Love Poems About Science Fiction or Science Fiction Love Poems
by Arturo Michael |
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Moon Captured By Her Spells

Blue skies and rainbows

Science fiction and fables

Poetess and poet are making love 

She’s writes the verses to undress me

Great lines that flower in her hair

Her lips of ink are red and rosy 

Each stanza goes straight to my head

I want to read and read her

Over and over

Every day, any time 

From cover to cover

She writes of loneliness and sorrow

Of broken hearts that never mend

She is the dream I need each morning

Moon captured by her spells

I want to read and read her

Over and over

Every day, any time 

From cover to cover

Blue skies and rainbows

Science fictions and fables

Poetess and poet are making love

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: art, conflict, inspiration, world,


Creative, artistic, musical, analytical
Brother of Michael and Susanna; son of Fred and Marlyn
Lover of Nelly (Bourieau) H., science fiction novels and films, private serenity 
Who feels respect for God and humanity, love for nature, worry for the Earth’s future 
Who fears mediocrity, retirement, economic collapse leading to a popular insurrection
Who would like to see successful sons, grandchildren, his songs produced/recorded 
Marina, California (for the moment) 

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: faith, fantasy, happiness, hope, imagination, life, love, peace, people, philosophy, science fiction, social, spaceautumn,


It is 2012 within the season of autumn in that year.
Humankind knows not whether to be sad or cheer.
A new sphere arrived; they call it planet kunzite.
In an orbit opposite of earth, aligned perfectly right.
Was it our doom, or salvation we awaited a sign.
Upon the next moon, our answer came so divine.
Planet kunzite was to be our new home to live.
To go in peace and harmony with only love to give,
No more wars or anger for any human to spread,
In the stars surrounding, words are there to be read.
Kunzite a jewel for everyone, especially new born,
So upon each morning a new greeting shall adorn.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
Categories: hope, imagination, life, love, nature, people, places, science fiction,

Natural Reflection

Just like a flower
Sunshine stimulates her face
Sparkling with love

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: lost love, science fiction,

Zombie Eyes

Is she a zombie...
Her eyes are vacant; her heart's
   fire extinguished, brittle ash

   Hush! She approaches
expressionless, gliding through
   a different dimension

by The Melody Sings |
Categories: adventure, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, science, science fiction

Catching Fire- Poem

This poem is inspired by the second book in The Hunger Games Series. Warning- Contains 

Sparks aflame
Fire and rage spread
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to run!

The capitol want's revenge!
They will do anything to get it.
Back into the arena I am sent
Pitting Peeta and I against each other.

A marriage proposal
never to be fufilled
they tricked us
It will never happen.

I have to go on
a twist in the story
Tick,tock,tick, tock
The arena is a clock

All living tributes 
taken out of the arena
a official is secretly a rebel
wanting to overthrow the capitol

But where is Peeta?
No where to be found
Caputured in the hands of the capitol
I must save him!

by A.O. Taner |
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One is love, 
Zero is everything else.

by A.O. Taner |
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teardrops appeared on my tablet
on both sides of the glass
mine on top
hers underneath,
shed from miles away

which was which
who was where
did not matter
any longer

real or virtual,
all merged into one 
- a brook of joy
running through the valley of time
destined for 
unchartered pleasures

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: animal, magic, mythology, science fiction, silly,


Beautiful mermaids:
Mythical ocean dwellers.
Why don't they have gills?
Mythical mermaids--
If real, are they then friendly,
Or are they Sirens?
Caught you a mermaid?
Best not fall in love with her.
They don't mate, they spawn!

