Love Poems About Footle or Footle Love Poems
by Sean Kelly |
Categories: lost love

Footle... Young Love .

First kiss

Pure bliss .

by Robert L. Hinshaw |
Categories: love, wife,

Eternal Love

'Tis clear
My dear

You are
By far

My girl
A pearl

I fell
Pell mell

For you
To woo

First kiss
Pure bliss

Asked thee
On knee

Be bride
My pride

Said yea
Great day

Next thing
A ring

Now wife
For life

Three kids

She died
I cried

Love ya

POTD  9 Sep 2020

by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: love,

Heart Footle

Please take
Don't break

by James Fraser |
Categories: fun, humor,

Doodle the Footle 2 Tootle

I so love this form called Footle It allows the poet to doodle With so few words Whether right or absurd Now read , short trip, lets tootle < ;-) >

by Roy Pett |
Categories: funny, prison,

Fabulous Fun Footles

I Love my Mother in law.

Phone rings
Ear stings

Door knocks
Nerve shocks

Come in
Large gin

Be nice
Head lice

Hair gel
Strong smell

Stale wee
Flows free

Stand here
My dear

Trap door
what for

Large sigh

In jail
Good tale.

Fabulous fun footles competition.
Sponsored by Jan Allison

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: funny love,

Footling Around

Footling Around Shoes off Clothes doff Feet reek Spray seek Romance Last chance

by Lin Lane |
Categories: introspection, time,

Time For Footles

Time passes much too quickly

just wait
too late

my clock
tick tock

waste time
a crime

won't last
age fast

love dies

3-1-2016 . Footle Contest
     by:Timothy Hicks

by Tom Cunningham |
Categories: humor,

Footles X 17

Small print Eyes squint Deep snow Tread slow Strong gales Drop sails Score high Bulls eye Great whites Big bites Dark rum Warms tum Thin hair Thread bare Small tent Legs bent Wide load Hogs road Strong cheese Bees knees Flash drive Archive Clear night Stars bright Peace dove Spreads love Suns heat Dead beat Earthquakes Ground shakes Shots rang Loud bang Just wed Now bed
Written 21st August 2020

by Abdul Malik |
Categories: inspirational,

Love To Laugh

All smiles
Go miles,

All cries
soon dies,

Face fears
shun tears,

All hate
can wait,

As such,
LOVE much,

Laugh off
a scoff;

Be kind
Save Wild,

Be wise
Shun vice,

Good deed

Find nooks
Read books,

All's swell
ends well!.

~A Brian Strand July 24 contest - Footle.
"Your Footle poem" contest by Judy Konos

by Valsa George |
Categories: child, cute love, father, growing up, home,

Child Footles

Sleepy, Weepy, Sweetie, Cutie, Babe drools. It crawls, On floor, On four. Burbles, Gabbles, Wets bed, Cute bud! Guileless, Artless, Chuckles, Giggles, Grows up. Sits up. Child walks. Child runs. Climbs up. Falls down. Naughty, Haughty, Spoiled brat! Moppet! Mom’s joy! Dad’s toy! God’s gift World’s light! ________________ August.2.2022 ~ Placed Tenth~ Brian Strand Premiere Choice Poetry Contest

by Anisha Dutta |
Categories: lost, lost love, love,



       Once you won my heart !
       and walked away merciless.
       Dear ! Won’t you repent ?
        How could you forget or how
        could I accept barren life.


A New Haiku - Footle - Tanka

Contest by Brian Strand

by Sidney Beck |
Categories: beauty, desire, myth,

Nun Fun In the Sun


There was in hot Tashkent in the orient
A religious uprising - a  convent dissent.
Army was ordered in with gunnery,
The soldiers targeted the nunnery.  
Here are the events in vista: 
One lovely sista was forbidden a mista, 
But a certain young soldier kissed her
Unaware of the portents
For the jewel of the convent’s contents.

In her cell he wanted his love to foister.
(She had made his cloister moister.)
His inclination was to osculate ;
The incident threatened to escalate.
Her kiss made him forget his gun,
Which overheated in the sun.
The magazine cooked until done, 
Then bang,  their love was gone.

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: dedication

The Queen of Footle

Checking the newest poems, I see her latest form. It’s Robin Gass’ poems, Keeping PoetrySoup warm. Always pouring her heart, Within her timeless writes. The poignant lines she pens, Delivers beautiful insight. She has so much to say, Way more things than google. We are blessed by the words, From the Queen of Footle. ____________________ Dedicated to Robin Gass for her love of writing.

by Valsa George |
Categories: devotion, god,

Devotional Footles

Oh God, , Our Lord Great King, We sing. Eyes raise Give grace You lead, We plead. Steer life, From Strife. Help reap, Joys deep. Give bread. Love spread. Calm us, In fears. Save us, From tears. Our need, Do heed. We bide. Abide. April.25. 2023 ~ Placed Sixth~ Brian Strand Premiere. No.1211. Poetry Contest

by Brian Strand |
Categories: love, people

Footle-True Love

first glance


by Jack Ellison |
Categories: love,

Mo Crush

Much charisma Mesmerisma

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: god,

Touch of God

Indulge Awhile In thought Spirals Just see How they Orbit Our heart Wherefrom They sprung But now We fuel Our thoughts Habits Patterns That shroud The light Within So let’s Now shift Into Stillness Silence Pristine Where we Just rest Feeling Life pulse Our breath Heartbeat The bliss Current That seeks Fusion Union With God Through love Whose hues Bubble Afire Joyous Embrace Both form And void Now one All love Thus touched By God 17-February-2022

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, christian, faith, god, health, jesus,


Good health sure wealth. Heart beats love greets. Brain zest thoughts best. Face glows praise shows. Hands serve Strong nerve. Feet fly steps high. Firm bones skill hones. Pulse rate joy’s state. Cells cope life’s hope. Saved soul best goal. Spirit stays fit. Wellness gladness. Smooth veins blood reigns. Mind light faith might. Great lift God’s gift.

by Gary Watkins |
Categories: funny love,

Morning After

False kiss
Ends tryst

by James Christian |
Categories: happiness

Love (Footle)

     is like doves

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: death, history, love, passion, peace

Footle-Romeo and Juliet

Young hearts

found peace

by Brian Strand |
Categories: love, wife

Footle-Love Match

one try

wise guy

by Joseph May |
Categories: love,

Wedding Day

I do 
     Love you

by Andrew Crisci |
Categories: death, love, passion, peace, sad

Footle-Romeo and Juliet

Young hearts

found peace

by Leon Wilson |
Categories: faith, hope, love

The Last Supper (Footle)

Bread wine