Love Poems About Grandmother or Grandmother Love Poems
by Valsa George |
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Gift of 2023

A little angel is born to us, a cute dainty darling. Our first grandchild, the fruition of our dreams of a lifetime. Sent down from heaven, a blessing we will ever cherish!

by Kim Rodrigues |
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One Last Tear

the saltiness of love
a riveting fall
unlike other tears
this solitary shed
like a drip of life-blood
the lance of each freckle
an almost feckless drive over the sallow cheek
finally landing on the lump of her throat

the last tear stains her pillow
tasted by encompassing family
a lovely bouquet
the aroma of memories
likewise a splash of a storm
lashing against the window pain
softly moaning wind
as she exhales one more breath
like the shake of a baby’s rattle

as the sun shines
a doe with a sparkling eye
and her fawn
through the window pane

her family exhales
and holds the snapshot
of her death

Silent One’s One Last Tear Contest

by Line Gauthier |
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Genealogy Rose

Great grandmother Rosa Grandmother Maryrose And Mother Roseann Daughter April Rose Granddaughter Kayla Rose Granddaughter Ella Rose Love all my Roses // ¦¦ \\ // ¦¦ \\ // ¦¦ \\ // ¦¦ \\ ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦ ¦¦
AP: 3rd place 2021 Posted on October 13, 2019

by Panagiota Romios |
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Little Man Grown

                                         Little Man Grown

                         Thirteen years ago, he picked up a bat!

                         In love, he knew where his future was at.

                         In Major League Baseball, you get it?

                         Six-feet, tall now, he can really, hit it!

                         But this Grandma, misses her little tyke, 

                         Who rode a tricycle and flew a silver kite.

                         He’ s a player on junior varsity these days.

                         And in other states, baseball with joy, plays!

by Faye Gibson |
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Grandma Happy

Footsteps on stairs,
little feet pounding, running,
child faces peeking round the kitchen door,
expectancy alive, dancing in their eyes.
They know that love is always here
waiting just for them.     

Each one thinks he is favorite;
in his or her own way, it is true.
Each is the most special
not for anything they say or do,
just for being.   

We have our rituals -
breakfast French toast and bacon,
back rubs and funny faces,    
movie nights,
ice cream after church,
backyard camp outs,
lots of love, laughter.   

Happy takes me by surprise
each time I look
in my grandchild’s eyes.

© September 11, 2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

by Olusegun Ojo |
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I Sing Africa

All's not about Darfur I've seen it, eerie winds Moonlight through our thatch We kissed round, one *palmie gourd Kigali was but a miss Waist-beads - beats to love Have you heard the talk-drum, *Fela's horns of brass, Or the *Aladuras' joy of Alleluia? My grandmother still walks miles Just because her forbears did, And shame on malaria For the dearth of men Oh, on Mandela's earth Of Soyinka's nobel ideas Africa - a big breast, the good, the bad, the ugly. . . all, as sucklings! *palmie - palm wine *Fela - Celebrated afrobeat musician *Aladura - a popular african instituted christian sect noted for heavy prayers

by James Nichols |
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Silently She Weeps

Every day she comes to visit her,
lifts the spoon to her thin lips.
Quietly she sleeps, silently she weeps.
Life arrested in its waning grip.

Every day she comes with hope
that something in her changes.
Silently she weeps, quietly she sleeps
The memories time rearranges.

Every day she comes and wonders,
will she wake today and speak?
Quietly she sleeps, silently she weeps
An imprisoned mind in body weak.

Every day she comes and touches
the woman like no other.
Silently she weeps, quietly she sleeps.
Maternal daughter, loving mother.


by Wilma Neels |
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'love Me With Your Time'

I might make a noise right now There will be a time when I go silent Will you miss my racket? In those days of silence? I will no longer yearn for your presence Like I do at this very moment Will you wonder? Will you wish? For that good morning? I might be a nuisance right now I might ask you the same thing over and over One day Some day My voice will go silent All I ask today is be patient with me Please love me; with your ears Please love me; with your time Before all you will have Is my grave and the memories…
"Thoughts of the aged - loneliness don't discriminate " ©134517022015

by David Meade |
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Water Love

shining water flows cold . . .

