Love Poems About Judgement or Judgement Love Poems
by Gershon Wolf |
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True Warmth

Please don't mistake a smile for warmth, it's not
   Behind the surgeon's smile sure lurks a knife
That pal at work you hang out with a lot
   Will cut your heart out, ruin your very life

When young, we think we have a million friends
   We laugh, we play, we think that life is great
Though really they pursue their selfish ends
   So easy for their love to turn to hate  

True warmth won't turn you out in winter's cold
   It cooks a hearty meal for you at night
It also will take care of you when old
   It sympathizes with your every plight

Look past that smile, my friend, and see the heart
   ~ The best advice to you I can impart

            Iambic Pentameter

by A.O. Taner |
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Don't rush to wash off the sea salt 
drying on your skin;
the hopes it carries from other oceans,
those remain yet to be seen.

by James West |
Categories: god,

A Prayer for Wisdom

Let not thine lips utter a curse
Upon those the Lord has Blessed.
Let not thine heart be hardened
Or thine mind be under duress.
For the rain falls upon the wicked
And the righteous just the same,
Do not cast a stone in anger,
In judgement, or in vain.
For vengeance is mine saith the Lord,
And my Will, it will be done.
Do not doubt,
Do not fear,
For after the nighttime, 
comes the sun.
Be as equals.
Love in kind.
This Commandment above all else.
Treat your neighbor as Your kin,
And love them as yourself.

by Anna Hopper |
Categories: age, change, remember, time,

The good old days

It’s a feeling that never fails
To follow a generation
Triggered by sights and smells
A nostalgic way of thinking

A one up on millennials 
Knowing the correct way
It’s all the vibes and feels
Of back in the good old days

A love/hate relationship
For the progression of technology
Every day we use it
But reminisce the “used to be”

An expression of disappointment 
Across a slowly, shaking head
And subconscious judgement
Of how others break their bread

One thing is for certain
History will repeat
This earth will keep turning
Beneath our aging feet

by Yazmin Malik |
Categories: abuse, allah, anti bullying,

I am Free

I am FREE, not a prisoner inside judgemental eyes, staring at me. This cloth I wear, protects my modesty. Let me be, do not swear. My faith is my power. I am God's diamond. I embrace his love, in his blessings I will shower. We are all FREE, to be what we want. Breathe love, live and let live.
We all should be free to wear and do as we please. I receive a lot of abuse when I wear the hijab, but I also used to receive abuse when I did not. Women are still subjected to judgement, regardless of their dress. You live your life and I will live mine. Respect is important if we are to live in harmony.

by peter walsh |
Categories: anti bullying, friend, hurt, love, sad love,


Sticks and stones, never hurt them bones
Names, cut him to the kwik
They hurt so deep, for to make him weep
More than any club, or stick
See the sun won't shine and it won't be fine
And it won't all fade away
And it don't seem right, that he has to fight
A world that calls him gay
So he'll hang his head and he'll live his life
While his soul is torn in two
Spend his teenage years, with his straight-laced peers
And a heart, so black and blue
The taunting in the classroom
The whispers 'round the bend 
The vision of a cold tomb
Oh! will it ever end
My love it's not so different
My dreams are pure and true
Why do you stand in judgement 
Of a heart, so black and blue

by Meghan Hutchings |
Categories: appreciation, celebration, emotions, friendship, judgement, love,


Justice Colorblind love Equality for all Embrace mankind by character. Treat others as you want to be treated. Stand up for the rights of all men. Speak up against bias. Rise together! Justice
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by rob carmack |
Categories: christian, dark, death, grave, judgement, lost, sorrow,

The Left Hand of God

Memories of once the sun shined,
oiled and tanned we denied
the only living book and subtle nudges.
Nothing but truth in the grave
when too in love with everything
reached the top and found nothing
but the pain of a flame’s dedication
and an absolute conviction,
replays the familiar
screams and whispers them.
Strain a touch through the glare,
but they ain’t there.
No one left to save us
as we find common grace
included tears.

Inspired by the song ‘The Rapture’ by Puscifer

by David Brown |
Categories: judgement,

Measure me, treasure me

Measure me fairly, if you must
but gauge me now, before I'm dust
For when I'm gone, I'll seem ideal
though that'd be far, from what was real
So better then to see me truly,
assess me closely, regard me coolly
You'll see my good, you'll see my bad
you'll see me happy, you'll see me sad
And if you love me, you'll accept
I'm but a man and imperfect
With all my flaws and talents too,
you'll see in me, what's seen in you
A caring, kind and gentle treasure,
if love for you, is what you measure 

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love,

Moments of Inertia

A funambulist
Walks the tightrope
Between mind and heart ~ 
An error of judgement
Places love in jeopardy

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

by Tony Brady |
Categories: death, destiny, forgiveness, judgement, life, love, memory,

Men stumble

Born from a line of kings,
to be the Messiah or the antichrist,
or something equally as great.

I have fallen from the path that was laid before me,
but I will not, I cannot,
fail my fate.

My eyes have been forced wide open,
so my realities I must face.

And for all of those who are hoping,
that I’ll take my rightful place.

I have failed you for now,
yes, I have let you down,
but I am still alive.

So please hold on and forgive my wrongs,
and I will lead us toward the skies.

I will give my everything,
that I have to give,
because I know you are worth this love.

Then we can dance,
in the Golden halls,
and sing of what once was.

by Lifes' Tapestry |
Categories: abuse,

Stranger Thy Father

I fear our next encounter; 
haunted by your sight. 

Your presence penetrates my heart like a knife. 

Your not a man but an intruder, 
forcing your way, judge and juror. 

