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by Laurie Woodward |
Categories: animal, dog, feelings, friendship, friendship love, love, pets,

The Soul of a Dog

I wish...

I had the soul of a dog.

That I might forgive freely,
And truly forget,
That I might love without reservation
And without regret,

That I might find joy in the moments,
Even those with pain,
That I might find serenity
In a warm sunbeam.

I would never forget to savour 
The presence of a friend.
I would always show my family 
my love, until the end.

Yes, I wish I had the soul of a dog,
Yet I ask not for the sweet heart,

For I already have one,
And we two shall never part.

by Hugo Sarvida Jr. |
Categories: engagement, humor, love, perspective,

Really Blind

Love is really blind
Can't see single or married
In front of mirror.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: love, nature, passion, song,

To Life's Appraisal

To Life's Appraisal

To life's appraisal would surely a ransom be payed for simple beauty
I have starved for the council, for the ones who dance alone
For the joy of a lyrical tear, O' the silken song plays triumphant 
For along this distant path of life stretching onward and beyond
I sit beside the raging river of freedom awaiting your arrival

Come come with the dreamer surely beauty will sing a song of tranquility
Along a woodland path a single wildflower O' how it sway in sweet beauty

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: for her, i love you, imagery, longing, love, romantic, together,

Boho Honeymoon

My mind is filled with pretty things
Thoughts of days with you 
Where we can sit by river banks
With nothing else to do 
Lavender iced lattes
Lazy afternoons
Listening to The Neighborly
My kind of honeymoon

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, confidence, cute love, love,


Please hold me with your heart
Embrace me with your soul
My eyes desires flow 

Soul is your mind and heart

Written words by James Edward Lee Sr 2024

by Jonathan Horton |
Categories: anger, anxiety, courage, hate, hope, love, together,

Together we can

I hear your cries and see your tears

Of bodies filled with pain

We will stand proudly by your side

Our future journey to the light

No longer will we bow

To those evil thoughts to words of hate

On our flesh and blood

Who’s trying to steer our fate

Down towards the darkness, were there’s no escape

NO, together we strive up

Towards the healing of the light

The power of many souls have spoken

It’s time to change the world

So all can share her nurturing touch.

by Francis J Grasso |
Categories: break up, fantasy, heartbreak, lost love,

The Seahorse

Rock little seahorse
Down under the blue
Rock 'till a new moon
Brings love back to you

Without any hoofs
And a shell for a tail
Rock little seahorse
Let new love prevail

You were left in the ashes
Of romance and ruin
Stuck on a storm shore
That was your undoing

But love is eternal
So why do you cry
Living in sorrow
When love says goodbye

Life is a carnival
Filled with delights
So find a new sea horse
And rock away this night

by Izabela-Georgiana Bran |
Categories: beautiful, dream, kiss, love, romantic, travel, write,

Deja vu

Have you ever seen a peony under a candle light?
It makes the space mystical.
A safe enchanted heaven.
I feel that I was here before 
Back in another time, 
Back in a different century, 
When people believed in magic. 
Then we were together 
you kissed my forehead while I was reading my book,
Paradiso by Dante. 
You we were looking at me like I was a precious jewel, 
A jewel that you would never want to lose, 
Something you bury with you, 
Because it is a part of you. 
You were looking at me like I was the one 
The one that brings light into your life. 

by Dexter Greener |
Categories: heart, inspirational love, joy, love, sweet love, true love,

Speak of Love

To speak, speak with Love.
To listen, Listen with Love.

Being Kind is the act of Love.
Being there is the presence of Love.

Walking from dark to light is following Love.
To embrace with your heart is giving Love.

Being intimate is the trust of Love.
Joy and Happiness is the expression of Love.

To kiss is the life of Love.
The heart of an artist is real Love.

by Panda Writes |
Categories: i love you, i miss you,

What I miss the most

What I miss the most, I wonder.