                             life blood of our ancestors . . . 

                                                        gift to our children . . . 

dedicated to Harsh Wind, Grandmother of fellow Souper  - Cona Adams

David Meade
Live Generously

by Connie Marcum Wong |
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Death's Cold Hand

Easter brings back sad memories. 
My mother died on Good Friday.
She was a bible scholar and quoted
Jesus's words every day to us kids.
I remember her love for lavender,
Her operatic gentle voice singing to us.
How she loved little children with joy
And what a great grandmother she was.


Writing Challenge 1- April, 2019 -
Its All About 8 - Poetry Contest
Sponsor Dear Heart

2. Elegy
1. Death's Cold Hand

by Sunlite Wanter |
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Sweet Tooth

Used on Poetry Soup 3/23/17

Sweet Tooth

She always asks for candy,
When we ask what she wants for her Day,
Or on Christmas she asks for pralines,
That come from far away.

She never asks for diamonds,
Nor an eco friendly mink;
Only some kind of truffles,
Or a gooey chocolate drink.

Jelly beans by the handfuls,
She keeps at her kitchen door,
I’ll want that candy dish in her will,
Just in case it fills some more.

We all just call her Sweet Tooth,
She never puts on any pounds,
If she did, we’d love her just the same,
For GrandMother is sweet as it sounds.

by Eva J Tortora |
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Blue Wind......

If I were to write about love

I would start with a word

like candle......


I remember before my grandmother died

she would recomend

I get a job in the writing world

the acting world

and then she's gone.......

I remember the rain....

how one life affects another.....




if i were to write about love....

i would start with a word....




by Caycay Jennings |
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One Gray Hair

Her wrinkles were joy-flecked twinkled with facial lines brightly smile crunched. Her eye shade vague, but love sprinkled from decades of holding faith bunched. She prayed steady, her praise ready. Her giggle rendered me tickled. Her heart-ways raised me cherish-touched. Loving my Gram much, tears trickled the morning I found her death clutched. Not one gray hair lacked my despair.
March 10, 2018

by Eve Roper |
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Bio Modified Passionate Romantic

an impressionist writer, oil painter, and a loving role model grandmother. 
I love the creativeness, easy-going, and wit of the friends I love.
Ideas of trying Yoga, Zumba, and host a girl's bunco night. 
My soul feelings are an inspirational drive, love, and forgiving.
My biggest fears, are loneliness, lightning, breakdown on the freeway.
I would like to shop, melt in someone's arms, and dance until I drop.
Resident of the biggest state, the Lone Star State of Texas.


Bio Modified Poetry Contest  
Sponsored by: Dear Heart

by Mike Gentile |
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The Whisper of a Sparrow

As the whisper of a sparrow
     gently graces my side, 
     she touches the earth
 I am as well,  touched
 by my sweet grandmother
     whose love for the little birds
     has inspired me

innocence knows innocence 
     and I can remember her words
as she sprinkled bread crumbs 
in the grass
     she said,  take care of our little friends
they need us as much as
     we need them

Each time I see the tiny creatures,
     I see my grandmother’s face
and hear her voice
and I know
that she is still inspiring me
to take care of those
     who need us

by Line Gauthier |
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Vintage Charm

across my bed
I drape
a vintage
handmade quilt
sewn with precision
and loving care
it keeps me warm
it keeps me safe
as if
at night
still in the arms
of my sweet grand-mother
as if
at night
she were still here
with me with us

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology ~ALWAYS WITH ME~ 2020

Submitted on June 22, 2019 for contest N/A RE-RUN sponsored by JOHN HAMILTON

and April 17, 2019 for contest APRIL 2019 PREMIER 6 sponsored by BRIAN STRAND

Originally posted on March 15, 2019

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
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in my blooming past
grandma was a beautician
who valued my words

Dedicated to the memory of my late paternal grandmother, Mamie Regulus.

by Susan Jeavons |
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Life Lines

Life Lines

When I look at Grandma’s face
there’s a great deal I can see.
Every furrow shows a trace
of her family’s history.

