Love Poems About Paris or Paris Love Poems
by Daniel Turner |
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If I Were the One For Nicola

If only I could make my way to Paris
To search the boulevards and rainy rues
I'd look to find my lonely heart an heiress
An Irish lass vacationing her muse

We'd find a quiet cafe' on the Seine
Where we could sit and share a laugh or two
By candlelight we'd toast with French champagne
Pretend that we were on our honeymoon

But how could I convince her I'm the one
To make all of her fantasies come true
She knows there's more to life than having fun
In Paris hearts get easily confused

I'd get down on one knee under the stars
Give her the paper ring off my cigar

   an original poem by Daniel Turner

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: eve, nature, nice, night, romantic love, sun, sunset,

The Terrace

Huge red-orange sun slowly recede,
Upon the sky seem to bleed;
Whispers of night, calling home,
Such sunset days rarely spent alone.

Look ahead to starry skies;
Not time for early goodbyes.
Without love cannot the heart grow-
A new day comes beyond the rainbow!

Warm Paris breeeze gently blow-
Roses atop the bureau;
Music with a certain ease;
Smooth jazz, if you please.

In darkness of shadows, waits he!
The night is young-for me!
Stars appear, quiet avenue.
Farewell dawn skies of baby blue.

When from misty dreams awakes,
When tomorrow sunrise overtakes,
Come listen music play,
On gold terrace of the sunny day!

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: culture, death, funeral, music, paris,

Death - Remember Me Tomorrow

Death – Remember me Tomorrow

Votre amour est tout ce que j'implore
Angels took us from France's shores
To the promised land of lady liberty
Hollywood glitter enticing us lovers with mystery

Living the past in a cinematic telling
Ironic that love was sourly spurned
By Bogart’s charming quilted misgivings
Madeline, later would sadly sing

La Marseillaise, while lovers embrace
Paris after dark, they disappear with no trace
Trains to death and boats to freedom
As Casablanca tells of romantic tales

Je suis vieux, est je suis seul
The beautiful one misses the past and you
All the ships have sailed and gone
It’s the cemetery now where I rest under lawn

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: black african american, caregiving, celebration, character, dedication, inspirational love, technology,

Garrett a Morgan


GARRETT A. MORGAN birth outside Paris, Kentucky
Inventor of Smoke hood model day respirator
Hair straitening combs, stop lights
Things for sewing machines
Yes! Mr. Morgan invented that

by James Edward Lee Sr.

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: introspection,

Mon Paris

My love, I cherish
Your words
Your thoughts
Your soft lips

My love
I cherish the walks
The soft winds of fall
le jardin, L'eau

The flowers in bloom
The cafes and cloudy skies
Madeleine, columns of the past
Your eyes, holding on, to the last

The streets so vibrant, your touch at my side
And as we stroll along life's garden paths
Your soul sings in silence
Paris at last

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, autumn, imagination, introspection, paris, romance,


Eternity never seems to last
Viewing life through misty windows
October winds wrapping fears
Love dancing with lonely tears

Lost in dreams
Other illusions scream
Voyages all but gone
Eternal voices, lay me to rest

by Tim Smith |
Categories: love,

You Touched My Heart

Hammock swings the blue bird sings another lazy afternoon thoughts of a Paris romance dinner for two oh how you made me swoon Many birthday wishes and moonlight kisses that day I said I do That Monalisa's smile, how I stared for a while a soft lavender breeze those flowers in your hair how we made our feelings a home Not a day goes by when I don't remember that time Squeezing me tight, how could I ever depart When you touched my hand, and entered my life you touched every inch of my heart

by Steve Voorhees |
Categories: funny

Surreality Tv

From every side of a culture filled with "pop"
I could flip through five thousand channels non-stop
Surfing through waves of Pepsi and Spears
wading through starlets priming in mirrors

Oh, Oh!! Its Paris!  Never more substantial things to see
I hope her new BFF is Britney, or Whitney...or Whatever
I saw Miss Hilton's soul walk out of her lithe body
It looked like a celaphane bag filled with pink cotton candy
Walking chin up with Tyra,  picking our next Top Model
to marry the next American Idol on a special 
edition of  "Making the Bachelor of Love" 
Oh the Humanity!  Oh the Reality!

