Love Poems About Political or Political Love Poems
by Robert Allen |
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Assange In the Ministry of Love

Encased in inch-thick glass, Assange displayed;
The plaque upon his cage reads "DISSIDENT;"
The withered man in court is laid;
Imprisoned corpse announcing precedent.

To those "who hold these truths self-evident,"
Behold the Press awaiting punishment;
To be delivered to your government,
The Law so torn in wreckless brandishment.

Abuse! And ursurpation! Tyrant! Swine!
One Nation under God? Or under You?
Your boot does stamp upon that dream of mine
Believing "We the People" to be true.

Reclaim Your soul! For God's sake free this man!
Redeem the meaning of American.

by Warren Doll |
Categories: identity, meaningful, people, together,



Strip away the superficial.
Place political correctness aside.
Forgive hurts of the past.
Erase all tension and harsh feelings.
Seek thoughts of love and understanding.
This is what you’ll find.
I’m you. You’re me.
We are the same
In truth, there isn't a divide.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: political,

What I'D Love Now To See

My small way of showing anger for this year's circus of an election process: I recall when George Bush had to duck a thrown shoe, or he may have got struck. What I'd love now to see is some dog take a pee on that dump of a Trump. What a schmuck! for the the Political Ordeal Poetry Contest of CT

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: discrimination, history, humanity, immigration, political, racism, social,

Make America White Again

"Make America White Again"
Will never make any sense
Despite the tweets of "GENIUS" Trump
Or Republicans like Pence

Brown-skinned people filled this land
From one end to the other 
And though they had their differences
"Eve" is everyone's mother

Though some are prone to cast a stone
Or ridicule their brother
What makes a nation great again
Is love for one another.

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: dedication, education, history, life, love, nature, nostalgia, peace, people, philosophy, political, sympathy, visionary

Back To Origin

People are commonly different
Symbol of diversity piece
Pure race doesn’t exists

Color and creed are just an identity
Believe only in human history
God sculptured them from clay

People are equally created
Having many opposites
But respecting others taste

When everyone is treated equal
Nothing appears but peace in hand
Discrimination, disunity and, suffering won’t be born anymore

Written to advocate to suppress racism
Bandar Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
10:30-11:00 am, November 13. 07, Tuesday

by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, love, people, philosophy, political, prejudice,

The Colour of Love

The Colour of Love

Kaleidoscope of spectrums
On the outside... looking in
There’s only one colour—Love—
Bound by prejudice.

Archaic transmutations
Bequeath this cancerous blight 
Upon each generation
For mass genocide.

Rose-coloured glasses can not
Tint the mind of the insane…
Only the revelation 
Of true love unveils.


by Gareth Heslop |
Categories: philosophy, political

The Jungle Book

This misty sky
a reflection of our misty life
in its sucked up, clouded vision
without any sense of perception, 
its hopes, its desperation, its life,
clinging, slipping, dropping away
from view, from all of us,
droids and prefects alike, 
too numerous
to see through the mess, 
too brain dead to think aloud,
 to escape from this sick world 
of profits in money not in hope 
or dreams or love or life,
created by our bosses to protect
 and huddle us from the harsh
realities of unknown centuries
and create our own 'civil'isation,
our life our hopes hanging on their walls

The misty sky is all in our sight
I want to be on the star shining bright

by Tom Quigley |
Categories: america, political,

A Greased Eel In a Vat of Astroglide

Slipperier than a Greased Eel In a Vat of Astroglide
That Hillary’s sociopathic streak is a mile wide
In case you haven’t noticed, the fix is in
But her followers love her even if she’s guilty as sin
We all think she should be a woman of greater convictions 
Both moral and criminal, given her total lack of friction
She’s got a layer of Teflon thicker than Gotti
And to the Secret Service, a mouth full of potty
She looks crookeder than even a barrel of snakes will
Phonier than A William Jefferson Clinton three dollar bill

© By Author
For Contest: Create An Idiom
Sponsor: Jesse Day

by Jslambert Mister Roboto |
Categories: hope, life, loss, lost love, people, sad, war,

