Love Poems About Discrimination or Discrimination Love Poems
by Tonytocaa Camacho |
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To Be Free

The color
Of mankind
Echoed in 
Our minds
The Realities
Of life
The ethnic
Flow of
Our blood
Giving us life
Giving us hope

We were 
Color blind
The world
Didn't understand
The differnt
Shades of 

We were free
Of that kind of 
That brought 
Many of us
To our knees 
Even as you 
Lay in my arms
While our church
Was ingulfed 
In flames
Whispering to me
Be free my love
Be free
Lesser men would
Have gone mad 
You see
But not I 
I would not 
succumb to
That kind of 

 All rights reserved
   A.camacho jr.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: 12th grade, anger, angst, anxiety, discrimination, imagery, immigration,

Go Away

wars drugs poverty famine fear rape death and degradation that's the impoverished world desperate immigrants flee and yet we won't let them in go die on the other side of our new wall stay away from what’s ours we should be ashamed to call ourselves Christians there's no kindness in our hearts or tolerance for others even though God's commandment says to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Suzette Prime) 8/11/2018

by Sona Wilae |
Categories: black african american, blue, depression, discrimination, heartbroken, , black love,

My Black

My black bleeds the same color red
My black breaths the same air
My black causes death instead
Of life.
My black should live loud and free
My black is me. 
My black loves you
My black loves are true.
My black served the same country
My black is set aside
Like last nights trash
Yet I ask, does your color
Mean right, and my black
Mean wrong?
What a sad black song.

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: discrimination, history, humanity, immigration, political, racism, social,

Make America White Again

"Make America White Again"
Will never make any sense
Despite the tweets of "GENIUS" Trump
Or Republicans like Pence

Brown-skinned people filled this land
From one end to the other 
And though they had their differences
"Eve" is everyone's mother

Though some are prone to cast a stone
Or ridicule their brother
What makes a nation great again
Is love for one another.

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: dedication, education, history, life, love, nature, nostalgia, peace, people, philosophy, political, sympathy, visionary

Back To Origin

People are commonly different
Symbol of diversity piece
Pure race doesn’t exists

Color and creed are just an identity
Believe only in human history
God sculptured them from clay

People are equally created
Having many opposites
But respecting others taste

When everyone is treated equal
Nothing appears but peace in hand
Discrimination, disunity and, suffering won’t be born anymore

Written to advocate to suppress racism
Bandar Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
10:30-11:00 am, November 13. 07, Tuesday

by Tim Smith |
Categories: fear, friend,

Inward Thoughts On a Troubled Day

Light dances with the idea of love 
the sharks circle at mere plight 
of weakness but you cant kick out
a ballerina tiptoeing across rivers
red flowing with contemplation
and the final twin feather bed calling

Tomorrow's successes seduce
the captain's chair  empty
he's gone out for air
backed up pickup but the limbs won't move
just need another reason for loving you

The walls are built by more than just an emperor
The chains are laced in verse of discrimination
but I'm building a bridge to you
just don't jump and leave us to clean up behind
and as the **** crows it's going to be alright

by Bl Devnath |
Categories: humanity, philosophy, social,

Perfect Civilization

Pillar of perfect Civilization
Foundation stone truly speaks of pure love of humanity
No discrimination of nepotism in any way for any reason
where nothing is concerned about Country race religion caste creed black or white 
Just considers only humanity which is above all
where human is treated as human only in priority
The law of pure humanity speaks about love only
but not applicable for inhuman people 
For inhuman people injustice is justice
Pure social human norms are their hates
destruction is their destination 
they feel happy by inflicting pain to others
Ultimately they donot know to love themselves also

by Anonomus Scorpio |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, best friend, courage, discrimination, perspective, sympathy,

Let Us Not Judge

So sad for me is human ignorance, painful disdain can be sworn
For men and women who feel unnatural in the way they were born
Why is it so hard for someone who can believe unconditionally in the Lord above
Is it such a struggle to believe that a Divine creator could also make it possible for a transgender to find self-love
Is it so critically imperative that people, without understanding, try to control others' narrative
If we can show compassion to every form of the human race
Why can we not show friendship and love to those who feel physically out of place