They found true love on TV....Isn't life botoxiful??

by Pat Adams |
Categories: anxiety, lonely, longing,

It's Not Enough

Somewhere in Paris, there's someone 
Saying, "I just hate this place so much!"
I thought I'd surely love it here
But now again it's not enough

Somewhere in the Bahamas
Making sure the blinds are drawn
A maid is busy folding sheets
But what she wants is to be gone

It's a burden being restless
To find that great new place to go
Now you're here and stowed your gear
Is it enough, I don't think so 

I'll tell you now, no place is right
If you need some piece of mind
It's not a place, but a person
Your poor heart, aches to find!

by Ms. Catherine |
Categories: happiness, love, marriage, meaningful, river, romantic love, vacation,

A Visit To Paris

The vacation scenes were beautiful
sailing on the waters, looking at scenes
the two gathered together
looking at each other
as whispering winds, waives of waters
not to be bothered

Love is so genuine
the touching of arms
the smiles everlasting
eyes are so bright
as the night falls
entering into the daylight.

by David Aaron |
Categories: humor, i love you, metaphor, nostalgia, pain, paris, wife,

Twenty Five

Paris gave us much
from romance to this plaster
white Eiffel Tower

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: beautiful, love, paris, romance,

Little Paris

Petite Paris

A little love
A little kiss
A little death
In the arms of a lover

Un petit café
Along the Sienne
How I dream
How I wish for just a little

Of your love

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: love, music, paris, solitude,

Spring Waltz

Fragrances and bouquets
Morning dewdrops
The rising sun
Throwing promises
As Gaiety sings
Young lovers kissing 
As the rose buds bloom
Rain drops caressing
Memories floating
Past and present meld
In the coming of spring
A butterfly
Plays with my strings
Éclairs to savor
As eyes kiss eyes
I take hold of you
Dear spring
We twirl you and I
Young and old
Musical chairs 
Lovers wed and bed
I smile at the sweet scent
Cane in hand
Off I go
A blind man
Who waltzes in the spring

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: beauty, french, paris, snow, winter,

Cold Nights In Paris

There's never been another dark on earth
quite like the dark of Paris under snow
where love, it comes and goes, for what it's worth
and no demands are made, when time to go;

where lovers slip into the hiding night
oblivious to cold or freezing rain,
anticipating love, that surely might
warm up their lives so they forget their pain.

Their love's a little warmer, from the cold
it makes two hearts to join and keep a beat
and warms the lives of both the young and old
who find their love with-in their body heat.

   Though easy comes the love--they hold it dear,
   without it cold is something they would fear.

© Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

by T Wignesan |
Categories: loneliness, lost love,

The Last Hope, Translation of Paul Verlaine's Sonnet: Dernier Espoir

The Last Hope, Translation of Paul Verlaine’s sonnet : Dernier espoir

There stands a tree in the cemetery
Thrusting itself up in total freedom,
By no means the fruit of bereavement –
Spreading itself out on stone unobtrusively.

In this tree, be it summer or winter,
A bird alights to trill clearly
It’s sad song of such fidelity.
This tree and this bird do us bind together :

You the object of my thoughts, I the absence
That time takes stock of in evanescence…
Ah ! To live again propped up against your knees !

Ah ! To be alive again ! But stay yet awhile, my lover,
Let not the void be my chilling victor… 
At the least, say : I live but in your intimate core ?

© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2013

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: gothic, imagery, introspection, paris, philosophy, sad love,

Lady of Paris

Into the night I marched
Into deaths grip I fell

Musical notes running after me
Violins weeping afterwards

Stars fading into matter
Nothing matters without love

Lights shine over there
Can I reach or do I dare?

