Love Poems About Lento or Lento Love Poems
by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: love, marriage, valentines day,

This Valentine of Mine

Bliss - clouded windows of blue sky Kiss my parted lips with moon shine Miss me as the door divides us This valentine of mine is so fine Brand me yours, with a golden ring Hand in hand we whisper our vows Withstand anything together, dear Husband and wife as long as time allows

by Jack Horne |
Categories: lost love,


I wonder why you changed;
my heart can never guess.  
Why did your veneer slip? -
Sly actions to address!

Do you have regrets now?
You seem as warm as ice.
Too many people fooled
to see you act so nice.

for Dear Heart Constance's Lento contest

by Itsoghole O Solomon |
Categories: desire, earth, imagination, longing, love, relationship, sensual,


The body summons the soul
And together they commune 
With breathe of burning ardour...

Compose baritone in concordance
Of larghetto soprano….

Mesh with pulsating beat
Of Deep throbbing heart 
Possess by rhapsodic Afro-juju spirit… 

And the world comes to a stand still

The moon jigs her backside
And tilts the mass of the basin fluid…

Lento ascend the euphonic resonance…!

The earth quake and tear apart
As the river washes body and soul
And discharge into the hollow emptiness
Of her moist pit…

All dead… and the world moves again!

(….Just imagining).

by Hija De La Luna |
Categories: absence, feelings, love,

Farewell Kiss

Lips that knows no parting but bliss,   
Strips the soul of its wanton passion,  
Sips all what the lover will later miss,
Ships two bodies into heavenly tension;

Endless sorrow when it comes to pass,
Reminiscence bump of that poignant kiss,
Countless days become grey and amiss,
Absence is too much to bear and dismiss.


by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: summer,

In Summertime

One week more, and it is summertime.
Done will be sweet spring, but in the sky
Sun climbs high now. Children want to have
Fun while parents in the heat may fry!

There is a way for all to beat the heat -
Where children love to go when not in school.
Bare your midriff. In the pool go play!
Glare of sun's less bothersome! You’ll stay cool!

June 15, 2021 (Lento with Rhymes at both beginning and end of lines)
For A Brian Strand 4 To 14 Line Poetry Contest

by Helen Cheng |
Categories: cute love, destiny, feelings,


Unwanted laughter spills out in unexpected times.
Unmatched destinies cross paths once in a while.
Unwonted qualities introduce themselves as mimes.
Unceasing affections refuse to travel anymore miles.
Flip the unforeseen anxieties inside out.
Strip the reserved tenderness from curbs.
Dip the concentrated senses into a drought.
Grip the unyielding fervor until it burps.

by Sukmawati Komala |
Categories: inspirational, love, prayer, religious, me,

Almighty My Treasure Trove

Almighty my treasure trove

Kill my pride with your healing vision 
Fill me Lord with your softest love 
Till your words charge life into me 
Will worship Almighty my treasure trove  
Continuous praises to your supreme presence 
Joyous worship to delight your holy heart 
Courageous spirits declare your graceful glory 
Gracious blessings bestowed from heaven’s cart
~(c)Sukmawati Komala~
05 April 2013

This piece is my first poem in LENTO form, which is  introduced by our beloved poet Lencio Rodrigues
I would like to dedicate my first Lento to him and may he loves this piece.

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: science,

Ists - Never Mind the Ologies

ISTS - NEVER MIND THE OLOGIES agriculturists, working the land for sustenance horticulturists cultivation of a magic garden flower bio-cultureists landscape ecology, how to finance aquaculturists cultivation of seaweed to devour entomologists, don’t you jus love the creepy crawlies ornithologists their up there with our feather friends, the birds botanists, always on their knees, which suffer from the poorlies palaeontologists, always finding fossils, dinosaurs and their turds ~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~~

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: truth,


TRUTH dove, it never was of peace, of dryland found. shove, some need it to get them off the mark. love, affection for whatever; each other, sound. above all be one's self so don't live in the dark. dark, beware, or you can share it with a lover. park up, nay, an arboretum, trees can be fun. shark; man-eaters, no, a new food discovered. hark! the call of natures spring, new life begun!

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: heartbreak, lost love,

When Your Heart Breaks

Your heart when it breaks
Yonder clouds enter the eyes
Under test the trust wrecks
Flower called love soon dies.

Your heart when it breaks
Near melts in distant crowd
Answer your question seeks
Unclear mind dons a shroud.

Your heart when it breaks
Rear time decays in wasteland
Pillar of understanding cracks
Structure of hope can’t stand.

Your heart when it breaks
Sheer sense in severe strain
Falters to decide what it takes
Another hand to hold again.

by David Drowley |
Categories: humorous, lost love, love hurts, music, silly,

Musical Note

A harpist sent a note
That felt rather sharp.
It left me feeling flat
As a worn-out tune.

Out of rhythm and sync;
Too lento to make the play,
I lacked the harmony
To counterpoint her melody.

Cadenza like, my heart once surged;
Now it drums out a dirge.
The key to her heart
Lay with a noted composer.

This heartless rat made her a coda;
Turning her into a decomposer.

by Mick Talbot |
Categories: friendship, true love,

End Jan 2018 Standard Contest - True Love

TRUE LOVE ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Delight, when friendship turns into true love. Spite, when friends do not always agree. Might, when true love fits like a warm glove. Fright, when the friendship turns scary. True love, can be seen in each other's eyes. Pursue it with passion, dive into its depth. Hitherto, romantics say, "Eyes don't tell lies". Pursue love with passion, with every breath! ~~~~~~~~~~~~
02/01/18 Entered into 'END JAN 2018 STANDARD CONTEST' sponsored by Brian Strand

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, love, motivation,

Beyond Compare

To see how you motivate, 
you represent all that I admire; 
Drew a line through any doubt,  
fuel to see the lighting of your fire; 

Zone of self confidence, 
lone wolf but willing to share, 
Undertone so very patient, 
showed me you’re beyond compare.

