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by Irfanulla Shariff |
Categories: appreciation, beauty, joy, love, marriage, romantic, words,

Love Haiku 2

Sparkling in your heart
My passionate love letters
In exquisite forms

by Brian Rusch |
Categories: butterfly, engagement, friendship love, joy, life, nature, song,

Morning Salutation

Like life, fluttering 
Yellow Monarch butterfly 
Too fleeting to catch


Daily I, in my yard passing through
Flower shopping, for chosen delights

While around, I sing out best blessings

Keep coming to
My yard

Here is free.

No poisons laid to rob you of life

Life sharing
As I also wish it

To be given as is, totally free
Blessings, passing on.

by Virginia Gelok |
Categories: dad, dream, love, missing you,

Thoughts of My Dad

My Dad would tell me that there would me many men in my life. Be sure who I want in my life.
The one man I want in my life is YOU Dad. Remembering our lives together make me want more. 
Only in my dreams and in my heart am I able to be with you now.
You left me suddenly and the only address I have for you is "HEAVEN" !
I pray that one day I will be by your side once again.
I love you Dad...see you in my dreams !

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: grief, lost love, time,

you said you'd be with me forever

forever came and went

posted on June 20, 2021

by Manon Boudreau STAR CHILD NEBULA |
Categories: blessing, father daughter, fathers day, funny, god, inspirational love, mentor,

Love to my starfish

Who was granted his wish
A Happy Father's Day
I honor you and pray
Time to notice all you have done
To makes us as one
Life has been enjoyed
Filled my heart with so much joy
We still got silly you and me
Built such precious memories
Clearly sent from above
Has always been our love
Love you Daddy
You are my harvest tree that is kept within me
Watch as I have grown
Through every lesson you have shown
Proud to call you Dad
For you are the best I could of had

Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, imagery, love, poetry,


Although  should be quiet
must be stronger than a riot
must be bolder than a pirate
that assaults and takes
all treasures including hearts...
love has to be fever
rapture and in pleasure
fire in the rain...
Love must be cascade,
 waterfall, and flowing water
washing pain and
giving surprising illusion
to the body and the soul...
Love must overcome anger
beating danger... because,
love is a always movement ahead
never  a come back

by James Peranteau |
Categories: beautiful, father son, friendship, happiness, love,

::Noah mine luv::


     I love the starz at night

      not the ones so bright
     the ones that everyone
               can see

 I love the onez behind the moon
            far from even
              mine eyne
              their touch

      I love the starz at night
the onez which cause mine dream
      the onez in mine speak
              which cause
         yourn believe in me

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: devotion, humanity, love,



We sacrifice our ego on the altar of devotion, 

Love in our hearts can never blossom!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      20 June 2021 

Categories: love,

Loving Draft

There is no snail, no oyster
on your bathing shore;
No swimming fish, no snake charmer 
in your diving core

Hither and thither the fountain water
bathes you a crystal rainbow bath;
All over you; your beautification grace
there’s a heart waiting for your loving draft

I won’t laugh, I won’t weep
I’ll take birth in your scent;
I won’t walk, I won’t run
I’ll wake in your relation mend

Chattogram © Mahtab Bangalee

Categories: divorce, lost love, love hurts,

Proudly Walking Away

Before the lion-tempered winds of March returned
Trashing yellowed petals of fragile, tiny crocus bloom 
I breathed fury from the bitter, tainted love I spurned
And walked away, even though her anger spelled doom
In my unwavering path away, I swept clean the room,
I packed fragments of unblemished love that were right
Carried them confidently into the darkness of that night.

Written June 19, 2021

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: love,

Love For All

Just smile after the rainfall,
Let the joy be in your soul,
And be filled with love for all.

by Dave Collins |
Categories: adventure, celebration, light, love, spiritual, wisdom,


Moonbeams hug my soul
sunbeams coil my spirit
peaceful easy feel

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: bird, home, lonely, longing, loss, love, sad,


Above a weeping cherry tree,
whereof storm clouds divide their ways,
a dove extends a mournful plea.
A love, in quietude, delays.

He weaves a mansion, weather prone.
The leaves descend against his will.
He grieves a heart he's never known.
She leaves a feather for a quill.

