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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

Poem Details | by Alexis Y. |
Categories: dedication, fathers day, love,


Today I'm flooded by memories of the past
You were and will always be a big part of 
my life.
Will I ever get over you not being here? No
But I've learned to live without you being
here physically.
I recall your steadfast love toward me,
I understand it more now.
Becoming a parent changed my life.
I wish I could say this to you in person
I'm sending you a big Happy Father's Day
from my heart to yours.
Until we meet again I love you dad.

Dedicated all the Fathers, Step Fathers ,
Grandfathers and God Fathers. Basically any
Father figure.

Alexis Y.

Poem Details | by David Maynard |
Categories: heart, love, pain,

A rose

Sometimes i ask myself 
How long will i chase
Until there is not a breath left
Or this feeling is erased
Although i never feed it the fire it still grows
Waiting for the bloom of a love thats like a rose
Its beauty quite alluring when looking at from afar
Trying not to be careless i may end up scared
Ive dreamed of a love forever my heart never alone
A queen that isnt forsaken worthy of her throne
The jesture jokes and mimics loves that came before
Seeking admiration  instead pricked by her thorns
A rose left to grow leaves a garden with many to adore
Once picked it withers leaving a rose no more 

Poem Details | by Marquis MC Mills-Cooper |
Categories: child, childhood, dad, daughter, father, i love you, time,

The Hardest Thing

(To my little girl, Daddy just asks that you don't grow up too fast -okay?)

Puzzled, she looks into his eyes, asking why not,
her youth still with her, sabotaging her seriousness.
Thoughts meandering through his mind of her yet still ponder,
an ally for now, time’s treaty is binding to none.
Knowing the hardest thing will soon come, he cradles each day,
as he slowly gives her away to the world…

Written 27 August 2013 at North KAIA -Kabul, Afghanistan (North Kabul International Airport)

Poem Details | by The Heart Of Jackson |
Categories: children, father, fathers day, leadership, love, mentor, spiritual,


Forever A Mentor

Always Leading In A Positive Direction

Trustworthy In All Areas

Having Honor With High Respect

Everlasting Love

Respects With Love And Dignity 

Poem Details | by Toni Orban |
Categories: love, nature,

Winter's Night

I shall call the bluff of this icy winter’s night, 
Thwart her breath with my mother’s quilt,
And pray for the return of my lover as added measure.

Poem Details | by Hernor De Asis |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 9th grade, break up, deep, emotions, hurt,

Love is a Drama

Psyche might be confused
Why Cupid’s arrows no use?
On her, it was just a stick
As true love is not a magic trick.

Delilah must be hooked
Not on Samson's look!
But on his strength by his hair,
Then love is not clear.

Romeo died for nothing
When Juliet faked the dying
It might be destiny's game, 
Their fate was such a lame.

Apollo’s in a one-sided affair,
As hatred became his pair.
Poor Daphne she was fooled,
By a lead that struck her heart of gold.

Clueless as it seems,
But true love is unread’s dreams!
Like a tattoo of the man’s skin,
It’s pretty, but the pain’s unseen.

Poem Details | by Jackie Chou |
Categories: inspirational, love,


My kindness to you is like water
It can seep through the tiniest crack
Extinguish the words of any hater
Whether you are white or black 

It can seep through the tiniest crack
This love I have for humankind
Whether you are white or black 
Makes no difference in my mind

This love I have for humankind
Motivates me to keep on giving
It makes no difference in my mind
What you have or do for a living

It motivates me to keep on giving
It doesn’t make you less of a star
What you have or do for a living
I seem gentle but am up to par

It doesn’t make you less of a star
My kindness to you is like water
I seem gentle but am up to par
To extinguish the words of any hater

Poem Details | by Joe DiMino |
Categories: creation, faith, love, passion, perspective, philosophy, truth,

The Living Word

One who has 
sought the Christ
will never stand
before God
naked and along…. 

