rid the fear,
and make his heart’s words clear.
She is the kind of woman
gods refer as a good omen
for a serious man.
Now he wants to make the first dial,
and make the love for her real....

Date written: 14/11/2019

Writing Challenge: November - Some Kind of Love

Sponsor: Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode

Poem Details | by ndidzulafhi patric |
Categories: funny love,

love will never die

IF you stand, no action can take place.
My brains will never stop thinking about you.
River wont stop flowing, unless water is finished.
My love to you it just like a flowing river.
I will stop see you in my mind by my last breath.

You are more than my life to me.
I like that after rainfall smell.
But you always giving me more than that.
You built happiness world for me and sea happiness as well.
My love to you will move like air.
You will enjoy this love from me daylight and daynight.
My love to you is swiming like a fish deep in the sea.
I WILL NEVER LET YOU FALL, As i applied on you.

poem by munyai ndidzulafhi patric

Poem Details | by Adelaine Lowe |
Categories: feelings, first love, love,

They Were Right

They're right
When they say
You know when you know
Because you do.

I never thought
A feeling such as this
Could ever
Be possible.

Yet here we are.
Holding hands.
Making faces.
Taking places
By storm

I didn't know
Something this strong
Could ever be formed

When you walked in
That cold dim room
My sole said
Oh Hello, I've been looking for you.

Poem Details | by Rinnnaka the Abendrot Poet |
Categories: desire, destiny, heartbreak, identity, love, pain, soulmate,

Never found, they find you

Rereading the
Love stories
Of teenage youth
Not so long ago
To realize how
Those stories
Molded mine
Into the now
The infinities
You believed in
The twilight moon
You wished of seeing
They never are yours
Yours is yours alone
Beautiful the way it is
They're never found
They find you
Will leave you
In heartbreakingly
Lovely pain
But you'll love it
And when the right one
Comes along
Hold it tight
Let it go

Poem Details | by Andrew Jung |
Categories: friend, friendship, friendship love, love,

Anam Cara

I've been thinking about the other night
The part before we were high 

We see each other
Such connection is rare to find, at our age

So I have to tell you some things
Because that is what I do now

You brighten the world around you, 
For everyone

You make me smile all the time
I love you for that

You are going through things
You know my history 

I haven't told anyone until now
That I also confront devils 

I need you to know
That this difficult trip

I'm on it too
You aren't alone

I will be your fun and drunk when you need it
I will be your shoulder and ear when you need it

I will be these things for you 
Mo chara anam 

November 13, 2019

Poem Details | by Bobby May |
Categories: lost love,

Collapsing Thoughts

Somber dreams collapsed ideas
Life has become a tragedy
No will left in my lungs to breath
My heart has been emptied 

No soul to keep it pumping
A melancholy feeling throughout my body
Nerve ends snapped like a twig
My feet without strength to walk

Not even water to create new tears
Time has stopped I am in limbo
What can I do I am lost without you
News I had just learned today

They canceled my favorite TV show

Poem Details | by Lexy Allen-Jones |
Categories: 9th grade, anxiety, betrayal, boy, crush, cute love, love,


The sadness that my heart holds 
is like a long void in my heart 
That can only be filled with love 
Love that you hold in your hands 

Your hands are soft & gentle 
Your hands are not quite warm
Your hands are cold as ice
your hands are old & worn out from all the love you give 

I miss the love 
I miss the love you gave
I don't miss the heartache 
I don't miss him 

Poem Details | by Mike Bayles |
Categories: introspection, lost love, love, remember, winter,

My Life Depends on Writing

When cold winds blow
I turn to the page
blank and waiting
to become something more.
I write verse and prose
while the world
goes on without me.
I am the sun
and the meadow
on a winter day
while outside
a fall of snow.
The one I once knew
is a vision
my guiding light
s story and verse
while I must tell
others and others alike
that love never dies.

