Love Poems About Mythology or Mythology Love Poems
by Rob Carmack |
Categories: first love, lost love, mythology, raven,


As she walked across the sand,
receding waves made graffiti
out of the footsteps of a Valkyrie.
An ocean’s city let go of her hand
as we passed under a tree –
her hair like the gold of Valhalla’s marquee.
It was there, in another god’s hall,
the raven flew under a ceiling of shields,
and her grace lived in every swan.
It was then, when I first met need,
thirsting for wine but settling for mead.
Baldr’s death carved into a stone wall
moved me west to the mistletoe.
Her face held by another, his fingers 
the lightening that tore open the skies
and bled the blue into her eyes.
My first loss and left out of place,
to learn what can’t be taught.

by Keith O.J. Hunt |
Categories: fantasy, love, mythology, romance,

Wind Rider

**From my collection of poems:  'Apollo's Diary' 

I wonder if she thinks of me,
   at night, alone.....
   in her melting-bed;
With moon full as her curiousity breath, the wind in the late hour
   the stars I shall tease with,
   and phallic-lavender to ignite her bosom;
I am all things gentle, yet mighty,
   soft as her silk sheets.....
Dark and tall in her bedroom shadows,
   but candle-light makes me real
   with the night so young,
   if a king should come ----
   he will not do.....
She longs love, not adulterous power;
   I shall whisper upon a balmy breeze.....
(I wonder if she thinks of me)
    at night.....

by Thomas Wells |
Categories: happiness, hope, myth, mythology, summer, sun, sunshine,

Summer Solstice

Cloudless sky, naked shades of azure.
Oh, summer vibrant, resplendent sun,
We thank Lugh for his longest luster,
Grateful for the bounty he gives everyone.

Sun lights awareness in every entity.
Oh, boldest, brightest waking day,
Season of growth, splendor, and fertility.
Abundant Earth is teeming with DNA.

We plant the new seeds in our souls.
Oh, wondrous, endless fire regenerative,
May we sip from love and passion’s bowls.
May we always pause, reflect and be appreciative.

Each summer we must willingly shed our tropes,
And rediscover each other with newfound hopes.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, lost love, love, social, image, myth,

Mythology and Image

By every image spoken, 
her mind and heart were broken; 
the given and the taken 
sought their grave for things forsaken. 

Belief and dream dissolving 
to a point beyond resolving, 
sinking painful instants after 
in a hiss of serpent laughter. 

Mythology sent packing, 
fading image grey and lacking; 
wasted time drained in seclusion, 
mourned the rag and bone illusion. 

What a fool, somehow believing 
in the words, denied deceiving; 
now alone with smiles resigned, 
her orphaned love, no home to find.

by Shirley Hudson |
Categories: dream, mythology, romantic love,

Cupid's Arrow

One glance cupid's arrow,
Pierces my heart taking my breath away,
Blinded by a  beautiful light,
When I open my eyes,
You are standing in front of me,
Looking deep in your eyes I get lost,
I feel you inside my soul,
Remembering you in my dreams.
Your hand reaches up and
 caresses my cheek, 
I feel your touch,
I realize this is no dream.
I look into your eyes and ,
Realize I am home.

by Kate Davies |
Categories: imagery, moon, mythology, night, spiritual,

She, of the Onyx Crown

Beauty of yours, informed by moon's illume,
Irises lilac, heaven sent thee here,
Adducing stock's spiced vanilla perfume,
My heart all consumed, I must have your ear.

Oh, creature of mourn, what love are thee?
Raven hair, for it appears, has no death,
Your words whisper of winds long lost at sea,
Darkness doth command with a single breath.

Blinded, such you have obscured every star,
I am yours, now the only eyes required,
She of the onyx crown, goddess you are,
I, your nocturnal animal... Inspired.

Do you salvate all sin within your sight?
Let us sing, and submit to Nyx's night.

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, mythology,


Gorgeous, eternally young
Alluring she emerges 
Rising from the foaming waves
In dazzling beauty.

The forged magical girdle
She wears ‘round her naked waist
Attracts with enticing charms
The power of love.

