Love Poems About Stress or Stress Love Poems
by Tom Cunningham |
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Chainsaw Blues - bawdy limerick LOL

There was a lumberjack from Borehamwood 
A chainsaw mishap took off his manhood
His Love life now a mess 
And it caused him great stress
So he made himself one out of some wood .  
He went to bed one night full of desire
Sue his wife put on her sexy attire 
Things got steamy and hot 
He gave it all he got  
But with passion and friction it caught fire . 

Written 5th March 2019.

For make me actually LOL 2 poetry contest 

Sponsored by Nina Parmenter.

by Sunshine Smile |
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- Stuck In A Snowglobe With You -

In a moment of silence
The winter's crystals are filled
in a snowglobe with you

A window without curtains
Like two sparrows in the country of love
We escape from problems in line
and money that burns

To get away from Christmas and stress
This is one of the most magical places on earth
So close, cheek to cheek

We sit on this branch and shine
in our common air and landscape
Christmas is time for peace,
love and reflection

Take care of those around you
Christmas is a period of the year
it's hardest to be lonely

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by humble b |
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LOVE God is always love Forever seek the kingdom; Praise the creator Keep giving what you can give Please endure until the end ANGELS Beautiful Heavens Protecting the meek ones earth Watching over us Helping us to cope with life Comforted with hope and trust MUSIC When you find rhythm You find your hearts inner core Celebrate the times Make them better than before Reminisce and dance all night

by Vera Duggan |
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Relieving one's self of stress

There are so many things we like to share
And bring love in to take away care
The best way to relieve stress
Is to remember the good times and happiness

We hear the words of grief and trouble
And we know that we can halve it and not double
We have been given the gift to see the funny side
With laughter and smiles so far and wide

Sharing our stories and  kind words from the start
And the pleasure we bring will melt every heart
And help to heal loneliness, fear and pain
Then as we leave and please come again

by nicholas windle |
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thoughtful paws

Place your hand upon my coat,
Watch me shiver so,
Pure ecstasy with you I feel,
Through my eyes I touch your soul.

For ill be there at your waking,
My tail, wagging to and fro.
In the evening bring you comfort,
When the days, stress has took its toll.

Can there be a friend so loyal,
Who will be there when you call?
In this ever changing world,
Some things never change at all.

by Verlena S. Walker |
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PrEmAtUrE aGiNg

pReMaTuRe AgInG
an older woman and a younger man are a trix in between because as his love blooms he sees himself aging. _________________________|
penned on august 31, 2014!

by Veronica Capo |
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Breaking the Chains

You tug and bend at the chains weighing down, 
struggling to even make one small dent. 
You try to burn the chains that have you bound, 
but to no avail... Not one link is bent. 
Cruelty and sadism are expressed here, 
in the holder of the chains who you'd trust; 
and those close-by strive to halt painful tears, 
but the chains make it all a complete bust. 
The chains hold strong from the mind to the source, 
causing loneliness to fill the bruised heart. 
Nothing right now withers those chains of course, 
but nothing is free from breaking apart. 
If all else fails and no progress is made, 
just give those tough chains time to rust and fade.

by wayland bunch |
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Harmony Through Love

We haven’t been formally acquainted 
Though your words now travel in me
A picture of harmony you’ve painted
Love truest, in the very highest degree

Trouble in the midst, but don’t stress
Look into the windows of the soul
Therein you’ll find your happiness
Where two parts become a whole

Partake of this newfound pleasure
Two rivers now flowing into one
The joy contained has no measure
Warmth radiating like rays of sun

On this road of destiny or now call it fate
To encounter true love, it’s never too late

Based on In Deepened Harmony by Nette Onclaud

I do not know you, but your friends desire you back. You must truly be a light and inspiration to them.

by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO |
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Guilty Reflection

Looking dead at me in this smeared mirror...
a lost man
face red
and teared

stacking excuses 
the longer I stare
this stress abuses 
my conscience with a glare

a guilty reflection warns
my mind is the prison I fear
as I long to escape 
from the  hell I dwell in
right here

who have I become? 
what have I done right?
crossroads appear suddenly 
as fog fills the mirror tonight

darkness owning the room,
prefers I suffer slow
so I proceed with speed 
because it’s the only way I know

tasteless stories
flood my life’s hard bound chapters 
while this smeared mirror reflects tears
dripping from a face 
which was once filled with laughter. 

