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by Starlight- Commissions now open |
Categories: friend, friendship, friendship love, sunshine,

Sunshine When Skies are Blue

You've always been there by my side
Been along for the ride
So you need to know it's true
You're my sunshine when skies are blue.

From state to state, place to place,
You were with me in every case. 
So you need to know it's true
You're my sunshine when skies are blue.

When skies are blue and there's a raincloud hanging over me
When I picked the lock of despair, you were my key
So you need to know it's true
You're my sunshine when skies are blue.

by Jo Daniel |
Categories: dream, love, magic,


In the forest of my dreams I see you You are a candle that gleams My love true You are a blooming flower Soft and bright You hold the magic power Of midnight You make me swoon in romance With your eyes Let us join our souls and dance Till sunrise Soon it's time for you to go To wake up Wish some time we could borrow Not break up In the forest of my dreams You can stay We'll meet again near the streams Faraway With this promise in my heart Fare thee well Yet, I don't want to depart From your spell. 04.14.2021
For Mystic Rose Rose's "In The Forest of my Dreams" contest

Categories: allegory, allusion, extended metaphor, fantasy, imagery, love, poetry,


Moon and sun an astral idyllium...
In the sky look at each other
  but they don't touch ...
Living a love
almost dreamlike.
Living to weave
in noble threads,weaving
in gold and silver
an impossible affair !
Weave and weave
endlessly weave
a loving work that never
will terminate, ...
  A love they never live 
   yet ever still extant...!

by Stefan Maxima |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, for her, happy, poetry, romantic, true love,

Whispers Of Passion

Your red lips whispers of passion ,
Warm feeling touch ,
Pure perfection ,
Send me to heaven .
Means everything,
Everything in the world to me .
Let me have this grace forever , 
In blissful joy…
My heart trembles . 
And my soul elevates .
In that kiss 
Of ours ,
From the beginning . 
Of this poem !

by Bamanga Bashir |
Categories: love,

Haiku's temple 66

Early season grass,
green, soft and immemorial:-,
a yearly change.

by Bamanga Bashir |
Categories: adventure, love,

Haiku's temple 45

Mid afternoon wind,
and wave stir, label:-,
anti clockwise fun?.

by Bamanga Bashir |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, love,

Dull whims

No worry, no controversy, nor weariness,
no hurry, love is air and wind,
nor anything can holdback a speck of tis,
twilight, dawn is a kind of tide like sunlight stir and kind,
now, those ones can is a prey,
because tis are who fancy to rewind already fun,
what we cannot repeat is a frail story.

by Shilpa Nagaraj |
Categories: love,

My Life partner

I met my life partner 11 years ago
Initially I thought him to be a whacko
The first time I saw him
He was never a part of my whim
I went out with him in the night
Had to garner all my might
First time in my life was with a guy
And was walking in the lane nearby
Exchanged words and broke the ice
And thus met our eyes
As days flew, he grew friendlier 
Spending time with him made me cosier
His conversations made my heart feel light
And thus helped me to get over marriage's fright
Brought rays of happiness illuminating like the sun
Would like to thank family and god a ton
He has filled colours in my life
And I am proud to be his wife.

by Bamanga Bashir |
Categories: adventure, love,


More than just a nightmare in the world,
there is delight in quest and its fair response,
O thee notion, O love will hold,
for nothing I knew slips off this sense,
touch fair little by little to cultivate,
twas a stir of life,
nor there can repel hope.

by Nicola An |
Categories: absence, april, dedication, love, love hurts, meaningful, missing you,

Four Point Twelve: Parting

Must the petals fall now and

surrender to the wind?

Must I step back and 

willingly rescind?

This could be a subtle goodbye

for the buds of our future don't seem to multiply

The troubles and confusions are somehow impolite

So I seek out the advice of the night

But our stars refuse to answer me

Am I now on the threshold of our finale?

-Nicola An

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: fairy, fantasy, literature, love,

Titania Loves Bottom

Oberon orders Puck to pick a purple flower. This solitary blossom has a unique power. Cupid's misguided arrow hit this specimen of botany. It makes anyone fall in love with the first creature they see. Bottom becomes a victim of Puck's chicanery. The impish little fairy gives Bottom the head of a donkey. Awakening Titania has the flower's nectar in her eyes. She falls in love with Bottom despite his disguise. This is Oberon's way of getting even with his queen. So many other comical situations will be seen. Based on the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare

by Florence McMillian |
Categories: birthday, family, grandmother, grandson, grave, happiness, love,


GRANDSON-IN-LAW This wish is filled with lots of fun For my grandson-in-law Andrew He will turn 37 in the year of 2021 And will carry a few memories too He married my granddaughter Becoming my grandson-in-law He is a loving husband and father Now he even calls me grandma I’m glad to have him in our family Sending many blessings his way For him to be more than happy As he enjoys this special birthday Love, Grandma Flo

by Muthoni Kabogo |
Categories: emotions, feelings, friendship love, identity, relationship,

My Promise

Truth can be hurtful
Aw! I know it's spiteful!
Insensitive even
But I don't know to speak otherwise
Never learned to, probably never will.
So here is my promise;
To upset you with the truth
Since you are wise, I believe
You will understand
Change maybe!
And I will be sorry later
Not for telling it
Only for breaking you
With its insensitivity
But generally grateful
For my honesty

by Kelvin Gathiru |
Categories: angel, appreciation, baby, cheer up, mothers day, uplifting, women,

Midwife's Love

The story is about someone's life,
Written by pen and not a penknife,
Telling of a cool guy with no wife,
Who was brought up by a midwife.

