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by Sanja Cokolic |
Categories: allusion, anger, betrayal, break up, courage, lost love, recovery from,


I have mastered hitting the walls

with each collision
they took a piece of me


I'm recollecting my parts
building myself anew

I will never, ever let anyone steal my rocks

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: life, love, wisdom,


No matter how complicated a problem is, in love the solution we shall find!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
     06 October 2022

by Roger Carvis |
Categories: kiss, lost love, love,

Sunflower Kisses

Sunflower Kisses
Sweet hugs and wishes 
But it's his heart that she misses 

Gifts of silver and gold 
Sweet talks that never gets old 
But it's his heart that she wants to hold 

Promise of tomorrow 
Devoid of pain and sorrow 
But it's his heart that she wants to borrow 

Sweet vow against the storm 
That she never needs to roam 
But it's his heart that she wants to be home 

October 6, 2022, 10:10 AM

by Izintombi Zamambo |
Categories: desire,

Love in the Dark

chaotic scenes, scream
social butterfly pleasures ~ 
perfectly sinning 

05 October 2022
'Simply Senryu' Poetry Contest
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by Candice Yates |
Categories: absence, beauty, depression, feelings, lost love, memory, together,

The Poems I Never Wrote

I dare you to give up
can't you feel the air?
as I fly by your ego 
you ate my despair,
It's caught between your teeth
your skin laced in grief,
relatable suffering;
gripping your mindless thoughts
don't you remember peace? 
Forgetful sins;
committed with greed 
dressed up in satin sheets,
look at your ruby red cheeks; 
we could chase the seas
I count the days;
to remember the chaos,
the chaos;
you brought to me 
don't remove it now,
or you'll choke on the memories.

by Mark Stellinga |
Categories: love, relationship,

I Made the Right Decision

Countless plans for - 'Yesterdays' - that never came to those - 'I'll do Tomorrows' - that too often were not done...
Now are, sadly, well beyond their expiration dates, and merely things I've lost the chance to do...except for one.

The very most important thing, as far as I'm concerned - to pave our road to 
happiness - we human beings can do,
Is recognize - and comprehend - our options for a soulmate, and make the right 
decision, as I did, my dear...with you.

by Anonomus Scorpio |
Categories: devotion, girlfriend, love, mythology, sweet love, woman, women,

Blue eyes

Your eyes have more depth then the oceans have liters My affection for you is larger then outer space is in meters For you my sweet I would fly to close to the sun Just so I could spend eternity drowning in your ocean Blue eyes like sapphires that shimmer and glisten The sound of your voice my ears could forever listen For Icarus was over come with giddiness too Just as I am at the mere site of you With you & I the story is just at its beginning But in meeting each other I find we are both winning!

by Kathryn Search |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, forgiveness, joy, love, trust,


A GLORIOUS WORK A glorious work shall be done Thru my blessed Lord. A wondrous work within my soul, A work beyond reward. Not I shall do this work, I know. ‘Tis in His power alone. Yet, when I give myself to Him Through me His love is shown. Oh, do this glorious work in me. I pray Your will I’ll do. Let only You be seen in me, Thus, I abide in You. Then I shall show Your wondrous love To all within my sphere, And when You come to take me home The words “well done” I’ll hear. I won’t deserve Your thanks, dear Lord, But this one thing I know, The abundant grace You give to me Is more than I can show. Copyright, Kathryn Search

by Kai Bredwell |
Categories: emotions, longing, love, sorrow,

Love and Sorrow

Love and sorrow are conjoined at the hip
They are the same emotion
They have the same pulling in my chest
And the same hopeful dispair

by Robert Franklin |
Categories: longing, love,

Wine Glass


Your lipstick on the wineglass was my last sip of you.  I put my fingers around yours, and drew a deep breath, putting my lips upon your rouge, as I savored the last drop of your chardonnay.  The thought crossed my mind that we experienced the flavor together.  

Then my heart raced when I realized mine was the richer experience.  I tasted the last drop of you, along with that lonely drop of wine.  Now, I can only long for another vintage of that blend.

by David Bose |
Categories: humor, lost love, remember, youth,

But Girls Might Err

hey, mind, think back and dwell on this …
our decades-old, warm reminisce
of heady nights when dating Kris,
sweet buxom, avid, bob-haired miss
who learned with us to bill and kiss,
and lift young hearts to cusps of bliss--
but girls might err and then dismiss
a beau whose glance dares roam amiss;
oh, hell, dumb mind, don't dwell on Kris,
she plunged us to lost-love's abyss …
instead think back and … ponder Priss!

October 5, 2022
Single Stanza Monorhyme Poetry Contest
L Milton Hankins, Sponsor

by Aarush Dutta |
Categories: 8th grade, friendship love, i love you, inspirational love, lost love, love, love hurts,

If I Could

If I could catch a rainbow,
I'd do so just for you. 
So you could share it's beauty,
On the days you're feeling blue. 

If I could,I'd buy an island, 
You could call it your very own.
 A place to find serenity,
Where you could be alone. 

If I could take your troubles,
I'd throw them in the sea.
But all these things I'm finding,
Are impossible for me.

Cause I can't buy an island, 
Nor catch a rainbow fair.
So I'll just do what I do best,
Be someone who's always there.

