Love Poems About Nazm or Nazm Love Poems
by saadia syed |
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Hijab, niqab, jilbab, or chador of ridah.
Draping eloquently the notion of obscurity with expressions so holy.
Living an invisible existence on screen of life.
Suffering in silence; and protecting honor of riwayaat daily.
Should I surrender the will of life, being, self, or khudi?
Don’t show, just hide: don’t feel, but survive.
Don’t love just subsist in this infertile valley.
Don’t cry,
You are a daughter of a contemporary,
Traditional, man of Islam.
For you life hereafter is the prize.
To find yourself when everything is hidden in the ideals of hijab
Is a miracle of love
It’s life greatest surprise.

Saadia Syed

by Shabeeb Hashmi |
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Mohabat mar nahi sakti

Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
badan main jo khoon ki manind,
jo hai aik janoo ki manind,
subha aur sham kay hr pal main,
jo hai aik sakoon ki manind,

Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
Woh rahti hai dua ban kar,
Woh chalti hai hawa ban kar,
Woh sumandar kay talatam main,
Machalti hai wafa ban kar,

Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
Woh sansoon kay sath chalti hai,
Rang ban kar nikharti hai,
Ghata ban kay woh cha jaye,
Woh khushbo ban kay mahkati hai,

Mohabat kaisy mar jaye,
Woh ebadat meray rab say hai,
Tahajud kay saray sajdoon main,
Woh rafaqat hr aik shab say hai,
Woh laboon pay vird karti hai,
Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
Mohabat mar nahi sakti..

Shabeeb Hashmi

by Neldy Jolo |
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A killer garden of love 
expects pollution of sin 
was walking in town 
embraced my chest home
serving the environment 
Butterfly flies 
affect the branches done
disappeared and gone
health in a car exhaustion 
guard our natural wealth 
let's save the wildlife
do not be smug!

by Mizanur Rahman |
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Hume Galat Mat Samajhna

Hum to fakir-e-dua hai,
Hume kabi galat mat samajhna!

Juban youn hi lad-khadaye,
To Maaf kar dena!

Dil me dua aur juban pe ,
Muskurahat rakhna!

Jannat khadmo pe hogi,
Bas zikr-e-ilahi ko yaad rakhna!


                           Meezan Poetry:19/01/2019

Note: Fakir-e-dua= bagger of blessings,
Juban youn hi lad-khadaye=slip of tongue,
Zikr-e-ilahi=rememberence of God.

by M Asim Nehal |
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Aao Batein Kar le

Raat ki ankho me seyahi n jamne paye
Subh ki mehti khusboo n thamne paye
Thodi der saanson ki rawani kar le
Aao batein kar le 

Jo Ghubaar dil me dafan hai wo nikal hi jaye
Paon ki bediyan aaj khul hi jaye 
Mauka phir ye mile ya na mile
Aao batein kar le 

Kuch tum apni kehna kuch tum hamari sunna
ek nayi baat nayi soch suhani kar le
reh gayi baat jo wo purani kar le
Aao batein kar le 

Rasmo riwaj ki zanjeero se pare 
Aao hum tum kahin khwabon me mile
kar le dur aaj shikwe aur gile
in budhi soch me jawani bhar le
Aao batein kar le 

by Mizanur Rahman |
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Wo Shame Bhuj Gyi

Wo shame bhuj gyi,
Jisme rashni hua karta tha
Wo khuwaishe mit gyi,
Jaha ibadat hua karta tha.

Wo chahate bhi tut gyi,
Jisme khud ko mitane ki dil chahta tha
Wo dibangi bhi ruth gyi .
Jaha duaon me raat gujarta tha.

Wo Waqt bhi badal gya ,
Jo palko me raat o din hua karta tha
Phir Waqt ne hi badal diya .
Jisne mustakbil ko tamir karta tha.

Fursate chali gyi ,
Jisne ujale me khuwab dekhta tha
Masrufiate aa gyi,
Jo yaadon me bhi kabi duba karta tha

by bahram sediqi |
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If you still want to hear from me

Without you,my life is colorless   Breathing is difficult without your presence
If you still want to want to hear from me  if you're not feared from me
Put a comma after my last sentence and if,you want to stop my breath put a dot

by mohit rohilla |
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Apni Zindagi Ke Liye kych haseen pal dhoodhta hun.
Raaste me chalte chalte kuch khwab jodta hun.
Har roz sikhati hai jeena yeh kudrat hume,
bas yeh sikhne ke liye, main yeh sab likhta hun.

Kabbhi haseen hoti hai zindagi, 
Kabhi kuch pal aansoon ke hote hain.
Kabhi kisi bheed ki wajah, 
To kabhi kisi bheed me bhi hum akele hote hain.
Bas isi tarah, 
kuch pal ki muskurahat inn kagazon par bikher deta hun..
Isiliye to main yeh sab likhta hun..

Kyun hume kisi ki aarzoo banne ki koshish karte hain
kyun hum kisi ko khone se itna dara karte hain.
bas yun hi, kisi ki aarzoo abnne ki ani koshishen banyaan karta hun.
bas isiliye main yeh sab likkhta hun.

by Mizanur Rahman |
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Pane ki aarzu hai tujeh

Pane ki aarju hai tujeh Aur khone ka dar bhi ! Yekin to hai mukaddar pe, Aur youn mit jane ka bhi ! Hosla to hai meri fitri, Aapne naseeb per bhi! Per youn na tanz kar tu, Mere usool o fiqr me bhi !
Meezan Rahmani Poetry Note: mukaddar = kismat (fate), Hosla= josh (inspiration), fitri= natural, Tanz= mazakh (Mocking), Usool o fiqr= caring habits.

by Ja Ja |
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I look up at the stars and marvel at their setting
The darkness of the sky, which is used, as their netting
The vastness of our solar system, as we orbit round the sun
The immenseness of our planets and how each one is spun
The massiveness of earth, holding continents and seas
Its rivers and its lakes, beneath the mountains and the trees
The fascination of humanity, how we adapted and we grew
Ever grateful, among all this beauty, I was still able, to find you
BOEMS by JA 660