Poem Details | by anxhela tomani |
Categories: deep, depression, destiny, drug, men, true love,

before i go

herei am
once again feeling lost 
missing you like crazy 
even today, yet i do not know why you left
oh baby, you are on my mind all day
evem on my hardest, darkest day on my mind its just you
your name shouting, our memories haunting me
when i cross the streets we used to walk together
i pray to see your face
before i die, i have one last wish
to hug you one more time, then i will be ready to leave this world

Poem Details | by Tuisha Sircar |
Categories: feelings, friendship, funny love, loneliness, longing, lost, love,

The Halo of Love

Tell me how much you love me, 
It's a secret, I won't tell.
Hiding behind closed doors, 
You whisper 'infinitely',

 I sit and dream about what has been lost. 

"So, you love me infinitely?", I ask.
You smile a soothing wave,
A curve,
A beautiful halo, 
Cocooning your shadow and light, 

Thereafter, you come alive again.

Poem Details | by Krishna Bhatta |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, conflict, courage, friendship love, how i feel, memory,

I am Lost

Where am I ?
Tell me no Name
Which I left ---
due to such shame !!

crave of possession
to touch that moon..
driven me to you, that
well such So soon...

No legs, no arms
to crawl is my  way
"I am Lost" here
cause home is miles away

Poem Details | by craig cornish |
Categories: life, love,

Distant Thoughts

This place where once this stony throne once held
such dreams that only youthful minds conceive
and where the child within myself once dwelled
with innocence so pure I could believe.
Yet now this debutant sits here again,
no magic nor a love at beckon call,
and wonders where it all begins and ends
like our words in chalk were carefully scrawled.
Though even in the rains they're washed away,
they own a place in time when we were free
and here forever's where my heart will stay
and welcome all of time to share with me.
So I will dwell here longer in my lair;
for all eternity my life prepares.

Nov. 13, 2019

Poem Details | by John lawless |
Categories: culture, love, lust, society,

Graveyard Caste

Come quickly, let us tempt the fading mists
we ghostly shadows of a graveyard tryst
ashamed - not of our deed - but of our sin
fulfillment of the dream of now, not then.

And so among the silent headstone hush
we lie beneath the tangled thorny brush
endure the sting of freshly bloodied lust
defile the silence of a graveyard trust.

Thus do we share our love with those long past
a challenge to the lies of ancient caste
to walk away and hear the tombstones sing
as winds of change the frozen church bells ring.

We will embrace the now, we two, as one
while walking through the graveyards others shun.


I Want To Fall In Love With A Sonnet Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allusion, lost love, love, metaphor, poetry,




         Our love is simultaneous
         our romance is double way
         i write in you
         you write in me...
         when we make love
         we read each other...

         Once i wrote in you
         once you wrote in me...
         Together we wrote
         a book of love...
         But the pages were
         and our story was

Poem Details | by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: fairy, fantasy, romantic love,

Mr Meal Meets Miss Cherish

An immediate connection today
In faerie land, people of the fey.
Wings could not stop moving all aflutter.
Cherish’s hair was soft, warm as butter.

Mr. Meal’s antennas zoomed in on her.
He had an itch and Cherish was the cure.
He was a stranger in Faerie Village
Had to go slow not plunder or pillage.

Made friends with her brothers and sisters too.
Baked pie for them, and cooked a mean beef stew.
Give him a chance! They implored their sister.
Fabulous cook, he’d be a great mister!

So Cherish and Mr. Meal got married.
Over threshold, she was quickly carried.

Categories: imagery, love,

Scented Leaves

Scented leaves falling on the balustrade
                                      Poet's lyrics through twilight
                                        Yet to come, buds waiting

Scented Leaves Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Kim Rodrigues
13 November, 2019

Poem Details | by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: love,

Only You Can Make Me Happy

Only you can make me happy
When I am sad, drowning in tears; 
My eyes just glow, sparkle, and smile, 
As loneliness just disappears.

Only you can bring bliss to me, 
During distress and life's anguish; 
My mind has just been comforted, 
As the stresses and woes vanish.

Only you can turn my trouble
Into joy and security; 
Yes, my soul is now safe and sound, 
Far from fret and anxiety.

Only you can erase the pain
From the core of my broken heart; 
The crack and wound are fully healed, 
As the ache and damage depart.

You are the one who can usher
My spirit to the great glory; 
Allowing me to be with you, 
Only you can make me happy.

