Love Poems About Urdu or Urdu Love Poems
by Ernesto P. Santiago |
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Words Whisperer

You’ve swallowed my misery, 
My old self, just by a smile;
By letting me feel the mountains move, 
You’ve freed me, just by a smile;
My twisted thoughts,
Have been untangled by you, with just a smile;
I offer my body and soul to you, O my words whisperer,
You’ve whispered me a new life, just by a smile;
I offer myself to you O, Jamlaila,
You’ve made me your man, just by a smile.

by Simran Mendon |
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A Night's Call

it is five a.m and his voice is a hymn i composed to honour my body. 
his history is now mine, and I have sewn myself to his favourite memory. 
his baritone is cinnamon flavoured - the words, crushed blueberries he has plucked out of the garden of his skin and from which I will make the most insatiable type of wine. 
the smoke billowing from his mouth is my scent - the ittar I adorn my name with, 
and this phone is the bridge between our beds - the miles that separate our worlds, 
he asks me if I know how long it takes to fall in love. 
Just long enough for him to say hello.

by Saahil Parwez |
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Yahi Sab Puchhte Hain Umr Itni Tumne Kahan Paayi
Main Kah Deta Hun Unse Ishq Mai Kab Log Marte Hain

Tumhara Naam Lekar Muddaton Se Jee Raha Hun Main.

by Rajiv Jha |
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Ghum-e-aarzoo dil se, kabhi to rukhsat hogi
Kabhi to sahar hoga, shab-e-intezaar guzaregi |

Palkon me jiske, simat ti ho ghataein
Saawan pe bhi uska hi, ikhtiyaar hoga |
Kab tak rahe viraan, dil-e-anjuman aakhir
Kabhi to bahar chupke se, is or bhi badhegi ||

Guzarte waqt ke saye, kuch bechainiyan hongi
Betaab dhadkano ko, mera intezaar hoga |
Kab tak khafaa rahegi, wo shokh nazar aakhir
Kabhi to dast-e-dil se, shabaa pyar ki uthegi  ||

Is umeed par chale, har sham meri sansein
Kal ke ujale shaayad, milne ki ghadi hogi |
Andhere me ghira main, sochta hoon ye har waqt
Hogi raat ye badi, ya meri umra badi hogi ||

by Saahil Parwez |
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Ishq Chhupta Nahi Chhupane Se
Log Kahte Hain Ishq Hai Wo Mushq

Par Wo Kahti Hai Jaanti Hi Nahi.

by saqib rao |
Categories: friendship, urdu,


o Far Stars Say How To Beautify,
So Near Earth Says How To Modify,

So Many Birds Say How To Justify,
So Many Buds Say How To Glorify,
Drops Of A Rain Say How To Purify,

A Lot Of Animals Show How To Serve,
Nature Of Light Says Don’t Be Curve,

Our Body Also Says Support As Nerve,
Soil Of A Desert Shows How To Absorb,
Eyes Of The Eagle Say How To Observ

by Peter Brown |
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I stand and wait by the garden gate
My object of affection is fashionably late
When she appears she will be mine
For a wedding is planned to celebrate.

by Shabeeb Hashmi |
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Subha ki hawa jo kashbo-o-yar lay aye

Subha ki hawa jo kashbo-o-yar lay aye
Meray chaman main naseem-e-bahar lay aye.

Tu ronaq-e-mahfil bazm-e-charagan hai sanam
Teri ada meray chehray pay nikhar lay aye.

Chamakti rahti hain ankheen abgeno ki taraha
Nigha uthi tu saroor-o-khumar lay aye.

Sakoon sa rahta hai teri suhbat main aksar
Mareez-e-ishq kay liay sabr-o-qarar lay aye.

Yeh shartay mohabat thi kay wada yad rahay
Woh sham ajab thi jo tera intezar lay aye.

by Ovidiu Bocsa |
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Ghazal for you, my reader

I hold the rainbow and an arrow, for you, my reader;
The thrill of good  tomorrow for you, my reader;

The butterfly of happiness will fly from our book
To find a reason and a certitude, for you, my reader;

You don`t remember this verse I took 
In the hand of light, for you, my reader

It was at very beginning a word, for you, my reader
And wonders made by Lord, for you, my reader

Temptation of good , to see the truth ,this festival 
of hope with favorable look, for you, my reader

And here, YOUR NAME I put, while writing a Ghazal:
A nosegay of perfumes, a tender touch for you, my reader

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: fantasy, urdu, silver, stars,

Fire In the Sky

Darkness carves night from day's glare with a half moon
smile under star-studded eyes. Faces glow as silver spoon
ladles the rapture of Venus. Fly Golden flames! Shower
the horizon before stars fall, languishing too soon.

