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by Michelle Morris |
Categories: blessing, inspirational, light, love, star, stars, universe,

The wonder of what you are

The wonder of what you are 
By Michelle Morris

Keep the magic alive
Let your Love and Light shine through
Show your loved ones how you feel 
Emotions pure and true 

Express the magic daily
Never forget you're made from stars
Stardust and starlight
The wonder of what you are

© Michelle Morris, 2024

by kakra Sarfo-Amponsh |
Categories: love,

I am who

In my quest for self discovery 

I realised the problem plain to see

Anxiety, timidity and ignorance 

Bravado,pride and arrogance 

All gain my innocuous disdain.

My desire for acceptance 

Left me baffled on the importance 

Of self love and self worth. 

The vast possibilities that would be

Who I was, who I am, who I could be.

The doubt, confusion and fears

Have led me here.

I may not be perfect 

But these attributes identify me.

I dare not change me

For I am different

I love different, and I love me.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, devotion, easter, faith, inspirational, love, wisdom,


I kill for tomatoes

if only they were satisfied
with some~ the fat, green
caterpillars -- 

Weeds seem always to thrive -- 
like children somehow in the
gutter – soil of the street 
never needs tilling, or nitrogen
added, handily replenishes its own 
filth and acrid scent -- 

Occasionally one ripe
with good seed is spared
both plate and gutter

then to be crucified

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: i love you, i miss you, imagery, longing, love, romantic, true love,

When I Miss You Most

When the sun sinks low
When the time goes slow
When the night is long
When without your song
When the bluebirds sing
When the flowers bloom
When I'm by myself
In a crowded room

If you're not there too
I will look for you 

When I see a bridge
Or a mountain ridge
When I put on wool
When I feel the pull
Of my longing heart
When we're both apart
When I drink coffee
Or sip Harney's tea

These few things I post
Are when I miss you most

by Samantha Jayne Rabin Ferrer |
Categories: love, magic, meaningful, writing,

Poem I'll never tell him

Originally written on August 27, 2022 9:14 PM

Please don't make me write another poem, love 
I am bad at loving someone
Clingy as a sticker
Needy like a baby

& when I start to write poems about love
It is because I've fallen madly deeply in love

Please don't make me write another poem
I don't want you to see how vulnerable I am
I don't want you to know how my heart get excited every time I hear your voice

So please don't make me write another poem, love 
I am afraid of the things that don't lasts 
Just like the poems; Written but forgotten

by Hugo Sarvida |
Categories: black love, conflict, desire, mythology,


You raise for a fight
Using witchcraft and magic
Grief in broad daylight.

by David Grasby |
Categories: death, death of a friend,

For Adam in Love and Remeberance

A son may fall but he will always shine. His legacy of love will never be forgotten. His love will guard you from above. Your world may seem empty now but it will always be full of the memories you had with him. His love will carry on in every sunrise and sunset. Your heart will heal. This  beautiful sun kissed sky will be Adam sharing his joy with you everyday from a place like no other A place where this Son will always shine bright and rise for all of you forevermore.

For Adam in Love and Remeberance

by Stewart Watkins |
Categories: baby, beautiful, blessing, creation, love, nostalgia, parents,

Lorine and Jerome

Lorine and Jerome were sitting in a tree
Both starry-eyed and talking profusely

Jerome turned to Lorine and asked, "Will you marry me?"
Lorine turned back smiling and said, "Yes, you're my one and only."

The two love birds sang beautifully in springtime
Beautiful chords played on and on oh so sublime

Then 9 months later early one cold January day
A little bird sat on the tree branch alongside Lorine and Jerome just chirping away

by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: break up, death, destiny, life, love, memory,

for most purposes it is dead

an old piano 
child size 
lays in the garbage heap
its body broken 
its innards hanging out
on the frame 
like the ribs of a skeleton broken into pieces
its ivory keys are separated and cover the ground
its poor, in bad condition and cheap
 to many not worth repairing 
for most purposes it is dead 
only to be remembered by few who knew and loved

by Constance La France |
Categories: grief,

Awaken, My Love

The air is still and misty this morning, birds are singing me melodies in trills, as I shake off my dreamy dream, and rise from my bed, pulling on a purple silken robe, I pull a brush through my tangled hair: Awaken, my love . . . I whisper, have you slept well my prince? Then, I remember, and weep, for he is a name engraved forever, in cold stone ... How could I forget ?

by Harsha Singh |
Categories: love,


Some write ghazals on love, some shed tears on love.
But I laugh at love

Some meet for love, Some part for love,
But I am not meant for love

Someone shows honesty,
someone would cheat
But I show love a distance of hand

by Karen Croft |
Categories: love,

Divine love

Divine love has no age limit -love Long, live long prosper until death

by Karen Croft |
Categories: love,

Sweet love

Young sweet hearts beating 
a love like no other found 
lasting a lifetime

by Karen Croft |
Categories: love,

Bite marks

Love souvenirs written on skin

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love, spiritual,

Agape love

If we be bereft
of attributes heart holds dear,
will refrain of love renew?