I can’t get out of this repressive chair
I can’t stand the people whom stare

My mind is all wrapped in shrouds
Hiding within the skies dark clouds

My smiles stolen by royalty golden
Now my tears flow as I weep

Is there any hope to keep?
Or am I doomed to deaths grip so deep

Gargoyles yelping for their fare
Me, dangling from the air

Aurore are you there?............

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: love, , western,

L'Origine Du Monde

L'Origine du monde
                                       smegma musk odors of clit
                                            pervade my night sky

L'Origine du monde, the first realistic painting of a vulva in Western art (Oil painting by Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet 1866, Paris: Musée d'Orsay )

"I am fifty years old and I have always lived in freedom; let me end my life free; when I am dead let this be said of me: 'He belonged to no school, to no church, to no institution, to no academy, least of all to any régime except the régime of liberty."(Jean Désiré Gustave Courbet)

©rajat kanti chakrabarty
16 December 2014

by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: desire, fairy, first love, innocence, miracle, paris, truth,

Heart of Paris

I am from another galaxy 
all a romance in the heart of Paris 
all a mystery without desire 
all a lost phantasm 
all a film of being 
where art is in the spiritual thread 
so that every love to be eternal

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, flower, french, heart, lost love, paris, seasons,

Aurore Jaquinot

Aurore velvet desires stare captivated I linger thoughts cultivated in a wine glass can I drink her?

by Milan Georges Burovac |
Categories: addiction, adventure, america, desire, funny love, i love you, paris,

Paris Forever

choose this sun
you will have the body
I will be your skin

your city elsewhere
Paris I tell to him

here with me
Paris forever

us - bread and wine
us - street and air

Paris our love

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, dream, heart, longing, love, paris, romantic,

Love Letter

I do not know her
I daydream of her
who writes me love letters

by Jerry Golden |
Categories: adventure, art, life, lost love, music, people, song-autumn, life, love, paris,

Paris By Night

this morning is falling burning into a sunset an autumn decision you and I will never forget joy by day paris by night i'm there love by the hour Paris is ours evening breeds new life a moment of twilight a horizon of heavenly means I love you like life loves itself joy by day paris by night yes dear i'm there love me by the hour and paris is ours i'm down too often like a child awaiting his scars to soften hopelessly a pedestrian walking a way from traffic it could happen, indefinitely i'll take paris by day and love by night i was there long enough to love you by day and surrender by nightfall "there is joy by day if you can take paris by nightfall"

by João Camilo |
Categories: love,

The Seamstress

She sews a little too slow,
Sews my hand around her waistline
And the words together.
She says: You are mine,
I lean my chin on her shoulder,
Sometimes I feel new,
Sometimes I am older,
But she still ties my fingers and our eyes
She gave me a flirt,
We work together for the same,
Holding the strands
And repeating: Je T’aime
I like to pretend we are in Paris,
Sometimes under the rain,
Until she gave me a kiss
With my hands around her waist.
Evenings are lost this way:
Counting raindrops like a clock.
We do it everyday,
She sewed my hands around her waist…

by Brian Sluga |
Categories: character, community, courage, perspective, symbolism, violence, voice,

Tolerance of Intolerance

Monday aftermath Paris reflecting

terror waging a war

challenging our generation dancing on graves

Paris attacks mindless

blaming ourselves

watching a band

dinner at our favorite café

attending a football match

a death sentence for a simple act

fighting back viciously

multi-cultural societies are in danger

integration taken for granted

liberal beliefs now shine

big hearted acceptance

learning to tolerate the intolerant

faced by fascists

values in contempt

confront this evil

love what's behind you

take a beating for liberty

pursue justice and respect

believe all we love is worth fighting for

by Thabang Ngoma |
Categories: africa, international, love,

International Love

I snowed love
   In Moscow
I showed love
   In Warsaw

I kissed love
   In Paris
I romanced love
   In Rome

I showered love
   In London
I lived love
  In Sweden

I sited love 
   In Dubai
I tasted love
   In Mumbai

I burnt love
   In Jamaica 
I fell in love
   In Africa