Love Poems About Class or Class Love Poems
by Sandip Goswami |
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I asked to my father
Baba, What is life ?
He politely said to me, " Life is Duty . "

I asked to my mother
Maa, What is life ?
She said to me with smile, " Life is Responsibility . "

I asked to my teacher
Sir, What is life ?
He said to me with love, " Life is Education . "

I asked to my spiritual master
Gurujee, What is life ?
He said to me with confidence, " Life is Devotion . "

Today my son who reads in class nine
Asked me
Babai, What is life ?
I have said to him, " Dear, You are my life . "


( Father means BABA, BABAI and Mother means MAA in Bengali language .  Gurujjee means spiritual master in Indian society )

by Michelle Faulkner |
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Two Roses

On our wedding he gave a crystal rose
Flowering forever, enrobed in glass
Ballerina's grace in delicate pose
Guardianship of tradition, of class

Witness of first years, of paper, cotton
Commitment held, her thorns learn to forgive
Pain polished away, stains dimmed, forgotten
Like love immortal, death she will outlive

Ten years on, he presented me her twin
Silvery spring caught; his honor, my gift
For old promises kept, new ones begin
He is still my rock amid rivers swift

Two roses, bloom in space the heart allows
Two roses, as eternal as our vows.


by Daniel Turner |
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Teacher's Pet

As I look back, it all seems funny now
Recalling all those awkward teen age years
I pushed the limits farther than allowed
Supposedly when young, we had no fears

Infatuation caught me with the blues
My heart was swollen by love's gentle sting
It was a crush that only left a bruise
Left by the diamond in her wedding ring

The first day I laid eyes on her, I fell
The lightning bolt she was, that shook my world
And to this day I swear I'd know her smell
Could she have read my mind, she'd likely hurled

I hated school but never missed her class
She said she loved me 'cause I made her laugh

  original poem by Daniel Turner

by Brandee Augustus |
Categories: childhood, love, nostalgia, school, teenme,

His Smile Awaits

He was my very first daydream
I thought about him all the time
Something about him made me beam

Seeing his face was so sublime
Making good grades in class was a breeze
It was his smile that was my motivation
Liking him came with such ease
Every thought of touching him came with hesitation

All I had was the way he looked at me
Waiting for his glances became my prize
A chance encounter filled me with glee
I wanted so much to feel the warmth of his eyes
Thinking of him is a great memory 
Smiles like his have become few and far between

by Michael Jordan |
Categories: faith, hope, life

Simplistic Views

To love that which can not be loved
Is to accept grace from the Lord above

To hate that which should not be hated
Is to let one’s self be eternally degraded 

To think that which should not be thought
Allows your own soul to be easily bought

Most things in life are very easy to see
If you hold simplistic views like me

“It is what it is” and it always was
The reason why, “Just because”

What shall happen shall come to pass
Accept it gracefully and show your class

As you live out the story of your today
Let Jesus Christ guide your way

In doing so you will be able to see
The Lord guiding you to eternity

by Rosemarie Rowley |
Categories: angel, career, caregiving, class, dedication,

The Mad Secretary


Hunched over the computer, I am  mystical,
With mental white gloves and a karate belt - 
A daylight cursor, but on my bicycle,
A word and energy transformer, a flickering Celt.

Such metaphysics I can make into sensation,
Turned into binary formulae by the boss,
My passion is for punctuation- 
But the lingua franca doesn’t give a toss.

 I see the point.  I accommodate the pause.
I rinse the cups and make the coffee sweet,
I am saving myself for this man of laws,
Of Brehon provenance, who will entreat

Me to be his love, his partner and co-genitor,
Of a life graph, where he can trust the monitor.

(c) Rosemarie Rowley
From IN MEMORY OF HER (2008)

by Kishan Sharma |
Categories: beautiful, bereavement, best friend, betrayal, bird, birth, birthday, blue, class, computer, corruption, creation, dad, day, deep, girl, love, love hurts, missing, missing you, moon,

Love For Someone,

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Life has listened to me,
Why do you co-exit?
Love you all,
We all hate hatred.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?