There’s a line for every struggle
every victory she’s won.
There are tender lines for daughters
and generous ones for sons.

Beneath her eyes lines of sorrow
show how many tears she’s cried
yet around her mouth as many
show her laughter and her pride.

Grandma’s face is full of charm
and for every line I see
a gentle spirit revealed
in her love for family.

by Caycay Jennings |
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The Rocking Chair

When a child with mood tuned to channel pout,

I cherished how you chose to repose me.

You chair-rocked soothing beats with arms about

me, your small lap-wrap, and lulled me gloom free.

Your gentle love nurtured my self-image.   

Grown, I still feel Grannie-pats on my back         
that once love filled me in your rocking chair.         
Time’s chase cannot displace our love with lack     

for still I rock in your love’s sure graced flair.  
Decades death laid swayed not your dear visage. 

... CayCay
May 2, 2019

by Paula Goldsmith |
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"In life, all we have are our memories. Hold on to the good ones and let the bad ones go." By Poet

Junk for some and treasures for me
Unique finds everywhere I look
Necklaces and earrings I once played with
Kitchen towels grandma lovingly made

by Rolanda Smith |
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Unexpected Love

i never thought this could be.
wanting someone i thought wasn't meant for me.
hmmm... beautiful as can be.
never to kow that they were my fantasy.
i'd voice my feelings but dare not to.
for fear  of what may be my outcome due.
nope. . . i'll just keep it to myself
in hiding hope that it'll go away or i'll need help.
why would something like this have to happen to me?
why couldn't this just be a story told to me?
i'd rather it be so, cause my heart hurts.
i see him day to day acknowledged by the term "grandmother".
when  all the while i really wish he were my lover.
but i guess this is how it has to be...
                          cause unexpected love has fallen on me.

by Ann Foster |
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Keeping Still

Keeping Still

The fire has burned low my love. 
I dare not move to fix it. 
You have fallen asleep against my chest.
I feel you breathing.
I hear air, moving… in and out…
as you slumber.

Your hair is a wave of brown, 
like a warm blanket, 
the only comparison, 
a treasure my grandmother, 
would have made by hand.

You smell of the earth. 
The trees and the outside, 
have come inside with you. 
We hiked all morning, 
and now…
they are a pleasant memory, 
swaying my senses 
as I sit holding you close,
in my arms. 

The fire has burned low my love. 
I dare not move to fix it.

by Eve Peterson |
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Became a Grandma

I became a Grandma today
Which makes me happy in every way
I held you in my arms
Such a sweet feeling in arms
I love you so
And think of you so
As you grow
My heart is happy
Grandma loves you
Always and true

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
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Affected Art Baby Sitter-

Flickered fingers; Can't dial ringers; Telephone calls; Babies cry and crawls; what do you do? what do you do? When their diapers fall?...
6/8/20 written words by James Edward Lee Sr.©2020

by Panagiota Romios |
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Grandson-Grandma Collaboration

My Love for Dogs

Dogs cute and fluffy!
Of all shapes and sizes, 
some look so puffy.

Some dogs' hair is scruffy.
Comb them, please and make
them sightly!

Grandma and I wrote this poem
A familial treasure, beyond any

(Written by Panagiota and her
grandson, Eddie)

Short Bio~*
Eddie is studying Poetry and is
He loves a 'Midsummer's Night's
Dream' and was when only ten
when he saw it!
Performed outdoors at....
Lake Tahoe, California.

Love, Panagiota and Eddie

October 2, 2019