Love Poems About Heroic Couplets or Heroic Couplets Love Poems
by Kimmy Holmes |
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Old Bones

Poetic Form: Heroic Couplets 
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Old Bones  

Just throw these old bones in the backyard
I got tired of life
I've loved it hard
Don't go makin a fuss
Outta losin this old cuss
Just bury me
Like you married me
In my jeans
Take my pieces and maybe make some kind sense
Course, we'll argue about how you got it wrong


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by Ernesto P. Santiago |
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The Sound of Poetry

He beamed and glides 
across the board. His words
subtly form in heroic couplets.  

He spoke to a whisperer 
of love. And, she promised him
…he’ll not be torn apart.

The sound of poetry
serenading the stillness of night, where he
silently, reads the lips of the wind 

Rustling him, with 
sweet symphony, of her soul
…for his crimson heart, like mine!