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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: lost love, poetry, sorrow,

Dreams Will Keep

Photo by Rhonda Pearson Smith
Thickening fog hung beneath the willow tree consumes dreams of your lost poetry. From sandalwood-scented sleep, I kiss you and weep. Love songs will keep, lustrous still. Silver lyrics creep to gold dust dawn from the deep creases of clouded sleep, where I free thickening fog hung beneath the willow tree.
Written 7/13/20 Contest - Andaree - 11 Lines Poetry Sponsor - Joseph May

by Caleb Romua |
Categories: destiny, feelings, hope, how i feel, imagination, love, romantic,


I can imagine laying under the stars with you
As we listen to the waves crash by the seaside
The moonlight glistening in your eyes catches my own
We're saying our favorite ice cream and life dreams
I'm paying attention to you as I should, sitting still as stone
Just listening, hoping one day in your heart I can reside
And fulfill you with a love that is strong and true

by Julia A. Keirns |
Categories: love, love hurts,

I Find Myself Walking

I find myself walking
I hear myself talking
I see myself up in the clouds.
How did it get so far out of hand?
How can I ever understand?
I see you laughing
smiling and loving
But it isn't me by your side.
What happened to our forever?
What happened to man and wife?
I feel myself breathing
crying and hurting
Wondering when it will end.
I still feel your whispers in my ear
I still feel your love ever so near.
So I find myself walking
And trying to understand.
Just following the footprints
I leave in the sand.

by Regina Riddle |
Categories: blessing, devotion, heart, inspiration, inspirational, joy, love,

Inspire Me

Soft whispers of light mist the moments with insight bared in the embrace of one who holds me gently, yet completely, with sincerity, welcoming me with a love that is filled with the wonder felt when another knows you intimately

breath deeply of love
caress truths of the spirit

HAIBUN - pick your theme Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Line Gauthier
July 13, 2020

by Seema Tabassum maqsood ali |
Categories: 10th grade, allah, analogy, anti bullying, arabic, art, betrayal,


Love is like a boat
Sailing in the sea of time
Hoping to see the shore
So that it can find home

by Dver Klin |
Categories: inspirational love, lost, stars,


If we have met 
We met during Light
In which no sun has Set
That's why I have never found you! 
What if we walk hand in hand
Through Lifetimes 
What if we recreate Magic
Which we have been living forever
So that Darkness takes over
And we remanifest into Stars  
Staring at each other always
But remain Separate.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: appreciation, for her, i love you,

French verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 1

French verse:Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 1

Femme Belle O 'jamais ainsi; Merveilleux Vous êtes, vous êtes de loin; Une fille de notre Dieu vivant Et moi invoquez votre cœur; Et je souhaite embarquer; Dans une relation renforcée; Pour, vous êtes si ouvert; Belle O 'jamais ainsi; Merveilleux Tu es belle si merveilleuse; Je suis amoureux de vous; Je le fais, si pur, j'aime toujours juste toi; Amoureux de toi; Je le fais, si réel, everso, je t'aime juste;
7/13/20 written words by James Edward Lee Sr.© 2020

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, for her, i love you,

English verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 2

English verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 2
O' ever so;
You are,
you are by far;

A daughter of our living God

And I
call upon your heart;
And I do wish to embark;
In an enhanced relationship;
To with, you're so forthcoming;

O' ever so;
You are beautiful so wonderful;

I'm in love with you;
I do, so pure, everso love just you;
In love with you;
I do, so real, everso just only love you;

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.© 2020

by Momon Touthang |
Categories: 11th grade, 12th grade, art, break up, heartbreak, hurt, i love you,

The Becoming

Violet blue summer in your eyes. 
Heavenly distance 'twixt our byes. 
This love, an offspring of boredom
Fortified by doubtful wisdom. 
You loved me when I hadn't a dime, 
Twas a fidgety while in time. 
How well you turn round the senile, 
Tis the beautifully weird thing about your smile. 
Hellish paradise, passion incarnate. 
Lies within the truth, hazy in hate. 
The sirens could sing you away, 
Jolly for us, I will always stay. 
Kill your darlings tonight, 
Lovingly yours in hindsight. 

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, for her, how i feel, i love you, uplifting,

Spanish verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 3

Spanish verse-Beautiful O' ever so Wonderful part 3

¡Oh, siempre!
Usted está,
eres de lejos;

Una hija de nuestro Dios viviente

Y yo
llama a tu corazón;
Y deseo embarcarme;
En una relación mejorada;
Para con, eres tan comunicativo;

¡Oh, siempre!
Eres hermosa tan maravillosa;

Estoy enamorado de ti;
Yo, tan puro, siempre te amo a ti;
Enamorado de ti;
Lo hago, tan real, siempre solo te amo;

written words by James Edward Lee Sr.© 2020

by Bette Bavington |
Categories: angel, appreciation, baby, beautiful, cute love, death,

I'll Never Forget

My little girl who lives beyond the stars 
I didn't get to know who you are it was all so 
It gave me the creeps.
As I held you in my warm arms you went to 
Your eternal sleep.
My heart broke in to pieces
As I choked out Felice.
All I could do was weep.
This hurt went deep.
I will never be the same.
My life with out you can I reclaim?
I may never be able to go asleep
I am thinking about my beautiful little baby girl 
Who now lives beyond the stars.
Oh! Baby, my heart will never forget how you 
Felt when you were in my arms I thought for
Me to keep.

