Love Poems About Masnavi or Masnavi Love Poems
by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: allusion, confusion, fantasy, loneliness, me, missing, sad,

Without Me

  Without me ...

                                       Without ME

Nothing seems to be real; I am without Me.
Forlorn and frightened, yet I am without Me.
My beloved Me escaped me one night.
I looked in the mirror, Me was not in sight.
I remember well when Me and I were one.
What happened to Me when oneness has been gone?
MyMe and I in love; we had the same soul.  
Cheek to cheek with Me; two halves make the whole.
I was seducing Me, my Me ran away.
What happened to I when Me no longer stay?
My Me is gone from me. I am alone and lost.
One day, I’ll become a speck of lonely dust.


by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: god, love,

Strange Lover

      Strange lover...   

Strange lover…
I am in love don’t know my lover; 
One day, for sure, I will discover.
Every dawn, kisses, kisses with light,
often whispering to me at night.
Where can I find you, Heaven or Earth?
Loving me tender since my birth. 
Only my shadow knows its name. 
If I don’t know it, who’s to blame?
How can I see you with blinded eyes?
Asking my shadow, he always lies.
Living with a hope to see you close. 
Hugging your sunset until it goes.
I am in love, don’t know my lover 
One day, for sure, I will discover.


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: philosophy, spiritual,

My God Is Love

Are we mystical beings? the child asked me.
Theological question given to thee.
How do I answer? I have nothing to hide.
My true response lies deeply way down inside.
Answer not easily given my child.
Oft given in dreams or walks in the wild.
So I say God wants you to hear your own truth.
Don’t listen to others or sayers of sooth.
Follow your spirit, your soul’s simple knowing.
Live your good hopes, your dreams always showing.
Answers will come from the love that you feel.
Not books or others, so follow your real.
I feel this: my God is love pure as snow.
And I hope to be His angel when I go.

by Yudho Sasongko |
Categories: for teens, romantic,

Neurodeus Dophamine

Enthroned Qeis-Layla lay under God,
Propheted a mania in madness blood.

The spark of a padma has not died,
A sorrow Hansel-Gretel lacrimated.

A just far away lady likeness,
Adore God for the grimness.

Tristan- Isolde has begged Eden stair,
A chivalric ludus tore apart the affair.

Asking God to love is cup idly,
Anthony-Cleopatra quelled vividly.

When romantic feelings are triggered,
God laughed.

by Siham Aka |
Categories: spiritual, true love,


I wondered today,
As I drove on my way;
How far could I?
Be away...
From your way,
Could I even... Cross that highway?
Be out of your sight way,
Be far away!
Out on a new roadway.
I found out,
That you are in every path,
Every road and street...
Send me back to your sights,
Like a kid, I felt amusement
That you are omnipresent.