Everyone broken my heart,
Why do you do me love?
Why do you want us everything?
We have given everything to us only punishment.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

by Harry Horsman |
Categories: love, universe,

Eccentricity In Love

With respect there’s nothing to omit
saying I love you within these walls,
everything I write weaves in orbit
whilst time in haste reminds me and calls.
To you with eyes so bright hopes convey
confident from my heart words will pour,
oh gypsy in rags my poem will say
it’s not what I see that’s only the door.
Your pins and needles adorn your face
your hair the colour of liquid grass,
your universe of hard knocks your grace
places you for me top of the class.
If only to live this life again
staple us together lord, amen.

© Harry J Horsman 2014

by Kyle Kriticos |

A Nickel and a Dime

I only have a nickel and a dime
I can't take you out for lunch
Are you still mine?
I cannot buy you pretty rings of gold
To compliment that hand I love to hold
I am not a part of any high class clubs
But I'm passionate
And I can give you love
I love you
More then cash or anything
I love you
More then serenades could sing
I love you
Higher then a mountains peak
I love you
Deeper then an oceans wreath
I love you
Brighter then the sun can shine
But I only have a nickel and a dime

By Kyle Ezra Kriticos

by Rich Rogers |
Categories: how i feel, irony, poems, poetry, spoken word, truth,

Being Honest

Shocking as it may seem to believe,
I dislike iTunes Christian and gospel genre.
The only explanation I can fathom,
Is that all its songs sound the same to me.

My preference is hip hop and pop,
Lecrae and Andy Mineo are my tops.
I do like Ariana when listening to pop,
Mostly I rock to the Apple’s pop.

I love J. Cole’s “Brackets” so much,
I even wrote about it for my class.
So much truth exposed in the song,
It’s impossible to ignore the message.

My focus effects my reality,
I keep Jesus as my centerpiece.
Without him, a me there wouldn’t be,
Connected like the roots of a tree.

by Joe Flach |
Categories: daughter, fatherlove,

Two Tutus, Too

Two tutus, too
Laying on the ground
Ballet slippers strewn all around
One complete wall with mirrored glass
Chattering girls waiting dismissal of class.

A gaggle of Moms waiting patiently
Knitting and needlepoint surrounding me
The one lone island of masculinity 
That rare father with custody.

I smile at my ballerina and she smiles back at me
We’ve been on our own ever since she was three
I just love being her Daddy
And don’t mind the role of also being Mommy.

We stay a little longer at the end of class
She shows me her plies in the looking glass
She smiles at my reflection and says, “I love you”
We pack up her slippers and the
Two tutus, too.

by Andres Luis Bigote |
Categories: class, love, romantic, romantic love, silence, sunset, sweet love, true love,

The Little Love That Could

There's a love that won't be silenced
Though it doesn't say a word 
It sings into the universe 
Though its voice cannot be heard
Like the breaking of a sunrise
That precedes the dawning day
Like the memory of a sunset
That never goes away

by Michael Wegman |
Categories: care, class, confidence, earth day, happy, love, nature,

Unconditional Love

Her love was amazing—it encompassed all;
Unconditional—never filled with condemnation,
Despite my predilection toward unmitigated gall,
And unrelenting juvenile reverence for flirtation.
The years did lapse, all consternation lost;
All apathy, on my part, long since tossed,
Replaced by unearthliness, for life’s remaining duration.


by Janis Thompson |
Categories: desire, dream, love, passion,

Love Lyric of 1976

Love Lyric of 1976

Like a rock
Down a hill
My love jones
During class
Coming fast
Like wow man
I can see
His sweet face
Pure white teeth
Soft black hair
Even skin
Tight tough thighs
Bedroom eyes
Buttocks firm
Sly cool grin
I’m done in
Do it girl
Cut that class
Rush on home
To man home
He has home
In his arms
Such a dream
My love jones


by Devonta Reese |
Categories: confusion, life, teen,


Walk you to your class
Buy you special gifts 
Give you all my love 
You're my entertainment 
We're friends nothing more 
Even though on you I have a crush 
But why do I think you feel,
I'm only anonymous?

