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Love Poems

These are love poems written by international poets. Love poems are added daily and hundreds of new love poems are added weekly for your reading pleasure. See also: Famous Love Poems

Poem Details | by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love, spring,

Collecting Petals

Shall I collect the petals as they fall?
As you pluck each one without their consent
Will you smile if I can gather them all?
And give them to you a scented present
This field of Spring covered in green clover
Is painted by the sun with soft pure light
And shows new vistas as shades pass over
To cover my held petals with delight
The grass moves in waves across the meadow
From a warm west wind that rolls where we lay
The birds fly high to become a shadow
They follow the sun's light and float away
And though the petals fell, they did not land
Between us, they stayed, still safe in my hand


Poem Details | by Caleb Romua |
Categories: how i feel, love hurts, romantic love,

Lines for a Past Lover

From day 'til dusk, I dreamt my mind away
For she was all that I could think about
Emotions stirred that I could not shut out
Endearing thoughts that kept my woes at bay
And soon, as spring had sprung, we'd run and play
Long days, with picnics planned in summer's drought
Leaves changed and fell, I left for my own route
Then winter came. A gift to my dismay
I did not care, the miles between us two
Except she cared that I had not been near
No longer did her love stay strong and true
Gone now, she left and made her point all clear
Reflecting on events from this past year
Still cannot seem to mend a broken heart

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allegory, allusion, goodbye, literature, lost love, memory, metaphor,


     In the fatal season,
     I saw you leave mine
     At goodbye station,
     we are forever left ...!

Poem Details | by GERT WEWEGE |
Categories: abuse, anger, bullying, lost, prison,

Love not

You’re a cake! He says
you let it slide, it’s not in you, to confront
Idiot! He screams
And you let it slide, he is just drunk
You are dumb, he snickers
It’s just words, tomorrow will be better
Poking you hard and blue
You let it slide, it’s not in you, to confront
Pulling you around
And you let it slide, he is just drunk
Choking you around your neck
He won’t hurt me to much, tomorrow it will be better
You’re fcuking family! He shouts
You let it slide, its not in you to confront
Your bloody kids! He yells
And you let it slide, he is just drunk
Now one will have you he snickers
He pulls his gun, there is no tomorrow

Poem Details | by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: allegory, love,

Wanky Urge Whooshes - Day 28

wanky urge whooshes
puking rustic rhythm
nauseated by billows
busty ecstasy borrow
generous lust lent
passion prior invested

delicate capillaries crushed
lurched lanky lust
oozes, gores gulped

fostered faith rent
fiery surge ferments
licking lusty test

dark dance drips
from lustful limbs.

Poem Details | by ALKAS POETRY |
Categories: allegory, allusion, art, creation, fantasy, love, poetry,


           Your eyes are mine
            your mouth is mine
            your arms mine
            your nature is mine
            Your name is sweet
             perfume ,,, your body
             it tastes  nirvana
             that in pleasure I share ...!

Poem Details | by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: age, blessing, longing, love, marriage, night,

Breathless in the Moonlight

We were vibrant once
but it seems the sun has taken it's toll
Slowly wrinkles and cracks have appeared
Our once glowing skin has percetibly faded

I am now a fan of the moon
It allows us to maintain the illusion of youth
I prefer it's more subtle glow
as it washes over our bodies

Passion is our elixer
For our spirits have not faded
Our desire is the fountain of youth
You my forever bride 
make this man thankful
for each and every time
you leave me breathless 

Poem Details | by John Kazadi |
Categories: divorce, heartbreak, heartbroken,

First love

The flashlight was too dark to be noticed
And the passion was too young to die forever

Poem Details | by MAHTAB BANGALEE |
Categories: love,

so I want you

in the shining light of this dawn
I was absorbed into the ektara
dripped down the elixir from it
I licked graciously the rhythm

the wind of springtime embraced not me
the buds color of Krishnachura dyed not me
splashed not me that new drops of Falgun rain
in the waving flow of Karnafully river I’m not drained 

you were in the absolute whispering of the cello 
in the flower garden your melody greeted me solo
everything around me though was very loving
without you I felt my ektara found not any meaning

so I want you into my heart as the all mighty oneness
where love and peace will be soulful inseparable taste

-February 29, 2020 Chattogram

Poem Details | by Larry Bradfield |
Categories: love,

An Earthly Opinion

Night time skies tell me that I don't matter,
But a blue eyed lady tells me I do.
My friend, the difference is everything
For the moon and the stars can be wrong too.

Contest: Occasional Poetry
Sponsor: Cecilia Hopkins-Drewer

Card for Friendship

Poem Details | by Sandra Weiss |
Categories: appreciation, care, heart, life, love,

To Know Love

Knowing love.
Becomes stronger.
Is filled with music.
A special song to sing.
Sharing joy with another.
Gives all of the love held within
Use gently, a heart can be broken.
Care for your heart, it's yours for a lifetime.

Poem Details | by Alison Hodges |
Categories: angst, break up, first love, love,

First Love

Its been way too long, and far too few,
the long nights I spent in your bed.
When passions ran strong, and our acts bore no wrong,
making love through the night unabated.

It’s a long way, from there to today;
as I sit by myself in a chair.
When each night is long, and the breeze brings no songs
then there’s nothing but hope and despair.