Even though she wasn't his mom,
She struggled for him to transform,
By helping him to get past the storm,
Even at times when he didn't perform.

The midwife didn't treat him like a fream,
By throwing him away as if he was a heam,
All she wanted was him to achieve his dream,
So she raised him as her own and made him gleam.

by Valentin Savin |
Categories: cute love,


One happy summer late in June 
I walked under a starry night.
I started talking with the Moon,
Of love that seemed so strong and bright. 
The Moon appeared much too cold.
So distant and alien by chance,  
Because She wasn't free, She told. 
Young Moon was guiding her all month.

I beckoned the Moon with a finger  
And all at once her refusal I got. 
Deciding not to vainly linger
I instantly of love forgot.
My Fantasies faded at once.
I found that I was a dunce.

by Ayuba Mohammed adam |
Categories: love,

A day with you

A new day always start with a good thought,  there are many things to see or feel mine comes to me with you
I love being with you because when I am with you I feel like everything is okay.
Being with you is all that keeps me lucid without you, maniacal go crazy
I known that no matter what happens I always have you to catch me when I fall to pick me up and makes us back together.
A day with you always makes me happy  I don't want you to go fare away from me with you I'm sane without you id.
Always be with me and are will be with you forever and ever.


by jake aller |
Categories: change, day, fate, how i feel, love,

The One Thing I Would Not Change

The One Thing I Would Never Change Writer Digest Change, Don’t Change writer digest Poem Prompt

If I could go back in time
And change the past
Knowing what I know now
There are many things I would change

But there is one thing I would not have changed
Being in Korea in September 1982 
When I met my wife

For you see 
I had been dreaming 
Of meeting her

Since that fateful day
I first fell in love
With her in my dreams
In 1974

So, I had a date 
With fate 
When she came to me
And became my mate


by jake aller |
Categories: age, allusion, anger, angst, love, magic, mental illness,

It's True I am a Madman

It is true I am a Madman! -Pick a line from a book and write a poem based on that line, NaPoWrMo

It is true I am a Madman! 

TRUE! —nervous—very, very dreadfully 
nervous I had been and am but why will you 
say that I am mad? 

From the Tell-Tale Heart

Yes, I am a nervous wreck
Ever since that day
When I went for a run
Almost died when I fell
And had 14 operations
Battling a mutant staph infection
That almost killed me

And yes, I am still mad
In a way
Madly in love
With the love of my life
To that crime 
I gladly confess 


by jake aller |
Categories: first love, happy, love,

I Will Always Remember That Date

I will always remember that date
In 1982 I meet my fate
When the love of my life
Walked out of my dreams
Becoming my wife

by jake aller |
Categories: beautiful, girl, love, lust,

Falling in Love with my Dream Girl

Falling in love with my dream woman

When I was a young man
I dreamt of meeting a woman
For eight years she haunted my dreams

Then I met her in Korea
Where I was teaching
For the U.S. army
After finishing the peace corps

I had a choice
Follow my heart
Seize the moment
Be with her

Or leave Korea
Within a month
To go to graduate school

I decided to postpone
My graduate school
For one year

Got a deferred admission
And joined the woman
Of my dreams

Thinking back
I had no real choice
But I chose to walk
The path of life
With my dream girl

And that has made
All the difference
In the world


by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: girl, horse, love, sweet,

I Love My Pony

I love my pony
My pony loves me
I ride him on Sunday
from my house to the sea

He comes when I call him
nuzzles up to me so sweet
So I give him a sugar cube
~ a pony's favorite treat

   Not for Eve's Contest
but definitely inspired by her contest
      ~ Thanks, Eve!

by Dave Collins |
Categories: emotions, funny love, humor, inspiration, poets, trust,

The Poet's Cell


Read the following short passage. Then choose your answer from the 
list below. Choose only one.

"She's an eyeful, a smiling mouthful and putty in your hands,

a) ___sorry, I used to have those glands"
b) ___she loves like a Heavy Metal band"
c) ___the fairest Maiden in all the land"
d) ___I drown in your timeless sensuous sands"

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,


Scintillate, sweet star. 
  How amazing, dear, you are.
    In my life you shine
      Neverendingly divine -
        Envied by the heavens – mine!

April 12, 2021
For the  Writing Prompt - Shine - Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Constance La France

NOTE: I wanted to create a variation of tanka 
which is also acrostic and rhymed. I will
name this form a rhymed TANK-A-CROSTIC!

by Virginia Gelok |
Categories: feelings, sweet love, together, trust,

In Your Arms

As the night draws near
And darkness covers the view,
I settle down
In the arms of you.

by Virginia Gelok |
Categories: desire, heart, love, passion,

Love Notes


To soon to know, too late to change.
We're on our way to experience it all.
Be patient and kind.
Don't rush me. I'll not push you.
Together we may just make it !


When I look into your eyes I see the love we share.
For your display I thank you.
When you look at my face please look deep,
For my love is within my heart.


Have you ever been so in love that it hurts?
Guess what ?
I am in awful pain !

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