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, blessing, dream, light, love, star,

A Class of It's Own

In time gone by bells ring 
We hold on to all the precious moments 

When paths cross answers unfold true 
Feelings mix with emotions 
building blocks in life finding the truth 

A love worth keeping 
Stored in the house of memories 
In you beautiful always
blows all dreams away beyond hope
Leaving that one remaining 
Caught in a soul's silent whispering 
to the heartbeat's murmur 
Flying over the moon 
Into the stars Embraced with love 
forever in a lifetime remains beautiful
I found you filled with light dream

by James Fraser |
Categories: art, inspirational, people, places

My Darling Tink's

We photographed this shoot
Against frosted glass
In the shape of hearts
That captured her class

Her long blond hair
Catches the light
Her curvaceous shape

Peachy skin
Immaculate pose
She looks
My love for her grows

White silk robe
In midriff drape
This vista, my view
I am left agape

Our shoot closes
The applause we take
As i turn to my Tink's
My darling, its you who makes

by John Gondolf |
Categories: first love, love,

When First I Saw Her

In English class I saw her sitting there, this gorgeous girl of mystery. With eyes of green and silky golden hair; the sparks between us blistery. This lovely lady that I want to know; I walk up to her and I say “Hello,” and all the rest is history…
June 22, 2018 Contest: Seven Lines of Romantic Heaven Sponsor: Silent One

by Pipping Stars |
Categories: art,

Choke My Womb

choke my womb with your toddlerd thoughts catch my breath as you watch my words rot run like coward yellowd belly fled glimpses of word in head freelance riddler'ing middle-class pauper-erity heathens featherd features eons beyond fleas on the dog love me again beyond all wrong slaughter another hotter hatter make me mad'der than a mat lay me under flying on rug give me vital fetal hugs touching my breaths colord me lessons eloping my hues while you choke my womb ?

by Phil Johnson |
Categories: life, love, wife, love,

The Girl That I Adore

i cannot give you studded diamonds,
or give you fine white pearls,
nor can i give you money,
that could buy the whole wide world.

i cannot give you airplane tickets,
new fashions, trends and fame,
the only thing that i can give,
is my heart, my soul and name.

im not a man of upper class,
or a man who is well known,
my needs are very simple,
just a place to call my home.

i'll give you all i have to give,
but as i say it isnt much,
a future,land with house and kids,
and my love on hand as such.

and to know you'll always love me,
even if we're very poor,
really makes me glad found you,
the girl that i adore.

by Shelby Wood |
Categories: hope, life, loss, love


Falling deep,
Hard and strong.
Can’t stop from falling,
In love with your gaze,
And I won’t realize it,
Until I’m hit hard in the face, 
A horrible reminder of this morbid place.
Can’t stop time,
And can’t turn it back,
Can’t change your place,
In a world made of class.
My heart shatters,
Like glass,
When you aren’t around,
And yet you don’t notice,
Until the day,
I’m gone for good.
Not there for you to admire.
And now you’re the one falling,
And falling,
Until you’re hit in the face,
And realize you’ve made your biggest,

by M. L. Kiser |
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Three Brothers We

Three brothers we, three brothers we; living together, within our tree. We’re raccoons who so, do love cheese; We do love brie, we do love brie. We don’t like nuts, they give us gas; and heaven forbid we eat yard grass, we are raccoons of the upper class; cheese please and fast, cheese please and fast. For cheddar, Cheshire, we will sing, had we a bell, for swiss we’d ring, oh the joy that cheese does bring; a wondrous thing, a wondrous thing.

by Tawona Mzila Ranganawa |
Categories: love,

I Envy

I envy.

I envy your family for they get to see you everyday.
I want the best for you in this world

I envy the person that sits next to you in class for they get to see you for free.

I envy the way you are not happy without me
I envy the way you want to chat with me the whole day.

I envy the way you dont want to sleep next to anyone but me.

I envy the way you love me
And I envy how you imagine yourself as my wife

Marry me.

Written by Tawona M Ranganawa

by Panagiota Romios |
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My Wish For You

My wish for you

God gave us all incomparable brilliances, so very true!
We were given the X-Factor
of being poets.

How magnificent are you?

If you love others without
And you make them, número uno, in friendships' dance.!
You are one with outstanding class.

Lovimg another more than
Will bring you true friends
Not those loving themselves.

So, just wishing you a sunny
No matter what comes your way, accept it all...happily.


June 24, 2019

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: friend, how i feel, imagery, thank you,

The Champagne of Life

                            The Champagne of Life

       Tis the delight of the liquid, golden,morning sun,
       Gleaming in my tall, orange juice’s crystal glass.
       Add gratitude, for you, a poet,with morals and class.

       You may not be the best poet at the top of the list.
       But to communicate your very best is your wish.
       You are not all out there, trying to be a champion fish!

       People like you. dear friend, communicate love.
       For you are the rainbow bubbles in my day’s hours.
       I read humble you, with joy, in these poetic towers