Love Poems About Crown Of Sonnets or Crown Of Sonnets Love Poems
by Angel Plant |
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Jesus Call His Name

When in doubt
Call his name
When in pain
He will take it away

Call his name
When you say a Prayer
If your sad and blue
He is there for you

If you want a hug
He will embrace you
If you want to talk
He will listen

Call his name
If you want answers
If you have doubts
He is the one

Call his name
If you want someone to love
Sing to him
Give him praise

Lend a ear
Give a hand
Help those in need
Call his name

by Moha Lakers |
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Letter To My Loved Ones

Remember me when you hear the wind blow.
I am with God, I need you to know.
He called my name, and I went to see
If the voice I heard was speaking to me.
He took my hand, we walked along
The road to heaven, where I belong.
The angles sang so sweet and clear. 
They sang of love and that Jesus is near.
I felt his touch, I saw his face,
I knew in an instant I was in his grace.
He spoke to me, I heard him say,
You are home now child, you have found your way.
So remember me when you hear the wind blow.
I am home now with God, I need you to know.

by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: life, lost love,

From Him

I guess I was wrong.
I'm a total fool.
My love for you was so strong.
How could I have ever loved you?

You said he was no one.
You had no idea who he is.
Well, it's obvious he's someone.
With him, I knew what you did.

I gave you all my love.
You'll never know how much I cared.
My life just fell apart.
This pain I just can't bare.

I've been through this before.
Though it hadn't been with you.
I never thought you'd do this.
I always thought you would be true.

Now I must live my life without you.
Together we'll never be.
For you've found someone new.
And no longer need me.

12  10   1997  From " his " point of view.

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: blessing, devotion, happy, wisdom, youth,

You Loved Me First

You Loved Me first
Was all I knew
There was no thirst 
For something new
Your Love was true
Through each day Your Love was by My side
Come what may
Your Love did not stray
To be so Young an to be Blessed with this Gift
I did not know 
That something's change
And I would be forced to regroup and rearrange 
Many days have come and gone
The Magic You brought to my soul 
Will forever keep me whole
I return to Our place
By Your side forever more  
Fulfilled in a Love that I Adore.....

by Poet Shi |
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Our First Time

Time's at a standstill 
as I find myself lying 
here next to you...

Contemplating what 
to do next, I'm a bit 
nervous this being 
our first time.

I gotta make sure 
the mood is right,
that this something 
you wanna do.

As I look into your 
pretty eyes, I can't 
help but fantasize 
of how it would be...

Loving you so 

I'm waiting in
anticipation to
undress you...

Take my time 
making love 
to you.

Written by: Poet Shi

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: pride,

Lost In Thy Lords Love

Drawn thy come to my world 

 Believing thyself





I am Loving........

Yet you view me as a fool....

Yes....maybe so.....
I watch thy unfold.....


Is Love not enough.....




These roads lead to destruction....

There will be no winners here....

What is the allure......

What will be the price....

A equation  so simple...

My Love has no boundaries.....

Gods has bestowed......

Lost in Thy Lords Love...

Let go of thyself 

Give thyself to The Lord.....


by Sam Tim |
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Love Or Lust

Love the principal thing but scarce 
True meaning of love vanish into thin air
Just like vapor.
Many lust and think they love
See many youth with lustful desire
Soon it will wear and tire them out
A matter of time it is
You hear different word from their
Sugar coated mouth like
“Am falling in love with you”
Why can’t they just walk?
Tired of hearing break ups here and there
Reddish colors of the eye disgust me!
All I want is something genuine and real
Not fake, but something that you can feel.
Not something ashamed of
But something you are proud of
With smiling face I want to see people
Holding hands in agreement 
Without any dispute
So I can have a rest of mind

by Travis Lone Hill |
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For My Unborn Seed and Girlfriend

Dam girl when Im locked up you set me free/ 
When Im not myself you set me free/ 
Im behind the lock and you got the key/
 Im blind with hate but you helpmy love see/ 
WhenIm lot and alone you take the lead/
 Without you I could have never planted my seed/ 
I hate to say it but you make me better/ 
You know I love you even without this letter/ 
When Im cold with sadness you my comfort warm sweater/
 I know I can be a bad boyfriend but Im going to be a better father/
 I might have wanted a son, but it really didnt matter because now you having my daughter/
 Im guess Im too stubborn girl with me why you even bother/
 my heart gets heart gets colder but for you it only gets hotter........

