Love Poems About Fish or Fish Love Poems
by Carol B. |
Categories: absence, anger, depression, loneliness,

Like a Tree In the Desert

Prick me with your vivid green awareness
Let the white pins that needle me
Diminish into their foggy sham

The bridal wreath that scented our commitment
Now doused in unkept hopes and promises
Moss sprouting venom from hurts battled

Like a fish floating in space with no oxygen 
I swam in currents without you 
The tank occupied with endless dark clouds

Fraught with fear and loneliness
Love now submerged deep in the recess of my mind
Unclear what is sacred what is trash

I prayed you would see the light
That my white knight would return
This battle is fierce and yours to fight

by Tom Woody |
Categories: appreciation, friendship,

Hold Your Head High

keep dwelling in the clouds, my mentor said
and shun those who would drag you through the mud
their heinous wish to keep you seeing red
is Satan's lure for drawing out first-blood

for in this world malevolence abounds
and evil lurks in every corner nook
to tit for tat in idle chat with clowns
is like a fish who can't resist the hook

but in the sky there's love and harmony
you'll find yourself immersed in dreams of peace
I'll help you in your quest to stay angst-free
together we'll find joy and sweet release

forever may this be my firm resolve
to rise above the fray and thus evolve

*inspired by a friend

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: life, nostalgia, sad, social

Buried Secrets

where the seagull dies
stringless origami cries
loneliness of soul

koi fish suffocate
colors fade in Bonsai trees
island in distress

words not understood
shadows grin tricks on rice walls
tsunamis in eyes

geisha of the world
love is lost in illusions
freedom is her dream

men with cold fingers
whither blossom of her spring
harakiri end

in the seagull's grave
origami secrets kept
chicks learn how to fly

by Kim Merryman |
Categories: god, inspirational,

God's Gifts

Rainbow days and starry nights,
Snow-capped mountains and eagles' flight.
Crashing waves from storm-tossed seas,
Refreshing rain and a gentle breeze.

Delicate flowers and trees so tall,
Red, orange and yellow leaves of fall.
Rolling thunder and lightning bright,
Sunny skies that bring delight.

Cotton puff clouds on display,
A clear blue lake where fish can play.
The chirping of birds and crickets song,
Invites all creatures to sing along.

In all these things God can be found,
Indeed, His gifts are all around.
Open your eyes and be amazed,
As God reveals His love each day.

For Brian Strand's All Yours (April 24) contest

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: seasons,

Through the Year

The garden bursting with the green of spring
Each bud and  leaf have promises to keep
New life this emerging season brings

In summer the warmth soaks elbow deep
The fish jump high and living is sweet
 Full of summer love we drift  to sleep

Now fall colors go dancing round our feet
Days of harvest before we watch geese fly
With some regret the waning days we greet

Winter arrives, with frosty breath it sighs
Thoughts turn inward, days pass one by one
WE hear music of the north wind's lonesome cry

Then at last another year is closed and done
and we greet the rise of a springtime sun

by Darlene Gifford |
Categories: fish, funny love, kiss,

Kissing Rocks

(Seen at the aquarium)

Eye to eye

in a stony embrace,

two rockfish kissing,

face to face.


by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: friendship,

The Sum of Us

Our minds and souls have somehow linked.
Strolled down paths of rain freshened flowers.
Forever mingling to songbird hues.

We spread our mutual seed into forests green.
The texture of our scent. Pristine.
The past cannot blemish such moments.

In the center of our lifetime, a golden pool.
Harp fish splash a silvery surface.
The bottom strewn with love's jewels.

We dive for the blue heart of it all.
A deepening touch, tumbling walls.
An eddy of us paints a lavender dusk.

