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by Dexter Greener |
Categories: destiny, emotions, heartbroken, inspirational, inspirational love, longing,


I feel low and lonely.
Peering in, knowing only
that I must depart, for it is done.
The task set before me has been won.
See you my love, the time we connected
was beautiful and meaningful as we expected
A wonderful calmness synchs in our souls.
Is it right? Yes, only two souls would know.
Is this my ending?
Perhaps, perhaps not.
Will my reward be the wanting of my heart?
Only my hope for my love is we never part.
Is this a new beginning?
Perhaps, perhaps not.

by Brandee Augustus |
Categories: feelings, for her, for him, longing, love, passion, true love,

Bring Me Home

 W  hat I'd like to give you, is an ounce of my perfume.
 A  beautiful aroma that wafts around the room.
 N  o need to be coy, we have the same desire.
 T  he passion within us is an all consuming fire.
 E  very day our love grows stronger.
 D  on't worry about anything,  just hold me longer.

by Plabi Pradhan |
Categories: deep, desire, feelings, love, lust, sad, sorrow,

Sacred lust

I don't believe in lust without love.
Let me stay thirsty on our love's behalf.
Those who truly love each other,
always make love in their mind.
No other lust is more sacred than this,
and I can't resist myself, can't confine.
Want to be captured by your arms so wide
hold me now by your thoughts so tight.
We will cross this long-distance and sorrow,
removing this gloomy pandemic, soon there will be an amorous good morrow.

Categories: love,

My Love

The finest satins, silks, and tatted lace In exquisite beauty cannot compare To my love with red ribbons in her hair.
written September 25, 2021

by Samantha Withee |
Categories: age, appreciation, body, christian, love,

Power Of Now

Slowly I see the light decrease off your hand 
You say love but do you see my eyes 
Surviving you is a long vanished pen 

As building it through is what I witness 
Occasionally you grasp me effortless 
This new found conviction is astonishing 

As you see my devotion but never entitle it 
Perhaps in time you will revolutionize 
So I give you my voice to authentic expectation 

Love should never harm, as I do find you irresistible 
I pray to up beyond but at wish some things aren't precise 
So I just listen to a spirit, as my future plays a shipping canal 
And this is the power, the power of now.

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: love, poets,


This poetess adores 
being free.
I do mean one- hundred 
per cent, totally!
Bowing to no woman or man!
I do all I can!
Especially do not like
arrogant ones!
Who think, they are God, 
become Man?
Or those who play psychiatrist?
Someone needs to slap your
Just be you, is that so hard?
I  love humility , here, may I
hug you?
I don’t nee to be poetically 
Just let me love you!

                              9/ 25/2021

by Max Gren |
Categories: absence, break up, butterfly, first love, goodbye, heartbreak, mentor,


Every touch reminds me of hers
Every compliment from others are hollow
How I long to hear those words
With other people it feels so shallow
I saw she loved me despite belonging to another
And how our minds and souls would dance like old flames
But she encourages me now to pursue other lovers
So I must dirty my spirit with lies and shame. 
If she had only believed in us, I could still speak from my heart
But it was over before it began and now my spirit's torn apart. 
I need her in my life again. 

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, longing, love, relationship,


cocooned in solitude
isolated from the world
disconnected disjointed
yet content with my lot

i wasn't looking
but i found you
or was it you who found me
proverbial needle in the haystack

as suddenly life glows
with color and new meaning
just when i think
i stand at journey's end
you have a way to open wide your heart
like a brand new box of truffle chocolate
the kind i want to savor slowly
to make last forever and a day

so out i reach and touch you
if only with my voice
your every whisper exuding
warm embrace and soft caress

posted on September 25, 2021

Categories: allusion, appreciation, death of a friend, metaphor,


                I dig you a lake
                 of pleasure,
                 with the tongue
                 of my kiss...
                 you reveal to me
                an ocean of affection,
                with your green look of desire... !

by Manon Boudreau STAR CHILD NEBULA |
Categories: god, inspirational love, meaningful, voice,

God vine

Precious through time
Taken good care
We knew God was there
Holding our hands
As we look to understand
This love kept us strong
To push us along
Never alone
God love is our home
We have learned a lot
Precious through thought

Categories: allusion, day, extended metaphor, goodbye, lost love, sad love,


              On the day I departed,
              that I left you,
               the sun darkened
                behind the nebula...
                the moon teared
                most pity...
                Oh  poor little...