Behold, the glory! Applaud the gallant trail of pewter
in wide-eyed dreams. Dancing in shadows, the suitor
from silver screen projects shooting stars. Piercing
hearts of lovers, metal shines, a welcomed intruder.

Brand each beating heart with the reigning night! Fuse
with the goddess of love before stars fade from sight. Cruise
on blazing chariot through evanescence of passion's mist,
and memories of spirit sky shall set fire to our muse.

by Cynthia Alvez |
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I'm Going To Write You A Love Song

Not by request
Not even my best,
Hoping you'll just select a poem
With no sense in the title...
No clue in the first line
That it is divine.
Pick one at random,
Perhaps previously ignored
By those who do not tarry...
Without songs or rainbows
No butterflies and no lies.
Only words needing to express
The current stress of my life
At this particular moment,
Sent out in poetic line
To be classified as good, bad or
Browse here, through my pages
Of verse
Not rehearsed...
Tell me what you think or not
But Ive got to move on now
To the next twist and turn
Of thoughts
By  circumstances beyond my control
My bold mind running free.


by Nigel Fox |
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My Love my Muse

I beg for a haven prison please let open your gates
freed of enraptured weak thoughts now still your love dominates

My rivals for your love shall all be all rejected 
thoughts love turning their vintage wine a sour inflected

Smashing statues broken mirrors just convexities
captive my loves wounds just absorbing concavities

The hunt is over and I hear the call to prayer
lover a man contented now no more solitaire

by Timothy Hicks |
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As houses shake people think of red, when comes thunder.
Safely in our rooms, on our warm beds, then comes thunder.

Will you sacrifice yourself for those that you love like
In those romantic stories you've read, when comes thunder?

Even the most sturdy of men will feel like brittle
Glass and sense vast approaching dread, when comes thunder.

Women will lite slender candles to illuminate
Their tattered bibles, their daily bread, when comes thunder.

As I write this I hear something familiar yet strange,
"You are not alone, Timothy" said the loud thunder.

by saqib rao |
Categories: children, friendship, urdu,


    If there was a shop of happiness
    And If I knew about it
    I would buy every happiness for you
    Even if my life be the price of it..!

  Kaash koi khushiyon ki dukaan hoti
    Aur mujhe uski pehchaan hoti
    Khareed leta har khushi aapke liye
    Chahe uski keemat meri jaan bhi hoti..!

by sarah larrieu |
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happnies of love

will the love last with throbes of emotions flowing
will it last forever or will drown away the happiness he has put inside my heart and soul.
i dnt knw what to say think never felt this way in my life. i love the feeling just like i love him. he always knows what to say . when i think about him i think about the true personalty and his great sense of humor. if u ever see him you would be like he is the god of all fine me alive. he has the musles of my life. he`s my night and shining armor nd he will till life to cum

i want us to last forever.

by Barbara Gorelick |
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Winter Begone

Oh Winter, with your icy heart Your cold beauty sets you apart But time to ease your steely grip Soon springtime's turn must start Oh Winter, your fires burning low New life stirring in the earth below Bide your time until next year Hearts long for springtime's glow Oh Winter, we keep our love for you But long for skies of blissful blue We need to know the seasons turn And the earth once more is born anew

by Shabeeb Hashmi |
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Mohabat mar nahi sakti

Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
badan main jo khoon ki manind,
jo hai aik janoo ki manind,
subha aur sham kay hr pal main,
jo hai aik sakoon ki manind,

Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
Woh rahti hai dua ban kar,
Woh chalti hai hawa ban kar,
Woh sumandar kay talatam main,
Machalti hai wafa ban kar,

Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
Woh sansoon kay sath chalti hai,
Rang ban kar nikharti hai,
Ghata ban kay woh cha jaye,
Woh khushbo ban kay mahkati hai,

Mohabat kaisy mar jaye,
Woh ebadat meray rab say hai,
Tahajud kay saray sajdoon main,
Woh rafaqat hr aik shab say hai,
Woh laboon pay vird karti hai,
Mohabat kaisay mar jaye,
Mohabat mar nahi sakti..