Life, of course, has
its valleys and shadows
for all—more than
a book’s worth;

for a true liver
does not limit himself

to pages of volumes

but dares to journey
outside the text

where nothing is written

especially in stone….

Poem Details | by John Gondolf |
Categories: dream, love,

Millions of Reasons - OR

Sitting here thinking this warm night in June;
   dreaming of moments spent talking with you.
Fitting my thoughts ‘round the beams of the moon,
   streaming from heaven through night’s navy blue.
Knitting together the notes of a tune;
   scheming forever your heart to ensue.
Billions of stars that are shining above;
   millions of reasons to fall in your love.

June 16, 2019

Poem Details | by Max Lewy |
Categories: appreciation, art, beautiful, encouraging, endurance, love, mental illness,

Madness: a form of love

Madness is a form of love
It comes from up above
It is wilder than the rose
And gentler than the dove

Madness is a form of love
It carries its own unique truth
It lets the old forget their grief
And makes messiahs of the youth

Madness is a form of love
It longs only to be recognised
Though you try hard not to believe
Or look through another's eyes

..So many years, so many lies..
..Your society is simply overly-sanitized...

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

? Friedrich Nietzsche

Poem Details | by Bryn Strudwick |
Categories: betrayal, love,



              My world was good
        with you beside me day by day.
      Together I was certain that we could
        beat the world, come what may.
  I revelled in the situation, heaven-sent.
  But then, no explanation as to what it meant,
    you simply slammed the door and went.
  So now my world has crumbled like decaying wood

16th June 2019
Crumbling Rhyme Contest
Sponsor - Dear Heart

Poem Details | by Julia Williamson |
Categories: love,

I want to

I want to trace your body with my lips
learn every inch and every scar
every part that makes you flinch
let you instruct me like a seminar...

I want to drag my finger across your soul
and find the points that make you proud
but also those I need to anoint 
so you know I accept what you disavowed...

I want to wrap myself around your heart
and pull the pieces back to one
so you can breathe and trust and hope
knowing this love can't be undone...

Poem Details | by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: love,

True Love

True love asks
Not that thou love me
But thou be

Poem Details | by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: love,

Spun Angelic Embrace

Spun Angelic Embrace 

It took just one second in those
gentle arms!
I was your hopeless victim in the
spiderweb of your charms.
Caught willingly in those gossamer threads,
You spun me wih great joy, 
Then took me in your heavenly strands.
I still remain your willing prisoner till my very last breath,
Totally, in love with you and absolutely....most
Unafraid of death.

Your, Panagiota

June 15, 2019
8:15pm PST

Poem Details | by Ralph Sergi |
Categories: love,

More To Me

More to me

In the quietude of my quaint abode
married with kin and what it had bestowed
I sat and gazed at her comely face
her eyes of  sapphire and gleaming with grace
then my eyes shift up recalling the past
a flashback of youth and what it had cast
to seek adventure where it coud be found
to create a quest and never a frown
our decades have passed and we will revolve
to reach the center of a boundless love
her brilliant light continues to evolve
I place her on a pedestal  above
my darling wife, with throes of thin and thin 
with you beside me, we will always win


More To Me Poetry Contest
Sponsored by William Kekaula
june 14  - July 12  

Poem Details | by Gaye Hemsley |
Categories: beautiful, happiness, love,

What is Love

Love is the gift of a brand new day.
Love is the sound of children at play.

Love is the feel of the arms of a friend
Love is a commitment to the end.

Love is a touch when you’ll feeling low.
Love is a kiss when it’s time to go.

Love is your dog that looks up into your eyes.
Love is the flowers you get as a surprise.

Love is something that we all need.
Love grows if we nurture the seed. 

Love has no price, love is for free
Love is for you and love is for me. 

Poem Details | by Steven Smith |
Categories: black love, love,


As I sit here remembering the day we first met
You filled my heart with happiness that I won’t forget
Little did I know you were broken inside
As all I wanted was to be by your side
A beautiful smile and a caring heart
How can anybody tear you apart
Time and time others have been mean
As they don’t know how to treat you like a Queen
Give me your heart so I can caress
As making you happy is what I will do best
Let me take your shattered heart 
And mend it together with a loving and caring heart.