Now that you’re gone, I’ve tried to move on.
Don’t jump at each ding from my phone.
Though passions ran strong, and our acts bore no wrong
Still I sit in this chair all alone.

Poem Details | by CayCay Jennings |
Categories: character, crush, desire, feelings, passion, romantic love, woman,

Poe Love Verse

O lady of sunbeams so pert 'neath morn's fresh sky,

within your force my heart's realm hath crowned you fair queen.

Amid your sassy satin my dreams are mirrored.

Surely thy regal pout is my heart's libertine.

February 27, 2020
Charles Messina / Poe-etic Verse Poetry Contest

Poem Details | by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

Free Verse On Love

You are my bright spot
When I meet your gaze
and see your brilliant smile
Your wavy hair playing in the wind

- The violins shower
in a sumptuous landscape
A thousand butterfly kisses
which tickles my lips
- then .. my heart with pleasure fills

Free Verse on Love Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Lu Loo

Poem Details | by christopher rowland |
Categories: confidence, future, growth, love hurts,


So many things in life are concealed,
From secrets to questions we want revealed

Arduous our task,
These to unmask

So often hidden from view,
Answers but only clues

So we try to connect the dots,
To provide the right thought 

As to the answers we seek,
Clarifying all that is mystique 

Guilty so to we are,
Hiding what’s  behind our scars

Our remedy is to keep them inside,
For the motivation they provide

Reminding not to regret again,
And, only on you can you depend 

Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: break up, film, love hurts,

missing you something aweful

another day has come and gone
by myself I have know one
put myself in this position
see what is right
might be wrong
They say love
is never that simple

 Love is something
people either
survive or get over
or they go day to day
acting some kinda way
until the whole thing is over

say something strange
to get my attention
smile and laugh
to what you've mentioned
it aint strange
don't need much  understanding
i'm missing you
 something aweful

times like this
I take second glances
think about when
we took chances
guess them days
are over

Poem Details | by Allan Terry |
Categories: celebration, love, music,

you know I have a wife

i married my wife
february 29 2020, we
don't practice those pagan ritual that you
people have.
we love one another.
see ya'll give word to
certain things creating problems.
I married my wife on this day and 
we celebrate our time together
using this restriction to be creative
I loves this woman's mind
I loves this woman.

Poem Details | by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: allegory, love,

Such Sassy Trend - Day 27

lips like waves
wielded wounds wave
callous curls hewn
by dark dews
taunted torrent puke
per punctured prune

crazed coziness cluster
felon fondlings fostered
rustic reels registered

heaven's eyes seeped
dripping damped weaves
locked liquid lease

such sassy trend
carved emotions' crest.

Poem Details | by Arturo Michael |
Categories: dream, love, passion,

Blissful Glow

She’s got curves

Moves that dip in flight

Her natural pose

A vintage Rembrandt delight

She’s got bait...

I'm caught like a fish on a hook

And she’s reeling me in

Into her mind

She speaks to my soul

Of healing passions 

Of wild sexual urges

Her radiant Sunshine...

Highlights the shape of the world

She's colored in rainbows 

She’s got Smile

Kisses that turns me on

Eyes that need

To be cared for long 

Skin deep beauty...

Down to her very bones

She the dream I've dreamed to hold

A beautiful flower

Laying on white satin sheets

In blissful glow

When love FITS sweet music flows... 


Poem Details | by John Kazadi |
Categories: longing, love,


If I was a broken plate
would you pick every piece of my brokenness?
If I was a clay pot
would you break me even though I was made to be broken?
If I was a drop of tears
would you drop me and let me dry?
If I was dried river
would you have courage of swimming in my dry chest?
If I had nothing
would you love me as you do?

Poem Details | by John Kazadi |
Categories: love,

Unforgettable moments

That night was the last and longest we ever had
That day was the shortest, simplest and most sad
That drop was a dryer
And the smile was a goodbye

Poem Details | by John Kazadi |
Categories: africa, crush, cute love, kiss,

It's here

It’s here

It’s here we club
Yours and mine forms a hub
Broken hearts link and connect
So strong as a web
It’s here we meet
It’s here

© John Kazadi

Poem Details | by chandru ganesh S |
Categories: kiss, longing, lost love, love,


When there is lane to walk, I need you to hold hands
If there is a day to live, I need your endless smiles

When glimpse of sight is you, a blink of darkness is unbearable
Thin and sleek, as you wink, the ecstasy is so adorable

This life is fascinatingly wide and deep, magic wand is you indeed
As all just passes through, our soul surge is the utmost beatitude

Its not day and night, its of you and me this world is made
Simple and straight you replenish my world full of gold

With never-ending madness.. I am always within you ! ! !

Poem Details | by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

Love To Sneeze

Between you and me, I love to sneeze It's surely thrilling, I drop to my knees Look up at the sun I'm soon overcome Shivering and stuff, oops, stuff on my chemise

Poem Details | by Faith Idomeh |
Categories: deep, emotions, feelings, for him, love hurts, soulmate, surreal,

No longer true

I almost drowned in my tears when my heart came out of my mouth. Pain too much to bear, I couldn't but hold back as it went south. My fears came crashing down as I braced myself for a fall. Too far gone to care, I swallowed my pride against it all. The beginning of the end I saw when at first all I could think about was you. Slowly fading memories, as I got accustomed to the fact that you were no longer true.

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