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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

by Jude Herrick |
Categories: cat, cute love, dog,


I like it when animals are 
Snouts in deep, 
rummaging through their fur,
cleaning themselves, 
like an old woman at a sale,
digging through a purse.
Remembering where they left off
by hydrosortic layer.
Making that snorting sound,
like a pig after a Truffle.
Shake like a Hen after a feather ruffle.
Then they look at you cross eyed a few seconds, 
switch positions, and breathe in,
and at it again. 

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: freedom, integrity, time, true love, wisdom, woman,



eyes of seafoam green
feral mermaid heart

holding out for true love
her balanced counterpart

Submitted on  September 28, 2020 for contest COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE (18) sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love, spiritual,

Exorcism - Landay

Entity within our auric field
Seeks love and light rather than the sword we choose to wield 

Judging not we outpour love divine
Cajoling the thought form with God to gently align 

Love as the only real vibration
Each lifetron complete on choosing resonation 

Yet the choice must be voluntary 
Thus love nudges gently in stillness sedentary 


by PNZ Zulu |
Categories: emotions, inspirational love, introspection, love,

Love me back

Why don’t you love me

We’ve been through highs and lows 
I’ve been black and blue 
I’m the only one who knows 

The good and the bad 
Are all engraved in my heart
There’s nothing I don’t know 
Just give me a chance

Hug me 
Smile back 
Take a second to look at me 
You’re all I have 

Please love me

Don’t rush to pass the mirror 
I’ve carried your weight in love
See me 
See you
You’re perfect 
And you’re loved 
By me 
By you 
Love me back

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: car, imagery, kiss, sweet love,


hot teen
he's keen

fog's in
no sin

parked car
see stars

soft tunes
he croons

french kiss
hot miss

neck marks
so dark

his lips
lush grips

glass steams
my dream

       September 27, 2020
          9:30am PST

by Aa Harvey |
Categories: change, death, hope, life, love, music, sad,



Long hair waving in the new wind.
Time changes and it’s a nude beginning.
Bowie, I only worship one king.
All that is left are the songs we are still singing.

Heroes fall under the thunder sounds.
Waterfalls endlessly come crashing down.
Inside my own existence I continually drown.
I can never find the right way out.

Primal heart; bitten Devil man.
Longing for a new wave to send me to a better land,
Where people are free from eternal suffering.
I hold aloft the heart of endless dreaming.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

by Aa Harvey |
Categories: emotions, endurance, history, life, lost love,



Everything is a chore.
Everything is a bore.
Everything is worth nothing at all
And everything is no more.

You want to get high, but not experience the lows.
You want a life where anything goes.
You want the love, but not the pain. 
You want a love who promises to stay.

If you get high, then low’s you will find.
If you want love, then you will lose your mind.
If you want to find your own way, 
Then you will end up lost and one day fade away.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

by Aa Harvey |
Categories: emotions, loss, lost love, me, sad, space, truth,



I never said I was dead.
I never claimed I was real.
I never saw you as a great.
I only tried to feel.

I couldn’t help you in space.
I’m way too far away from love.
I remember your tear-stained face.
I am giving up.

I never believed down there.
I never believed up here.
I never seemed to care.
I only saw what was never near.

I lived in my dreams.
I hid away from the world,
By floating off into a place of make believe.
Fantasy kept me alive when I wanted to be still.
Here, take my grief.

(C)2020 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.

by Donna Condron |
Categories: love,


  I like to show up early
  He was always late.
  I planned my every move
  While he relied on fate.

  If I decided somethings wrong
  He would decide it's right.
  Like a willow I would sway
  Like a maple he stood strong.

  We pruned our likes and dislikes
  Much as trimming a Bonsai.
  We focused on the good parts
  Tossing off the bad to die.

  Our compost pile of cuttings
  Began to set us free.
  Eventually we both conceded
  Love is simply meant to be.

by Jeanne McGee |
Categories: love, pain,

Golden Threads

          Then you caught her in her spiral 
                                        as she hit the ground

     Scraped knees and bruised mind 

          Your kisses healed her broken spirit,
                                                lifted her around

     Your love weaved golden threads 

Rithimus Divisa 7 Poetry Contest
Gregory Barden sponsor

4 lines from "Beautiful Sadness"  7-16-19

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

Love Confessed

Shall I caress the face of love ,my dear?
And find the world now lost in paradise
Bound forever by truest love sincere
To love our purest heart we sacrifice

contest Rithimus Divisa 7
from the poem Somewhere posted 2/22/14

by Kapil Dev Singh Rawat |
Categories: anxiety, break up, death, depression, first love, lost love, romance,

Dulcet softness

a wilderness ,
didn't felt as artful as you 
You're intimacy of long view ;
In afternoon of soft Whispers.
In calm pauses
Beneath trees , I want to kiss you ,
as sunlight softly flowing through ;
the softest part of golden leaves.
in this endless,
sensual ,dreamy, soothing high 
I want enough repose to cry,
for keeping your dulcet softness.