Hand down your penalty, much we must take. 
Abrasions, contusions, are your biggest mistake. 

Hugs and kisses, only come from jerks, 
your BANDAIDS don't work. 

Brute force. 
Torn at the seams. 

Dare to move.
Dare to scream. 

Noise not permitted, 
take it, be silent. 
Withhold your tears in his judgement. 

Is there a thin line between DISLIKE and HATE? 
Can you define where one begins and the other one waits?

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: heaven,

The Five Questions at Heaven's Gate

I do not believe in a judgement gate
I do believe in heaven’s gate
I feel when we arrive there will be five questions.
Who did you love? How many did you love?
How did you show them love?

Did you love everyone you saw or only your friends and family?
Did you show them love in empathy and compassion?
it is my truth, and I live it daily, for I know the benefits
Showing and sharing love to everyone I meet
Showing love to animals also. It revitalizes and rejuvenates me.

It keeps me skipping forward toward heaven.
Fearing no one, knowing I have done my best today.
Ready to answer these questions if I should be turned over to heaven.

by David Welch |
Categories: death, love, passion, people, sad,

A Winters Fallen Angel

Her beautiful eyes closed forever
The angel sleeps no harm to weather

Frozen in time under glass
Her cold tears trapped in the past

The demon that brought her guards the door
Of the angels keep in the streets of the poor

Her blonde hair and wings are raised and flared
The expression on her face is calm not scared

The demon murderd her quick and painless
In his depression mad and aimless

She would have remained alive
All she had to say was hi

He adored here every movement
She ignored and made her judgement

He tried to speak and joke around
She rolled her eyes and shut him down

He grew angry and mad one night
He froze her body in a block of ice

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: judgement, spiritual,

God does not judge

holy books
speak of sin
invoke fear

guilt stifles
we are free
always were

love and light
is the truth
of our soul


by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: day, judgement, love,


The only advocate to plead our case on judgment day would be our deeds of love!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
       21 August 2018

by Jeremy Smith |
Categories: conflict, god, heaven, love,

Fearing the end

Fearing the end is imminent I pray the Lord will bring me home My soul no longer innocent Heaven is where I wish to roam Surrounded by love so wholesome God's warmth forever ambient prevents from feeling unwelcome Only upon final judgement 2/1/2020
"If, we trust in GOD. He, will walk by our side, through the end."

by Daniel Sweatt |
Categories: christian, evil, faith, god, jesus, judgement, spiritual,

Cleaning up my spirit, I am using my Jesus Sweep

Cleaning up my spirit; I am using my Jesus Sweep. Letting go  all these evil spirits because they are too heavy to keep. Hanging on to a thin thread as I look up high, surrounded by God’s love as I climb up the sky and fly. Cleaning up my spirit, as I look inside. Praising our Lord Jesus Christ for he has been crucified. I am continually doing God’s will for we shall not lie, cheat and steal. When judgment day comes, I am a child of God and forever sealed.

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Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
  Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
  Never had  known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
  So many different do's , don't , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely  scared.
  What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
  At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
  Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.

by Malcolm Brooks |
Categories: adventure, black african american, death, future, judgement, poetry, success,

Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

I stay up through the nights.
Will I get to eat tonight?
Will I see the day I turn 21?
One-Day, will I feel the pain of a gun?
Will I die young?

Am I asking too many questions?
Does everything happen for a reason?
Is everything I go through one of God's lessons?
Will I go to Heaven?

I stay up through the nights.
Will I reach new heights?
Lord tell me everything will be alright.
Now I think I want to be in love with the lights.
I don’t want to fall to a Price.
Lord tell me everything will be alright.

I stay up through the night.
My eyes are getting heavy.
Am I ready to sleep?
Because Sleep Could be Deadly

by jonny sance |
Categories: first love, judgement, life, love, lust, rap, thanks,

diet coke

love is a drug
its a down and a high is lust
love is to chill out
lust has styles
if love is to savour
lust is to pizazz the flavor
ya'll fronting like you know better

wRAP the flow like so : its a down and a high. and a high is lust

by rob carmack |
Categories: bible, christian, culture, judgement, love, sin, truth,


From sinning lovers
screaming out his holy name
clever deceiver         

Written: 07.08.15

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by Gordon McConnell |
Categories: change, god, spiritual, world,

Our Changing World

We live in a changing world
even within our own lifetime
so much has not remained same
nobody's safe with so much crime

God created this world for good
so man could enjoy its fruit
but sinful man's ruined it all
with evil and selfishness it's root

There's no respect for man or beast
profit fills man's heart as number one
youngsters don't respect the elderly
so chaos reigns everywhere bar none

What God must think of this
looking down from heaven above
at all the mess it's become
breaking His heart of sovereign love

But His judgement is approaching
it seems so very near
when wrongs are put right
then God will reign that is clear

 © poetgord

by Gary Bateman |
Categories: allegory, blessing, dedication, god, heaven, introspection, judgement,

Almighty Lord God

Almighty Lord God

Heavenly Master—
Always omnipotent, yes!
Our Lord God is Love . . . 
	Always omnipresent, yes! 
Eternity’s Divine Force!

Gary Bateman, Copyright © All Rights Reserved, 
June 26, 2015 (Tanka)

by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: analogy, anxiety, depression, desire, destiny, emotions, identity, life, psychological, self, trust,

Depression's Illusion

Life’s horizon
it matters not
what you were
are just that
a familiar road
peering within
reaching out
to what end
matters more
without performance
love has conditions
a battered heart
I am nothing 
life’s miscarriage
so what is left
maybe a tear
I do not think so
life moves on
a judgement
my memories
empty spaces
no hand awaits
erase me.

Edward J Ebbs - February 20, 2016