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: love,


I named her Felicity. Don't know why All babies look the same to me. Yet she grew up into a lively girl, so well accomplished. She learned the piano all by herself. How I delighted to hear her lento and arpeggios. Heavenly music. Then she took to singing her own tunes. Oh, what a delight to my ageing soul. Such melodies, such delicacies. The neighbours flocked to hear her sing. Then I decided to enter her into a contest: The famous " America’s Got Talent". You could not fail to admire her beautiful face, Her slim figure, the elegant dress I bought her. Her singing brought her great ovations. She came second. I could not help but cry.

by Almudena Gavala |
Categories: dance, life, love, music, time,


Cada paso que demos
será un año en nuestra vida,
lo tomaremos como un lento vals
desde el que poseernos
            sin otro tempo
que la fijación de nuestras miradas
y las vueltas caprichosas de los anhelos.
            Sobre todas las cosas,
las vueltas caprichosas de los anhelos.

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: bird, home, lonely, longing, loss, love, sad,


Above a weeping cherry tree,
whereof storm clouds depart their ways,
a dove extends a mournful plea.
A love, in quietude, delays.

He weaves a mansion, weather prone.
Free leaves descend against his will.
He grieves a heart he's never known.
She leaves a feather for a quill.

Lento - 8 Lines Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Joseph May

by Juliet Ligon |
Categories: blessing, devotion, faith, god, hope, love, song,


Expounded are Your words for all the world to know.
Astounded by Your truth, we hope to learn and grow.
Unbounded by Your grace, there's nowhere we can't go.
Confounded by Your care, You lift us when brought low.

Surrounded by Your love, there is so much to show.
Rebounded are Your ways, as seeds sprout from their sow.
Regrounded is our faith, unshaken by wind's blow.
Resounded is our praise, continuing to flow.


by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: pets,

For My Two Most Precious Pets

Oh, my precious Ollyver -
Glow-brown doggy eyes you set on me.
So adoring was your love!
Know I think of you -wherever you may be.

Too – my precious Callie
Who was my one cat most precious of them all.
Few are other pets that could measure up to 
You – my sweet Calico that I now recall.

Jan. 27, 2020
For the Writing Prompt- Let's Write A Lento- Poetry Contest
Contest Sponsor: Dear Heart

by Albert Taylor |
Categories: allusion, anti bullying, depression, horror, loneliness, lost love, mental illness,

Rare Depression

Yell not mine while in distress,
For NOBODY'S claim such that or this stress!
Destined to be great?
Be calmed at your cold and show mute kindness.

All love is not shown while the world is in fullness,
This race is ran with coldness;
In your thoughts, any with such tenets is heartless,
NOBODY'S touch not good at this caress!

by Joseph May |
Categories: blue, rain, sky,

Rainy Dawn

She wandered around with the blues,
 Free were the flow of her tears
 Glee was something once cherished, she had to
 Flee from her brokenhearted fears

 Rain accompanied the dawn, and
 Pain returned as it did before
 Slain by the fickle  fate of love
 Reign of sadness came once more

 Writing Prompt- Let's Write a Lento- Poetry Contest
 Sponsor: Dear Heart

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: joy,

Joy Continuum

Please enter in peace, says the loving heart
Freeze thought forms, leaving them outside the door 
Seize the moment and then let it depart
Ease off ego urges that do gore

Flow without resistance, inviting bliss
Slow down, oh hermit, agitated mind
Glow with the divine entwined love caress
Blow away bubbles of desire that bind


by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: emotions, feelings, inspiration, love,

If the World Was Ending

Sublime moments could be the last, 
Pantomime parades like it’s infinite; 
Crime to not explore a perfect kiss 
time to taste every single minute;  

Aggressive in my pursuit to explore 
give no energy to melancholy lamenting;  
Provocative, come undone and savor you; 
Live for love, if the world was ending.

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, jesus, spiritual,

Indeed Assured

Assured by the omnipotent Saviour Secured toward eternal heaven flight Insured for heavenly heritage gain Cured from sin-cancer, my soul does delight. Indeed braced upon love and grace of Christ Freed* against fatally condemning guilt Deed, grace-propped, my spirit fulfills by faith Greed smiting while service through virtues built.
*John 8:36 If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. June 16, 2021 2nd place, "Lento - 8 Lines" Poetry Writing Contest Sponsored by Joseph May; judged on 7/4/2021.

by John Beam |
Categories: allegory, faith, life, love, religion, love,

With Love From the Garden

New to talking again here am I water my soul			                
Blue haze amidst walking again I am imbued      			         
Through the misty veil sodden footsteps				               
True I have fallen but your love has renewed       				
My love never fails even in the deepest rain                         			     
I the Word cover you wholly spirit and life                                                                
Dry your eyes wipe the sweat from your brow                                                             
Awry you were faithfully I sent for you my wife     / for Rick Parise Contest lento poem

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

The Meek Shall Inherit the Earth

Thirst for love aflame in our heart
Erst stirrings of lust receded
Burst of bliss each moment does start
First things first, lower mind weeded

Residual attachments fade
Central funnel within aglow
Brutal clear truth; call spade a spade
Miracle dawns on hearts mellow


(syllabic Lento)