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by okiegirlsrock Hudson |
Categories: dance, inspirational love, mythology, romantic love, sensual, true love,

The Rapture of True Love

Forbidden silent interactions,
Glances of my piercing eyes,
Looking into the doorway of your soul.
Holding an internal map,
Leading to your heart.
This requires an invitation yet,
Not expecting any answer needing,
Only the anticipation of the way,
Your body moves to the sound of my voice.
Looks are secondary to the,
Beating of your heart.
The dance of seduction begins and,
Controls our most perfect lives that,
We will ever experience.
Love is the only emotion that will,
Require one heart, one soul and one mind.
Angels rejoice as the heavens open up,
Embracing true love of those soul mates,
Destined by the Gods above.

by Manon Boudreau STAR CHILD NEBULA |
Categories: blessing, courage, faith, freedom, god, inspirational love, jesus,

Our Lord navigates our course

Remember your worth
Sanctified as his wine
God blessed us by divine
Jesus cleans us against all sins
God blessed us from within
Made stronger
Through our Heavenly Father
Never denied by God help
His truth has always been felt
Received from above
Delivered by his eternal love
Power of protection
Through Jesus resurrection
Saught the Son
For God and Jesus are one
Our Creator and Lord
We do Honor forward
Our Lord is meek
I am blessed to speak 

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: animal, bird, flower, love, nature, song, summer,

Walkie Talkie

Sunset spill,
Evening thrill,
Creeping shade,
Summer stroll,
Frog on bole,
Moonlit trees,
Pleasant breeze,
Hoot owl hour,
Rose power,
Rich red Mars,
Porch guitars,
Wild chatter,
Limpid moon,
Cry of loon,
Starry park,
Plum hued dark,
Hued flora,
Scent aura,
Teal ducks quack,
Love is back!
Grassy knoll,
Dreams unfold.

by Justin Bordner |
Categories: beautiful, love,

Graceful Giving Girl

She carries Her cross so strongly
yet the woe is in Her step,
diligent as the dawn
deterred not by the day's drama
nor by the night's regret,
She fights the frantic fret
not with reckless force
rather with calm respect
for struggles of the course,

A voice of unassumptive touch
pitch of pretty perch,
Her hair a coppered hazel
Her eyes warm glow of earth,
with a heart of steady hearth
kindled by love for care and kind mirth
a melody She is
a gift of liberty to me -

J.A.B.  2021

by charlotte watkins |
Categories: god, hope, light, longing, love,

Nought can destroy Father, my joy

Father, my joy,
nought can destroy.

Unveil my path, may my heart shine
bright, despite the darkness of day.
Consume me, may love guide my way,
so all troubles, become benign.

Bright despite the darkness of day,
my gifts, oh gracious Lord, refine.
My thoughts and mindset realign,
consume me, may love guide my way.

Father, my joy,
bright despite the darkness of day.
Such tender mercies, each divine
consume me, your love guide my way;
nought can destroy.

Nought can destroy
Father, my joy.

Date: 12.08.2021
Sponsor: Emile Pinet
Contest: Meditative Ballad Poetry Contest

by William J. Jr. Atfield |
Categories: lost love,

Shadows of the past

Shadows of the past

Fleeting glimpses of a Beauty, shadows quickly slips by.
Memories of a time, come alive, in the corner of my eye
coalesce for a moment, then ashes upon the winds of time.

Years have wasted away, hanging on, letting go, this rhyme,
the final voice to say so, will allow Beauty, to become the past.
Always wondering why memories of, remained so steadfast.

Clinging tightly to experiences of what was, no longer can be.
Will this be, the closing of this book, will this soul finally see
the folly of clinging to a dream that dissipates upon awakening. 

