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by Jazzlee Clark |
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken, sad, sad love,

No Love

Walking in the heat of the sun
I saw you standing across the ways
our eyes locked with looks weighing a ton
I hope this is more than a phase

Our conversations were riviting
Our minds felt aligned
Now its me you are belittling
Your hate has been asigned

Im sorry for what was said
Im sorry for what was done
I now always feel scared
You are the one that made me run

by robin davis |
Categories: america, anti bullying, encouraging, love, world,

Don't wait to love

Why do people come together
When it's only stormy weather
From a disaster in our lifes
Bringing pain and lots of strife

Or a holiday so grand
Everone across the land
Is happy cheeful full of smiles
That only lasts a little while

Shouldn't we all be like this
Full of caring loving bliss
Every day and not just those
That we all have picked and chose

Lets be one bighearted family
Helping others each day-- can we
Dig down deep and pull out
What living is all about

Don't wait till its dreary and sad
Or a cheery happy and glad
Event to occur until we become
A world family joined as one

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: love, men, sea, storm,

If not for Love

  If not for love, the world is lost
    on storms at sea, mankind is tossed

  If dawns the morn, o'er dry land
    man has a chance ~ to try again

by Chantelle Cooke |
Categories: adventure, bird, love,

Saxophone Souls

My piano mind plays notes from the composer of full moon for you
My harp heart elegantly elaborates love for your handsome true
My body bursts in a bountiful orchestra of a break-through
Our saxophone souls swoon together alas in pearls of dove coos

February 14th 2018

Categories: love, marriage,

Marriage Proposal

You are in my dreams a future with you I hope to come true
My life will never be complete without you
True love did not exist until you came into my life 
I kneel before you with ring in hand hoping you will become my wife 
The room goes silent nothing to be heard 
My stomach fills with butterflies awaiting her word
Tears begin to flow from her adoring eyes
My body has become frozen in time awaiting her reply
She reaches over and whispers in my ear
A hug and a kiss and those magic words I yearn too hear 
Now a new life begins two hearts as one
Our journey through life together has just begun 

by Cameron Hardenburg |
Categories: love,

The Heart Hath No Mind

Man tries much too hard
The truth of love is simple
It's a monkey's game

by The Situation |
Categories: love,

If I coulda woulda shoulda

Could you be the love I seek
In this confusing life
Does it always have to be
Looking for a wife
Could I make you happy
With romance I supply
Would you be forgiving
If ever I should lie
Could you fill my arms
When ever you would cry
Could you kiss my lips
Before a long goodbye
Could you ride with me
If following a hearse
Would you set me free
Before my heart you’d burst
Could I make you see
A wedding day rehearsed
Would you stay with me
Even If I were cursed

(Written for someone I know right now()

by Summer Lockett |
Categories: beautiful, cute love, feelings, first love,


True love a gift that got bestowed upon me. His presence a fairytale that I think of fondly. Our soulmate connection feels like I’ve fished a net full of stars. His lips an array of reds that paints the roses that I’ve held captive in my vase. My tummy a vessel where the summer butterflies do float. His eyes are like buckets full of the ocean on a green tiny boat. His face a perfect portrait of an artist best seller, my love bittersweet like a red wine cellar. True love a bargain where I would sell my soul. Just to feel true love that reunites my heart to whole.

by Marissa Faries |
Categories: hero, love, magic, moon, mythology, power, spiritual,

Moon Goddess Power

If divine love means true power,
Then her divine power is stronger.

by Candice Yates |
Categories: love,

Relationship Correlation

Life together is a sip of joy, familiar with each other's noise, secrets shared together from the soul, euphoric laughter spent like change; hands laced in rings of wedding, physical touch screams their name, smiling eyes caught on film, holidays spent holding you for a thrill; hugging hips and dancing slowly, heart beats in sync, inhaling your scent and relishing its power compliments lead flattery; hands intertwined deep in prayer, lives built on nothing but care.

by A.M. DeMotte |
Categories: destiny, fate, lost love, love, soulmate, true love, universe,

Nolens Volens

My love,

In a different world,
a world with no borders;
no politics or pious pretense
of what is right and wrong;
no shackles of duty or regret;
no heaven or hell, but only
the divine insistence of now;

In a world that knows not
of possession, but only
the right and natural order;
the ancient, indisputable laws
of gravity and attraction;
the push and pull of the tides
as commanded by the
goddess moon herself.

In this world, if no other,
I am yours.

I have always been yours.

The stars
have known Us 
all along.

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: devotion, for her, i love you, love, romantic, together, true love,


Thinking, thinking, thinking
It's what I like to do
Alot of times I'm thinking
Thinking about you

It's not something that's constant
No need to be concerned
It's just I'm always writing
But for a poem to be returned

I have to sense your presence
Here in front of me
Therefore I think about you
That's why so much, you see?