Poem Details | by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: appreciation, devotion, god, gospel, inspirational love, jesus, religion,

Augustana-100 Years of Bliss

A hundred years of praying,
A hundred years of song,
A hundred years' faith conveying,
And all the days were long!

A hundred years of fireflies,
A hundred years of red roses,
A hundred years of marmalade skies,
And God's love engrosses!

Reverend Hegstrom then, and Pastor Gorder now,
The very first unto the last,
And also those to follow,
Present, future, past.

Baptisms, weddings and special celebrations,
Through all the fiery sunsets;
In God's house, His glorification,
And the past never forgets.

Here we now celebrate 100 years of bliss
At Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park,
And we feel the thrill of His kiss,
And witness the skyward lark!

Poem Details | by Line Gauthier |
Categories: caregiving, Lullaby, peace, sleep, song, sweet love,


hush hush
close your eyes
still your mind

surrender tenderly 
i’ll kiss your head
caress your hair

sweet nothings whisper
i’ll hold you tight 
sing softly in your ear 

i’ll gently rock you 
and keep you warm
hum to you my lullaby

posted on November 12, 2019

Poem Details | by Gregory Paul |
Categories: love, lust,

In Love With Thee

( In Love With Thee )  ( Melani Udaeta ) << sponsor

Shall I compare to a babbling brook
I do believe her hair is of gold
So peaceful, and musing your look
Softly embraced, each edge and fold
Simply I credit her beautiful smile
Therefore we touch unspeakable lust
Through snow abound over a mile
Holdeth her body unthinkable trust
But hands explore forbidden skin
Ooh, love the heart wants to feel
Wanteth to feel dareth to sin
The warmth of touch,contained seal
Thus I lie with her and she with me
And our love ignites, flattered are we

© Gregory Paul 11/12/2019  ( poetry contest )

Poem Details | by Cassandra Travis |
Categories: 11th grade, angst, friendship, love,


heart strings yanked and knotted
bottles spun and lashes batted
unrequited warmth,
intertwined tendrils as palms brush.
our nervous sleepovers, we gossip about our feelings:
a confessional for joy

because what is safe but boys?

shut down from the start
confessions of feelings,
a pact made to not be broken
emotions unlimited,
confined to the safety of myself

actions only a thought
always reaching - never acting
long strides with flag in hand
fighting for the rights of others
not indulging in the necessity of my own

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, community, how i feel, humanity, love,


Love is So Love-- Beating living hearts, captured emotional parts; Feelings so aligned, hearts living beating much so; Love Compassionate giving

Poem Details | by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: angel, brother, heaven, love, smile, together, tribute,


Heaven awaits us all.
Angels singing sweetly.
Peace fills the air.
Please feel the love.
Imagine heaven a glorious site.
Never alone again.
Eternal forgiveness forever.
Smiles everywhere from everyone.
Seeing you coming and getting ready.

To My Dear Brother. Today he is gone to heaven.

Poem Details | by denis bruce |
Categories: love, strength,

Love Is The Answer

If love is the answer,what is the question
My mind so eagerly wants to know
A lonely hearts club is a suggestion
From which  fond relationships can  grow.

Neither beauty of body nor gender inclined
Between which there is little to choose
What stirs my heart is refinement of mind
Physicality we will  always lose 

Close companionship rests not on the corporeal
The human body being but a shallow distraction
We are all  at our best in matters ethereal
Our hearts drawn by mutual mental  attraction

In life's sore troubles amor vincit omnia
True love provides its own cornucopia.

Poem Details | by Lexy Allen-Jones |
Categories: anger, betrayal, boyfriend, break up, crazy, feelings, youth,

Gambling with love

You threw my heart in a game
You threw my heart in a gamble
Up and down 
Around and around
You played me 
You played me over and over 
You played me like a game
You played me cards they deal 

My heart is not a game 
So why do you play me 
My heart is not a game 
So why do I feel played 

You hurt me 
You hurt me to the max 
You hurt me so bad
You hurt me like nothing else

I am not to be gamboled 
I am not to be sold
I am not to be past around, and 
I am sure as hell not yours

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