Love Poems About Death Of A Friend or Death Of A Friend Love Poems
by James Marshall Goff |
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Here Lies a Poet

Her ink has dried, her stories spun
On distant shores, her songs are sung

Atlantis must be beautiful in fall Carolyn,
Love always, jim

September, 2021

by Caren Krutsinger |
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We Are Borrowed

Death usually brings her own rewards.
More hugging and clutching, 
More appreciation,
More reverence,
More laughter.
More respect.
In some ways,
It is the best
Time to love,
A reminder
That we
Are all
But we
Have to
Be returned.

by Edward Ebbs |
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Lost My Song

When in this life I felt down
You were the one that was around

Maybe it was the way you held my hand
I knew in my heart you would understand

I miss the way we used to sit and talk
The times we didn't look at the clock

The way you walked in those tight jeans
Made me want to pull my skin and scream

I remember trembling at your touch
I love and loved you so very much

I am lost inside now you're gone
Baby you are still my life's song

When I look to the night sky, I tear
I miss you and wish you were here

Edward J Ebbs - 05/18/14

Written for a Contest, My Beloved Sweetheart

by Buhagiar Victor |
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Back home, I ponder long on life.
Death is so final, no return.

I sit alone on my sheltered cosy porch,
And think of spring forget-me-nots,
Of roses dark as festive damask,
And swaying poppies red and gold.

Of summer figs and yellow gourds,
Of sweet delicious melons,
And mouth-watering peaches
Syrupy and luscious and juicy,
While sunsets turned to red
And moons shone on my love.

So I will not bid her goodbye.
Others may wail, lament and cry.
I shall live on, unattended
And relive the happy endless days,
The haunting lullabies of my love.

by Anbes Rawal |
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We All Die

My piety,my poetry ,my love
All are in vain
my music, my love ,my mind
All are running insane

My rhymes are all crooked
I can't write a perfect song
Looks like my life is worthless
my music, my poetry its all gone

Behold the paradox,
In these old rhymes 
living in a worthless life 
All these times 

The music's almost over
just need to turn out the light
I need just one leap
Need to show on last fight

I need to create something
something that makes you feel
the goal isn't to live forever
Its to create something that will

by Richard Palmer |
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When I Die 2

Look at I,I Richard Palmer seriously didn't cry,,,
When the ALMIGHTY called,'Poetic Palmer,Poetic Palmer,tell
this physical world bye bye,,,
Don't worry guys,wipe those tears from your eyes,,,
Feel,feel my presence,my spirit didn't blow away like a cloud
in the sky,,,
I am holding the ALMIGHTY hands,
I have become, a part of HIS plan,,,
Watching over and protecting my love ones,,,
An ANGEL,was always my after life intention,,,

by Francis J Grasso |
Categories: death of a friend, lost love, sad,

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves are falling
There is sadness in my heart
Red passions, golden memories
Have gathered to depart

The chilling winds of winter
Blow across a barren field
Stripped of all its splendor
Of the beauty once revealed

Flowers painted yellow
Blossoms pink and white
Just dust between the furrows
In the slowly dimming light

Free to sail the heavens
No longer bound with slings
Black bird into emptiness 
I soar on broken wings

written 11.28.2016

by Millard Lowe |
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Farewell My Friend

In graveyard dreams
tombstones are etched 
with fading memories

Only plastic flowers
are forever—apart from
my undying love…

Farewell, mon amie...

by Cole Banner |
Categories: absence, change, death, death of a friend, first love, goodbye, grief, loneliness, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, sad love,

The Road It Forks

In the breaking light of dawn,
in a photograph - we kiss.
It's to your inner light I'm drawn,
while cursing fate, and chances missed...
Wrapped in thought, and solitude, 
sweet lies trumped by bitter truth.
The road it forks,and one way taken,
now questions over dreams foresaken...
A puzzling gauntlet of how, when and why?
You were my favorite hello,
and my hardest goodbye...

Copyright © 2011

by Robert Lindley |
Categories: absence, beauty, death of a friend, emotions, grief, i miss you, sorry,

Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

Glowing Cloud On Mountain Top

I met you there, so very full of grace
single rose in your shining raven hair
Radiance beaming from your sweet face
couldn't stop myself, I had to stare!

Every moment since, forever treasured
nights glowed on, your smile a star
Everything since that night measured,
love raced in deep, like a speeding car!

Now time has given me such great sorrow
Heaven welcomed your spirit on in
Misery my food, heartache my tomorrow
forever gone my lover, my great friend!

Glowing cloud on mountain top now dances
I gamble that climb and took my chances!

R.J. Lindley
Oct. 16th, 1973

by Trisha Sugarek |
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Your bravery takes my breath away, 
Time to lay down your weapons and rest,

Perhaps it's time to let your ravaged, exhausted
body float into the clouds 
to be greeted by those who love you

Only you can know, decide,

by Jessie Smith |
Categories: dad, death, death of a friend,

How Do I Say Good Bye

How do I say good bye 
How do I say good bye do I just sit down and cry or do I ask God why? 
Or do I just say good bye and remember all the good times we had?
How do I say good bye to the Love that we shared with each other 
Why do I have to cry when I say goodbye 
May you Rest in peace

by Rick Parise |
Categories: cry, death of a friend, life, nature,

Death of Friend

Death Of Friend 

I fight the crying dawn of Winter
your flowered love....dissolve
Through drifting wind without avail
a thief had come at dawn