Lento - 8 Lines Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

Categories: allegory, allusion, beauty, extended metaphor, literature, love, poetry,


           When we love
             winter joins summer,
               depth equals height
                 absence is coupled
                   with presence...
             Curves extend straight
              the impure is revealed
                 in purity...
               We, we merged river
                 and sea... !

by Manon Boudreau STAR CHILD NEBULA |
Categories: adventure, extended metaphor, growth, imagination, inspirational love,

Beautiful soul of self impression

Within our imagination
Healing the hour glass
As you look through the looking glass
It should matter to thee
What is it that you see
Look deeper within
Through all of your sins
Rising we conquer
To stand in God honor
Through every smile that we treasure
Forever we pleasure
Adventure extended
Truth presented
Metaphor has grown
With every seed we are sewn

Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, imagery, love, poetry,


        You are not lost,
          when you endue poetry:
           never homeless,
                discontent ...

           All is jubilation,
            when you own poetry:
               possess fruits,
                  romance and
                      too... !

by Irip Sukram |
Categories: lonely, longing, love, relationship,

Without you

Without you

I am without you
I do not know you
I miss you
I have always known you.

I want you to become like me!
I hate myself  in you.
Change yourself!
Hell wants you!

With you I am still without you.

by Bamanga Bashir |
Categories: love,

Now I tell you

Now I tell you,
come to this
with nothing so erroneous
or bitter.

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: grief, love, strength,


Oh, my soul,

During your unbounded traveling through space and time

You learned how to bear grief with equanimity 

For you desired your holy mission to accomplish, 

Claiming nothing for you but your anonymity! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      19 June 2021 

by Kelvin Gathiru |
Categories: age, anniversary, celebration, crush, cute love, happy birthday, june,

Happy Birthday To Me

A fresh new birth has come again,
I still have got more in life to gain,
Memories of joy filled in my brain,
Been through downs 'n' mountain,
But I deserve happiness not pain.

It's yet another birthday without a wife,
To lift me up to the heights of joyful life,
Sitting down while holding my penknife,
Always busy thinking about my afterlife,
With less time to spend on my social life.

Can't believe that today is my birthday,
I have set date nineteen as my holiday,
Feels like a weekend but its a weekday,
Maybe  because a star sparkled today,
Being born in the month of June not May.


by Manon Boudreau STAR CHILD NEBULA |
Categories: creation, deep, giving, heart, imagination, inspirational love, jesus,

As we aligned

God helped remind
Crowned our chest with knowledge
Love was acknowledged
Hurried still while thoughts remained
Life was forever changed
Tranquility of rivene
As we entered the stream
Sense of pure enjoyment
Smiling through every moment
The dream still vivid
With nothing omitted
People who surround
All truth was found
Our hearts of revelation
The souls filtration
Powered back
To see what lacked
All it took
Was one single look
Saw change in me
Through the reflexion that I seen
Hope now felt
Within myself
Our sand shall last
We may sustain the mass

by Nikki Pruitt |
Categories: abuse, heartbreak, heartbroken, love hurts, mental illness, sad love, violence,


Level headed is not me,
If kilter
Out of whack,
But killin' it.
Woe, mania is me.
What form of insanity is the?
Who knows which me is me.
Out of touch with reality,
Master of ignoring my responsibilities,
Release me,
From your grip 
Before you bring me to me to my knees.
Flash backs hit me like a grenade,
Trauma explosion to the face,
Trigger city,
Trigger me.
Traumatize me by touching my soul,
So I know it's time to say goodbye.

Categories: allegory, allusion, appreciation, extended metaphor, love, poetry, spiritual,


                     Love is totally heavy,
                     totally light...
                    Totally profane,
                     totally sacred...
                    Totally inconsistent,
                     totally logical...
                     Totally affective,
                      fully alive...
                     love is so alive that
                     who lives with him,
                      does not die... !
                      But if you die,
                     you carry it with you
                      to love in another life
                      Spiritual quantum...

by literary waves |
Categories: love hurts,


you said you loved me
I built cities and mountains 
prairies and deserts

you, killer,
in love you drove me
made me drunk and drowsy
and ... 

while I was busy
dreaming of daisies
you brought your sword
to kill me,

killer of daisies,
destroyer of cities,
wiper of mountains, prairies and deserts

I still love you
I still love 
I still

bring me back my soul
your love I can't control
tears ignite my flames
like a fuel to burning frames
you ... pyroman

In your ocean I swim like a lost swan
no moon, no sun
to guide my blindfull run
for fun

empty your bullets
throw your gun
I surrender under your charm

Categories: happiness, inspirational, joy, life, love, spiritual,

Life Surprises Me

Small droplets of pleasure bring me joy,
Like tiny tots discovering a brand new toy.
Such a blessing to find hidden treasure,
Life surprises me in unexpected measure.
Happiness comes in moments of wonder,
Casting my most annoying cares asunder.
Bathing me in blessings from God above,
Showering me with His everlasting love.

written June 18, 2021

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