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by Bebek don |
Categories: beautiful, goodbye, heartbroken, sweet love,

Flower has dried

Well the flower he used to be has dried
his elegance,his auora is no more
Doesn't matter how deep you drown him
Those leaves are now srcambled,you choose not to hear the pain
The screams went un noticed, because he has finally dried
That bleed, exist no more,
his veins Carries pain no more
Because it wasn't, only the flower that dried
The ocean of ascending emotions that got traumatized in your love
has finally dried, and only sufferer that wanted nothing but love
Left you with nothing, but with the thrist that no water shall fill
because finally the flower has dried

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: angst, fear, love,

Sonnet New Series 2 Dolcezza II

Dolcezza II

So have I loved, my heart is nearly broke,
The ordinary world hath lost its scope.
The seeded garden briars and weeds do choke,
To hold your hand in mine, my only hope.
You've sown my heart with beauty and with deeds
Of gentleness, of lady-courage rare,
And yet, what stalks have sprouted bend like reeds
And all my words, like branches, are stripped bare.
My love hurts you, no matter how I try,
And you must flee it like a coming storm
I send you rain, but you see fierce snows fly,
And you must run from them unto the warm.
It made no difference!  I intended well,
But well-intentions cannot terrors quell.

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: depression, fate, feelings, love,

Sonnet New Series 1 Dolcezza III

Dolcezza III

Your Beauty’s taught me lessons I'd not learn,
If I had shallowed in a wetter place,
And sought the fires that warm but do not burn –
I never would have gazed upon your face.
But I desired to breathe the fragrant fire,
And run like madmen do, from Here to There,
And bathe my hopes in hot pools of desire,
And press my lips into your jasmine hair.
No wonder I have seeded Life with deeds,
To form from humble clay a humble pot,
And run my fingers through the herbs and weeds,
To find out if you'd want what I have got.
I would again pursue you if I could,
But you are fled unto the Hazelwood.

by Christopher Johnson |
Categories: love hurts, moving on,

Before I love you

Before I love you 

Falling in love start before I love you 
Most ppl have no clue
We met in prime conditions
No intention of Succumbing to adoration
But in the end one was trapped 
The other free and emotionally tapped
Feeling a false sense of  hope 
Healing was sought in your eyes
Sadly only more pain was gained 
Matters of the heart drive us insane
Feeling a pain that is pouring like rian
Falling love starts before I love you 

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love,

Thought of the day

alive here now in the vast universe ~
may colours of love enliven our verse


by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: candy, emotions, love, valentines day,

Chalky Candy Hearts

Sitting in the bowl a bit chalky 
colored story telling candy;
Timeless messages sent melt hearts;

Romance lives within these hearts,
updated verse but still written chalky;
Lovers still trade flowers and candy;

Sweet on you, lips taste like candy;
Sugar buzz from fluttering hearts, 
after taste leaves my mouth chalky;

An old tradition of chalky candy hearts.

by Mike Bayles |
Categories: age, dream, february, lost love, love,

Years Reflected

Today I’m just a click
on internet posts
away from nothingness.

The limbs on the tree
next door are still,
and it’s just 2 degrees

Warm air whooshes
up from the register
and a sparrow sings

as I remember
my life as
miles covered
along highways and roads
and faces seen.

And this love
many years ago
comes back again
an incarnate dream.

This snow outside
is soft and pure
as I wait to step outside-

I still see her face.

by Dave Collins |
Categories: analogy, beauty, inspiration, longing, love,


lofty love be yours
forever bonding twineth
together we thrive

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: emotions, feelings, heart, inspirational, inspirational love, love, wisdom,

No Guarantee

There is no guarantee
when it comes to the 

though love released with
sincere eternity – our carriers,
though Homers of loyal wings
transverse a sky of hawks

There is no guarantee
when it comes to matters
of interpersonal love – only God knows
man's truest beats – for the mortal heart
is an aggressor
while also retreats

Love, indeed!~ is a campaign of sorts

armies of feelings going forth

entrenchment on both sides

love often hides

while never a victory without
two fond surrenders

by Honestly J.T. |
Categories: appreciation, desire, emotions, how i feel, love, passion, truth,


How could I win her over?
How may she be mine?
Tell me how to woo her:
My dearest valentine!

Tell me everything:
The oath I need to know;
So, she could be with me;
Together, juxtapose.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: love, poetry,

PARODY the form

How do I  thee .let me give you praise
How do I love thee,for your winsome ways;
In these eyes still my bride ,and still
Your wedding ring,I wear with pride;
These many years of marriage cheer
Two hearts as one,with love held dear;
Each others secrets to  confide,
Needs and desires to never hide;
Tribulations together bear
Witness,these love-lines we share;
How do you love me,this poem will chart
The unease we notice,if apart;
How do you love me,no words can convey
Your touch,your kiss,your gaze,thrill me each day.