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: discrimination, love,

It Is Not Hard To Love

No, my friend,

It is not hard for us to love one another 


It is hard to liberate ourselves from all prejudices


Prevent us from loving one another!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    29 November 2018

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
Categories: discrimination, god, love,

Approaching God

The more we open our hearts to God the more the barriers that divide us vanish! 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
    30 November 2018

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: anti bullying, discrimination, integrity, pride,

Comes the Inevitable Moment

Comes the inevitable moment to decide at last
Whether to stay or go; whether to love or hate
Whether to stand aside or bravely engage issues
To defy the odds and stand proud before the mast
To be late or early, to depend on timorous fate
Heart ripped asunder over questionable virtues.

Yea, lest anyone think fence-sitting is admirable
Or ignoring the necessities of every day’s wishes
The day arrives when we all must compensate
Stop the handwringing and become comfortable
By manning up to what life dishes.

written the week of June 20, 2021

by Sherwin Balbuena |
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Pagkamakabayan: Patriotism

'Tis intangible
Unlike the spears and the guns
Of the daughters and the sons
But partly they symbolize
Its abstraction ere our eyes

The time has passed by
And the world has also turned
From chaos into concord
Now we say goodbye
To old discrimination
Racism and commotion

There's a new picture
That appropriately depicts
Our genuine love and respect
For our own culture --
Raising our right hand to pledge
And doing our job with badge

by Zine Hadjira |
Categories: discrimination,

As Red As Love

As red as love
Since additives have been used in feelings
Globalization has changed a lot of things
Hate is green, love is red and tolerance has bled
A day for love, another for water, and a third for bread
Days are couloured but the world is black.
Stars are bright but, skies are dark.
Torture and sufferings are endless.
Diseases, wars, hunger and stress.
Our kids dream of joy and happiness
Too much talk but, little action is meaningless.

by Rudolph Rinaldi |
Categories: anti bullying, body, discrimination, fantasy, funny, humorous, myth,


Teddy Roosevelt once said -
"speak softly
and carry a big stick”

in referencing this statement 
might respond- 
I may not speak softly-
or do anything softly
but I am loved by all
and carry a big stick
a very big hard stick
with very big balls 
in my very big head
and all my very 
very good friends 
all of them 
Hispanic, black , white and Islamic
men, women and others
love me 
and them

by Christian Guild |
Categories: conflict, high school,

High School Life

“You’re a foot fairy” they say to me.
“You’re a band geek” they mock at me.
“You’re a Jesus freak” they bash on me.

What can I do to gain their love? 
Hatred toward everything I do! 
When will this pass? 
High school needs to die.

“Poetry is for fags” they tell me.
“Man whore” they call me.
“Nerd” they laugh at me.

Why do they do this? 
Discrimination flowing through their blood.
What will stop them? 
High school needs to die.

by David Moananu |
Categories: anger, discrimination, emotions, racism,

My Thoughts

these days I think hate is part of the devil's plan
everything I see and the things they say to me
is crucial and un justifying coming from other people's
these days,they don't think think of others like 
really I wish the racial profiling will be over with 
but it will never end
its sad that people fight over things just get by
stop the hate,everyone start to become one.
bring unity towards other's 
love one to another,that's what god would do.
help the people in need.
I look a pound these days and wonder
what would tomorrow be like
but tomorrow is tomorrow,we just have to worry
about today

by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: africa, anger, children, community, discrimination, racism, world,


Them that never cease to claim
Everything that’s ours is theirs.
They take our lands,
They spill our blood;
Our children are consumed by lust.
The future, but a toxic mix:
Ancestors lived and died for this?
This legacy, blighting as a spell;
Contaminating, burns a living-hell.
Who is man and who is beast
When one pretends to love but hates?

Copyright 23.10.14

(Written for Black History Month Oct in UK
The killing continues in plain sight and in various guises)

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: discrimination, hate, love, soccer,

If Peace Is To Thriumph

The Melting Pot is a city
where everyone seems
to live in harmony...
although racism and hate 
sometime make ugly headlines!