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: love, metaphor, silence,


amorous rumbling waves splash on sensory shore ... locked lips slush love


October 5, 2022
Syllable count : 17 (HMS)
Contest : The Power Of Silence
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by Sarah Sublett |
Categories: autumn, i love you, love,

The Season of Change

Fall is the season of change
It’s magical they say
Leaves a different hue
A crispness on the dew
A cool breeze in your hair
Still sunshine in the air
Joy is all around
Leaves crunching on the ground
Orange little men with silly little grins
Sitting on our porch
Waiting for the night to come 
To light his little torch 
The day is short and slow 
Lonely due to night
But the moon gives such a glow
And a spooky sort of light
Fall is the season of change
In every kind of way
Except through every season 
My love is here to stay

by Daniel Stafford |
Categories: age, anxiety, hope, joy, love, psychological,

Loving yourself

Loving yourself.

"You think of great minds and behind very powerful love... In the love that is love and life as you live, half of you won't understand it, see love the way only you know that love is inside your mind. To finally find love only found by yourself to truly love in life..." -Ds-

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god, joy, love,

Thought of the day

Each love emote, in God’s bliss boat ~
Keeps soul on earth, with joy afloat


by Kathryn Search |
Categories: appreciation, community, conflict, education, friendship love, humanity, motivation,


COMMUNICATION Leaps and bounds of progress made In this modern world, As we speed around the earth Electronic darts are hurled. Communing with our fellow beings Seems to be the trend, Yet has this brought us real peace Or will it bring the end? Until each one communes with God, Forgets his self and pride, And learns to communicate with love, These evils won’t subside. If we would seek our Creator’s plan, For each one of us, We would learn how to commune And end with happiness. Copyright 2013, Kathryn Search

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: joy, kiss, love,

First Encounter

"recently scenes of early life have stolen into my mind, like breezes blown ..."

                       Quote by _Samuel Taylor Coleridge (from his writings)

Oh, I never thought I would marry her.
We found ourselves under the mistletoe.
Her lips were warm, her perfumes sweetly were.
Oh, I never thought I would marry her.
Her love was all mine, a ring I'd bestow.
Her voice was silky, her speech soft like snow.
Oh, I never thought I would marry her
We found ourselves under the mistletoe.   

4 October 2022
Writing Challenge - Past Memories - ''T'' Forms Poetry Contest
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by Allan Terry |
Categories: magic, music, romance, sweet love,

Colvenge' Measner

She wanted the dinner to be specail so she asked
her specail freind to fix it for her.
she would offer both  roast pheasant and chicken
combined with fried polenta with
 buttermilk ,bacon bits redbell peppers, chives and asparagus.
Sagey dressing. Garlicey mashed potatoes, and gravey.
goat cheese/cream cheese herbed pastries.
garden salad with croutons, and a savory Catilina dressing.
Boc Choy and cabbage.
roasted butternut squash medallions.
a rich poundcake and brioche bread pudding
with eggnog, dates, coconuts, dried cherries, and dreid mango:
served with vanilla icecream and toffee.
an offering of wines.
All to get people smiling.

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: emotions, funny, humorous, loss, love, wife,

King and She

The king announced he might abdicate, but first his enemies he would castigate. He thought slowly and did concentrate before he sought them to intimidate. His comely wife he did adulate. He did not wish to deprecate her reputation so he did hesitate, himself or her, to incriminate. She had no thought to duplicate, no desire at all to replicate and he was willing to extricate himself from the desire to procreate. His enemies ready to infiltrate, he sought the wisdom to meditate on how he might obdurate and keep his kingdom inviolate.
04 October 2022 SINGLE STANZA MONORHYME Poetry Contest Sponsored by: L MILTON HANKINS

by ValBrooklyn Rogers |
Categories: engagement, heart,


I take to heart that true love 
Needs  arithmetical attention.
Mathematical  tenderness 
Equations all formulas equipped
With pluses minuses and square 
Roots to boot.   Arithmetically 
Travel with it pound by pound
For sure indeed never leave the 
Shore without the satisfaction 
Of a truthful heart and a little 
Equational engagement 

by shari thomas |
Categories: love,

you want me back as much as i want you back

you are unaware of your 
true feelings
towards me 
you try and hide 
from them 
you try to put it
all on me 
but you want me back
just as bad as i want you
back because
no one in their right mind 
would continue to participate 
in a pattern that has lasted years if 
they truly 
do not want someone in their live
you can not let me go as much as 
i can not let you go i just have the 
courage to admit it and you do not

by shari thomas |
Categories: true love,

you can not admit it but it is true

if you do not want me
then why do you always 
take me back 
if you are only truly
doing it for me then 
you can stop 
cause i no longer care
if you are in my life 
or not so you can just 
leave me the hell alone 
but the truth is that you 
do want me otherwise 
you would not continue to 
take me back time and time 
you want me you just do not 
want to admit it

by shari thomas |
Categories: true love,

no matter what you say

no matter what you  
say to the contrary you
will always keep on giving 
me renewed opportunities 
to reenter your world even 
if they are very sort lived 
the chance always exists 
even when it may not appear 
to be so to the untrained naked 
eye of a passer by the chance 
still exists and will continue to 
exist through the knowing eye
of the two of us

by Izintombi Zamambo |
Categories: love, passion,

A Safe Haven

"Recently scenes of early life have stolen into my mind, like breezes blown..." ~ quoted by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (from his writing)
cards laid out on sight, heart on my sleeve - fearlessly. Underrated love, woken souls from past heartache ~ experience, with caution.
04 October 2022 'Writing Challenge - Past Memories - T Forms' Poetry Contest Sponsored by Constance La France 57577 syllable count verified by PS Syllable Counter

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