by Carrissa Whateley |
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The love shock Test

why seek true love 
when even the truest love is fleeting
the thing you should desire is 
for lasting love to transpire 
take my hand and hold your breath
this is a love test
do you have a single doubt
about how it will turn out
are you afraid they will leave
and how you could possibly grieve
worry no more the stress will disappear
and just send this to your sweet dear
because it's over they never really let you near
it is fact they are being clear they don't want you here
take your love and disappear don't live in fear

by Faye Gibson |
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Caregiver's Road

Beneath a heavy weight I labored,
misunderstood by those I love and serve,
illness raging, family demanding,
expending soul and physical reserve.
Like a thin smoke quickly dissipating,
spirit tenuous, weak upon the road,
on the precipice of breakdown trembling
feeling endurance and harmony erode.

Along a peaceful stretch of sand walking,
listening to pounding surf, the birds,
tasting the invigorating sea air,
hearing in my heart God's voice, His words,
inviting nature in to permeate
my being, soothing the aching pain . . .
spirit at rest, on God's glory feeding,
I can go home, begin my work again.

Copyright, August 1, 2014
Faye Gibson

by Ahmed Sheik Koya |
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A pearl is not found in every oyster 
Only ones that endure a grit that comes to fester
Slowly its lacquered and covered with shiny plaster
It takes grit and time and no way to do it faster
And the grit is the start of the pearl of luster

Consider every grit that comes into your life
Cover with love and forgive every strife
For you will encounter irritating grits rife
Solve them with mediation and not with a knife
Make Lovely pearls and brighten every life

by Jaycee Cervenka |
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Death lingers
Not in an essence, or scent-
No spectral aura conjured by tears or laughter,
But through wishes left too late and unspoken
Guesses made in blue ink, seal stamped, and filed.
Your legacy pillaged and raped by suited men
'til it's extorted to to pennies.

Your smile and voice are buried in the stacks.
Documents, bills, and letters to be written
Fill the memory baring your name;
Your scent and laughter long gone.
Given choice, I would pick the lowest memory
Over the reality of perpetual argument and stress.
Perhaps it's better to have left only love.

by Jeremy Michael |
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A Loveless Love, or Schrodinger's Love

Deserving all deserts and worth all worths,
My love is admiration’s mirrored whole,
A shadowed shade whose forms do form rebirths,
I’m boldly uncontrolled in her control.
A burning nymph who’s in all fairness fair,
My love’s accounted without frankness frank,
To stress distress she counts my bareness bare
And burns my ardor with a rankness rank.
To hold and not be held is wealthless wealth,
To see and not be seen is sightless sight,
To cure and not be cured is healthless health,
To love and not be loved is lightless light.
		A crisp and charming cat sans coyness coy,
		My love’s a lifeless life and joyless joy.

by Just James |
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Age of Innocence

He seems dizzy and sometimes very still, 
yet she sees her father’s hand leave his will 
and then connect the cheek of her mother 
Yet still her eyes lead back to her father 

Every night she sees her mother’s pain tear 
It runs down and is wiped away in fear 
Her cries fade with the colour of her dress 
The bruises on her mother signs of stress

Every day a child errands to the fridge 
The key never to spill even a smidge 
Her toil seeks to release his broken heart 
and reveal to him his little sweetheart 

Nothing can change her one love endeavor 
Her daddy’s love her target forever 

- inspired by Nicola's poem-

by John Patrick Robbins AKA Gonzo |
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Love None The Less

She captured my heart for a blessed moment in time.
Everything seems new.
Now even words seem hollow as the lines to this rhyme.

Hands togather I held a chance at something so very true.
Strong are the arms.
That held on to all but you.

Such a strong  appearence  so many feeling I conceal
Please dont look  into my eyes.
Cause my broken heart will reveal.

As the pain is a unending  stress.
What is this agony
So many names is love none the less.

She takes my day.
every second  she haunts my thoughts.
Keeping my heart from so very far away.

To understand anothers heart  we can only guess.
call me a joke if you must.
But a lost soul craves love none the less.

by Besma Riabi Dziri |
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                Plunged deep into chaos Man adios
                   Love in hand and daily in trance
                           Steering rulers losing
                                Man anew with
                                a poet's flame
                          to diagnose each pain
               seeking what of words can Man heal
               pen at rest the load lingers unreleased.

