Love Poems About Chant Royal or Chant Royal Love Poems
by Nancy Jones |
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I Love It

When the heavy-weights weigh in

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: adventure, boxing day , courage,

Moral Vs Dream

Moral Vs Dream 

Family cry for Penny 
My dream cry for achievemnt 

Family cry for rid off from responsibility 
My responsibility cry for work 

Family believe live like bunch of 
My bunch of basket is with love 

Family thing about fake values 
My values fake for my dream 

Family never ever give a trusted 
words but fill my pain with their show off 
My show off is to cry for death 

What you think who will win...... 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: celebration, destiny, god,

Faith Hope Love

I intend to spend My Future  Days in Hopefulness of Love

Than to surrender to the darkness of despair
With Thy Lord by My Side

In His Faith  

I Shall Abide

by Zinhle Bhengu |
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Xenophobia Must Fall

Life is good but unpredecteble
You never now what will happened tomorrow
Life is not always dasame
Good things happened to good people
Good things came to people who deserve it
Why are we always fight our own people
Why are we baiting our brothers and sister's
Why are we not live in peace
Let rice up and say xenophobia must fall
Let change our life's
Let love our self  
Let change our nation
Let unit and say out loud #xenophobia must fall

by Matt Starking |
Categories: freedom,

Freedom Is a Must

Freedom is a must
It shall came to past
We need freedom
The philosophy for this kingdom

Freedom is love
Freedom will take you higher and above
Freedom is the truth
Ye shall know the truth
And the truth shall
Set you free

Freedom from evil
Freedom from want
Freedom from pain
Freedom to gain

In this life
We need freedom
Freedom is a must
It shall come to past

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: destiny, heart, riddle, truth,

A Balancing Act

which road will you Choose

there is only Three

each day all three Paths will confront you

i Caution you to ponder each course

  Good      Self       Evil

They will Beckon your Hearts Desire

your Soul intuitively perceives each outcome


You are Master of Your  Own Destiny

     Love      Oblivion     Darkness

       Beware of Your Own Charm
              Mindfully Balanced

                     T R U T H

by Yei Suah |


Sometimes I wanna hold on and pray.
Hoping things will get better when day breaks.
Wrong I am because some things don't fix.
Unappreciative to those putting smile on my face.
It's a sad triangle going on in this phase.
Sense I oughta have when plans as such are misplaced.
Dead end trail I keep trying to chase.
Some iron never welder like in this case.
Forcing steel to straighten up gets me in no place.
Gotta let this transform to whatever caves.
I love what are not meant to be, Maze. 
And get in races I don't win, Daze.

by Raymond Morgan |
Categories: bereavement, death, death of a friend, eulogy, farewell, funeral, goodbye,

I Hear the Master Calling


Come my servant, I am waiting,
In the light of God's own Son.
Do you believe the promise given?
Do you believe He is the One?

When the Master calls, will you be ready?
To be with Him in heaven's land?
He only asked that you believe him,
Just reach out and take His hand.

You've toiled long in His vineyard,
Your faithful life has been observed,
You've served Our Lord with love and honor.
You've studied hard and know His Word.

Your reward is waiting,
When you cross the shore.
So come my servant, home to Jesus,
You've earned a rest, to toil no more.


by Daniel Schack |
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Deuce 2:Can'T Breathe

one: I'd rather be a weirdo who knows right from wrong than a well adjusted moron who does not.   two: respect, true respect, is the truest and only real form of love.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: birthday, blessing, butterfly, freedom, french, romantic,

Warrant To Arrest

warrant to arrest 

 From the time when your
 Birthday start Friends & family 
 Having fun .....

 You may get many wishes & gifts
 But on the other hand , I will 
 Having fun...

 To stole a part of your happiness to
 Having fun.... 
 & Broadcast my petals of dream to 
 not wish you ''HAPPY BIRTHDAY''
 This year for sending A............. 

 warrant to arrest me in your Love 

with love all 
jagdish bajantri

by Audrey Chase |
Categories: life, lost love, sad, heart, heart,

You Take All of Me

Take all of Me

	I always wanted to know why I felt so empty when you went away. I never understood. Why or how can someone 
make me feel this way? My heart is beating, my mind is racing, my hands are shaking. I try to catch my breath, I am lost!! 
I try to hold back my tears. I try to retrace my footsteps and rethink those thoughts. My heart is black, my mind is lips are sealed. I cant find  all the answers, but I came up with this, “You take all fo me.”

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: gospel, miracle,

My Lord

How do I begin....
To Thank You.....
For All I have Lived under Your Care....
All the Joy You have brought to My Soul.....
You have Sustained me ....
Never could have I have traveled this far alone.....
The Beauty of each Day still is mine.....
Under Your watch I am sound.....
May You Guide My Path...
For I am Nothing without Your Love.....
My Lord....

by Ammu Yo |
Categories: lost love, love,

Love Is God

Love is such a virus that kills ur heart even when it beats after,

could show a person smile, healthy and active when they are dying inside

 That is the point where love beats god's creature.

If your love is god, then your god is the better god than any god

Ammu Yo

by Aaron Crow |
Categories: christian, community, love, my children, symbolism,

A Manifesto For Friends - Stanza Ii

Hi Folks,

I picked this poem back up from about four years ago (It was called Caution and Joy back then) and added another stanza to it! Let me know what you think!