by Robert Rittel |
Categories: 12th grade, love, mythology,

Moon tide deity

Caring deity wandering reflection,
love light celestial inward perfection.
Luminous serene time maternity,
conceiving womb sustainity. 
Silent voice drifting flow,
water of mercy and compassion beau.
Provident sphere radiant shade,
heart endurance to be not afraid.
Beyond all conception,
drifting towards the ultimate conviction.
Virtues dissolved in the sea of pure,
mystic retained childhood through life for sure.
Natures regard of no conventionality,
reaching for the soul felt personality.
Loves creation the hand of worship shine,
resumed divine knowledge in living thine.

by Regina Riddle |
Categories: appreciation, cute love, inspiration, love, romance, romantic, romantic love,

Loves Ash

Love is like a breath of fresh air exhaling Peace and inspiration recalling The wonder of compassion Beauty from ashes Faith praises Ash Sweet phrases Inspiring passion The freshness of attraction Arousing feelings that are falling Love is like a breath of fresh air exhaling Andaree - 11 Lines Poetry Contest Sponsor: Joseph May July 13, 2020

Categories: hurt, love,

Love Scar

Nowhere the disease
No rose on butterfly lips
Heart fails to know life

12.07.2020 Chattogram

by Clive Blake |
Categories: cute love, love, marriage, romantic, romantic love, sweet love, wedding,

Entwined As One

Our married life 
Has now begun,
Our lives from now, 
Entwined as one,
Our love to last
Till end of time,
Now I am yours 
And you are mine. 

by Brian Strand |
Categories: lost love,

WORDS unsaid

LOST IN WONDER (naga-uta)
Desolate,once more
Thinking of what could have been;
Where did I go wrong?
Was there more I should have done!
Three words left unsaid-
The arrogance of male pride,
Shackle emotions..inside

by Zoe Baber |
Categories: angst, body, love,


one day i will lose you lover
throw your bones into the creek
leaving rotting flesh yearning
for the gap between my teeth
for i am a patchwork of sorrows
i've been weaving since my birth
did your mother tell you to love me
or did you wish to become cursed
it seems i'm skin and bone and you
sewn up by shaky hands
so until i come apart
will you at least spare me a glance

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: grief, lost love,

Heaven's Weight

Was this, what it was for?
This path of metaphor
Trails of similes and imagery
Summits of sun-tossed poetry

Have I run this marathon
Bulked up my artistic bond
So on pretty words, rely
To bear witness, as you die?

I would return it all, every single line
To feel your flesh warming mine
How weakly, pen and paper breaks
Under the toll of heaven's weight

Now alone, facing the permanency
Of forever, my tears take a knee
I surrender, I concede, I relent, I submit
To whatever relief belief can give it.

If I say my prayers
Just right

If I cleanse the sin
From my sight

The stars
Will show where you are


by Line Gauthier |
Categories: angst, introspection, longing, lost love, relationship, sorrow, spoken word,


you were there
then you were gone

i never got to tell you
how much you meant to me

maybe you thought you knew
but still i should have told you

you were always there
then suddenly you were gone

i wish i could have told you
you meant the world to me

regretting words never spoken
cloaked for whatever reason

there you were
and now you're gone

Submitted on July 12, 2020 for contest STRAND COMPLETELY NEW (9) sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

by Eve Roper |
Categories: heaven, love,

Oh My Love

     oh, my love, 
          what lull comfort
               I find 
                    shove clouds behind 

     catch a brief glimpse of
           you above.   
                 your face 
                      etched layers. 

     I dream 
          of dawn yet, 
               lest forget 
                    till earth and sky fret. 

     balmy rhythm reflecting
               breathes flaunting echo


Edward Ibeh invented poem form, Yalto: Line 1 to 15: 3,-4-2,-4-5-3-2-3-2-3-3-5-6-1-5 syllables.

Strand Completely New(9) Any Form Any Theme Poetry Contest 
Sponsored by: Brian Strand

by Indiana Shaw |
Categories: cat, fish, food, friendship love, funny, humorous, write,

Who Mentioned Salmon

"Darlene - Darlene - Dar - lene, do not take my cat just because you can"
"On the mention of salmon, Kitty cat has now left home to live with Darlene" . . . Indiana Shaw . . . : ( "As sung to the tune "Jolene" by Dolly Parton" . . .

by Kristen Granet |
Categories: art, longing, love, memory, rain, senses, symbolism,

Etch-a-Sketch Memory

You linger even after the ghost of you is gone…

I still wear you on my face,
Smell you in my hand,
Taste you on my lips,
Feel you in my hips.

In secret places of my mind
You are still running free.
The only place where truth can bind
To my soul and memory.

Synapses firing,
Shooting off from sensory,
As I recant the day.

Wiped clean from the rain.
A constant wash
Over the portrait once painted.

Like an Etch-A-Sketch
Of a most beautiful day created...

Then shaken from the timeline of me.


by Fidel Rivera |
Categories: lost love,


I will always love you till the day I die till my heart breaks  and is no more till my mind crumbles and is incapable of producing the right words to say and if my word's do not suffice may i vanish like smoke in wind for my word's are the deepest part of me

by Joshua Popoola |
Categories: love,

Action and Feelings

For a widow's tear
Glimmers with sobs
At night's dawn

And sights of gold
Are made manifest by shouts
At miners' cave

Even so your actions
Bespeak the warmth
Your heart wields for me.

by John Gondolf |
Categories: analogy, lost love, pain, rose,

Pierced by Love

The pain within that pierces deep
is like the prick of rose’s thorn
and leaves my meager mind to mourn
while yearning for eternal sleep.
These tristful tears from my soul seep
like winter’s chill on summer morn
are but a sign of love forlorn
that causes weary will to weep.

While gazing in her soft green eyes
I thought that love was here to stay,
but now I find my hope’s demise
is just the guise of flower’s way;
for underneath her beauty lies
the thorn which rose’s wiles betray.

July 12, 2020

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