Categories: love,

Platonic Love

Lampion in your heart 
Evening moon far away 
Landwinds blow aroma 
From your singing practice 
Titlark coming dancing 
Outside rhythmic drizzling

After the rainbow 
You threw the letter 
And said- Tonight's gift 
There I found life's hope 
Starry night's greeting 

Dark chocolate 
Bitter coffee 
gramophone songs 
recital verse 

Alone home 
smiling plash
Time without 



26.09.2020 Chattogram

by Kathy Anderson |
Categories: dance, desire, love, romance,

Beauty Bound

Can't take my thy from thee,
Thine eyes from these,
Those arms from round
This neck and sleeve,
I believe are bound
By love's beauty.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: future, heartbreak, life, longing, lost love, relationship, surreal,


opportunity knocked at his door
it was meant to be
why he let it slip away
we’ll never know

she was the love of his life
the perfect one
it was plain to see
why he let her slip away
we’ll simply never know

he could have been so happy
it was clear as day
why he let love slip away
we’ll never ever know

AP: 2nd place, 2020

Posted on September 26, 2020

by Janice Canerdy |
Categories: love hurts,

What Does It Take

“What does it take to win your love for me?”*
a golden oldie’s lyrics—soulful, sad—
blend with my thoughts on love I thought we had,
but I saw only what I wished to see.

*from 1969 song by Jr. Walker and the All Stars

From "Pondering the Oldies," posted September 19, 2020

Date: September 26, 2020
Contest: Rithimus Divisa 7
Sponsor: Gregory Barden

by Camp Cab |
Categories: children, flower, god, sun, tree,

My Love of Living

Each day when I awaken
I thank God for another day,
The sun is shining down upon me
And I know the Lord will guide my way.

I often think of how sweet it is
To enjoy the fresh air,
To take a walk through the park
And to share the beauty beyond compare.

The flowers are so colorful
The trees are in full bloom,
As the children are playing
They will soon be heading home 

It is beginning to get a little dark
I know it is time to leave the park,
So as the Lord guides me home
I can feel free but not alone.

by Camp Cab |
Categories: lonely, love, sad,

My Love

Will you hold me in your arms
When I'm sad and lonely.
Will you wipe away my tears
And make me feel safe.

You are a blanket wrapped around me
Security I will always hold on to,
Please never let go. In my mind, I know for sure,
You are my blanket, a feeling of being secure.

When someone gives such a feeling of trust
The warmth, love and such trust deep within,
You know he is a special one,
So you'll always hold on to him.

I will never let you go my darling,
You gave me what I want in life.
Our moments are cherished each day we're together
My safety net I have by being your wife.

by Nicole Like |
Categories: first love,

First Love

You said you’d never leave,
Unless I asked you to go.
You said you loved me first,
But how was I to know?

You were the first to break me,
Devastate me with your indifference.
I hated who I’d become,
But how was I to know?

You took what was not yours,
Thinking it was owed.
Looking back I see that,
But how was I to know?

You never said you were sorry.
Guess you never thought you should.
The loss of firsts is over,
But how was I to know?

You saw me years later,
Disinterest was aired to your face.
Hurt was still immediate deep down,
But how were you to know?

by Reason A. Poteet |
Categories: 11th grade, angst, love,

Whippoorwill's Wisdom - Collaboration

fluttery dove
you stuttered, but uttered whispers of love.

Wise advice from well-seasoned whippoorwill.
Fulfill your thrill,
practiced trills
still the

September 26, 2020

Contest by Line Gauthier: 14 Lines Poem-Inspired Prompt Poetry Contest

by Angela Crabtree |
Categories: love,

My Valentine

Sweet words of love come as you speak
You love me whether strong or weak
I know you know I feel the same
No conditions here and there is no blame

I'm glad I found you in this life
I'm pleased that we can work through strife
I'd never feed you some type of line
For you're my only Valentine   

by Andrew Carter |
Categories: love,

God's Heart

God’s Heart

I sat outside feeling terribly low
until, a heart-shaped patch went by,
amidst a blanket of cloudy calico.

I pondered what this message meant,
winds threw limbs off trees
as a heavenly cloud mass leaves.

White against cerulean sky
a love heart shape appears again
this time chalky, alone – a Friend.
Whether cloudy, or clear, His love is here, 
remember God’s sign from above,
when he sent an olive branch by dove.

by Bobby May |
Categories: love, old,

Prisoner of The Soul

Affix thy ear to mine
Let our mouths entwining
Capturing these sounds
Coming into remembrance
As old once told a long time ago
Your beauty once seen
Intriguing thy eye
Vast thoughts of desire
Yet today my eyes still see
My heart still pounds
In your presents
Lips have not lost their
Taste of honey, with
Eyes still intriguing my thoughts
I am the prisoner of your soul
Locked forever in my heart

by Linda Fowler |
Categories: autumn, goodbye, kiss, leaving, love, summer,

Fading Love

Summer loses face
    Amorous autumn kisses~
	Bittersweet goodbye 

by Regina McIntosh |
Categories: faith, hope, inspiration, love, meaningful, peace, voice,

Like A Glove

The twilights arouse revived love The type that makes you reach above The feeling that’s calm like a dove Shows two fit as one like a glove Stanza taken from Hope, Faith and Love, originally posted on August 19, 2014 This post is for the Rithimus Divisa 7 Poetry Contest Sponsored by Gregory R Barden Posted on September 26, 2020

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