(Inverted Rictameter)
September 2nd, 2018

by Ashley Evans |
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[i]Sweet Whispers And Warm Eyes,
  The Heart Loves What no Sight,
Shattered Hearts And Broken Dreams, 
The Heart No With No Mind,

Abusive Spouse, Scream Out Shout 
The Heart loves Without Doubt.
Controlling Or Jealousy,
The Heart Won't Tell You To Leave:
Cheating Partner  With A Loyal lover ,
Because the heart Don't care.

The Mind thinking No  But The Heart Cries Yes,
Causing You So Much Stress.
No Knowledge Can Save You,
Because the heart can't Change You.

Love Is Blind  And this true,
I've Lost Count Of How Many Times my heart Has Been Bruised .
So Say Want You Want  And Do As You Must,
There's No Controlling The heart When It Come To True Love


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side step ole stress n cross the street, pick em up, don't drag ya feet, if love is there, it's all so sweet, but love is slow to find. right one, i've ever yet to meet... ensnare her heart, 2 be complete:) 2 be johnsons you'd delete, all old memories of 'pure' passion. Don Johnson
pure is in, Russells input....:) yep better!

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Spring's arrived at last, she wears her green dress as I go rambling on lush verdant hills This season's so special I will confess I pick some beautiful gold daffodils their xanthic colour relieves any stress after depressing days of winter chills Fluffy newborn lambs gambol in the fields I love the rebirth that spring always yields Spring Poetry Contest Sponsored by Regina McIntosh NB poetic licence used ... I never pick wild flowers just ones growing in my garden 02/20/21

by Gershon Wolf |
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I see a day

I see a day when mankind will say
   Let us our differences downplay
when the wolf will lie down with the lamb --
   Hearken to the shofar blast of the horn of the ram

I see a day when every husband and wife unite
   to keep the bonds of matrimony pure white
when children feel the love and care they so deserve
   when families dwell in peace, no stress on their nerves
I see a day when the earth is back in equilibrium
   without carbon overload or environmental destruction
when mankind treats our wonderful world with awe
   when he respects Nature and Natural Law...

These visions may perhaps sound like mere dreams
   Let's make them come true, on wise plans' streams

by Randy Steele |
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Love Of My Life

I ponder these things transpired in my life
Us crossing paths, you becoming my wife
Affections so strong etch deep in my soul
Encompass my heart you already stole

Tough as an oak, you withstand our trials
Soft as rose petals, your victory smiles
The children, the stress, no getting you down
Those full, supple lips show rarely a frown

Near thirty-five years since we said our vows
Intimate moods you're still able to rouse
More than double our age since we first met
How you change my life I'll never regret

My darling, my bride, so much that you gave
A lifetime of love we'll take to the grave

by PoeticMonwa Monwa |
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My heart wants to let go

My heart wants to let go
Let go of you and move on
To carry on, to go on
It wants me to quit
To stay in this relationship it's unfit
It's been so long now
I've been holding on
Staying strong for you,
for me and our love
Which is now a hopeless,
hopeless love
That commitment 
and amusement has died
Stress, sadness 
and sorrow are now born
That unconditional love, care, funny
and romantic talks disappeared 
and now avoidance 
and distance have grown strong
Why always in love Joy I find not?
Why always in love freedom of heart I find not?
It seems I never will find any
It is better for me to let go.

by Tara Ann McNally |
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Sex Is Just Icing.

Sex is just the icing, 
Isn’t the whole package,
So much more enticing.  
But problems do arise 
When all the baggage arrives 
Into play.  It is better if all is 
Laid to rest but that is 
The ultimate test.  At times
It can be such a pest, 
And cause so much stress.
It will turn into a 
Whole mess for one another,  
Unless they learn to 
Lean on each other.  
To also know the difference
Between love and just pleasure.  
The body and mind 
Will not know. 
The heart and soul 
Will surely take its toll.

by Brittney Rhoda-Goode |
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You Don't Know Me

I smile so no one can see my scars.
You think i'm happy.
But you don't know me.

You don't know the girl
who cries herself to sleep.
Who marred her skin
from all the stress.
Who hates herself 
for all she's done.
Who chokes back screams
when she sees you smile.

You think I handle all this well.
But you don't know 
the torture I put myself through.
I punish myself for all your lies,
but still can't hate you.

You think you can see
but you don't know me.

( 2004 )