These friends are wrong; with every nerve I know this.
They know it not, about this joy they sing.
My plank that sang my end is but a kiss
From God. This narrow nest of crows would bring
A knowledge of their sin and mine, that we
Were all afloat -- no hope for them or me
Unless we clung to God, our blessed land.
And on the rock, we build like warmest sands
A love that nurtures love and joy lay bare
So husbands, wives, and children too demand
That Love and Joy only stay when aware.

by Matt Starking |
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Fortune i have found you
I have found you at last
The finest gold
In the dust
The future
To change the past

A fountain
Higher than the peak
Of the highest mountain

The heart of the wise
Sweet like paradise
Blessing in his eyes
In his house 
Do the mighty seek advice

by Kaci Jo Atteberry |
Categories: angst, lost love, love, sad

Empty Letters

Sorrow fills my soul,
As I gaze into your eyes.
My heart is an empty hole,
That used to be filled with your lies.

Those three little words still make my knees shake
And I melt from the taste of your lips.
I pray that our love was not fake;
I would die at your fingertips.

All that I have to give belongs to you;
My heart, my body, my soul.
Without you I don't know what to do;
Your bitterness has finally taken it's toll.

by Matt Starking |
Categories: adventure,

I Am Your World

I am your world
I am an ideology
I am a destiny
I am the country
You wish to come from
The kingdom you dream of
The system
You wish to feel
I am the father
You want to have
The life 
You want to live
The love you share
I am the person 
You want to see
I am your world

by Marcia Walton |
Categories: desire, love,

Spell of the Blackmajic Woman

Cast my Spell and you are entwined
Cast my Spell and imprison your mind
Cast my Spell and you are entwined
Cast my love and I'll make you mine
Your Soul will be taken
Your heart will be trapped
You will live for nothing but my will
Too late my friend when you realize
You are trapped within my spell
With my potions of love and webs of desire
I will enchant you into my lair
You and I will now become one
I am the Blackmajic woman
So . . .
I've casted my spell and you are entwined
I've cased my spell and imprisoned your mind
I've casted my spell and you are entwined
I've casted my love and now you are all mine

by Kaci Jo Atteberry |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love

The End of Us

Why did you do this,
After our first kiss;
Take it, then leave me
Behind in a sea
Of tears?
I didn't deserve to be treated this way.
Every fool will have his day.
Your's will be coming
And don't try to come crawling
Back to me on your knee.
You are not worth my time.
Your love was nothing more than a mme\\ime;
Mute and fake.
My heart was at stake,
But not anymore.
In the end, 
I smacked that stupid grin
Right off your face,
As I left you alone,
In your own little place.

by Lystra Harrigan-Cox |
Categories: childhood, children, dream, dream,

Malika, My Little One

Night has fallen
my little one
Close your eyes
and dream of the sun
When you awake
your dream will come true
The sun will be shinning
my little one for you

Dalight has broken
my little one
Open your eyes
and welcome the sun
She waits in the garden
where you love to play
Waiting to grant 
all your wishes today

So hurry, come on
my little one
Lets laugh, dance, 
sing and have fun
for soon night will call
once again you will rest
and dream of tomarrow
in sunshines caress

Night has fallen
my little one
Close your eyes
and dream of the sun

by Aroon George |
Categories: religion, love,

Christmas Is a Day of Freedom

Jesus brought freedom for us
We live in love we live in bless

He frees us from every sin
Hate, selfness goes to bin
We meet our old brother
Eat, drink, and laugh together

Love takes breath in the soul
Flowers dancing and sing
We hug all our foes
And doves fly in the ring

Word of fighting is removed
Love, forgiveness every where
We respect to elder and child
We think about them and care

A new life welcomes us
We live in love we live in bless

by Titiksha Singhal |
Categories: imagination, mystery, hate,

Eye My Eye

Scornful detest here it lie
Anger, hate reflect my sight
Amid your skillful moronic sense
Have a dare to eye my eye !!

With the contiguous idiotic charm
Try my attention, I demand
I assure you, will not stop
For you my patience and my calm!

Love me, like me, hate me, fight me,
Piss me, jerk me, kick me, **** me,
But here my challenge for you to take
Eye me, if you're yet to go insane !

by Matt Starking |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, africa, inspirational love, love, me,

You Are the Greatest

You are the greatest
My love you are the greatest
You make all things beautiful
To me your love is wonderful

Thou feedest me 
When I am hungry
Giveth me water
To quench my thirst
When I am thirsty

You put me first
Encourage me to be the best
You are the greatest
Forget the rest

You visited me 
When I was in jail
You encouraged me to be 
The head and not the tail
You are the reason why 
I did not fail

You are the greatest
My love you are the greatest
You are my motivation
My source of power generation

You gave me comfort in times of sorrow
You were there anytime I needed you
You are the greatest
My love you are the greatest

by Matthew Anish |
Categories: love, peace,

Here Is Another Poem

All of you out there 
    with pens in hand 
ready to write your poems 
   Here is another one 
   being sent out to you 
from the Lower East Side of 
Wars continue in the world 
   Abused animals and children 
fill out television screen 
Yet I am quite sure 
   all of you out there in the darkness 
are ready to put up a fight 
   with your pen and paper handy 
You, I am sure will struggle for something 

by Prafulla Sahu |
Categories: lost love,

On a Bird 1


Shot with grape dark beauty
Perches behind my window –
My love-
Hops to tickle my heart
Skims my dream to chariot
Making me speechless
With her raw silent crop.

With a burr of arrow-tail
She darts through my ears;
Light as thistledown
She roller-skates my vision
Black as coal full of steam
She drives my horizon.

She has no mobile to cheep
Yet more mobile 
Than time and speech
She wrights an ornate spot
Like an evening green..

A few minutes’ gaze
At that winged vibes
Holier high than years of youth
Scathed by fire of lips.