B. J. “A” 2
December 8th, 2021

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love,

If love our steed

If love our steed, do the good deed As of our heart’s instinct Choose to rest greed, live as of need Joyous bliss our precinct Breathe easy, have some fun Rest ego, come undone Know that we all are one We gather speed If love our steed 08-December-2021 Quietus

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: love,

Unsung Verse

What's behind the terse, unspoken sound
One that abruptly inserted a period
Invoking a sigh in the middle of a sentence

Was it the uneasy voice of her heart's lyrics
Announcing your song is still incomplete
Or ambivalence of despondent music
Reluctantly strumming devoid of melody

Perhaps it’s time for your bashful words
To complement echo of the unsung verse

Disclosing explicitly to her anxious world:

You saw it in the smile of her cheerful eyes
And heard it from symphony of dulcet vibes
And felt it in the ballet of her delicate touch
When she held you close in an intimate hug
While mellifluous whispers of love spoke 

December 8, 2021	

by Minahil Javaid |
Categories: angel, i love you, life, mentor, miracle, mom,

My Mom

Just for a little while when you smile...
My heart gets warm when you smile, Mom!
My world blossoms when you smile, Mom!
With deep devotion, you give pure love and sacrifice, Mom!
It's such an absolute strength when you smile, Mom!
It heals my inner being when you smile, Mom!
A ray of hope rises when you smile, Mom!
You look the most precious when you smile, Mom! 
Whenever I fall, you lift me up with a smile, Mom!
No one but you forgives me everytime, my Mom!
So Bright and kind, you're a real sunshine, Mom! 
Wanted to just let you know you're mine, Oh Mom!
I just can't comprehend that you're my Life, Oh Mom, my Mom!

Minahil Javaid

by Mark Frank |
Categories: love, silence,

This is the Silent Side of Love

Hidden beneath my heart’s crust
The exodus of my emotions is something I can trust
Often this is a love I wish not to discuss
But I only wish to pour out the beauty of this venomous love!
Thunderous screams build up in silence
My love for you is a river that keeps flowing!
Poisonous thoughts curdle behind me
Rapturous melodies dance in front of me
Not having you is a stimulus for words to live on forever!
This love of mine is scorched in royalty
The loyalty of my ambition stretches beyond the stars
It is clear that I am not finish loving you! 
This is the silent side of love

Mark Frank

Copyright 2021

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: care, death, love, war,

Arms Race

Nuclear missiles
  as outdated as whistles

Hypersonic jets
  don't scare my pets

Multiple warheads
  won't knock you dead

The winner of my weaponry race
  two loving arms take first place

by Brother Jacob |
Categories: dream, fantasy, love, princess, woman,


She took a walk in the woods one day.
She brought a book along the way.
She found a perfect place to read,
where it was quiet. Yes, indeed.

The stories in her book were happily ever afters,
at the end of every chapter.
She fell asleep and began to dream,
about her prince and their kingdom's regime.

by Khan Writes |
Categories: angel, character, child, childhood, children, cinderella, first love,


Knjar Pure Knjar
I am a newbie
Teach me how to be KPK?
I also wanna be Paapi like you
How can I join your group?
How to become a baastrd?
How to share Dik?
How to grab fruiters?
How to make milkshake?
Note.Stop pretending to be innocent.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, devotion, for her, i love you,


O' Oh, I love the love of you I do I do so choose To love you So true ~ O' and I I so do I love the... ~ I love I love the love of you darling true ~ And I am sure So sure I honesty do Girl, I love you Darling I do 12/7/21 written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©

by P.S. AWTRY |
Categories: conflict, hate, love,

Hate is messy

fighting hate with hatred
leaves us hateful and hated 

Matthew 5:44 But I say to you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love,

Micro Forty Four

You lose, because as much as you would like me to?
 I’m not giving up on the idea that someone could actually love me.

by Dave Collins |
Categories: break up, history, husband, lost love, love hurts, relationship,


For better times
I remember you 
My pale heart daydreams
20 years of falling 
lost in space

by Roof Missing |
Categories: love,

Simple Truth

Though you’re not clear that I am dear,
still brook no fear true friends aren’t near!
Should we control who serves our soul
if there’s no toll (our gain’s their goal)?
Is it a sin to let folks in,
their insight’s win, blow meant for chin?
Truth’s what I’ve got? Can ‘Truth’ be bought?
Is ‘Heaven,’ not ‘Man’s Camelot?’