Shabeeb Hashmi

by Bessie Kolb |
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I miss smiles in the morning time
I miss laughing until I cry
I miss long conversations that last through the night
I miss the ease in the fear of facing the unknown
I miss hearing the music of love in a moan
I miss the secrets shared between two sacrificed souls
I miss you laying beside me and keeping me warm
I miss the closeness of falling asleep in your arms
I miss the syncing rhythm of two beating hearts
I miss the desire of the feeling that somebody needs me
I miss the passion of somebody wanting to please me
I miss the magic of the love that I still believe in

by steven coleman |
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dear beloved president barrak

dear mister president i want you too know tht god loves you with out a doubt and so do i all the way too the heavens in the sky!barrak oboma they say bad thing about you if they onlyknew your love is true to the american people you see you realizethis is the land of the free!i love you for loving the rich and poor the same and playing no money games!lead us well in your last term and don't let your life be full of scorn!you have truely cleaned up a mees and i think this american loves you best except for god who considers his self anamerica too barrak heloves you true!

by Shabeeb Hashmi |
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Koi tu pochay la makani ka sabab
Jheel see ankhoon main pani ka sabab

Sitaray toot kar girtay hain kahan
Yehi baat thi hayrani ka sabab

Betay lamhoon ko yad kartay hain kabhi
Kyunkar tha uski maharbani ka sabab

Aks ainay main khoo gya kaisay
Tha uskay chahray pay pareshani ka sabab

Aur woo tasawar thee bechri yadoon ki
Ghar kay angan ki verani ka sabab.

by Nigel Fox |
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On Entering Heaven

Welcomed around me the half dead in lost love writhing in ecstasy
I myself now in the place of the past of dreams devoid of such chastity 
Well met seeing my lost love beautiful with chestnut eyes and soft such curved hips
In dreams devoid of vanity I will and now just serve myself so handsomely

by Nigel Fox |
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My Muse

I beg for a haven prison please let open your gates
freed of enraptured weak thoughts now still your love dominates

My rivals for your love shall all be all rejected 
thoughts love turning their vintage wine a sour inflected

Smashing statues broken mirrors just convexities
captive my loves wounds just absorbing concavities

The hunt is over and I hear the call to prayer
lover a man contented now no more solitaire

by Shabeeb Hashmi |
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Dekhoon ayina tu teray akss ka gumaan hota hai

Dekhoon ayina tu teray akss ka gumaan hota hai,
Meri ankhoon main teray chehray ka samaan hota hai,

Youn teri khoj main sahra ka badal ban ke,
Meray kadmon ka safar pher say rawan hota hai,

Janay anjanay main likh doon jo kbhi tujh pay ghazal,
Mera her shair teray husan ka biyaan hota hai,

Teri palkoon pay jo jugnoo ki chamak main dekhoon,
Behti nadia main sitaroon ka jahaan hota hai,

Her aik shab khawaboon main jo tera rang dekhoon,
Meri her neend main teray dil ka makaan hota hai..

Shabeeb Hashmi

by kanchan priya |
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mere ishq ki kahani

kya kahei kya na kahei, umr e rafta kya kya sikhlati hai
gulzar de kar zindagi sametna gul-afsha sikhlati hai
hume toh ilm hi na tha zindagi k berukhepn ka
ki kis tarah wah firoza si hokar bujhti jaati hai
yaar-e-naama-bar ko yaar k liye chitthiyan de dali
apni fidrat apni rangat yaad aana uski sohbat bayan kar daali
par mere mehboob ko v khuda ne na jane kb pathhar dil bna dala 
usne ek mohum si hasee mei mere ishq ki kahani khtm kr dali

umr-e-rafta= beeti hui umr
gul-afsha=bikre hue phool
mohum=halki si

by Mizanur Rahman |
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Hume Galat Mat Samajhna

Hum to fakir-e-dua hai,
Hume kabi galat mat samajhna!

Juban youn hi lad-khadaye,
To Maaf kar dena!

Dil me dua aur juban pe ,
Muskurahat rakhna!

Jannat khadmo pe hogi,
Bas zikr-e-ilahi ko yaad rakhna!


                           Meezan Poetry:19/01/2019

Note: Fakir-e-dua= bagger of blessings,
Juban youn hi lad-khadaye=slip of tongue,
Zikr-e-ilahi=rememberence of God.