Love Poems About Sestina or Sestina Love Poems
by Bukang Liwayway |
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Thinking of You

Thinking of your smile makes my day,
So inspired to write a poem of what I feel,
Can’t take you out of my mind my dear.
In my heart you are my love so dear,
You always make a brighter day,
I hope you really know how I feel.

When I wake up every single day,
I look at your cool picture my dear,
My contented soul shows for what I feel.

You complete my day, I feel so happy dear.

February 24, 2013
For Andrea's Contest
9th Place Winner

by Rick Parise |
Categories: friendship, life, metaphor, life,

A Mouse and a Man

In the anters and shadows of this baleful life
perhaps the little brown mouse searching in silence
bewray a lonesome story behold

For eyes to wander a brief candle behold
in hushed light, enwheeled...this pitiful life
if only, my friend, to peer in silence

where love had flown in years of silence
to gape for dawn, a friendship behold
in ghostly thought of scurried life

From the cold reality of life where painful silence smothers, Behold!! compassion is born..



Anters - Caves
Brief Candle- Life is compared to a candle flame
Enwheeled- Encompassed

by Julie Alcin |
Categories: death, love, me, me,

Dying Heart

Stabbed in the heart, I’m starting to bleed
I’m becoming cold as the touch of death
Yet I don’t want to say goodbye

Painful word, insane cry, sweet goodbye
Pain pounds on me as I bleed
Thumping me until I reach death

Life is being drained by the angel of death
Forcing me to say goodbye
Suffering the more I bleed

Yet even as I bleed to death I refuse to tell you goodbye

by Savannah Mcfarland |
Categories: hope, inspirational, love,


Love is a four letter word,
A word that makes people act absurd,
A thing that we want,
A thing that we need,
A thing we always take with greed.

Love, that four letter word,
I cry out, but go unheard,
The thing I want most,
The word we search for, a ghost.

Love is a four letter word,
A word that causes hurt,
A word that causes pain,
A word searched for in vain.

Love, the four letter word,
You cannot grasp or hold,
A thing that may never be,
But you'll find it in Him who is in me.

Love, not just a four letter word,
It is something we all search for.

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: childhood, family, children, introspection,


Quite often it seems we tell kids, it’s best to be first
They sign up for fun; parents, it seems, for the fame
Whether it’s academics or sports, why not just let kids thrive?

Create environments for learning and fun needed to thrive
Nurture with affection and love; be their springboard first
Build the foundation they will need to handle future fame

A solid foundation will ensure an easy adjustment to fame
In any circumstance, self- assurance makes anyone thrive
Teach them, the game of life is not won by coming in first

Good character first, may lead to fame in which anyone can thrive

by Kash Poet |
Categories: romancelost, lost, me,

In Your Blue Eyes

Let me come too close to you now so close that I can hear every breath to be lost in the depth of those eyes. Let me kiss your emerald eyes that sea in which my boat is lost now, before sinking,whisper of your breath. Just for once mingle with my breath, just for once in your emerald eyes with its love,this heart wants to sink now. Now my breath grasping in your blue eyes!

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: faith, hope, love, lost, lost,

Ingredients of Life

What's a sweeter gift than love?
What's the greatest wealth than hope?
What's a richer state than faith?

It behooves you to live by your faith,
And keep aflame the spirit of love,
Woe befalls him who derides hope:

Nothing is drearier than a life bereft of hope,
And he's a lost soul who's without faith,
But unfortunate is he of all who's without love.

All is lost when one loses love, hope and faith!

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: character, child, hope, love, pride,

Two Stars In a Child's Future

Choosing a faithful woman to fulfill this fate
to bring forth a baby with a loud scream;
sweet cry so innocent piercing air and soul,
touch him tenderly: he is the fruit of our seed!
May his faith shed light on doubt and darkness...
let's hope that his deeds and words will be fine.

by Jake Aller |
Categories: how i feel, love, lust,

Love Sestet

you walked out of my dreams
into my life that day
the day that changed my life
when you became my wife
and filled my life with love
that date I met true love

by Jake Aller |
Categories: love, lust,

Love Hestatch

for you
of you
for years
until you walked 
into my life

by Jake Aller |
Categories: fate, feelings, first love, magic, marriage, romantic, true love,

September 7, 1982

September 7, 1982
a date I shall always remember
 for on that date, I met my fate
 for eight years 
 I dreamt of meeting her
then she walked into my life.

six lines 
bite size poetry contest

by Carolyn Dewey |
Categories: candy, color, food, poetry, writing,

Poetry Snacks

Orange peels litter my desk,
sprinkling sparkling droplets of orange oil
over my unfinished love sonnet

A croissant is over there,
I just remembered.
It soaks my slam poem,
which I shall never perform,
with buttery heaviness

Jelly beans, blue, red, green, white,
to be found on the remote island of
my travel diary, as profuse with blank verse
as the ocean is profuse with fishes

A peanut-butter sandwich, open-faced,
refuses to unstick from the sestina
I have given up on finding proper words

I need to clean up my desk.