Love Poems About Car or Car Love Poems
by Arthur Vaso |
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Modern Poetry

Skip ad
poem will resume very soon
turn off ad block
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get dressed
is not that kind of poem
please favorite me
I am flavor to be
like me
love me
photoshop me
pause for second ad
add ads, subtract ads
multiply wine ads
get more wine
is a long damn add
bought the Mercedes
make love
to words
is in
snap snap and chat
latex friendships
hollywood dreams
with amex
I never leave home
there she rests
in the trunk
blood mixed
with that new car smell
everything is modern these days
even my jail cell

by Paula Goldsmith |
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"A mother's love is made in heaven." Quote Written By Poet

She was a young and beautiful bride,
then her handsome husband died.
The fast car came out of nowhere,
there was nothing left but prayer.
Life was about to take her on a wild ride,
but she could not go and hide.
A precious baby girl was born,
she was told to be happy and do not mourn.
For now she is dressed in pink and is nameless,
lying in the hospital crib blameless.
Loving adopted parents would come,
and save her as she sucked her thumb.
Somethings can start out bad and end up good,
our new name is parenthood.

by Mary Nagy |
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Princess Needs a New Car

Princess just wants a new car.
I have told her that hers will go far.
'Oh, it's really not cool
driving this crap to school.'
'Do I need that emotional scar? '

'The kids will all laugh at the rust.
When we race, I'll be left in the dust! 
I will save up some cash
then we'll make a mad dash
to the car dealer surely you trust'.

'He will make us a wonderful deal
and I'm sure you will know how I feel.
I will love you so much, 
My siblings... I won't touch.
Just get me behind a new wheel'! 

Now she'll be cruisin in style.
She'll be happy for only awhile.
There will always be better
and we'll try hard to get her
a car that will make princess smile.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Running Out of Ideas Is Impossible

Running out of ideas?
That is impossible if you have a:
TV set
toilet paper
drum set
spiders web
grand child
space aliens

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Sweet Haunting

He can’t forget her face and how that night
she said, “I love you” going out the door.
Her fragrance lingered when she’d left his sight.
It was Chantilly, that sweet scent she wore.

She crashed her car and died, and now each day
he thinks of how he’d once asked what he’d do
without her. He had said, “There’s just no way
that I could go on, Honey, without you.”

She’d touched his cheek and whispered, “Don’t you know
I’d never leave you? That’s a promise, Dear.
If even death should take me, I would show
you somehow, my beloved, that I were near.”

He “feels” her even now inside their room.
She visits him with scent of her perfume.

Sept. 26, 2019

by A.O. Taner |
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the shortest road
is the one that you know
the longest road
is the one that you love

by Sandip Goswami |
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They are not rich.
They have no car. 
They have no fat.
They have no dream.

They are not so-called educated persons.
They are not news.

They are struggling for existence.

They have not any exceed of life 
Which is poison. 

They live with their old parents.

They have innocent smile and intuition.

They created their poor house as rich home.

They are my celebrities.
But I am not communist.


by Xuefeng Pan |
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Crossing Your Path

I saw you were  seating  in the car park
In the wooden chair, no one I saw there
And you expected no one there by heart 
But I crossed your path by a similar idea
We met unexpectedly in a place called "park" 

Since all rooms were taken by busy hearts
And all the streets were filled with running cars
We are  forced to park here, the place we share 
Could this meeting up last for thousands of years?

by Ken Carroll |
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Love comes early in the morning
we watch the sun rise
a light yellow yolk
walking with red legs across the sky...
Hurrying from her car
we are just two lovers
locking hands in excitement
walking upon flower deep fields...
Her dress indigo with a sunflower
an art nouveau flower
song birds in the Magnolia
an ocean breeze fills our sails...
We had been up all night
waiting for the moon
to kiss the morning star
and the sun to rise like an Emperor..
Morning sky fills with saffron
orange, crimson with the blaze of Venus
reminding us of the absolute and the infinite
and the exaltation of new love..

by John Hardison |
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            A MAILER IS SENT OUT.
              A FISHERMAN IS FISHY.

                A MASON IS BRICKED.

                  A CAR IS TIRED.

                    A DOG IS BONED.

                      A CAT IS MOUSEY.

                        A BOY  IS PLAY.

                          A GIRL IS FANCY STUFF.

                            A MAN IS STRONG.

                              A  WOMAN IS LOVE.

by Jean Murray |
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Where I Live

In a stone cottage surrounded by trees,
I live here listening to birds and bees.
The **** crows each morn, wakens me at dawn.
I curse the beast, then rise to face the morn.
I love my work in the Maternity.
Just three days a week, then I am set free.
I live in Ireland, that beautiful isle.
I am spoiled for choice where to spend a while.
The beach, the forest, the National Park?
All are within range, if my car will start.
Hardly a sonnet but you get my drift.
If SO's not fussy, I'll give him a lift.
My kids have been blessed to grow without fear.
All want to return to have their wanes here.

by Jan Allison |
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Don'T Let Her Steal Your Heart Away

Like a thief in the night she stole your heart But I’ve seen the way you look at her ... It was simply love at first sight She has curves in all the right places You simply can’t keep your hands off her I can no longer compete for your attention Ladies.... Why do we have to suffer when men get a new car! 12th August 2015

by Randy Johnson |
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It's a Curse To Own a Hearse

Instead of being a chick magnet, my vehicle is a curse.
No woman will go out with me because I own a hearse.
I bought my hearse because it runs great and it was dirt cheap.
But when women see it, they slap my face and call me a creep.
I finally got a date with the woman of my dreams.
But when she saw my hearse, she ran and screamed.
Women don't want to make out where corpses have been.
Because of my vehicle, they won't date me, they find other men.
If you already have a bad love life, making my mistake will only make it worse.
Women will not date a man if he drives a hearse.  

