Love Poems About Soldier or Soldier Love Poems
by Carolyn Devonshire |
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Why He Fought

Soldier stashed a silver locket
Safe inside his jacket pocket
When the war would numb his senses
He’d break down and drop pretenses
Open up the only token
That recalled those thoughts unspoken
Images of infant, young wife
For their freedom, he’d give his life

by Charlie Smith |
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A Soldiers Song

I taste an emptiness of love and weep from pain, in loss befall. Hope flees in fields of light above when time casts me its eternal pall. As darkness dims the flame of life with words of love left never said, Could one escape this misty strife? Does peace live only with the dead? I marched to anthems meant for kings and bled for cause, as told I must. What voices now with courage ring, as I lie face down in the dust? While glory waits as cities burn, who'll chant for me if I return? 12/31/2018

by Arthur Vaso |
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Lusting the passions of a secret desire
Unwinding the mystery of my needs
Funerals are for the future
Internment I ask be deferred
Timeless is my youth
Useless is my request
At seeking eternity or at least eternal rest
End of times may seem long away
Beauty we know fades, it will happen some day

So I dream of youthful moments
Isle graveyards were far away

Holy wars and loveless scores
That a soldier must endure
A desire for peace escapes this generation and more
External forces and internal woes
Death dances at my door

Dedicated to Sara Bernhardt, who slept in her coffin amongst all her love letters.

by Christie Mills |
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My Father Is a Soldier

My father is a hero.
He stands so tall and proud.
His hands are firm, But gentle.
He stands out in a crowd.
People stop to Thank him.
For Freedom he does fight.
My father is a Soldier.
But he's my Dad at night!

by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: death, horse, love, soldier, war,

Death of a Lancer

My one true love with eyes of sparkling blue
Our hearts as one it was our destiny
Heaven sent you for me and me for you
It would not last but end in tragedy.

War intervened I’d have to go away
To the Crimea with the light brigade
My true love I thought of every day
Our lives on hold along with plans we’d made.

The Captain said “suppress your greatest fears
Ride close ranks and do not come asunder”
The noise of hooves were ringing in my ears
Sounds they made were like a raging thunder.

A lance pierced me and off my horse I fell
Then death came down, my life I bid farewell.

Written on 7th February 2019.

by Tom Woody |
Categories: appreciation, friendship,

She's a Fine Girl

poetess of love
heart of a warrior princess
starry eyed dreamer

*tribute to Brandy Nicole, a soldier in the cause of truth and justice... and love

by Apolo Amai |
Categories: absence, addiction, career, creation, dark, depression, emotions, freedom, identity, loneliness, soldier,

Cry of a Successful Man

With love comes consequence
With hope comes failure
With triumph comes fear
With peace comes worry
With riches comes pain
With poverty comes envy

by Lynn Marie |
Categories: emotions, heart, i miss you, loss, love, september, soldier,

Four Years

lying in the tangled white sheets
hair mussed i can still feel your touch
where you loved me and i loved you.

your scar on the side of your cheek
a piece of shrapnel embedded
you said you'd come home in a week.

it's august now  come september
four years exactly you've been gone
your heart forever within her.


by Wayne Riley |
Categories: inspirational, memory, soldier, war,

My Billy

My Billy.

My Billy, bravest of the brave,
Fought metal tooth and iron cross.
Through Flanders field of bleedin’ red
And on to mourn their loss.

My Billy, full of life and love,
A boy still to his Mam,
Left far behind these cobbled shores
To fight the beast in man.

This trench, this tomb, this hellish hell.
No mortal eye should see.
My Billy, broken limb from life,
Lies far away from me.

One hundred years, one million tears,
One memory thought anew,
My Billy, bravest of the brave,
Gave freedom back to you.

by Wandering Butterfly |
Categories: death, dedicationfamily, family,

Rip Heath Ledger

You've portrayed the lives of many
A soldier, a son, a dad, and the enemy

Who I ask, shall portray your life
In a story to reveal your demise

The Big Screen carries your legacy
Your family keeps quite a memory

Her Daddy she can always see
By watching his movies on T.V.

Such a talent you beheld
Quite a story to be a tale

"Why so serious?" as Joker will say
One of the favorite roles you play

Far to young, to go away
May you rest in peace where you lay

A knight in shining armour you'll be
When again your face, your family will see.

for Chriss Matt's contest: Gone too soon***
hope you enjoy...LOVE Miranda Lambert, A.K.A *Randa*

by Randall Smith |
Categories: love



Never a father
But an Uncle
many times...

Plumbers Helper
Best friends
with you....

Always on an adventure....

Support Engineering
The big house
on an acre
of lawn.

All of it gone
Or given away
A lost five years

Then I re-found you
and became a
and Best friend.......Again.

by John Lawless |
Categories: lost love, soldier,

You Walked Away

You Walked Away

I carried it always
		…that scarf
					….….as you walked away.

Wore it as a knight
				……in my lady’s colours.

soothed myself
		…with its soft texture
breathed deeply
		…….. imagined scent
					……long faded.

Wrapped my wound in it
			….tied tightly
					……a tourniquet
							….to stem the loss of blood

		….from death’s coldness.

…………it would work

as I shivered
		……on that day
				……you walked away…….