On Saturday Ballotelli
brought glory to Italy,
we was praised for his decisive goal;
how can we, as a civilized nation, allow haters 
to spread prejudism among us and build a thick wall?  
It's ignorance that causes
unkindness to others
of different colors and faiths!

My adapted city should be an example of hope
for everyone who wants to make it their home;
I have lived here and seen changes in people
who came together when tragedy stroke:
the wrathful hurricane Sandy was one of them!
If peace is to triumph, there must be love in all!

by Jesz Ika |
Categories: discrimination, racism,

Dear Racist

You have your roots forgotten
Your perception's now rotten
Noticing oh so sudden
That brother's a great burden

No love for brother or sis
With contempt at them you hiss
And the sharpest point you miss
That racism can't bring bliss

People can be blue, black, white
I can name colours all night
But do remember alright
Only yourself you do fight

Because we all are on par
And you're left behind so far
Still your scars with spite you mar
Frowning at those black as tar

With the same hands, all God made
Watch as you do colours grade
Without love, away you'll fade
For we belong under one shade

by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, discrimination, divorce, imagery, love hurts,


Happy married life
They greeted, eyes filled with love
Like mouth and tooth love
Or fish ans water love
Three years passed
Or after a kid
They become the sun
And the moon
What makes it gone
While it supposed to maintain

This write is asking a question that I myself can't answered, I have tried a lot of times, but all my answers were not tangible, since marriage is for better and for worse. I know you are here for me to answer this.
Sun and moon have the same thing in common! But why is it that they can't become ONE, please why did love vanished between two lovers after they had married.

by Gert Wewege |
Categories: abuse, care, christian, discrimination, love, racism, sun,

The Same Sun

Our lives are passing by and we look down
Someone with holes in their shoes and we frown
People are so different, city and town
Even if you wearing rags or expensive gown

All our hearts pump the same red
Some of us are lucky to have bread
Cold winter nights in a warm bed
Others living like, the walking dead

Our hearts have gone to stone
Every breath we take is on loan
Regardless your palace or time-zone
Is everyone too afraid of the unknown

After all is said and done
And caring less for everyone
In the long run
We are all under the same sun

by Threase Robinson |
Categories: discrimination, emotions,

Love Doesn'T Discriminate

Love is not discriminating
It does not discriminate
Your color 
Education you have 
Your bank account
Your sex orientation
Material things you have or don't have 

Love is love 

So go and love with all your heart 

Because love doesn't discriminate

by Wahab Abdul |
Categories: black african american, inspirational,

A Tribute To Nelson Mandela

By applying policies of apartheid 
Or practising  racial discrimination 
Who want themselves or their clan 
To be seen above than the rest of the world 
People of this globe throw them down 

But the man instead of pulling himself up 
Bring up all in the line of equality 
People of this globe push his stature above 
Much more than the rest of humanity 
Showing for him unprecedented  respect and love.

by Joanna Williams |
Categories: confusion, desire, discrimination, hate, judgement, love, sin,

The Crime of Love

Shall I suppress the hankering of love,
And behold one’s stifle whispering bare,
Or quench thy besmirch of venom thereof,
Or bedight thy fog, doer of despair?
Before perceiving wisdom of thy crime,
Judgement of thyself no question make,
When desires approach years of prime, 
Must respect and morals themselves forsake?
Though slavery gone captured we still be,
Yet must we all have thy person to blame?
Praise thy duets of similarity,
Forswear injustice and love all the same, 
          So even I not man still do yet swain
          For love alone must I wish to gain.

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: abuse, art, discrimination, evil, hate, history, holocaust,

Beauty and the Evil Ones

Beauty and the Evil Ones

A poet weaves such wondrous words
flowing of milk and honey
of enchanting places
soothing moments
filled with love invoked memories

Majestic symphonies of wonder
cadenza's weaving the imagination
Wagner, a musical genius sayeth so
softly painting beauty in musical tones

Overtures of compassion permeate away
such artistic brilliance buries the mind
of those whose insides are maliciously dark
pure evil pervades their bone

The painter of valleys
rivers and mountains in pastels
simple yet provocative in their tranquility
Hitler of the rose gardens
evil through and through