(I got the idea for this poem from a TV show that I saw.)

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, passion,

Kidnapping You


I plan to kidnap you~though you
are a fully grown man.
I hold for you, a bag of sweets…
My heart's sweetest confections
and then...

Get you into my car and into a dark,
thick forest.
There, my deepest love...
To please you to the fullest.
So you just can't leave me.   
Beyond any measure, my dearest
love treasure.

In the woods, near a sparling stream, 
Timeless,we can settle and dream
And at night lie under the stars
Serene…under God's azure love blanket.


by Tom Zart |
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Where would we be without sex 
Like coffee minus the sugar and cream. 
As Adam was before he knew Eve, 
With no purpose to dream and scheme.

No reason for fathers and mothers, 
No reason to buy flowers and candy. 
No reason for diamonds and jewels; 
Viagra, wine, liquor or brandy.

No reason to purchase a sports car,
A fine house, muscle shirts or a new dress. 
Basically, a cake without icing,
So thank God and pray for more not less.

by Robert Lindley |
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Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

I met you there, so very full of grace
single rose in your shining raven hair
Radiance beaming from your sweet face
couldn't stop myself, I had to stare!

Every moment since, forever treasured
nights glowed on, your smile a star
Everything since that night measured,
love raced in deep, like a speeding car!

Now time has given me such great sorrow
Heaven welcomed your spirit on in
Misery my food, heartache my tomorrow
forever gone my lover, my great friend!

Glowing cloud on mountain top now dances
I gamble that climb and took my chances!

R.J. Lindley
Oct. 16th, 1973

by David Mohn |
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Dented Cans - a Love Story

driving away slow
   enchanted by metaphors…
        rice pelting our car
   white picket fences ahead
dented cans streaming behind

            05 Jan 2018

    syllable count 5-7-5-7-7

by Eva J Tortora |
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Blue Wind......

If I were to write about love

I would start with a word

like candle......


I remember before my grandmother died

she would recomend

I get a job in the writing world

the acting world

and then she's gone.......

I remember the rain....

how one life affects another.....




if i were to write about love....

i would start with a word....




by Frances Schiavina |
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Mad Love

Flash floods forecast hurrying steps and wheels ahead of foreboding clouds pregnant as eyelids welling with tears of baptismal rain to cleanse earth's skirt of its mire of blood and dust of blinding confusion with thunder of reproaches and flash of lightning clarity. I had been standing, gaze switching from red eye turning yellow to the traffic slowly rolling in one lane, in the next
a car came speeding forward unaware of the pedestrian, head down, hurrying into its path. In an instant making eternity: Rainbow splendor!

slow car swerving right
blocks car missing collision
saving the man's life

by Curtis Moorman |
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Bio Modified - Southern Gentleman


Being courteous, sentimental, compassionate, helpful to others 
I love Jesus, Southern Gospel Music, and Family
It is my plan to buy a new car, travel, and be on my own
Blessed to feel content, at peace, and filled with joy
My fear is not being ambulatory, losing  my eyesight and being bedridden
Meet President Trump, restore late model cars, and sing bass in a gospel quartet
I am a resident of the great State of Georgia, one of the original 13 colonies

18 April 2020
For the contest sponsored by Dear Heart

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Trust Me Baby This Is Love

We’ve stopped to park, and it’s no big surprise
you’ve quickly scooted over to my side.
What’s coming next is easy to surmise;
your roaming fingers to my bra strap slide.
I move your hands away. At age sixteen,
it’s not my first time in a young man’s car.
I understand what all the signals mean,
but you must know this can’t go very far!
Your kisses are not too bad, I admit,
but lacking in finesse, too speedily,
You try to take things farther. Then a fit
you throw. Does this show me that you love me?
Just take me home, for I’ve heard plenty of
such tripe as “Trust me baby this is love.”

July 12, 2017

by Maryam Jameela Haniff |
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Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Little did I know
that so early
you'll leave and go

A friend like you 
is so hard to find
yet you left so quickly
leaving me behind

It was not your choice
but God's own will
he took your soul
and made you still

To heaven he called you
indeed a better place
there he'll keep you
with love and grace

From this world you are gone
yet still, in my heart
you will live on,


Dedicated to my 11 year old friend Shaniece who died on Tuesday in a car accident. You
will always be there in my heart.....*Love Maryam

by Buhagiar Victor |
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Falling and Rising

Sitting on a chair facing a barred door,
Awaiting trial, although a minor charge.
His life was ruined, what had he in store?
Was sure the judge would his sentence enlarge.

Pleaded guilty but not for the car theft.
He fancied a joy ride on the highways
Allowed his common sense just go bereft.
Cold judge decreed a fine or thirty days.

An angelic lass was in love with him.
She gladly paid the fine to escape jail.
The judge agreed knowing 'twas but a whim
Found a job and see that he do not fail.

He succeeded and soon his lesson learned
And in quick time her heart he quickly earned.

by Akham Nilabirdhwaja Singh |
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In that Rainy Night

In that rainy night
near her home
at the distance
a lone electric lamp shone; 
dribbling raindrops seen 
flickering in its light.
She might be sleeping then.
I was driving my car
in the rain 
towards my far home
in the city.

by Stina Lu |
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Day-Like Nights

Day-like nights
By Luxu

The car wheels roll over
The Horn sounds wildly
The street lamp has its claws
A Vaunted fake moon
Shakes the half of the sky with light
The night sobs behind the hills
Stars hide away
People love the light
Better than the dark
The days are stretched like people themselves

A bundle of breaking rubber bands
A cunning fox'tail
A group of drowning men
A last straw
All march out
Deep into the night