Love Poems About Hockey or Hockey Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

His True Love Rose

Across the rink that winter evening stood,
against a wall, a rose, in freezing cold.
So striking in her pose, beneath her hood
two cheeks had stolen glow from sunshine’s gold.

Upon this diamond bloom he cast his eyes;
released his hockey stick and ran to greet
his shining rose, by far his sweetest prize
and comfort in the times of his defeat.

And as he came to her, she did not stir
until the crunch of feet on snow she heard.
She limped on damaged legs toward him, a blur
she viewed through lenses thick. . . “Hello,” she slurred.

No limits hold true love.  He took his gem,
and held in warm embrace that flower’s stem.

For PD's "A True Love Poem" Poetry contest

by Jayne Eggins |
Categories: fantasy, space

Haunted with Dreams

In Haunting night
falling into dream,
in softness a cloud
glowed at the seams

Bounced into rain
I was soaking up love,
rain brought blessings
and sings of the dove

Falling with stars
ash flaming past,
I juggle the planets
as comets streak fast

Dipping my toe
in the milky way,
I play air hockey
with dwarfs all day

Asteroids rolling
and in rotating space,
a Goliath of rock
in peril we face

And far in the reaches
feeling heartbeats of life,
I look to the sky
to find forever tonight

Opening my eyes
and looking outside,
I wonder if dreams
really do come alive

by kristen bruni |
Categories: sports

The Love of Hockey

The slice of the skates creates
An atmosphere of greats
They fly on the ice
Not the least bit of nice
A game of ego awaits.

by Ingvar Thorisdottir |
Categories: sports,

Frozen Glory

man triumphs only when there are no boundaries
and with this game the boundaries are set in stone
the team around you, the boys you have grown to know
the rich and the beautiful have come to see the show
steel cuts into the frozen water at our feet
the black mistress has become our only focal
our lumber bound together with adhesive ammunition
I am never alone on the ice or near the ice
breaking away or circling backward
patience is the name of the game
the more it changes, the more it remains the same
my home's past-time -- my families passion
nothing hits my ears quite as audibly; 
as the sound of steel on ice
you were my first true love
hockey, you are my only true love.

by J.W. Earnings |
Categories: beauty, friendship, funny,

Like a Boss

LOL (Laugh out loud) xD
I love your effort
Kangaroo hops 
Easy and hard hits 

A little better than before

BAM (Be a man) o.o
Owning the Hockey Game
sssssslither like a snake
Sam! You're like a boss - Ooh! Like a boss
(hey man...sorry for my loss)

by Steve Michael |
Categories: passionlove, passion,

My Passion

My passion is sports, always has been, always will be...

Be it, pro football, college football, baseball, college basketball, pro basketball,
hockey or soccer, I love it all...

I live and die by my favorite teams, be it the Braves, Cowboys, Penn State or Flyers, I'm
a passionate and emotional fan...

I cheer loudly when they do good, and yell even louder when they screw up...

I love my teams, and, I'll never apologize for my passion for them....

by Cynthia Jones |
Categories: august, funny, imagery, inspiration, poetry,

Canadians -Senryu-

Love to play hockey drink bottles of ice cold beer Where's the bacon. Eh? Copyright © Cynthia Jones Aug.24/2004

by Roldan Uybubulante |
Categories: age, angel, april, chocolate, december, fantasy, hockey, i love you, i miss you, love, miss you, moon,

You and Me

                                Before you came into my life
                         It was hard to live alone at night
        At exactly two am I heard the doorbell rang
You walked towards me holding guitar and sang

          Mountains and river, forest and lake
                   Love is how we enumerate it
   Her skin tantalizing my very own eyes
Slowly turning my body in a frost of ice

           Words form each others heart
            You and me against all odds
              Even we are very very far
I’ll be watching you from the stars

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: hockey,

The Hockey Player

     If I believed in re-incarnation,
     my dream would be to return
     on the gleaming ice!
     Watching the great Zamboni with
     my team!

     I love the idea of removing gloves!
     And going at it fist to fist!
     I'd be in the penalty box quite often.
     For my team I would do anything!
     and not for a second soften!

     Our goal? Lord Stanley, of course
     And pretty girls...quite often!  
     Pass the Molson, eh?
     Yes, a hockey player, that's me!

10am PST

by Marie Harrison |
Categories: funny, happiness, imagination, introspection, parody, uplifting



I’m that shameless child
Riddled with ADD,
Born to be wild and free.

My name is Tanya, but
My middle name is Marie,
I’m comfy in running
Shorts and a tee.

My favorite color is blue,
My eyes are that color too.
I’m terribly afraid of donkeys,
But I’m great at air hockey!

I love the humid summer air
It’s great for my curly hair
Being married is my worst nightmare!

by DC Bursey |
Categories: world,

wait for the last wave

we must all stand together
a hockey stick apart
and sail this stormy weather
with world citizen hearts
loves lives and a world to save
while we all
on this ball
wait for the last wave
heroes man the frontlines
like wars of long ago
professionals and citizens find
an invisible foe
we must all stand together
two meters apart
and pray the sick get better
with our big Canadian hearts
we must all stand together
love our neighbors
love our selves
flatten the curve
to normal again
health care breathing
children swinging
bells ringing

by Mario Vitale |
Categories: analogy, appreciation, art,



A stone will play inside my brain
to help capture a New York mile;
roll up those sleeves
treasure among the pier
Billy toast the mall
shadows nestled above the snow
Bury me below the shore breeze
make room from the outer banks
it maybe a good day
but its room  the chosen mouth
light up a lucky
Gordy Howe playing hockey
make room for a lot to see
stones will begin to crumble
be outside my porch window
love has gained
it also has lost
Billy Goat Gruff
cherish those given moments
starts off as a pebble then suddenly a stone
covered the case of a disco
Chariots of fire