Poem Details | by Jess Opperman |
Categories: death, for her, grief, hurt, loss, love, wife,


at times I find it hard to breathe
as thoughts of you drift by
i reach out to these wisps of dreams
and bow my head to cry

for these are all i’ve left to hold
of these and nothing more
but love i need to give to you
this girl whom i adore

and in this life where once you lived
there now exists this pain
tormenting to my very core
to ne’er see you again

i’m suffering while in this world
a world without my wife
i’ll fall down on my knees and pray
that day i lose my life

for then we’ll be forever locked
into our lost embrace
from trembling lips i speak the words
i love you to your face

Poem Details | by Arturo Michael |
Categories: inspirational, jesus, love,

Who's that Man on the Cross

Who’s on the cross

And why did he die

Who's that man who caste out demons 

Brought Lazarus alive 

What name did you say

I’m a little deaf today

Who rode a poor donkey 

Palm Sunday into Jerusalem

And was greeted as the King

In the land of Israel

Who did you say

Speak louder today

Who's the son of God 

Born in a manger in Bethlehem

To whom the Virgin Mary

Angel Gabriel was sent

What name did you say

Is it JESUS by the way

Poem Details | by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: love, word play,



Written by James Edward Lee Sr. 2019©

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: change, earth, hate, love, pain, world,

We Need To Change What Has Been Done

There is nothing I won't do
To try and finally get through
To a world who is not well
Somehow we all tripped and fell
Right into a hole of hate
I just hope it's not too late
For climbing out of the deep
Anger that we slowly seep
Into souls, quickly burning
Out the love, now it's turning
More and more into heartache
When are we all gonna take
A look at what we're all doing
To each other, lets stop screwin'
Around, getting back to when
All humans were happy friends
Accepting others, and not judging
Let's leave all the hurtful smudging
In the past and move ahead
Without any tears or dread

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: fear, heart, life, love,

Unlocking Your Hearts Doubts

It is hard and not easy
To unlock the rusted key
Inside your heart, your so afraid
To trust again, somebody made
You so fragile and unsure
To find a new love as the cure
For mending sorrow and hurt
Once you've been treated like dirt
Stepped on hard and kicked around
Stomping your faith in the ground
You just wither, scared to bloom
Into someone that can zoom
The past away and make you see
I am the one who can be
The sunshine and loving shower
Giving you the kind of power
Pushing you out of the soil
Into a new loving world

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: change, heart, hope, love,

A Look Of Hope

Something is strange and not right
There's a new and happy sight
I saw when you looked at me
All the pain and misery
I used to know just disappeared
I feel awkward and weird
Not knowing why my hearts thumping
All my senses are now jumping
With sensations never felt
Painful thoughts begin to melt
Far away from me as I 
Feel tears inside my eye
That are happy  never sad
I've never felt happy or glad
Until my life and yours crashed
Into an emotional flash
That I want to never end
My life's finally on the mend

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: heartbreak, longing, love, sad,

Can Faded Love Be Brought Back

How did we end up like this
Where did all our loving bliss
Disappear to, let me know
How to make it slowly grow
Back into the care we had
What's the reason we are sad
And lonely day after day
How did we let our love stray
Into a dark whirl of hate
Please tell me it's not too late
For getting it right again
Like the way it was back when
Hugs and kisses filled our heart
Can we make a brand new start

Poem Details | by robin davis |
Categories: happy, heart, love, sick,

Love Infection

I don't know what I have got
Feeling sick and very hot
With a fever very high
No matter how much I try
It stays up-- I can't get cool
Drenched in a fiery pool
Of desire when your near
One touch, word or even stare
From you makes it really spike
I don't mind, I kinda like
The way my heart beats for you
Faster without any clue
How to beat normal again
Knowing your not just a friend
Or a dear pal anymore
Will you open your hearts door
And let me infect you too
With true love our whole life through

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