A faithful love,will stay unique,leaning,
Mutually we ,in submission seek.

by Isabella Mercado |
Categories: change, emotions, for him, heartbreak, hurt, love, pain,

I thought I loved you

I thought I loved you
Loved the beginning of us 
You suddenly changed.

by Isabella Mercado |
Categories: emotions, feelings, growth, how i feel, i love you, love, moving on,

Ill always love you

I’ll always love you
I have to move on from you
Fresh start, all I need.

by Isabella Mercado |
Categories: emotions, feelings, for him, goodbye, heartbreak, lost love, pain,

You didnt love me

You didn’t love me
Loved the idea of me
I finally left.

by Isabella Mercado |
Categories: emotions, feelings, for him, goodbye, heartbreak, lost love, pain,

You didnt love me

You didn’t love me
Loved the idea of me
I finally left.

Categories: for her, girlfriend, i love you, love, valentines day,


The way to the moon is through space but the only way to you is through the heart, which is why I have come all the way to find my way to your heart breaking all the impermeable membranes that might seem to barricade my way. 
With a new dawn comes upon a chance to see your eyes sparkle, your skin glow and the smell of your scent just wafting on my nostrils. 
My heart is a souvenir of love and a jackpot of surprises. The legends introduced and left the legacy, but I want to replenish and ignite every bit of the legacy. As for me and my heart, HAPPY VALENTINE’S.

Categories: color, day, heart, how i feel, introspection, word play,


You excite my sight
I lovingly  adore you
More than words can say
You delight my spite
Sensibly ignorant without you 
Your tender touch will always and
Forever ignite the spark.
In the ever present light and 
The mystery of the dark 
As The looming night grows
Nearer until twilight 
We will not see each other with
Our eyes but with our heart
Until we meet again 
Until death do us part

by Corey Bryan |
Categories: love,

same old song

I’ve  heard a  few lovebirds singing  the same
sweet song to each other amongst the
white and pink blossoms of spring.
“I love you so much I want to put you  in my pocket”
they sing to one another. Their song sounds
shrill to me.
I can  only imagine folding my sweet love up 
like so many notes passed in grade school 
classrooms,  and tucking her away
in my pocket to live  alongside crumbs 
and lint and cigarettes and toothpicks.
Shouldn’t she go somewhere better than my pocket?
If I loved her I’d at least let her live under hat or in 
my bookbag where there’s much more
room and far less itchy crumbs and sharpened sticks.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: marriage,

More in Love Today Than Ever

Samuel Potts was more in love today than ever before
he would have thought this impossible yesterday
but every day his new bride brought more joy than the day before

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love, spiritual,

Thought of the day

unconscious minds, who’re driven by instinct ~
cry out to God, hoping to be love inked

as each soul on their journey continues ~
we transmit to one and all, love’s bliss hues


by Thomas Koron |
Categories: love, night, romantic, romantic love, rose, sky, star,

The Glowing Star of Hesperus

Just when the summer sun had fully set,
   Sending shadows of twilight far and wide—
   It seemed about as calm as it could get,
And softly they spoke, walking side by side.

Walking past the trees, they found some shelter,
   Which caused the moonlight to look very dim.
   He held a single red rose out to her—
Thanking her for all she had been to him.

Now, the evening star was within their view,
   And it hung over their heads in the night.
   They kept on getting closer—soft wind blew—
And he kissed her gently in the starlight.

There they remained, feeling forever young,
   Where the glowing star of Hesperus hung.

© 2023

by Lin Lane |
Categories: love,

Lover's Waltz

In my dreams of love
we always dance a waltz,
matching steps,  eyes in askance.
The answer descretely given.
When the heart is driven,
love must acquiesce.

February 2, 2023
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by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, imagery, love, romance, romantic, true love,

Good Evening

I can sit and think about you for hours without end
In fact it's what I do most days and I'm so glad I spend
The time I do dwelling on you, you're such a precious gem
I've found my buried treasure, on your head a diadem
You're my royal bluebird, I truly love you so 
More valuable than the pot of gold
At the end of the rainbow 

And what do I mostly think about?
Well on that let me expand
Sunsets watched together, walking hand in hand
Or a ship that sails the seven seas
With you sitting at the bow
I'm the captain guiding 
But it's your name on her prow

by Mack Karachekhlian |
Categories: anger, betrayal, farewell, how i feel, love, passion, sad love,

let me resent you

you ask me a question,
disappointed in my reply.
what did you want me to say?
how do I respond
when you ask me if you can
love another?

am I supposed to tell you 
not to go?
am I supposed to tell you
I love you
more than another could? 
am I supposed to ask you
what I can do better?
what they can do that 
I can't?

tell me, 
what should I have said?
why should I reveal how I feel
when you’re out there looking for
someone new?

you overlook everything I do,
you ignore everything I say,
but come to me
to ask you to stay.

by Joe DiMino |
Categories: inspirational, language, love, meaningful, poetry, wisdom, writing,

Love And The Abstract

To the physical man
of mind and heart

love is apart~ abstract 

to the feeling soul
it is all of substance – 

to man with hunger
love is merely a wonder,

for the pang in his tummy
craves more than sentimental

to Christ it seemed everything~

for me, it is poetry...

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