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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

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there I need

On the open verdure of mind
I’m harvesting you

I’m not on the ladder of stars
To quit the beat of the earthly heart

You in demonstrative shape
with a divine youth on the vineyard

there I 
need red wine’s fountain
no need for the moony grains,
need the seraphic unaided room
no need for the music of dead’s reborn, 
need a bed of a long-staying river
no need for sleepy and dreamy texture,
need longer togetherness
no need for the day and sunny trace

and I want- the ending life
May it not end forever

-24.11.2020 Chattogram

Categories: life, love,


on the mind's petals
the crystal raindrops of love
flowery world's life

-24.11.2020 Chattogram

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, heartbroken, hurt, lost love, sad, sorrow,


i couldn't help but
notice today how
i had the walk of a widow

i had never stopped
to think about widows
and the way they walk

slowly as if each step
aches under the weight
of their broken heart

Posted on November 24, 2020

by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: lost love,

The Last One

A pale man lay in an old peoples' home,
And told his story to a nurse's aid.
From  time to time his mind did seem to roam -
She was understanding and so she stayed.

He told of the gifts that he was given -
He was handsome and strong and well spoken
And ambitious enough to be driven.
Unlikely that his heart could be broken.

Things came easy , even the wedding bell.
He worshiped her more than any man should.
Then one day she dropped her ring in the well,
And left with a man as only she could.

"Ah," said he. "It was my last easy day."
"It was the last one," was all he could say.

Contest: It Was The Last One
Sponsor: Anthony Biaanco

by Brian Sambourne |
Categories: humorous, longing, love, slam,


Pining for my love
Wrestler, Sassy Moose Jaw Sal
Body slam scripted

Poem composed: November 24, 2020
Contest: Make Me Laugh
Sponsor: T. Kitchin

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love,

Heart is a Traitor

not the first time 
I watch in wonder
that we ever spoke the same language
or understood each other’s words

you are an alien born creature
parading through the galaxy at warp speed
not listening 
not recognizable
not mine in any way

my heart tweaks my nose affectionately
we can do better she says
this one is ridiculously not ours.

now I lie
heart is a traitor
wanting you back more than ever
for the hundredth time
heart loves who she loves
mind rolls his eyes
smelling gasoline instead of lilacs

by Debbie Martinez |
Categories: love,


How does one capture a heart?
Is it an instantaneous moment of seizure
Ensnared by a singularly magical minute
A spell cast
In a twinkling of time
With just

How does one capture a heart?
Is it trapped in time
By a gentle coaxing, 
A trust
Taking it apart piece by piece
Until it is given away

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, grief, lost love,


and suddenly
i’ve stepped through
an archway

time caught in a loop
wallowing in slow motion

surreal day from night

the world turning
without you without me

and through an expanse of molasses
i muddle through

lost and alone while
i’m not sure at all where you’ve gone

Posted on November 24, 2020

Categories: christian, dedication, faith, heaven, inspiration, love, passion,


A child of the King
Who is the Master of ALL great things.

A dedicated Christian, who loves the LORD
A soul awaits for heaven with a greater REWARD.

A person with flaws
Not perfect at all.

A deep genuine love for JESUS.

Categories: butterfly, farewell, growth, love,



by Line Gauthier |
Categories: death, grief, hope, loneliness, longing, lost love, surreal,


in the depths of silence
in hope i tremble seeking
sounds stirred from your whisper
a flickering glimmer in your eyes
wistful the blush of your smile
desperate for any trace of you

brushing up ever so delicately
the cool breeze against my cheek
as the shroud of reassurance
blankets warmly over my shoulder
it’s in all the many gentle ways
you make your presence known
i find comfort of peaceful solace
and to me it’s what is most surreal
since you are gone

Posted on November 24, 2020

by Rama Balasubramanian |
Categories: mother,

Mother's love

She ironed clothes full day to educate her son, wanted to make him a doctor. He studied whole night under street light and fulfilled mother's wish. She shed tears of joy Photo used : 2 Date: 11/24/2020

by Memphis Stacks |
Categories: beauty, confusion, deep, depression, devotion, lost love, love,

Power Of A Beautiful Woman

She has the power
The power over men
The power over woman
She is strategical about it
She is psychological with it
Ur mind will be consumed by her
Ur life will seem incomplete without her
Her spell is a hard one to break
Trust the one who speaks from experience 

Her intent is clouded by riddles and giggles
Wandering and moping fill ur life, not truly knowing
Only the thought of her arouses ur fantasy
Her feelings are all that matter to u both
Her seductive grin towards u marks ur sentencing
Cold blooded is her nature
She was voted most likely to ghost someone
No one knows that better than he who speaks from experience

by vernon witmer |
Categories: dream, flying, love, philosophy, places, river, tree,

sometimes I own the sky

Sometimes my space is small and all it takes 
is the whisper of a thought to knock me down.
Sometimes I own the sky, my gesture wide engulfs 
the furtherest gull to fly, beyond where thoughts may lie.
This town may be our place of resting purpose.
Where would I begin to think I am,  if not for love.
And I continue to suppose and I propose again to test 
the bending wheat of leisure. For I am not an oak 
but made of manly measure, and my grain 
is but a river of my dreams.