We emerge pure as the sum of our love.
Infinity plus infinity equaling us.
Death cannot divide the frolic of such moments.

by Mike Martin |
Categories: brother, death, emotions, grief,

I Can Only Wish

I buried my boys today
Thirteen wasn't bad enough
What a pain in my heart
It's mine now, gone from them
They suffer no more

More than a hundred years
Barely seen half of that
I can only wish
Brothers to the very end
I can only wish

Love to take my boys out
Take them out all day
Take them to the running field
Run the while away
I can only wish

Love to buy my boat back
Buy it back all day
Wish I had my old boat
Wish I’d fish today
If I could only fish

by Susan Gentry |
Categories: color, first love, fish, sea, water,


Seawater swimming
And fast moving
Horse-like fish of the sea
Orange, blue and red too
Ride in herds
Elevated neck, of course

April 30, 2018

by Tom Zart |
Categories: adventure, happiness, nature, men,

Besides Love Men Need Fishing,


Besides love men need fishing, 
And for both, most are wishing, 
Catching trophies chosen best,
To be envied by the rest.

Fishing is a game of sport 
Loved by all, both tall and short.
We must fool the fish’s eye, 
If we plan to stir and fry,

Some use boats while others wade, 
As they fish the sun or shade. 
Ice-cold drinks help pass the day, 
While life’s troubles fade away.

Most men feel they've everything, 
With their rod, hook, cork and string.
Be it river, pond or lake, 
We all pray our line won't break.

By Tom Zart

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: god, inspirational,

God's Kind of Poetry

His poetry written since the beginning of time
Not in mere words did he inscribe his love
But in the natural world and the human heart
It is the perfection of earth and skies above

The hills and the fish ,the eagle that soars
Deep oceans, great plains and grand woods
The music of breezes moving through  grass
And  the whisper of love from those we adore

Each one a chapter in his great book of life
I believe this is one way he chose to speak
Gifts given  freely throughout our eternity
Look, for in nature perhaps the answers we seek…..

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: sad,

I Wander About

I wander about
like a fish out of water
in the surf blue sea

Me a traveler
in the congress of gray rocks
where carcajous howl

A vacant lot mind
wavered in the breeze empty
land soul never rests

Heart sighs seeks haven
warm breasts of the beloved
in my country home

I see the river
boatmen singing love ballad
flows out of water

Out of Water - Poetry Contest
Sponsor	Sheri Fresonke Harper

by Matthew Anish |
Categories: jewish, joy,

Another Day Before Nightfall

Pen to paper
So no tears today
Monday back to slavery 
I cast my out my lline
Hoping for a bite from a female fish
Do you not see what is meant by love ? 
Do you not see what is meant by peace?
Shalom is where its at, friends 

by James Fraser |
Categories: hope, love, passion, places

My Wish

Good morning to you
On this lovely day
Independence is the word
If i may say
I wish i was there
To share with you
A kiss on your cheek
And say how do you do
Take you to lunch
Spend the day
In the warm sunshine
The American way
In the evening we will fish
As hunter gatherers do
Play some music 
A dance for two
Into the night
As the owls hoot
Skinny dipping
In our birthday suits
Dried and refreshed
A nightcap for two
As we lie on the bed
Just me and you
But the toll of the day
Tires us so
With your head on my chest
We fall into dreamy flow

by Üzeyir Lokman Cayci |
Categories: inspirational, love, music, nostalgia,

Istanbul In My Dreams

Your expectations are carved into my eyes...
Their shapes melt in my dreams
The face seen in your postcards
Is not that of your soul Istanbul...
Living apart does not change your seas
Your waiting landscapes offer themselves
Thoughts do not remain still
Istanbul rests its weight upon my loneliness...
White fish swim in your living past
Seagulls float in your memories
Obliterated friendships stay awake till dawn
Anatolia rises from your horizons Istanbul...

by Uzeyir Lokman CAYCI
Traduit par Yakup YURT en français
French free verse translated into English free verse
by F.J. Bergmann., 2002

by Michael J. Falotico |
Categories: lost lovehalloween,

"just Four Walls"

I took the pictures down and folded all the clothes...
The carpet seems new where the couch used to sit...
A freshly painted outline used to hide behind our photo...
The plants are gone ,the fish tank is empty, only left
are echoes of our life...
His and her's boxes sit by the door like Halloween candy
ready to be given out..
Where love once rang out only whispers can be heard...
No more lights in the window or a lit candle on the piano...
The welcome mat is all rolled up like so many holidays went by..
One last glance as darkness fills the room, still the only warm
memory is lingering smell of your perfume...