Self-knowing’s pride we feel inside
(mere way to hide thoughts fools abide)!
Humility is what saints see
and Grace ‘to be’ what sets us free
from binding hate that seals our fate.
Our urge to greatness call to bait -
Satanic lure! Define impure:
Will to endure (non sequitur).

Long Tooth
December 10th in 2021

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: best friend, joy, kiss, love, romantic, soulmate, time,

To Me, the Thought of You Is Such Sweet Bliss

To me, the thought of you is such sweet bliss,
     a joy that lasts, enduring for all time;
a joy, like love, that lives on with a kiss; 
     and will not end with the end of this rhyme.
To me, the sight of you is happiness,
     a promise to me that God is keeping;
so long as I abide in faithfulness,
     you'll always be why my heart is leaping!
If not for you, my bliss would disappear;
     and be lost in the cold background of space;
it'd be there where I'd weep and shed a tear,
     ne'er knowing the joy of seeing your face.
To me, you are a bliss to epoch's end;               
which fools cannot outdo with vogue or trend.  

by John Floyd |
Categories: appreciation, feelings, happy, heart, how i feel, joy, love,

Here and Now

Gratitude effuses from my joyful heart
My eyes no longer the dam I force them to be lets go
And rivers 
         my cheeks
Love explodes its happy bounty in my chest
For at this Here and at this Now I have all I need
    I will never know the want of desire
    I rest for all my work is complete
My soul leaps into the heavens unburdened
No other times exist
No other places exist
And I return to who I am
Finally finding my way and coming home to stay

by Ronald A. Williams |
Categories: love, marriage, men, social, society, soulmate, women,

A Man, A Woman Vs or With

Who did make the weak or made the strong
A pen can be mightier than any sword

Is it that male and female is in opposite opposition
Or both created as fits that match with precision

Understanding is that magnificent key
This to unlock the love between he or she

We are individuals, man or woman
If combined we can be of the most impactful

This in a world that is without some empathy 
Love, is that Blessed key, this is what we all should be 

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: encouraging, faith, hope, love,

Hold On

Hold on
Steadfastly to
Hope and faith in tough times;
Love,when you find it, or if it...
Finds you

Date written: 12/06/2012

by Travon Yarber |
Categories: america, black african american, father, teen love, usa, youth,


Roses are red violet are blue
My heart is the dead my feelings are gone
Love is true but my dad said you due
I hold on tight you hold on slight till dawn

Death is a clue to heartbreak was not true
Sleep tight don’t cry cause I will be trying
The truth is wise the day is a crime to
Home is the place of love last stand crying

Time will tik my heart will split till the day 
Hold my hand I’ll hold yours let hold the world
I hate my name but I love yours bae
Today my heartbeat for you to twirled

Look down at your feet and show yourself life
Thank you for my life so do you know Phfe 

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: death, life, love, snow,

Melting Snowman

Swiftly melting snowman sent up a prayer
When he sensed unusual warmth in the air
Please God save me, let me stay myself.
God sent down a savvy Christmas elf.

Elf explained that life is a cycle of love.
We live and die and die and live again.
We get rebuilt as easy as heaven above
Returning to a rebirth among our kin.

by Iromo Esther |
Categories: literature, love,

Something called love

I keep thinking of what to do,
Memories of us flow like a river,
Although I hate you too,
Losing you is like losing a liver,
At times,I wonder if it's true,
Maybe we are really not meant to be, 
Your love still spreads to me like flue,
It's when I realized you also love me.

For you I can persevere,
All the hurtful and separating moments,
When the heartbreak is severe,
In the end love supliments,
Indeed this love is pure,
Because of it am willing to endure.

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