Love Poems About Hip Hop or Hip Hop Love Poems
by rahul bhatia |
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Love or Help

You live to love, When you love to give. That life you never had Like forever, had no wealth. Still had a hand to help. All I have is dreams for myself grand plans for world and words to rhyme with strength. The world will change, it depends on range of rage or love we raise. Well thats a phase of world, where we stay some for months, some for days or its a game we play and score to glee. All above, We live to love and we need to give.

by cecil hickman |
Categories: feelings, hip hop, how i feel, romance, sin,

I Was Wrong

Was I
To push love
So un-returned
At first though the love from you came later
I lost mine, rapt in imagination
So time forgot
Our passion

by Rich Rogers |
Categories: how i feel, irony, poems, poetry, spoken word, truth,

Being Honest

Shocking as it may seem to believe,
I dislike iTunes Christian and gospel genre.
The only explanation I can fathom,
Is that all its songs sound the same to me.

My preference is hip hop and pop,
Lecrae and Andy Mineo are my tops.
I do like Ariana when listening to pop,
Mostly I rock to the Apple’s pop.

I love J. Cole’s “Brackets” so much,
I even wrote about it for my class.
So much truth exposed in the song,
It’s impossible to ignore the message.

My focus effects my reality,
I keep Jesus as my centerpiece.
Without him, a me there wouldn’t be,
Connected like the roots of a tree.

by Jason Schropp |
Categories: business, conflict, freedom, grave, money, power, symbolism,

hip hop won't die

 some days I'm neither decisive nor constant still in mid step advancing parallel combining 
 due stress pre-tense in depth, feign fair, fair is not love nor hate,objecting 
 lines turning war torn due reputations proceeding by stride and sweat pourn ,
 but the clocks  harder at  self gaining advantage and foolish lost to 
 insincerity,  caused by quotes barley  examples of thought misunderstood .

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, boy,


we all love rap
its music in the lap
its begin with bop
also pop
it was like a new toys
in all its our ball

by Mary Jane Randall |
Categories: anger, best friend, betrayal, care, funny love, hip hop, spiritual,

Empty words

Did you hope I wouldn't notice you gave me empty words to drink?
well my tongues tasted more lies 
than you would ever dare to think of.
You're not the only one with truth like poison in their veins.
whose ribs are shaped like cage 
holding tightly to the pain 
I knew even touched that wretched cup 
pour a glass of words to cover what you hide 
perhaps don't leave your secrets clinging tightly 
to the side 
but then again empty words.

by keith baucum |
Categories: community, culture, dedication, hip hop,

Blue Love - North Carolina

Blue blue blue blue blue blue
Dressed in blue banging North Carolina 
I'm a blue dog I'm a blue dog I'm a blue 
dressed in blue banging North Carolina 
yeah I bleed blue yeah I bleed blue yeah I 
bleed blue
Blue blue blue blue blue blue
I bang my North Carolina State you see 
my North Carolina hat nothing but that
NC state the dog is off the chain the dog is 
off the chain the dog is off the chain
Blue blue blue blue blue blue
written by Keith Edward Baucum aka Red 
Seven  aka The Brown Philosopher aka 
The Green Poet
I wrote this when I was stupid

by Donna Bellfluer |
Categories: car, color, hip hop, jesus, july, love,

The Job of Paint is that of cream

Yes, Friend

cruising in the manner of an expert...
jaguar thats aquired that of the complex features.

similar to that of a racing team.

freshly painted, with the color of fallin snow.

the inside is creamy.

by Cheyenne Nienhueser |
Categories: beautiful, dance, happiness, how i feel, i love you,

Always thinking of you

Not being able to forget the  wonderful,
enduring love i have for you.
A graceful head turning hip- hop
Dancer always turning heads wherever you go,
it usually makes me want to melt like snow,
Now that your gone 900 Miles away,
 my heart is always and forever thinking of you,
Praying that I'll get to see you soon.

by Sebastian Aaron Baez |
Categories: art, music, nonsense,

putting on my sunday best

spinning top
beat box
rocking body pops
stone cold spitting hot
to melt
personal imprisoning locks
shatter negative 
mental mountain rocks
with uplifting 
positive fountain thoughts
written down like
sporadic quantum physics chalk
oh my
I love the way he talks

graffiti addict
hip-hop fanatic
student of poetry magic
the type that weaves together
computer generated space fabrics
underground cult classics
eating a bowl of chex mix
handsome devil
passionate rebel
honey pie cuties blowing me a kiss
constantly catching butterfly lips

by Vanessa Brown |
Categories: music, love,

Hip Hop


Hip hop is what I love 
Hip hop is what I feel
Hip hop is what I know
Hip hop is what I do
The love for hip hop is what I have
Hip hop makes me want to party
Hip hop is what I will love forever
Hip hop

Vanessa N Brown

Copyright ©2005 Vanessa Brown 

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: dance, hip hop, imagery, metaphor, word play, words,

dancing with words

cue words:

to ebony tuned
slicing stolen space
with sable 
circuitous undulations
to lexical intoxications
of syllabic tones
hip cupping
silent scribed screams
of euphoric meters—
hearts jazz bopping
hip hopping 
on tranquil winds
of peace and love:

words cued…

by nancy smith |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, funny, imagination, kiss, love,