When all disappears,
in God’s domain transcendent,
our hearts will yet beat as one.

by Jeanette Swan |
Categories: god, love, time,


She wishes for dreamtime. 
Her clock has a face but no eyes;
It divides into 5-minute slices.

Earth turns between sunshine and shadow:
a marbled orb spinning in vastness.

The girl gazes
past clockwork and schedules - 
speaks from her heart.

“I want no time, no measuring up,
no counting, no subtraction.

I wish for serendipitous meetings,
tea and conversations.

I wish for dreamtime:
for stars singing meanings that linger
and echo in art,

for words by eye-witnesses,
written in treasuries,

for covering wings in the dark -
in the nest of mystery and truth.”


Then God is speaking, saying:
“For you – My love is also for you.”

by Howard Osborne |
Categories: desire, inspirational love, woman,



After she opened her door to me
She said she’d sensed me from afar
Was this actually some kind of ESP
Or could she have been an avatar

The eyes said it all, glowing bright
A powerful attraction led me here
Now I can’t let her out of my sight
A willing prisoner, it would appear

This way and that, but ever higher
I am floating like a kite in the wind
She must know my heart is on fire
It’s there where all hope is pinned

Then upon entering I hear her song
And no longer have any power left
Flesh is weak but my heart is strong
But of all willpower I’m now bereft

Now I will readily become your slave
As a man of substance, not a knave

by Karen Jones |
Categories: feelings, funny love,

The Highway

He is patient he is kind
Has a red temper 
But he is mine
Or is he as my mind
Unwinds sipping thoughts
Dripping whine
Why can’t he be Mr Right
And do as I wish when I decide
OK maybe I am the problem 
I want to be giving but I’m demanding 

Talking to myself now not him
How can I ask what I ask on a whim
I need to feel secure and considered
I hear him say that I am difficult 
So why am I could it be
That he finally sees the real me
Yet he seems to wait patiently 
Despite the parade of suitors 
Green is his esteem
And that is so sexy

He knows how to give me space
And that’s amazing grace
Still I choose me and it’s
My way or the highway

by Vibha Rimal |
Categories: break up, feelings, gender, hurt, love, mystery, strength,

New beginnings

They said,
"Fake it till you make it".
I faked my life,
I faked my soul,
I faked it all the being of my being.

She said,
"Just try little harder"
I tried it till I was numb,
I tried it till I was dumb,
I tried it all for the sake of trying.

He said,
"It's enough, I am done".
I was done,
Finally, done from it all.
I was done of trying,
I was done by lying,
I was done of faking,
I was done by making,
I was done by being.
You saved me, my saviour,
Your full stop,
Gave me a new beginning.

by Karen Jones |
Categories: absence, black love,

I Miss Him

The way he looks at me 
When I’ve made him angry
It’s fury but I find it sweet 
I poke the bear denying peace

The toilet seat is down 
He is not amber around
Guess what I have a frown 
Don’t want to poke bear now

I miss his eyes
I miss his lies
I miss his jokes
And claiming broke

When he stingy
Still loves plenty
Miss his face
All in my space

I miss his touch 
I miss his love
I miss his voice 
He fills the void

When I see him again
Will place my heart in his hand

by Karen Jones |
Categories: age,

Puppy Love



by Randy Freie |
Categories: first love, kiss,

Kiss the Sky

Soft velvet tunes and silk delights

Neath summer moons and starlit nights

Romance perchance when daylight falls

That first sweet kiss as twilight calls

Two lovers on an endless sea

No other place they'd rather be

Enraptured now until the dawn

But still that kiss will linger on

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, imagery, longing, love, romantic, together,

Slow and Easy

Let's go somewhere where time goes slow
Let's walk a shoreline to and fro
Let's count the stars off one by one
And never count on being done
For that's the point, to always be
Counting stars off, you and me
See this way we won't ever end 
Thus we won't have to wonder when
We'll see each other once again

Let's toast a sunset sip by sip
Let's drink a rainstorm drip by drip
Let's love each other long and right
Then in each other's arms that night 
Snuggle up and cuddle in
Beneath a blanket, skin on skin
And in that way then fall asleep
I'll count yous instead of sheep
Unpublished dreams of you I'll keep

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: chocolate, fate, flower, love,

Love's Expression

   Flowers fade
     Chocolate's consumed

   Love, once expressed
      so soon doomed

by Arlette pascale Maniaha kamadeu |
Categories: age, black love, children, courage, god, graduate, happiness,

Everyone matters

Title: Everyone Matters

In our big world, we should never ignore,
People are different, that's what we're here for.
Some look like you, some look different too,
But inside, we're all the same, it's true.

Treating others unfairly, it's just not right,
It makes the world sad, day and night.
Let's be kind to everyone we see,
And make our world a happy place to be.

No matter who we are or where we're from,
Let's live together, like a drum.
Because in the end, it's clear to see,
Love and kindness set us all free.

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