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: feelings, longing, love,

Where You'll Find Me

Come to the mountains my lady fair,
Take my hand and I will show you what awaits you there.
Come take my hand follow me,
And be amazed at the wonders I have for you to see.
Look into my eyes and into the depth of my soul,
It is there that you will know and behold the love  I have for you alone.
Come back to the mountains my lady where you belong,
Come back to the one who has loved you for so long.
This is the only thing I ask of thee,  
Come to the mountains and to me.

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
Categories: destiny, feelings, love,

The Gal From The City

My lady the time is drawing near,
Soon the answers to all your questions to my absence will be made clear.
No, I truly did not want to go,
It wasn't my choice this I have to let  you know.
I always held in my mind  that sweet memory,
Of  the mountain man and the gal from the city.
And so my lady I ask you to  please wait patiently,
I will return to you my gal from the city.

by Albert Boima |
Categories: emotions, inspirational love, love, proposal, romance, romantic, romantic love,


When I see your fantasy,
My heart is filled with ecstasy;
Roses my eyes do see.
When I set them to lie,
Over night's terrors they can't survive
But in your beauteous light do rely.

Goodnight to our sleepless souls,
Which linger not in holes;
But with endless oaths, stronger than poles:
Wherewith loving dreams can't help,
Espying the daily memories kep'.
We'd play in the downs
When the morning wears sweet-love gowns.
Indelible in the dark.

Love is a stressed happiness:
That though it aches,.
Strengthens confidence of plain hearts.
Lo, Love be sickness:
To heal or let die away
Like a night turned out unto a day.

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: love, morning,

It Happened On A Misty Morning

          It  Happened  On A Misty Morning 

           Wettened by the mornings dew 
          Closely spaced where rows of roses grew 
          Footprints stained the cobblestone 
          Where my love and I had walked, alone

         That happened on  a misty morning,
         fulfilling my earnest yearning.
         Then eternal time had made a stop.
          and divine bliss sparkled on dew drop.


by Troy Snyder |
Categories: fish, fishing, god, life, love, stars, sunshine,

The Fisherman

The Fisherman

The early bird does not get the worm
When a fisherman sets his clock,
He plays checkers with the moon
And fishes quietly on the dock.
There is a nibble here and there
But waits patiently for his chance,
Nature wakes up with the sunrise
And his bobber began to dance.
Toe to fin with a ten pound bass
Is the beginning of his tale,
Catch and release lives in his heart
But it was as big as a whale.
With memories he pondered life
And said a little prayer to God,
“I appreciate my time on earth
And thank you for this fishing rod.”

Categories: for her, girlfriend, love, relationship, romantic love,


My name is season.
Come rain, sunshine, I will always be there for you.
Come spring, summer, autumn or winter, I will always be present.
I will always provide you with warmth from my bonfire of happiness, provide you strength with my pillars of motivation engraved with your name on them.
Just like a mattress, I will cushion you with joy and a fountain of never ending laughter for you’re my source of joy that streams down my heart.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god, love,

Thought of the day

our aliveness is but the breath of God ~
His desire is that we give love our nod

by Paul White |
Categories: emotions,

Love train

Our love is like a train that pulls and dose it's part

My love is like a train with stops going to your heart

Our love is like the guard it tells us when to go

Our love is like the brake man which send us fast or slow

But our love is like an old steam train that rattles
Down the track

But our love for each other is soo strong
We bought a ticket back.

by Marissa Faries |
Categories: cry, longing, lost love, missing you, romance, romantic love, sad love,

Tears Through The Years

Was I just learning
How to love somebody else
Through all of these years?
What then of my old yearning?
Why do these thoughts bring me tears?

Categories: devotion, love, romantic,

Magical Love

Heaven has rewarded me with the woman I love
Happiness springs eternal from high above
My love for you burns from deep inside
Together we will embark on a magic carpet ride
When love speaks I listen to the passion it brings
Your sexy voice pulls at my heartstrings
Emotions are stoked by our lips pressed together
Bringing  cascading waves ot tantilizing pleasure
Holding you in my arms the cuddle hormones kick in
A night of romantic fun soon to begin
Creating lasting memories for us to share
Our souls unite even when you are not there

by Debjani Mitra |
Categories: first love,

What was I thinking

ruminating confused back and forth, and first love fell out of the box  

by Susan Ashley |
Categories: beauty, kiss, light, love, morning, romantic, rose,

It Happened On A Misty Morning

Wettened by the mornings dew 
Closely spaced where rows of roses grew 
Footprints stained the cobblestone 
Where my love and I had walked, alone

Sweet light's tryst with blowy mist 
The fog and the dawn waltzed as we kissed 
Fertile bliss of rosebud lips 
Strands of sunlight round my fingertips

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, caregiving, devotion, friendship, friendship love,


In like
Nurture encourage
Bonding midst the frequent God loving kindness and witness
Being friend whom sticks closer than any other even a brother Alleluia

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr. 2023©

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