Contest: Dodoitsu
Sponsor: Dr. Ram Mehta

by Ayesha Karim |
Categories: color, conflict, culture, heartbroken, mythology, sin,

Love Potion

Love Potion 

Add chinchilla fur at the end
Two cups of cold water
A pound of sugar
A clove of garlic
Four cinnamon sticks
A package of Big Red gum
A teaspoon of curry powder
A bunch of fresh parsley
Five lb bag of white rice to throw all over room and bed
Add some cotton candy

by Peter Churchley |
Categories: angst, beauty, betrayal, lost love, love, mythology, romantic,


mythical black dog i hear your howling from the darkness gate keeper of the underworld perpetual torment cries the name of a lost love as innocent blood drips from my heart in payment of pride i beg let loves pure soul pass to taste the mornings sun kisses upon sweet fresh earth come to heel demon beast of hades brood no malice upon love's freedom for hell can spare one soul tonight
6.2013 indigo-song ©

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: baptism, beauty, city, eve, first love, funny, gender, god, history, independence day, mystery, mythology, night, obituary, raven, sea, silly, summer, sweet, teacher, world, yellow,

Roll On

Lauren Hill slow songs thrill,

they pop like a fast moving pill,

I am flopped on top of a junk food bill,

and running with a skunk who tells me to take in my fill-

like leading um' on into my dream,
I create a festering lean,

I rank every thought in order of how I like it,

and prep for a long time that's gonna break all the cycles.

Striding with my shrine,

as I shock a spine,

revitalize and prime-

as I preen and primp and chimp-

as I act like a pimp,

I black out and gimp,

skimp out on my dying moment because death is no shrimp!

by Ken Duddle |
Categories: eve, love, mythology, satire,

The Original Sin

As Adam and Eve walked through the garden Their love grew and grew They gathered berries for their supper And leaves for a brew. Later as they lay naked under the stars Adam kissed Eve and gently stroked her thighs They heard a sound, turned in fright And saw a vision before their eyes. 'Stop, sin no more or go to Hell' Spake the fanged head But then it spoke no more As with a stone Adam hit it till dead. Adam turned to Eve with a smile 'We still have much to learn and see But what I'd really like to know Is what was in that tea?

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beautiful, character, love, mythology,

Apollo and Daphne - the Eight By Four Style

~Apollo And Daphne~
(Eight By Four)

Apollo's first love
a beautiful
maiden that when
Apollo saw her
in the woods fell
in love with-but
Daphne fled from
him just frightened

Apollo was in
such hot pursuit
that when she felt
his breath she screamed
at her father
the god Peneus
who just changed her
into a tree.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


~Author's  Notes:

" The Eight by Eight" is a poetry
style created by Alvin Otto Stewart.

by J-Mag Guthrie |
Categories: adventure, god, hero, love, myth, mythology,

Theseus of Greek Mythology

clew a thread unraveled it pulls me back away from the scene where I had done battle other heroes are god-touched their fathers' powers aiding them sore and wounded ... I retrace my steps the heartstring of my love will pull me through

by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: allegory, candy, mythology, myth,

A Myth and Proverb United

A melt down occurred high outside
That ended a fabulous ride
Let's love licorice
But recall Icarus
Whose fall was preceded by pride

Author's note: Licorice is dark and an allegory for the bad things one needs in life.  We know that bad is stimulating, but too much of a good thing can have the opposite effect.

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: bereavement, inspiration, leaving, muse, mythology,

To Calliope, Chief of the Nine Muses

My muse sighs and leaves me unwell
     and cuckolds me like faithless love
as if she's ne'er my god or belle,
afflatus or creative breath 
     who came from the summits above
to save me from poetic death!
"Why go, O Calliope!?" I yell;

her leaving brings about such woe
and inexpressible sorrow
     that's too profound, too deep to tell:
I pray to Zeus I'll never know
     this Melancholia of hell!
My muse sighs and takes leave of me,—
I yell, "Why go, O Calliope!?

by Mark J. Halliday |
Categories: animal, magic, mythology, science fiction, silly,


Beautiful mermaids:
Mythical ocean dwellers.
Why don't they have gills?
Mythical mermaids--
If real, are they then friendly,
Or are they Sirens?
Caught you a mermaid?
Best not fall in love with her.
They don't mate, they spawn!