John G. Lawless

by Stephen Morrow |
Categories: warwords, , Lullaby,

The Fallen Solders

When I was laid in field of clay
No flowers above my head did lay
Nor marble headstone placed with care 
With words of love chiselled there
No words of sorrow were spoken in pain
Tears of regret did not silken handkerchief stain 
No volley of rifles to the sky
No last post lullaby
So when you ask
 Were does he lay
This fallen soldier 
Of yesterday
I tell you true 
With pride
I lay with others
 Side by side
In every corner 
A foreign land
You will find us there
Brother’s band

by Mike Dailey |
Categories: death, husband, lost love, wife,

Amber Liquid

Life without her soldier lover
Years in which she’ll not recover
From the news she got today
That her husband’s MIA
Not a trace of wreckage found
Just a note – his plane’s gone down
Now she’ll raise the kids alone
In a house not quite a home
Her husband just a memory
In her life that used to be
With ample amber liquid yet
She’ll try her best then to forget

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: age, humanity, soldier,

Broken Soldiers

Broken Soldiers Broken soldiers, tend their wounds, in sterile sunless corner rooms. They bide their time in fretful hours, to ward away the memories, dour. These valiant ones, once walked upright, with weaponry and means of might. And nothing can remove the thoughts, of war’s unholy moments caught. Heroes of battles they once knew give thankful prayers they made it through. They went to serve when country called defending home and giving all. Broken soldiers tell their stories, horror, love and bloody glories. In cold, unsettled nights they come, dreams of battles fought and won. 3/4/17

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure, death, death,


Gail Doyle Contest Name Writing A Heartfelt Poem To A Soldier Soldier I am proud you went to war, to fight those evil ones, May God protect you keep you safe, Till homeward bound you come. May you sidestep death and slaughter, Return yet to your mum, And find love as you oughta, With the sound of battle done, So changed so thrust to manhood, To be the serious one, Sadness dims the dark of night, Good friends, where death has come..

by Sidney Beck |
Categories: beauty, desire, myth,

Nun Fun In the Sun


There was in hot Tashkent in the orient
A religious uprising - a  convent dissent.
Army was ordered in with gunnery,
The soldiers targeted the nunnery.  
Here are the events in vista: 
One lovely sista was forbidden a mista, 
But a certain young soldier kissed her
Unaware of the portents
For the jewel of the convent’s contents.

In her cell he wanted his love to foister.
(She had made his cloister moister.)
His inclination was to osculate ;
The incident threatened to escalate.
Her kiss made him forget his gun,
Which overheated in the sun.
The magazine cooked until done, 
Then bang,  their love was gone.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: war,

Gone With the Wind

He sets out for the station
Kitbag on his back
Off to war in Afghanistan
More than likely won't be back

Had a romantic last evening
With a gal known many years
She gave her body willingly
Biting back the engulfing tears

She loved this soldier
Had done for a long time
Knew he was off to fight
Needed to relax this very last time

He has gone maybe for ever
Maybe his child he has left inside
Memory of the love she had for him
Now "gone with the wind" are the tears she cried.

Penned 31May 2014

by Rachel Blake |
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The First Goodbye

laying in your bed
watching you
get dressed
the permanent ring in the
back pocket
of your blue jeans
i’m missing you already

by Bessie Kolb |
Categories: baby, beautiful, birth, change, children, daughter, children, for her, how i feel, i love you, mother daughter,

Baby Girl

Yesterday it seemed like it'd been forever ago
And today it seems like it was only yesterday that you came home
You were so small and so beautiful
It was amazing to raise you and watch how you grew
But i still wanna hold you and sing to you like i used to
And i need you to still need me like you used to
I know that you have what it takes to make it in this world
And the strength of an army and the courage of a soldier to take it all on
But in my heart i'm still so afraid to let go, i don't want you to be gone
Because i couldn't take it i would miss you like crazy
And i would give any and everything to you no question
My whole world, my first love, a true blessing

by Lawrence Ingle |
Categories: 12th grade, emotions, feelings, for her, heart, i love you, love, me, meaningful, romantic, soldier, true love,

The Knight's Love Pledge

For you to know my love is true,
I speak my mind just for you,
with my heart to help me through,
such things and what I'd do,

I'd wend through fire, unafraid of death,
put my heart through true loves test,
risk my life and nothing less,
for you dear love there is no quest,

I'd crawl through miles of hot desert sand,
to kiss your lips, to hold your hand,
for with you always is where I'll stand,
to let you know, I am your man,

I'd climb the steepest mountain side,
I'd swim a tempestuous ocean tide,
just to have you by and by,
stand with me darling by my side.

by Sengchanh Xuangphuthon |
Categories: blessing, conflict, depression, earth day, international, love hurts,

World For All

World for all

what’s human rights?
After a man sits on the ground 
His heart impresses from serous occurrence
The sound of the gun, suffer voice, victims

Whom belongs to the world
And what the meaning of human 

The soldier walks slow and slow
He descants on his past and future
Family within wife and children in the past
The death is waiting forward
The past memory is better than future

What’s the purpose of development 
It is true for better life
Or for showing the power of dignity 
The natural human as an elder is more need
More bigger needs more power

Sengchanh xuangphuthon

by Layla Elkoulily |
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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

by Elizabeth Jubenville |
Categories: imagination, spoken word,

Wish To Be

I wish to be magician
With magic wand and such
I would change some awful things
In one magic touch

I wish to be a baker 
Bake some yummy bread
Feed people all around 
Even those I’ve never met

I wish to be a soldier
To spread peace and fun
To fight with words of wisdom
Instead of a gun

I wish to be a teacher
Bring some hope and love
Tell the wise man story
About God above

While I’m a mother
I wish my children grow in peace
To learn, and play, and to be free
This is my biggest wish.

by Timothy Jacks |
Categories: rap,

Romance Beat

Now we're going back to all these tracks
I know I was mad I was angry at you
Now I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
I hit you with my sorrow
Yes I love you still, yes I think about it
sometimes when I'm by myself and feeling kinda lonely
Oh come and hold me, come and tell me I'm still a soldier
Tell me I'm not a coward
I feel so useless, I'm like usually
I would fight against em but I can't afford it