Empty Apartment contest

by Melissa Wadkins Patterson |
Categories: confusion, lost love, love, me,

Oh Fisherman

I am in stupid love,
a fish out of water
caught by a slimy worm.

Hooked by hunger
and evidently truth,
but this bowl is far too real
to swallow.

My freedom was stolen
and he just laughs
as I swim around
in ridiculous circles,
searching for a knob-less door.

My voice gurgles as I ask him,
Oh simple-minded fisherman,
why'd you go and snag me like that
and what did you keep me for?

by Jen H. |
Categories: lost love, loveme, me,


He's just another fish in the sea
Or at least that's what they told me

They said, why would I want to love a fish
When I can reach for whatever I wish

Dry my tears, have some fun
They said, stick around, there's no need to run

They're building me a bridge I don't want to get over
Trying to give me a fake four leaf clover

But I just don't get it, why for me are they wishing
When really, I'd rather go back to fishing

by Kenneth Cheney |
Categories: life,

A Day In Life

Sing a song, laugh at a joke;
Pray a prayer, drink a toast;
Sip a cupp’a tea, walk a country mile;
Sit and ponder life for a while.

A morning Joe before you go;
Hit the bricks to earn some dough;
Smile a lot to make them wonder,
The secret of your happiness.

Kiss your wife, hug your child;
Say I love you, say I’m sorry;
See a ballgame, root like wild;
Catch a fish and never worry.

Vote your conscience, donate your time;
Phone a friend, spend a dime;
Pay your bills, down a Pil’s;
Mix it all together, your life will rhyme;

by Julia Ingolfsdottir |
Categories: art, life, sea,


I am love, 
more than lost. 
I am more artist, than living person.
I will not give you the look in my eye,
Nor the eye of the storm. 
Or any other mechanical thought 
That beams from the corners of my 

It is the world, 
Changing like the weather
Weaving storms into words 
And my voice into clarity.
It pools just like this:
Furious and deep, 
behind the rumination of my eyes. 

I am half fish in this world, 
more lost in the sea, 
than whole in your arms. 
Your sideways glance
Into the well, 
Reminds me of distances I swim
to be heard.

by Debra L Brown |
Categories: animal, cat, cute, cute love,

My Sweet


                                 You are my sweet pet.
                            Rose, the fish cake of my eye,
                                Come with me to Rome.


by Debbie Duncan |
Categories: life,

Light of Angels

Indian summers come
Then they slip away

Fish swim upstream to spawn
But they never stay

October came in 1955
I lay on my mother's breast

Love came to me one day
Then stepped away

There might be scars here
 and there. But, there's still

The light of the angels 
Shining thru her eyes
6/17/2017  11 pm Sat.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: water,

God's Water

Water’s pure when it is flowing
down the mountain ever growing.
Streams may long rivers turn to be
God's water blesses you and me.

Shallow or deep, the rivers run.
Folks find great ways to have such fun.
They swim, fish, boat, or water-ski!
God's water blesses you and me.

Rivers run their course; by a shore,
we may find water is even more.
Who doesn’t love a big blue sea?
God's water blesses you and me.

Bottled, from a faucet or spring,
comes H2O. It’s everything!
We should care for it, but DO we?
God's water blesses you and me.

Aug. 10, 2022
for 'A KYRIELLE ABOUT WATER' Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Kim Rodrigues

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: fish,

Something Fishy

The Japanese love puffer fish
Although it is a toxic  dish
Despite their endeavour
Our Jan tells us, "NEVER!"
A fish that farts is not her wish

by Victor Buhagiar |
Categories: love, night, ocean, sea,

Underneath Turbulent Waters

Let us meet in the quietude of the night, 
As the blushing, crimson moon
Rises high and lights the dark deep.
Where mesmerizing mermaids dance,
Celebrating mid-summer merriment.
My wife and I dare not go for a swim
As even in the ebony night 
We could see large fish crossing the ocean
In search of tasty food.
So we stay on the soft sandy beach
Admiring the shining moon.
We’ll kiss and hide in stygian caves
Neath rough billows, as we run apart
We feel the joy and, in the night,
Oh, euphoric scene, just you and me.