Is it the ringing laughter of your voice 
Is it the joy you fill the room with, just by your presence 
Is it the lovely face, I so love to hold
Is it the mystical eyes, which I so adore
Is it the beautiful lips, that hold the most gorgeous of the smiles
Is it the dark wavy hair of yours, which I so love to mess

What I miss the most, I wonder

Do I miss the part of me, which comes to life when you are around, that I miss,
I wonder, what I miss the most.

by John Beam |
Categories: bible, christian, in memoriam, jesus, language, life, love,

Lazarus slept

Love afore stept                                                                                                                              the Lord wept as                                                                                                                                  He kept His oath

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: love, spiritual,

Vibrant nonchalance

hold and release
love’s touch pleasing
with ease detached

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: heart, love, spiritual,

Thought of the day

we’ve pushed and pulled for far too long
let us now take all souls along
shifting fulcrum from head to heart
synced with love and the cosmic gong

by Hugo Sarvida Jr. |
Categories: emotions, engagement, love, perspective,

Sweet Goodbye

Flying kiss, heart sign
Are actions of sweet goodbye
For love that is true.

by John Grinsell |
Categories: death, humor, love, valentines day,

Organ donor card

Got myself a donor card.
One day I will depart.
Donating all my organs
but you can keep my heart.

by Prince Alexander |
Categories: love, love hurts,

Foolish love

Love is so blind, in folly it confides,
Hoping that all will stay as it abides.
Love is unyielding to breakup, betrayal's art,
While reason pleads in vain, playing its part.

Love is a flame,  it in the darkness guides,
Through storm and strife it in the hearts resides .
Love is a fortress, which protects against the sorrow's dart,
Sometimes it heals the wounds and mends the heart.

Love is a journey, in the memories of past it glides,
In laughter and in tears through the life it strides.
Love is a mystery, it is unending chart,
A cosmic dance, a work of art.

by Karen Croft |
Categories: love,


Showing care and concern 
from one heart to another 
the bond of loving

by Karen Croft |
Categories: love,


The bond of loving 
from one heart to another 
shows love and respect

by Rick Parise |
Categories: flower, love,

White Rose Of Love

...You are my white rose wafting scents of the most high love....

Your auburn hair floats gracefully with the lilting breeze, a hymnal of heavenly realms....

For you my love I dance unrehearsed  of freedom and awe-struck wonder, I twine your every breathe....

You are my white rose of love

by Allan Terry |
Categories: courage, cute love, i love you, love, music,

Love Requirment

The things to make you say
I love you
what more could a love
need to hear
to stand before all in attendance
to hear what would
normally hear in my ear
the basic elements of us
means a whole lotta
me and you
Aint no shame
and aint no game
Darling I'm in
Love with you
we'll chore through duration
we'll take a moment to stop and kiss
when take our time to talk it over
we'll find those things we've missed

What will it take for you
to say you love me
what will it take
for you to show me
that you care
keep me as keepsake
one endearing
My Lover with whom
I share

by David Meade |
Categories: anxiety, forgiveness, love, storm,

Love in the Wind

storm clouds billowing

wind thrashing wild abandon

    secure in your love

by Allan Terry |
Categories: business, devotion, emotions, engagement, love, music, romantic love,

From My Lover a song for My Woman

Me and You
you and I
together as one
as time goes by

One humid night
Me and my Lover
under a hazy sky
we talked and talked
fell in love
with one another
one humid night
I saw the moon

Remember when
we started dancing
the song was
" Marry Me in June"
Looked in your eyes
we started kissing
like to lovers
on there honey moon

oh then when
can we be together
I am in need
of your embrace
wanna see your smile
so we can kiss forever
your presences
brightens up the place

what a celebration
can we dance
play it once again
you know the song
the one that keeps
us together
a romantic sound
for us to kiss

by Lewis Nyaga |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, black love, for her, i love you, i miss you, inspirational love,


Hers is a name
You read on the vogue magazine
She carries the figure of a model
She is pretty and light nice clad
I complement her you look pretty
And my cheri punches me lightly
Luis you a constant flirt.. are you?
She challenges but mine eyes on her lips
I can in mind imagine how she will be
This is the one that me toss in bed
As slumber is lost and in sleep deprivation
I toss think fantasize muse tally and wait

by Stewart Watkins |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, blessing, celebration, community, humanity, love,

The Gathering

Let love lead the way 
Let's sing this song every day 

Let's sing it from the mountaintop and valley low
Let's sing it from the rainforest to city streets of glow

Let the mighty trumpets play out loud
Stand and sing a lovely song of love and be proud 

Be proud to be alive on this plane 
Grateful to live and not complain 

No matter the hue of your skin
When we seek the best in ourselves and others we all win

Tomorrow will not work because it might be too late
Give me my flowers now and I'll do the same for you, let's celebrate

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: love,

To Drift Away Into The Night

singed by the sensuality of passion
that burns away the fear of desires
where love blooms and flourishes
in throbs of the heart's ecstasy

when kisses are met and devoured
by the hunger to be needed
and arms entwine to hold tightly
as if to melt into the soul

where stars are touched
by our fingers of imagination
when they caress the glittering sky
as we become a silhouette in the moonlight

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