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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: boy, cute love, girl, imagery, kiss,

First Kiss

saliva string snaps,
then a faint, nervous chuckle. 
girl kisses boy crush

Date written: 03/06/2021

by David Kavanagh |
Categories: allegory, emotions, lost love,

virtual reality

         a perfect moment 
     remains with us forever 
      even though long past 
      in that one experience 
    lives our deepest fantasy 

David Kavanagh 

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Love's Caress

Warm the hand to caress the face of love
To linger softly, pause upon the skin
Smiles offer a gentle wish to dream of
As we find the primordial again
From the eyes of reverence and silence
We have tethered ourselves without a word
In a timeless world of shared compliance
Only our rhythmic heartbeats can be heard
This feathered touch with its smooth trailing trace
This realm caressed in solemn solitude
Will measure the fervor of our embrace
With tender moments from love's interlude
To brush the face of my love, to express
In love's sanctuary, lovers confess


by vernon witmer |
Categories: light, love,

the lucky one


I wrote you of a seashell shining 

On a beach of golden sand;

Held the morning light so tightly
In my gnarled and aged hand.

Kissed the sky with greeting
Lips in prayer pursed 

Brushed the breeze in which I was
So lovingly immersed

Teased me with that silent sound
Sent only to the listened ear

Sad but true, that only those 

In depths of love will hear.

And I was chosen as the lucky one.

For I have heard the whispered kiss 

Of every morning’s sun.

by John Gondolf |
Categories: heart, love,

A Tender Heart

Her tender heart sets her apart from anyone I’d ever known, and from the start it did impart a gift of love so gently shown. When first we met I won’t forget the way her heart lit up the room; this sweet brunette whose silhouette with curves that caused my heart to zoom. And when she spoke my feelings woke and something stirred within my soul; with tender strokes her heart invokes such longings which I can’t control. Beyond compare her heart so fair, I’m lifted up as dreams now soar, and so we dare our lives to share our hearts are one for evermore.
March 6, 2021

by Neena J. Luke |
Categories: true love,

My True Love

I didn’t have the opportunity
To blossom when I was younger
Now that I’m older
Construction is what I’m under
Inner beauty is my turn on
My mental is on another
Level is what I discovered
So writing became my lover
I’m in love with the way
Words can be put together
To paint a perfect picture
This union will last forever
Until death do us part
For the worse and for the better
Because I can always be myself
Knowing our ties will not be severed

by Maurice Rigoler |
Categories: humor,

Platonic Love

It’s undeniably a pleasant thought
but unfortunately fraught
with nonsense typically
devoid of true biology.
For platonic love is neither physical
nor passionately carnal,
and today quite the opposite
to how most practice it.
What Plato had in mind
was a love relationship refined
by beauty and virtue, unsullied
by carnal flesh and not embodied
in the senses, but a love ideal,
eternal and to many unreal.
I doubt this view made headway
even in the philosopher’s heyday
or in centuries thereafter
except as ridicule and laughter.
For sex as an ideal has never been
preferred by real men and women
but if it had, imagine the grief
without the normal means for relief!

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: loneliness, love, silence,


She left...

An eerie silence followed:

No sound

No whisper 

No word 

No laughter 

No joy

No happiness 

No love


Everything followed her...

Leaving me behind.. alone...


How could the sunrise be possible tomorrow,

Without it being reflected into

Her wondrous eyes?

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     06 March 2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: celebration, god, love,

divine entwined

as we wait for seeds planted to bear fruit
knowing not the eventual outcome
are we joyously still as a conduit
or does desire scar countenance winsome

upon choosing to be and so become
one with elixirous love pulsation
we vaporise entering Gods kingdom
in childlike trust by soft resonation

no sooner we choose the life internal
recognising the outer as transience 
soul shift imbibes bliss rapture eternal
as we celebrate this earth life parlance 

flowing thus with no fixed coordinate
to rhythm divine sublime we gyrate


by Mike Henry |
Categories: animal, cute love, night, summer,

Secrets of a Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer Night

They met in a cornfield at midnight
‘Neath the light of a pale harvest moon
No sweet music played in the background
But the crickets provided a tune

Away from the gaze of the barn owl
Their sweet romance started to bloom
The fox and the hare were not even there
So the two lovers started to spoon

The summer night guarded their secret
And no-one was even aware
Of the passion displayed by these lovers
As they showed just how much they could care

And when it was done they both snuggled
In the light of the stars far above
Then they scurried away to face a new day
Two cute furry fieldmice in love! 