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: desire, emotions, imagination, love, mythology, stars,

Talking With Venus

Standing on a cliff high above
the noise.
Reaching for the star I have
wished upon.
Oh! Venus, Goddess high above
can you talk to me about spiritual
Can I just reach it once and hold
it close to me?
So I can see my wish coming true
Puffy white clouds entertain our frame 
of time as I sit and talk with Venus in
her celestial confine.

by Iris E. S-Lewis |
Categories: adventure, allegory, celebration, encouraging, health, journey, mythology,

At the End of the Rainbow

At my rainbow's end, there'll be new beginning
alluring voice will usher me to inning.

At the end of the rainbow, one sign says do or die
there's much more to life, than meet the eyes.

At my rainbow's end, a scenic reservoir
on elevated grounds I'll jog, with morning star.

The end of my rainbow shows seconds for perfection
I'll revert as one holding gold medallions.

At my rainbow's end, I'll see family and friends
waving colorful flags, with words of love I extend.

Then again, at the end of my rainbow, I'll be poised
since share of equanimity, will surely be my prize.


(Entry for Eve Roper's "At the End of the Rainbow" contest

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: appreciation, black african american, girl, love, mythology, passion,

Aphrodite Night

Remembering that night of our last touch,
when nothing was between us we should know,
in love with loving you, and just how much
I wonder, where in time do such nights go?

Forbidden like a box all sealed up tight,
or like the burning Zeus refused to share
with mortals such as we, and on this night,
Pandora's box was opened everywhere,

you were, that night, my first and only love
and always shall remain this part of me,
created from the earth and waters of
a night when Aphrodite let us see.
And I am more than blessed for loving you
          forever and all time, as I will do.
© ron wilson aka vee bdosa the doylestown poet

by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: courage, for teens, heart, literature, magic, me, music, mythology, peace, scary, writing,

Jimmi Cannibis

Jimmi cannabis sweeps,

toward deepening feet,

doesn't call a river to wash me out of the Sea,

I’m deepening the beat...

Jimmi Cannibis leaks-
lie’s of the beast,

jumps out a door when you can’t feel my heat,

wait in the warrior horde if you’d love to hear me speak,

and adore the geeks,

streaking like tweets-

lessoning like the little,

blessings by an unholy fiddle,

crosses to manage the middle,

oh yes,
danger could be yours too ya widow...

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: allah, art, beauty, bible, life, mythology, nature,

Butterfly Angel

Sun bronzes my wings
As I flutter in the wind
Drinking the nectar of flowers
Chasing lovers
		 in skies bright or grim
Dancing on clouds swirly white
Softly I sing of natures right
To love all other breathing things
A God who says different
Is a serpent who sins

by Mary Rotman |
Categories: allegory, dream, gothic, lust, mythology, sensual,


My incubus, dark visitor, draining my love by night, spurning the day; Yours is the shadow time when hypnotic kisses declare love and make promises that dissolve with approaching dawn. My lover, my vampire, shed night's mantle and share with me the day. Face the sun if you dare.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: artdance, dance,


The lucid flow of her dance
A marriage of mythology and philosophy
Evolution of the soul, body and psyche
I fell into a spiritual trance

The expression of pure joy and beauty
Her subtle actions bloomed along
As she moves to the melodious song
Portraying love, fear, anger and duty

Her dance an illusion on my soul
A blissful state in the air
A snow white swan in prayer
This devdasi with enticing eyes of kohl

Bharatnatyam is a classical dance from of India. This was traditionally performed by 
Devdasis, who were women living in temples.

by Marilyn Williams |
Categories: allegory, fun, heartbreak, imagery, love, mythology, wisdom,

What Happen To Nickles

I once knew a man named Nickles who road on a bike with a Sickle He did it so nice, that he did it twice. Now, he's in a barrel of pickles.

by Poetry Is It |
Categories: health, love, mystery

Gossamer Shroud

Gossamer Shroud  


  Finery most precious.
Whimsical silk and all it's tales.
More than deep mythology.
So that woman may go naked, 
while clothed.
Wearing nought, 
but bright colored clouds.
Almost religious, 
sericulture of it's knowledge.
Volunteering, I live to do so, 
'Standing' guard over this secret.
Even today, being windy it is so.
And it is, 
ever so much cooler because of it. 

Is It Poetry