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: caregiving, humorous, inspirational, irony, loneliness, love, wisdom,

Scouting The Night

Silly the sadness over
less than perfect noses,
shapes that were a bit
too plump in some places,
and far too lean in preferred
others – now much older,
youth in itself seems perfection
enough – 
            Young cares, those
mountains we now see as
mole-hills -- realizing far greater
the little things: a volunteer
coming to the door with
a hot meal, a call in the 
evening, a friendly voice
just checking, good as
a tuck-in, for those who have
no one – 
             Not all angels
have wings...and many
seniors fearing feathers
anyway, their pointing 
through pillows, too much
like the tips of pitch-forks
scouting the night:)

Categories: allegory, allusion, fire, imagery, metaphor, poetry,


When the flame
that illuminates my being
brings forth flaming poetry,
mysteriously burns
the paper that served
 as the body
without destroying it, 
but enlivening it...
Is that poetry comes
from the fire of chaos
from other eras where
learned to be ethereal
immaterial as love...

by Roxanne Guest |
Categories: romantic love,


Love is a light  hindering from the darkness. our souls are the flames dancing towards the milky way. Tails and stories   will unveil their tests as time ticks like a clock in slow motion. Window’s will open from  the sky of our souls as they will fly free. hearts are like waves crashing and burning down. Molding and shaping into full formed jagged puzzles  as the secrets sparks the powers emerging there burning embers to never to go out  as we fly free as one.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love,

Grant love consent

Grant love consent to have it’s way Life journey then easy Let not fears and desires hold sway Making us feel queasy Like a child, pure at heart All souls one, none apart Simply add joy to cart For soul ascent Grant love consent 25-September-2021 Quietus

by Dominion Egwu |
Categories: love, love hurts, sad,

Random thoughts

Let my words flow hoping it finds you
But that is like saying 5 equals two times three
Impossible right, that's how I always feel
When I think of the probability of you and me

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: character, god, love,


If immortal,

Among men you wish to be, my friend; 
Seek glory


If immortality,

Next to our Lord, you yearn to enjoy; 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   25 September 2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: desire, love,

Let it be

To get to, let go of web of desire, endlessly seeking, consuming our essence, plunging soul into rebirth, when here, now, in third density, love enablement is our earth goal. Simply by aligning head with heart, we rest in a zone of silence, making mind-body empty, receptive to God’s gifts, which in-pour at once, as boundless bliss filling us here and now. 25-September-2021

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: dream, lost love,

dancing with storms

She left this ragged realm 
a couple of chapters back
but every once in awhile
visits via dream..
More often then not
the visions are troubling:
contorted limbs - troubled faces
deviant positions
melting foyers of mayhem
caresses like cobalt
walkways dead-ending
into brambles of soul death..

Attempts to nestle 
into her dream heart
always coming up shy...
much like what happened in life.
I wonder if she was left outside 
those gates of happiness again...
Poor little orphan girl 
dancing with her storms
circling the drain
even in the afterlife.

Categories: love, youth,

Love At First Sight

Her blue eyes sparkled when she looked at me She licked her lips and nodded her head, invitingly, From that moment I was a true believer, you see, Her blue eyes sparkled when she looked at me, I knew in that moment our love was meant to be That love at first sight is more than a possibility. Her blue eyes sparkled when she looked at me She licked her lips and nodded her head, invitingly.
written September 24, 2021

by Abdul Hakim Genius |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,


Come, swiftly
Come, now
Come and fill my heart
And seal therein; every vacuum
Come and cement my thoughts
And tranquil my soul
Come, now
And compliment my soul.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: loneliness, longing, love, moon, night,


Playful the mood their tantalizing whispers
Its dance shimmering across an onyx sky
Feverishly climbs the lush strawberry moon

Supernal aura of its charm lingering
Like the trail of an alluring perfume
As tempting as any mermaid’s chant
On the loneliest of blue midnights

Hearts beat of twin lovers in harmony longing
Their outreach intertwined to rendezvous

Contest: "P" Contest
Sponsor: Constance La France
Date: September 24, 2021

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: love hurts, sorrow,


It’s again one of those evenings
It’s again one of those pains
It’s again one of those
moments of loneliness.

When a whiff of fragrance in the air
sets the heart pounding
When the soothing moonlight
sets the soul on fire,

When you cry
and couldn’t shed tears
When you drink the ocean
and couldn’t quench the thirst,

When you envy the twinkling stars
and hate the free roaming clouds
When time stands still
and each moment you live
seems like an eternity,

When at each breath in you live
and at each breath out you die!

~Contest: "P" (Pathos) Poetry
~Sponsor: Constance La France

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: love,


Love my camera
panorama settings great
big huge wide photos
Date Written: 9/24/2021
''P'' Contest, New or Old Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Constance La France

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: allusion, conflict, dedication, emotions, lonely, lost love, night,

Not Loving Anybody


How can we live
not loving anybody?
Can we spend an entire life
not feeling any joy?
Can we stop dreaming,
giving up everything? 

Verse I:

We love if we are 
loved by someone,
giving every heartbeat...
never planning to cheat! 

Verse II

Should we still believe in romantic kisses
that make lips tremble with passion?
Will there be true kisses,
or forever taste delusion? 

 Verse III

Will nights be longer, or shorter  than days?
will stars appear without moonlight?
Don't we wish we held someone tight...
although it's a morning filled with sun rays?


Nothing can change our reality,
we are two giving into misery!

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