by William Coyne |
Categories: love,

Hearts Rewritten

. for public domain

Love stories on our hearts rewritten,
imbued on parchment of those we've smitten
where whose love was laid to ruin and waste,

fibers with woeful letters erased
again and again, thin the paper,
til none remains to print one more story.

by John Gondolf |
Categories: longing, love,

If Hearts Could See

If hearts had eyes perhaps then yours might see the person standing right in front of you with open arms and love that longs to be the one with whom a lifetime to pursue. if hearts had ears perhaps then yours might hear the tender whispers drifting through the air amongst the trees that softly call you near and wrap around your soul with loving care. if hearts had hands perhaps then yours might feel emotions ever longing to caress your tender feelings with a love so real that only loving hearts can e’er express. and still I hold great hope that there’s a way your heart will someday see love’s sweet display.
November 24, 2020

by David Lustrup |
Categories: love,


as the stars flow across the midnight sky
like diamonds in black cloth
the light of the moon glints your eyes
as i caress you cheek

eons pass like the wind between our faces
the tallgrass moves slow motion
 in the will of the wind....

i am drawn to you, like daybreak in my heart
ever gentle, ever loving
your soul entwines with mine
they swirl in this galaxy of besotted stardust....

by Kingsley Adu-Boffour |
Categories: emotions,


I look to your direction to steal glances at you,
But you never seem to notice me,
It’s a secret I started on my own,
And I’ll also end on my own,
But you’ll never know.
I see how you smile and the glint in your eyes,
I wish that was because of me,
But no, it’s not,
You don’t even know I exist.
I’m like the wolf; in love with the moon,
I cry every month for a love I’ll never feel.
I’m like the sunflower beaming with smiles looking at the sun,
And I feel her rays on my face,
But a face like hers, I could never touch.

by Imran Islam |
Categories: sad,

My Love Has Set Down

My sun has set down
Your sun has risen up
My eyes have lost the dawn
and you're happy to break up!

My sun couldn't shine your moon
Your sun makes everything smile,
Yet my tears have made a lagoon
and it will be an ocean in a while!

Suddenly my sky became dark
Your sky is full of bright stars
My love turned into a lark
and I cannot hide its scars!

Now you are a free bird in the sky
I'm a lonely bird on broken wings
No blame, you can go, you can fly
I'll always find your love in winds!

by Juli Freda |
Categories: dance, love,

Shadow Dancing

Every day at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.
your shadow walks across
my mind and settles down
resting on my love.  Awakening
my mind’s activity to ensure
you’ll never go away, never
fade in the sunlight.
We dance amongst the flowers
and sleep in peaceful fields,
we travel the world speaking
more languages that I
ever knew existed.  As I
return to the world outside
your shadow, the sunlight
removes you, drowning
out your pattern, searing
it into the walls of my brain.

by Juli Freda |
Categories: romance, true love,

I Gave My Love

I gave my love my courage
	To help fight all his ills.

I gave my love my strength
	To help shore up his will.

I gave my love my heart
	To keep his pounding strong

I gave my love my soul
	To keep sacred for so long.

I gave my love all I could
	And watched him slip away.

I gave my love my own life
	To keep him one more day.

I cannot con a con man
	A god I could not bribe

I did not see a future for me
	Without you by my side.

by Juli Freda |
Categories: color, rainbow, true love,

Hospital Colors

Chocolate Brown
Sleeping Dog

Flashing Red
Traffic Light

Velvet Green
Mossy Log

Shadow Black Sleepless Night

Worry, wonder, keeping me awake
Every noise not understood
Jars me to wakefulness, checking
for breathing, feeling for
heart beats, looking for colors
and signs I recognize.

Soft and Purple
Spreading Bruises

Dull and Gray
Sticky Tape Marks

White and Yellow
IV Hoses

Puffy Red
Shock Marks

Fevers rush, the sweat pours out
nothing seems to soothe
your aches, your pains, I
wish there were more to do
to keep you near me just
one more day, year, lifetime,
looking for signs you'll be
alright, signs or colors I recognize.

Categories: love,


No hungry in heart 
blooming petals and ringdove 
seraphic consume

-24.11.2020 Chattogram

by jake aller |
Categories: love, lust, marriage,

Love Biolet

when I first saw you 
I felt I met my fate 
For on that fateful date 
I wonder if you felt it too 
I felt I met my fate 
When I first saw you 

by jake aller |
Categories: fate, love, marriage,

what is this thing we call love

what is this thing we call love ?
madness, my dove 
why did I dream of meeting you?  
You dreamt too 
is this all nothing but my fate? 
we met that date 	
is there anything more that I can say? 
there is nothing more than this just pray
the love that began that day not end 
madness, my dove, You dreamt too, we met that date

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