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: freedom, god, love,

We seek freedom

We seek freedom, glued to habit patterns
Remaining frozen, even though we burn
Mind the cage, spiralling thoughts, asylum
Cleanse oh hermit, ego residuum
In staid stillness, light of clear truth discern

No doing is required, save to unlearn
Cessation liberates us from fears stern
Held not by ego cravings to ransom
We seek freedom

Never late to ways of loving heart learn
For God connectedness, with fervour yearn
Within our glowing heart, lies Gods kingdom
Our true home, where we are always welcome 
Doors open, when prodigal son returns
We seek freedom


by Akram Triki |
Categories: desire, for her, hair, jealousy, longing, love, lust,

- Envy -

I envy your lightly veined eyelids,
For upon a pulchritude so glorious they rest.
I envy the falling drops of rain,
For your amber hair they fondle best.
I envy the so bright sun 
For to you it sends warmth and fun.

by Karen Jones |
Categories: birth, black african american, black love, children, christian, color, love,


To wed with a mood ring
To know the colors will always change
To love the colors as they sing
Of summer fall winter or spring
As life enhances changes our views
As we grow and engage gain and lose
The only promise is life as temporary
That Mother Nature is very contrary
So for the red rose in my heart
I will love you from near and far
For the brown moods riding my eyes
Will birth our children and save your life
For it seems love stabilizes
When I am true to myself and I
Know that you may feel me briefly
That you may kneel with me
And ask God to keep us clean
And share the first wedding mood ring.

Categories: beautiful, beauty, identity, love, metaphor, sensual, symbolism,

Fragrance and Thorns

The roses attract everyone with it's unrivalled beauty and entrancing fragrance, it's strength so efficacious that even the thorns are accepted by all.


by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: analogy, care, love, words,

Mighty as Mountains

Two sets of three words each
  Each sets forces in motion
Mighty as mountains, vast as the ocean

The first set, "I give up"
  All momentum it quells
The future, disrupts

The other, "I love you"
  Walks you out on a limb
Your destiny magical; alternatively, grim

Utter these three words with the utmost care
  Never with a wing; always with a prayer

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Immortal Sweetness Of Love



Topic: Birthday of Zy E. Solis (March 05) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Love In Composition



Topic: Birthday of Angelica Rivera (March 05) 
Form: Vertical Monocrostic

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: food,

I Love Salt

Now don’t get me wrong – I love sweets.
I love all kinds of sugary treats.
I like cake; I like pie,
and for chocolate I die.
I’m hankering now for a malt!
But nothing beats something with salt.

Caramel corn can be nice.
But I prefer salt or some spice.
It would be a mistake
if I did not shake
a while before calling a halt
(into buttery popcorn) my salt!

I shake it all over spaghetti.
I shake it as if it’s confetti!
On french fries and steak
and casseroles I make -
for sure I will have to exalt
my favorite dishes with salt!

March 5, 2021 for Anthony Biaanco's 'Salt' Poetry Contest

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: love,

Kindling's Fire

She made me more real than I could stand,
but choice was not an option
And reaching in deep she pulled tomorrow
out of yesterday’s regret
Leaving me to find a home for all the
wasted memories and time
Loving me only just enough 
—to begin to start again

(Houserville Pennsylvania: December, 1971)

by Kurt Philip Behm |
Categories: lost love, love,

A Seven-Year Love

Wanting you,
knowing I couldn’t have you
I called the devil my friend
as he surrendered the key
The lock to your heart reopening,
the hourglass turned over
In the flames of December
—running back to you

(Houserville Pennsylvania: December, 1971) 

by Regina Elliott |
Categories: 8th grade, 9th grade, christian, easter, jesus, love, spiritual,

The Lamb Calls

His beauty of mercy,
seven eyes, seven horns,
He alone to open the seven seals,
the Lamb who also bled
from His soul,
Who gave salvation through agony,
His Life's blood,
The Lamb calls,
answer, child, answer.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: bird, dance, love,

Dancing for Love

Costa's hummingbirds
twisting, swooping and dancing -
males mate in seconds

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

A New Alignment

Where can I go to buy some excitement Is there a shop where I can get a new alignment Would pay big money In fact dollars by the tunny To experience the joy of a little refinement

by Sabrina Vickers |
Categories: deep, emotions, feelings, love hurts,

Say Forever

Never say Forever
For you know it isn't real 
Cause when you say Forever 
It's only something you think you feel
So when you say Forever
Just say that you will try
Because when you say Forever 
Forever may be a lie.

by Dylan Ravenclaw |
Categories: crush, cute, cute love,

I'll Wait

I wish that I could
See you right now, but I know
It wouldn’t be allowed
So I will wait for the time
To be up to go find you!

Written on March 4, 2021

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