by Busani Zuma |
Categories: death, deep, depression, emotions, fear, grief, heartbroken,

I Am a Stranger

to my life I am a stranger
 to my dreams I am a stranger 
 i don't know who I am and
 where I am from I have lost my identity
 i am lost please hear me out.

 i am in a place where hate is mistaken for love,
 where loving someone is a crime
 i am in a place where being in jail
 is better than being out.
 I am a stranger in my own country
 i am a stranger in my community 

i am in a place where being a foreigner is a crime
i am in a place where being succesful is a crime
i am in a place where crime is the new way of life

I need time to adjust with this way of life, i need time understand 
the world around me.

by Anthony Onyeka |
Categories: art

Summer Slam

As the summer result is pass on
Chaos fill's the sky
Chemical gases filling the lungs 
Of young life
death becomes the anterm on our lips 
With eccos of loud voice
Mixed with tears and pall
Standing by the corner
like what we see on silima
a lot of people falling under
Were is our mother's love
that's all we got
Yet stolling by the wings of politics
Caution our *** with fear
boombing become's a must do
to the detriment of our father's plan

by Jess Conner |
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Loves Ego Bruised

Away in to the light.
I found myself feeding with delight.
like a coin that you tossed in the air.
I havent forgot any of the words that you shared.
and the evidence lays in front of me and all i can do is shed.
My mind is a prison.
Love left me cold.
It left me alone.
My devices keep me sane.
I lay next to you.
I feel so strong.
I want to feed once more.
You're like a freight train running straight through my head.

by Ojobo Emmanuel |
Categories: education,

Quarry of Minds

A college full of seasoned eminence
A home once taken as a place of negligence
But now she is favored in greatness
A college that is now loved and people nourish
And always and will it flourish
Your fragrance it’s lilies of bravado
It ooze me off to a whole Eldorado
You once house those of graceful mind
Who achieved and are still even in their prime
Confident are they and always want to set pace
They were learned and escape the rat race
Once shy now are they men with the right face
What can I say than write it out in hypo state?
It is your love and it is your COLLEGE

by Gail Holder |
Categories: life, poetry,

Passion of the Heart

I see something within something,
That's been unrecognized?
You've been cut so deep all that's, 
Lift is the scars to be healed?
You have so much passion in you, 
I see this everywhere, it's written all, 
Over you like ink that leaves a tattoo? 

Yes I know your pain is real feels, 
Like your heart is shredded into, 
A thousand pieces as you feel like, 
You will never recover? 
One day all the pain you feel, 
"Right now" will go aways you will, 
No longer hurt you'll be free and learn, 
To love again, feel again, most of all, 
Have peaces within your soul? 
If you shall cry it will be alright it's tears, 
Of feelings that been over looked?

by Connie Mccracken |
Categories: faith, together,

Love Quotes

"one person all by themselves is nothing two people together are everything.....two lives,two hearts joined together in friendship united forever in love.... for the rest of my life ill be with you ill stay by your side honest,and true till the end of my time ill be loving you now ,then,and forever...

by Prince Ikpesu |
Categories: africa, appreciation, beauty, how i feel, i love you, i miss you,


The pride and beauty of all days
In your innocent and unadulterated eyes
I have seen the age and immortality of the sun and the moon.

The incomparable blast of your unabated smile	
Acquaints my heart with an acquiescing admiration
Indeed your beauty is priceless and devoid of sentiment. 


by John Ngugi |
Categories: allegory, anxiety, beauty, betrayal, bullying,


silence the mother of knowledge,
come and possess my tongue,
For the things I see,
Bewilder me with heartache,
silence the father of healing,
come and heal this broken heart,
silence my gold,
Enrich me with knowledge,
Knowledge to know the present and the past,
Silence the pilot of faith,
Let me see the reality,
conceal the hearts of the one I love,
In silence I doubt their love,
In silence they tear y heart so bad,
Silence will you rescue me?