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: love, science fiction

Unrequited Love - Parise Pariku

light crackles through the dark clouds
compassion fills creator
energy gives birth to mate –

     Frankenstein’s adoration not returned

*"Parise Pariku" for Rick’s contest.

by Tom Arnone |
Categories: insect, lost love, love, marriage, planet, science fiction, space,

Call To Mars

Saving credits for a trip to the stars,
A cave at Alba Mons volcano:
Ancient secrets, flowing bars;
Greenish women, so Bueno;
Artifacts, old, Martian,
Calling me to hug.
Beetle auction.
Red dust bug.
Big brained,
Belonging to
Polka-dot fellows
Sexy ladybugs knew.
A rust-colored threesome
In waters that ran chilled and new;
But, air-thinned with delirium,
And a dusty marriage Mars did eschew.

by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: art, faith, happiness, health, hope, imagination, inspirational, love, mother, native american, natural disasters, nature, religion, science, science fiction, space, uplifting, visionary,


~~~~~~~~~~~ "Sky's eyebrows white on blue juxtaposed... tears wave to wash away pain on cue" ~~~~~~~~ ~JSLambert © 2012 Poet TreeZ Publishing

by Andy Thomson |
Categories: computer, girl, love, science fiction, sound, space, voice,


Digital beauty encoded in space
Densely packaged with binary relays
A hybrid of English et en Français
Dreaming out loungey soft beats and delays
Super 45’s and magnetic tape
Transfers of energy through vintage keys
Trading the lead to entrance and escape
Analog phases alighting the breeze
Delicate spires of open finesse
Hushed drones that mingle in the subsonic
Limitless visions in limited press
Mixing it down into Duophonic
Sensual ribbons of Marxist ideals
Consciously rolling Motorik appeal

by The Fringe |
Categories: science fiction,

Keeping It Real

Rent one to own
Feel like a conquering hero
The most life-like robotic woman
The "Caesar-Says-5-point-zero"
With all the right curves
To make your mouth water
Graduate from the virtual
Don't live in a monitor

You are so smart, David
And also you're so handsome
I can dance like Britney Spears
Or quote books by the volume
Do you want to make love?
Or perhaps just get nasty?
I won't ask any questions
If you want to get a little crazy

But my eyes glaze over
This wasn't such a deal
I return it to the factory
Because I need to keep it real
So I get into perfect shape
**** my head with a robotic trace
Then infiltrate 'real women'
With a non-synthetic face

by Courtney Courtney |
Categories: angel, caregiving, death, family, fear, friendship, funny, happiness, me, nostalgia, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, satire, science fiction, visionary,

Single Kisses

Focused on you, a wild demons stare
 With a motion it happens
 A emotion flattens
 As you fall beneath a demons glare
He notices most things that happen
 Might even pick the clothes you wear
 Believe it or not he really does care
 Knows whats best and helps me get there
To perfection the performance blacken when he's scared
 Things fall apart if he's not helping me be prepaired
 Guidence and experience for me his mare
 Sometimes I wonder what it would be like without a demon here
He loves positive reactions with greatness and flair
 And how people love me after he dares
 Carefully he holds me through a very small tear
 Me I guess I am getting used to, just hangin round rare

by Lucifer Very Very Very 1st |
Categories: science, science fiction, time,

The Love of Science

grant is granted of love
grant is granted of science
love is downgraded to love
love is downgraded to science
grant is granted to a downgrade of love
grant is granted to a downgrade of science
science is science's downgrade of love

vision is vision's granted of love
vision is vision's granted of science
vision is a granted vision
vision is a granted science
science is science' s vision of love
science is science's vision of science
love is a vision of science

downgrade is downgraded to science
downgrade is downgraded to love
love is love's science of love
love is granted as love
science is a love of science
love is granted as science
love downgrade love to science

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: beautiful, love, lust, science fiction,

Extraterrestrial Lover

You may not believe this
but my last lover
was an extraterrestrial
which caused me great distress
the way she transformed me
her out of this world dress.

She brings winter with her overnight
pseudo-snow fell rocket high
a siren unlike all the other girls