War In the Street

in the street
marred by defeat
crying, fighting
kicking, biting

where is the truth they’re refusing?
can’t you see humanity is losing?

seeking retribution
of senseless persecution
road blocked by political futility
stubborn leaders
breeding this brutality

paving ways brave and proud
but signs say, ”NO PROTESTING ALLOWED!"
risking their lives
to benefit future generations
placing themselves on shelves
for the sake of their children's salvation

for now, they fall
bludgeoned in defeat 
with hopes of a brighter tomorrow
for this bloodshed today in the street


© 2011 JSLambert

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: 8th grade, conflict, emotions, faith, family, heart, humanity,

Spiritual Warfare Begins

A sad state our government has become today 
in this awful news that just pushes the boat out further 

As our democracy for one protecting our children 
Why it is even under attack beats me up inside moral grounds 
this should not even be considered under the harshest circumstances 
because it's a humane act to love our little ones bless them with life 
not kill them shows savages craving suffering judgemental fools 

Tells me all that I need to know about corrupt politics 
under an non democratically elected leadership

by Jessica Holter |
Categories: poets, political,

Those Who Are Free

we are not grateful for truth
it is not in our nature to be free
we need for our lives to be witnessed
we need 
a team
a group 
a clan 
a posse
an audience
a lover
a husband
a wife
to prove we were here


those who are free
are hated
are envied

those who are free are like wild dogs
who need to learn obedience and submission

those who love the world are sinners
who need to look to heaven
and pray for chains

by Brenda Victoria Northeast |
Categories: death, faith, funeral, hope, life, loss, peace, people, political, social, war, world,


You’re our hero
The poor and impoverished 
Captive starving millions
Tears of anguish
Tears of dread

The cost of their Hero’s burial
Is too their debt
Their sacrifice 
The living for their leader 

The hungry little ones 
The world watches on
In fear

My Hero gave it all
His life
A willing sacrifice 
His perfect life
His perfect love
His cost
Our hatred
That we might live

His excruciating death
Has not left us comfortless
And soon to be 
Our resurrection of renewal

We the loyal few weep for what we did
His life for ours
The rest rejoice because you died
The world now looks on 
In fear

©? Brenda V Northeast              29 Dec. 2011

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: america, care, change, love, uplifting,

What I'D Like To See For America

A country where people help one another
  Where everyone calls the other his brother
A country with less intrusive government
  Where politicians require the people's consent

A country that respects its forests and lakes
  Where oil isn't spilled and the earth doesn't quake
A country where light and life are revered
  Where killings and murders equal zero each year

A country where progress is measured by love
  Where marriages flourish, where soft coos the dove

                   March 08, 2021 - C
           What You Really Want Contest
           Sponsor: Richard Lamoureaux

by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: language, political,

The Lost Pronoun

Oh! THOU art lost and gone perhaps forever
By equi-vocal pronoun now replaced 
Where once were I and THOU in shared endeavour
Abandoned and neglected left to waste

Since THOU departed there’s a missing piece
Within the language where we speak of love
A vacuum in syntax of our caprice
Where once we two combined as hand in glove 

For it’s surmised that each communication 
Must be between two single souls that be
Though there be multitude of iteration
I only speak to thee and thou to me

So come THOU back in thy pellucid essence
Enhance truth and grace in language with thy presence

by Trittya Yelane |
Categories: planet, poems, poetess, poetry, poets, political, prayer,

I'Ll Make You Mine

like you
But you don't,
reverse action of me from you
that's only i want...

You're not my beloved
But i am your friend of course,
You're not mine at all
But i am totally of yours...

You're my love
But you don't understand,
Can we get into relationship?
Or stay just like friends...

It is one sided
But i'll make you mine,
We'll wash ourselves in rain together
And bath together in sunshine...