by Prashanth Raju |
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Valentine's Day





by Angel Plant |
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No Honor

Your diverting my love
Which is not easy
But it is passionate
No honor

It reminds me of love
With pure pleasure
Your my half
I'm your whole

That is how we justify life
Being together
One man for me
One woman for you

No honor
You give affection
I give the world
Your my law

I am your land
No other way
No honor
Only you see me

No matter how many men
There is no other
For me but you
No honor

There may be many women
But only I belong to you
Lot's of love
Being together

It is never easy
Being together
In love
If there is no honor

by Raphael Foster |
Categories: bible,

Unending Love


Love is a door not always open to u alone
as the heart allows others to enter
love is pure but not as sunlight
as the scorching heat can be unkind
love is a smile but not always radiant
as a scowl or a frown reminds the heart not to roam
love is a blessing or acurse if not accepted or retuned

love s not only you and me
as the world is not a empty space
love is us and them then it will not leave a bitter taste
as the greattes lover was taken above,
to teach us to embrace a selfless life

we belong not to you or me but to the master from on high

by Janeen Stokes |
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, best friend, heaven, innocence, joy,

The Fire That Burns

In my head, where I'm always am
Thinking of you
Running, running
Why do I think of these thoughts?
Are they true?
My heart & soul does not lie
Do I love to much?
Am I picking you up?
Lost in love & no where to go...
The love I have is strong....
That never dies & will never die...
It hard to believe to love someone so much...
But believe it....
My heart is for you & only you my love...
I can wait & have strength enough to wait...
I will not run away..... Never

by Lunga Mokoena |
Categories: angel, anniversary, best friend, bible, celebrity, character, community,

My Jesus

Carried by a pure woman 
to come and save all man, 
Is a gift sent from above, 
to be peaceful like a dove.

His love was even shown 
to those who fought him down. 
He taught those who 
wanted to know more, 

healed those who were sore.
And most of all, changed 
the cases of the charged. 
And all that was done 
for me, to be a chosen one. 
And a born again I should remain.

by Venita Schindler |
Categories: age,

Season After Season

Sitting upon a rivers 
 Watching the leaf's 

 Turn brown 
 Season after season 
 Looking for a reason 

 Why everything must 
 End like a season 
 We hunger for love 

 We hunger for touch 
 Only to end in a rut 
 Lost within thoughts 

 Again beneath 
 The rivers my 
 Tears shall hide.. 

 Like the hidden 
 Echoes beneath 
 The sky's

by B Nhlakanipho Fortune Sikhakhane |
Categories: inspirational love, love,

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled


To some people’s places,
Teach it to stay to its apartment,
Ease it with what it has,
In the time of seclusion, sing the song that you imparted it,
Let it value what it owns,
Fulfil it with the truth,
Let it know troubling invites guests,
Who will be around for a while -- And tint what will never sponge away,

It can be sovereign and unrulable sometimes,
It can be jealous and wanting more, be a doctor,
Take care of it, control it -- Be a mom’s daughter,
Cry for who secure your joy and knows your sadness,
Who is always around when you’re reckless,
Do you remember that necklace?

by Alian Demba |
Categories: absence,

Alone and Broken

Lovely you are from a far my heart my love and my soul lingers on to you this poems I write mean heaven I can't show but I can write to express what actions and words can't believe I have tried but nothing works 
But you work right for my wounded soul when I leave 
And or when you let go I would not let go 
My love my heart lingers on this poem is all for you my love Mpenzi Mia amor 
Together we can build our own little world if you let us be my love Mia amor this poems are for the southing of your soul and heart

by Don Bukana |
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My Love

My love for thee doth burn like brightest flame
A fire that doth consume my very soul
Each beat of my heart bears thy sweet name
And in every thought, thee doth play a role.

Thy beauty doth surpass what words can say
Thou art a vision of Heaven's own design
In thy presence, I doth ever wish to stay
And with thee, I am content and ever fine.

My love for thee shall never cease nor tire
For thou art the missing piece of mine heart
And with thee, I feel a joyous desire
That nothing else can ever hope to impart.

So let us walk together, side by side
Through life's journey, with love as our guide
My sweetest love, to thee will I confide
I am forever and always by thy side.