My Toad and Me

 Forever my love will grow
As a princess I will kiss my toad

Odd it may be
With gleam my toad and me

Everlasting our love will be
As  green grass under a willow tree

Happiness is a hip-hop
On a lily pad made for two

By choice I weaved this odyssey
Full of joy and merriment

Ladylove, my prince
All cloaked in emerald green

Sweet as honey from a busy bee
Enough is a kiss from that toad to me

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: death, halloween, hip hop, romance, satire,

Tum woa

             "Tum woa nasha meira 
              Jo rout jaati  hoo 

              Beena kisi  SAAWRTH KEY
               Tumhe pittah jaata hoon
              Meri jaan"

With love all
jagdish bajantri

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, food, me,


it a treat
that meat
make me beat
and pat my feet
i just eat eat  sleep
to the the bop
from hip hop
i love me some

by Leileah Kasperyan |
Categories: adventure, change, confidence, dance, moving on, new years day,

New Years Resolutions

I would like to remember 
what it feels like to dance,
as I shuffle through streets
devoid of romance. 

Shimmying and shaking
Grooving and gyrating
Wriggling and waggling
Bopping and banging.

Perhaps I will discover 
the rhythm of soul,
the flow of jazz,
the moves of funk.

I may find hip-hop
stomping on a street,
or run into ballet
bouncing to the beat.

Ballroom might chacha
while swinging with salsa.
Foxtrot might samba
while rocking with rumba

I would love to spend
the coming year
dancing around people 
without any fear.

Dancing with myself


by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, music, love, boy,


they rap theyer specail chap
that love  to adat
walk with a hip
they love to dip
games is there fame
money is there toys

by shane solomon |
Categories: art, black african american, dedication, lost love, music, sad, urban

Rest in Heaven Mister 213

It was a clear dark night
When your voice was the only in sight,
The many years of childhood,
The "Hip-Hop Hooker,"
was the choice of many tunes,
So know, that in our genre,
We may never forget
How the regulations of the game was maneuvered,
By just 16 bars,
or how we jammed and sang,
Along in our car,
To the many soulful grooves,
This one, Nate Dogg is for you;

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, forgiveness, happiness, music,


it still around
that sound
from blues soul and pop
now hip hop
music is music its all gold
it just reload
doowoo bebop lets go to the hop
was part of rock
somesay it was stole
its still love by young and olf

by Lisa Antley |
Categories: betrayal, black african american, black love, celebrity, confusion, hip hop, slavery,

For Kanye

Never bite the hand that 
feeds you.
Be careful not to burn bridges 
you need to
cross again.  
Let’s not pretend 
you’re not the issue
it’s everybody but you.
Sacrifices they made for you, 
but you forgot where you came from.
Actin like an edumacated fool- 
dumb dumb.
Now, you want to apologize- 
say you’re sorry- 
Your eyes cry
lonely tears
feed your fears.
before you speak.
Check your priorities too.
We so done 
playin these games 
with you.


by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, art, history,


it got  a beat thats a treat
you pat your feet
the words you seek
is for kept
its about truth
and todays youth
i listen to it a lot
it s part my shopping cot

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: art, history,


they tell the turth
its our new youth
its none stop
if you part of the lot
i play it none stop

by Riely dionne |
Categories: art, fantasy, imagination, inspirational, music

Hip hop

i spit fire like a torcher/
i grew up into a Mc schorcher/
vile dialect wreck you to the corner/
world leaders band together border/
me from me showing im a performer/
is sick ritualistic Horror/
i mutilate anyone who is poorer/
upside down youll never been soorer/
find your wife cut her up and store her/
ammoniun nitrate makes a nice forcer/
hello the dr is here time for toutura/
ill find out right now if your a morna/
i was having fun till i accidently tore ya/
oh u see me? did you see my paw?/
im a monster and i love my meat bloody and raw/
with contraptions right out of saw ill show you habitual law/

by ilene bauer |
Categories: music, music, music,


Whether you like rock or rap
Or classical or jazz,
Music is the equalizer
Everybody has.

Often we’ve heard quoted, “Music
Soothes the savage beast.”
Listening to music helps
Emotions get released.

Opera may make you cry
And hip hop make you dance;
Show tunes make you sing along
And some inspire romance.

Salsa music makes you move
And reggae makes you jive;
Marching music, so emphatic,
Shouts, “I am alive!”

We need sunshine, food and drink
And love to help sustain us,
But music is the magic
With the power to unchain us.

by stepheney hernandez |
Categories: black african american, hip hop, stress,

A hustler's family prayer

To my young men whom I love so dearly...
Whom lives their lives free willy-nilly.

Who stays out waving guns in air.....
Without a care...of the love we share......

Who invests time in making sure they look good.
But won't invest in the time to allow their hearts and minds to be understood.

It is time to man up and put those working boots on.....
It time to man up show your women you are strong. 

I love my brothers, my nephews, my men... 
But it's time for the dumb stuff to come to an end...

I know, I know.... who the hell do I think I am.....
I am the one that loves you and don't want your EULOGY IN MY HAND..
so it time to wake up!