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: allegory, analogy, image, love, political, power, woman,

Cleopatra, The-Deo-Swagger

Cleopatra, The-Deo-Swagger I swagger on up, up onto the top, yet it wasn't my style, being Queen of the Nile, they saw me a leader, who filled up their jigger, for the praises they sound, I need to keep them around, being a swag I was high, being tagged a nice guy for the love they bestow, I just had to know, was all this too much, or just a nice touch, was it good or bad, was it sweet or sad, but you know what they say, hands together and pray, for the swag world she love, was her anointing dove. 2019 September 01 *4th Place* SWAGGER ~~Line Gauthier

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: parody,

The Blank Page

nothing beautiful, nothing sad
nothing useful for this pad
no ideas for me to write
with pen and paper 
gathered with light
no great hope, no great fear
nothing to give cause for tears
no loud cry for justice denied
no high praise for made up eye's
nothing to set hearts on fire
no hidden wit for political satire
none of the sweetness love begets
and the acts of hero's we often forget
the memories have faded
the times i've made love
and nothing beacons from heaven above
but i dare not abandon
this art i love
tis my existence
my gift from God
perhaps tomorrow 
i'll know what to say
but for today all i'll have
is this empty blank page

by Mike Gentile |
Categories: dream, hope, humanity, love, motivation, political, work,

The Advanced Daydreams of Daisy

Rolling hills of buttercups align a picnic world
            A place where roses can be blue in gardens filled of pink
And where the eyes of strangers meet in gaze of tolerance
             A place beholding sympathy and empathy and love
Perhaps, a mere illusion, such a world could ever be
                       Yet, these are the advanced daydreams of Daisy

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, humanity, inspirational, love, political, truth, wisdom,

Read the Rest of the Bible

Jonah refused to speak out
against, he was 
swallowed by a whale;
inside the big tummy, for
not speaking Judgment
he thought again of scripture
while growing quite pale:
not judging with the sense
God gives one, is to hence
repeat and fail – we are
all donkeys – pinning truth,
as our hearts perceive it, always
not perfect, but perhaps, for now 
a necessary tail/tale....

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: evil, introspection, leadership, philosophy, political, wisdom, words,

The Ego of Democrats

What we create we have tendency
to love – even our failures – nurturing
children representing a nation's moral decline – 

Too often binding ourselves to the lesser
characteristics of human nature – ego
is a two-way street: it is the connective
tissue forming a cooperative society, while
also a path for degradation, presently
being trans-versed to divide and conquer
for Totalitarian Rule –

by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, confusion, dream, education, faith, freedom, god, happiness, health, heaven, history, holocaust, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, miracle, nature, on writing and words, pain, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religious, sad, spiritual, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, write,

Haikus About God: Iii

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, courage, dream, education, faith, fantasy, fear, funny, god, heaven, history, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, miracle, mystery, nostalgia, on work and working, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, spiritual, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, write,

Haikus About God: V

Omniscient guy
Yet he lets bad things happen
How can he exist?

by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, confusion, courage, dream, faith, god, happiness, heaven, history, hope, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, love, memory, metaphor, miracle, parody, passion, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religion, religious, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, uplifting, write,

Haikus About God: Iv

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

by John Decker |
Categories: history, peace, political, abuse,

Stone Mountain Must Die

Stone Mountain should die today.
Tomorrow would be fine.
But that raft of traitors eulogized, defaced
Would remedy an abuse of time.

The betrayers that love it still
Are awash from the American current.
The tattoo of turncoats on that hill
Long abuse our country's spirit.

Stone Mountain must die fast and sound
By dynamite, acid, or hammer.
That sad rock knows its whole bestrewn
Will solve shame to God that raised it.

It was granite first, bigoted statement second
An emblem of lawless, unresolved Reconstruction.
The stone cries out: Fuel the worst in men?
Release me now, come fast my full destruction.

by Joe Inka |
Categories: political

Waxing Taxes

It seems you are not taxed enough
But the government knows what to do
and even though the times are tough
The state needs revenue.

We'll bring to law, a knowledge tax
On each concept that you grasp
And then put forth an oxygen tax
For every breath  you gasp

I envision a lucrative walking tax
From jaunt to slow meander
I see a tax on every scent
from garbage to fresh oleander

A blinking tax would open your eyes
and surely allow you to see
That people love paying taxes
Except for taxes on tea.