a pleasing form to my human eyes
making love underneath force field
captivating planetarium starlit skies.

Kisses of rapture times warp speed
circling around the rings of Saturn
I will follow her to the end of the galaxy
my lips locked to hers, I love her
beam me up my darling and kiss me
my lovely and beautiful femalien...

by Dan Keir |
Categories: absence, age, courage, environment, forgiveness, growth, hate, hero, hope, howl, identity, introspection, leaving, loneliness, lost love, memory, miracle, mythology, nostalgia, pain, passion, philosophy, poets, rain, rights, sad, science fiction, sky, space, stress, travel, voice, wisdom, world,

Flat Canvas

Flat canvas;

Bubbling brown ridges strike 
The confining dimensions in a hostile yawn: 
Upwards, Outwards.

Walk the world no longer, an ending beckons, 
A precipice builds moments where swallows wager wings 
On new seed: New breeds.
Falling buys the assurance of seconds
From a sinking well. 
Oh well.

Remember us when the globe begins to slip,
Bang drums for our pity:
Our crescendos mean less than meaningless.
And then, when spheres crack, continue 
On the whorl of a thumb, 
Stretching hope to nothing.

by Reyhan Yucebay |
Categories: life, love, peace, philosophy, science fiction,

My Love

Winds blows your hair  
Kisses  salty  crystals
Eyes of yours hit ocean
Rocks planets still rebourne 
In many spoken languages
In many dimensions 
Anywhere in any times
I be with you  to bless
Stop  drifting clocks

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: satire, science fiction,

A Clever Robot

He has created a clever robot
He orders it and it responds

“Write for me a poem”, it does
“Compose for me love letter”, it does
“Scribble for me an abuse”, it does

Clever and obedient the robot is
But one thing it cannot do
Feel emotions as human beings

The clever robot the merchant abused
“You are foolish”, it replies, “Thank you”
“You’re a baboon”, it replies, “Thank you”
“You’re a nothing”, it replies, “Thank you”

Clever and obedient the robot is
But one thing it cannot achieve-
Feel emotions as human beings

That day man will make a robot
One that can feel emotional
The one with personality traits
Humans will hide in wardrobes

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: absence, blue, heartbroken, pain, sad love, science, science fiction,


Within your system 
of abstract data I'm the
one; the broken semaphore
who yearns for an error-patch.

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: science fiction

Bot Trip Treet

don’t want
to call you
my grandmother.
You appear human,
You are just a machine,
programmed to act like nana.
Electric flows through you, not blood.
Brother and sister love you.  I don’t.

Based on the short story “I Sing the Body Electric” by Ray Bradbury

Robert Pettit

by Robert Pettit |
Categories: science fiction, time,


I return to the future, and the world of the Eloi. I hope to build a new world with each girl and boy. My machine is now outside the sphinx of the Morlocks. I cannot see the rapidly moving hands of the clocks. Weena and her people are free from the cannibals underground. I want to lead them forward in this independence they have found. With the knowledge I bring, the Eloi can achieve progress. The love I have for Weena will bring me true happiness. Based on the 1960 film “The Time Machine”

by Teddy Kimathi |
Categories: art, lost love, philosophy, sad, science fiction, vanity,

The Time Machine

(I was inspired by the movie "The Time Machine", to write this piece)

For days, weeks, and months,
he became a hermit of science,
working on a device 
to return to his beloved, to return
things as they were four months,
and a fortnight ago; two lovers
embracing a romantic walk together,
in a snowing evening.

Memories of her smile and good heart
gave him courage to create a device
that would make him disappear
from the present,
and meet her in the past.

He depended upon physics to alter
time and fate; to return his joy
and meaning once again…..

by Cecelia Hopkins-Drewer |
Categories: feelings, first love, science fiction,


The power of time travel lies
In the laughter of your eyes.
It lifts me up and takes me away
Ten years ago today.

The demons in the past
Fade pale and fast,
As we re-enter childhood
To settle in the land of ‘could’.

But I cry out in fear
For sixteen again dear,
I have a heart to give
And ten hard years to live.

Originally published:

Clarke, R. (Ed) The Mentor 87, July 1995, fanzine published by Ron Clarke, Sydney, Australia, [Archival copy available online at].