A final curtain drawn

Where misty rain drops fall in silence
I sing a bitter song
The room so still...without avail
Another lonely dawn

And in my dreams
For you I wait.....


by Samuel Byrd |
Categories: beauty, bereavement, death, death of a friend, eulogy, sister, sympathy,

Angel Returned To Heaven

An angel returned to heaven today
deployed to erase gluttonous hate
from envy's grasp love is pulled away

To bring order to disarray
supplying hope while replacing sloth 
An angel returned to heaven today

Armed with beauty, charm and compassion
pride is now faced with a trained assassin
whether with song, a smile, a shoulder or ear
greed, anger and lust is sent running in fear

An angel returned to heaven today
after years of service in the field
from the mission never did she stray

In our hearts she will forever stay
so, let us remember, let us rejoice
cause our angel returned to heaven on this day

by Bj Legros Kelley |
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Lovely Brooks traversed through

                               The desert and the glens

                          From Mountains leaping sunshine

                                 Back to the sea again

                        Onward now the glittered shore afar

                                  Sure leaning heart   

                           Toward silvery paths of stars

                        Sweetest joys in wonderous place

                          Beaming love on every face

                      Brooks of joy, beyond Earth's bend

                                    Now onward flow, 

                                 Farewell sweet friend

by Geoffrey Brewer |
Categories: death of a friend, happiness,

The Spirit of the Sun Dial


I tell the sunny hours throughout the day
From dawn til dusk imparting my fair message
Evoking warmth and love throughout the day
No time for shadows hinting at dark presage

But when the shade of night engulfs my dial
A darkening of spirit, life force scorns
The moon now points the hours of denial
Its gleam bare luminating dismal forms

I see the blackness in the hearts of men
And feel despair that overcomes the soul
My spirit plumbs a dark and secret glen
Til lambent rays tint peaks; at last console

Then blessed dawn brings sun in its ascension
Restores my purpose vital, my redemption

by Ann Foster |
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Unwanted Things

Unwanted Things.

A car wreck.
A kid, unexpected.
An absent father to be.
A cheater that brought you, 
a sudden health risk. 
A divorce.

Car troubles.
Work issues.
Financial burdens. 
Bad health, 
that effects you, 
those you love.

These are a few, 
of my un-favorite
There is no song, 
about these, 
by Julie…
although I read her story, 
and she
had a hard life

by Hilo Poet |
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Cassio Laps Wondrously

Cassio Laps Wondrously An open porch, gifts spritely legs on all his fours, meows he begs so opens I, a tuna can not be prepared, a stray in tan that came to be for many years a wandering did set in fears yet his return continued on meows are heard, that be his song untimely death outside our door car screeching sound could not ignore near fronts our yard, the roses bloom midst stands a cross neath lies his tomb heartfelt love, receptive wills he laps Heaven's milk, eternally. 2020 August 23 *1st Place* All Pets Go To Heaven ~~Constance La France

by Jessie Smith |
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How Do I Say Good Bye

How do I say good bye 
How do I say good bye do I just sit down and cry or do I ask God why? 
Or do I just say good bye and remember all the good times we had?
How do I say good bye to the Love that we shared with each other 
Why do I have to cry when I say goodbye 
May you Rest in peace

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: blessing,


Death is a pause between two worlds,
Reach that calm sea where stillness sums;
Embrace swift course in shades that swirl,
Ask to be free of mere outcomes;
Do not feel fear as death finds you.
Death is a friend that brings calm rest,
End with joy near on homeward cue;
Allow brief end to sum this quest,
Touch and feel now the light that shines;
Hope and faith know life's sacred shores.
Deep love endows what's yours and mine,
Intuit a flow that gathers more;
Enter and be one with all things,
See boundless seas of deathless springs.

Leon Enriquez
26 July 2015

by Gary Fields |
Categories: death of a friend, dedication, feelings, i miss you, inspiration,

Case In Point

Cry not for love
    Fore love 
Is the greatest  
Of all things’  
Be not of despair  
For the Heart withers’  
     Not ...
Less it be incomplete  
With all the completeness  
Of an empty Heart  
Fear not its’ memory  
For whatever is lost  
       In thought ...
Can only be recaptured  
Through the imagination  
What-ever is of the  
Mind and Heart  
Shall never be forgotten  
By time  
But, shaped by circumstance  


by A.O. Taner |
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The End

there came a time,
more than a moment
pained and slow, 
begging to surrender.

regrets flew, hopes landed
tears swam, games ended.

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: death, death of a friend, light, loss,

Tune of Tears

In passing, hearts risk their very essence, their colors, their breathe,
Love who touched the soul, then moved on, toward heaven’s hungry light,
Souls soon reflect the love and peace found when passing into God’s light

by Randy Freie |
Categories: death of a friend, lost love, music,

When the Music Dies

The piano has stopped playing

And there's no more words worth saying

With no more lyrics in my head

Because all the music is dead

My heart beats still without a sound

An empty space where nothing's found

My soul is growing dark inside 

All's been lost since the day you died

A breath of life and then it's gone

I find no peace from dusk to dawn

No joy, no hope, no love in sight

No light of day, just endless night

by Cynthia Vipond |
Categories: death of a friend, friendship love, soulmate,


We enter the valley
Of shadows
Of thorns
A narrow path
Well worn

Where friends
Have travelled
Tattered, torn
No sunlight
Before new dawn

We said
Our souls forlorn
Yet hopeful joy
To be reborn