Love Poems About Baseball or Baseball Love Poems
by Panagiota Romios |
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Little Man Grown

                                         Little Man Grown

                         Thirteen years ago, he picked up a bat!

                         In love, he knew where his future was at.

                         In Major League Baseball, you get it?

                         Six-feet, tall now, he can really, hit it!

                         But this Grandma, misses her little tyke, 

                         Who rode a tricycle and flew a silver kite.

                         He’ s a player on junior varsity these days.

                         And in other states, baseball with joy, plays!

by Andrea Dietrich |
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The Outfield Boy

The outfield boy stands waiting all alone, playing the game that many children love. From the pitcher’s mound, a ball has been thrown. The outfield boy stands waiting all alone. The ball has been hit. See how it has flown straight into the glowing boy’s baseball glove! The outfield boy stands waiting all alone, playing the game that many children love. Written Dec. 2015 for the Oil Paintings 4 & 5 Poetry Contest of Eve Roper

by Cherie Durbin |
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There's a Sport For Everyone

"There's a Sport for Everyone" is a children's song, sung to the tune of "The Farmer 
in the Dell".

There's a sport for everyone,
There's a sport for everyone-
Baseball, soccer, basketball;
Sports are so much fun!

Bonus activity: Ask each child which sports they participate in or would like to try. 
Explain that there is a sport for everyone, no matter your physical capabilities. Some 
sports like English horseback riding may require more mental skills than physical. Tell 
children, "If you try a variety of sports, you're sure to find one you love!"

by Cherie Durbin |
Categories: children

I Am Bored With Math

I am bored with math.
Two plus two always equals four.
Why can't it equal an ice cream cone
Or a trip to the candy store?

Four plus four always equals eight-
Never a video game,
Or a Disneyland vacation.
No, the answer's e'er the same!

One times one always equals one.
Where's the fun in that?
I'd love to see the answer be
A brand new baseball bat!

by Cherie Durbin

by Rocell Grace Aranas |
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Lovers' Moon

Oh,, this is gonna be the night
Feelin’ the warmth of this incredible sight..
I will love you with all my might.
Holdin’ you in my arms so tight..

My lips run into your neck..
And I whisper in your ears
“Let’s make love in the full moonlight”…
Let’s make a night…

Sweet, gentle breeze touches our skin
We  are dancing to the rhythm of love
Let me be the one   tonight
Who will embrace you so tight

Let’s make love in the moonlight
Let the swaying leaves be the witness
Of this sweet love we have
Let the soft, gentle wind touch our skin..

Let’s make love tonight..

by Panagiota Romios |
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Ballroom Dancer Heaven

Here on the dance floor ready to begin.
My turquoise sequined gown
just meets my shin.

I love the feathered boa that
encircles my neck.
I look as stunning and bright as 
moonlight on a ships deck.

And you, yes, you my Prince of Dance, 
so divine.
With lifted, chin, suave hair,long tailed 
tuxedo and on your back, number nine.

We will do each step, swirl with touching, 
utmost, regal elegance.
And after we win the trophy, we happily
shall indulge in divine decadence.

          February 4, 2020
                 3pm PST

by Tim Ryerson |
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The Fifties

Slide-out Coke machines
Bubble gum baseball cards
Superman/Batman comics
Full service gas stations
25 cents a gallon
Dial phones
AM radio
Fats Domino
Black & white TV
Rabbit-ear antennae
Three channels
I Love Lucy
Drive-in movies
Double dating
Drive-in diners
10 cent hot dogs
Saddle Oxfords
Penny Loafers
Vacation bible school
Homemade playgrounds
Barefoot summers
A dollar was a fortune...

No cable
No Internet
No cell phones
No problem...

by Robert Heemstra |
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My Baseball Glove

my Macgregor glove
my other true love

for so many years
taken away fears

you made me a some-body
no longer a no-body

through high school and the navy
when my life wasn't gravy

after the divorce
life took a new course

but then it got worse
another divorce

after the first one
realized you were gone

the catches we made
I will never trade

thanks for playing ball with me
I knew had to set you free

by James Horn |
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Round of Applause

Here is my next sports rap poem. Jim

Round of Applause

Already now I must admit
What is it we have to hit?
How about homer with baseball
Not strike three they did call.

Why fool around and always fret
Should kick a goal into the net
Don't continue to turn and toss
Should go at and play Lacrosse.

How about football you will boot
Run and produce a lot of loot
Or hear those in high society
Prefer polo and love rugby.

No matter where chips may fall
God's life in you will be a ball
And who if in always do believe
Round of applause will receive.

WOW. Double WOW, and Triple WOW.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

by Smail Poems |
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Romantic, close
A subject of sweetest softness
Cats can be loved too

by Arlene Smith |
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Tunnel of Love

The narrow tunnel, darkened by shadows of denial;
my vessel of hope, adrift on possibilities.
A regretful mist hangs heavy in this melancholy place.
The haunting echo's of could-have-beens stalking close behind,
as I search for a spark of light at every turn.
Unable to turn around this voyage of time, 
I will accept the fait that awaits me at the end.

I wonder..........
Will you be there?......

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: baseball, childhood,

Lets Play Ball

The sun is warm, the new mown grass is green
Nowhere else he’d rather be this summer day
In tune with his team and feeling fine
Batter up says the ump, its time, let’s play!

It’s a joy to be young and in love with the sport
Dreaming of someday playing ball as a pro
But for now it’s enough to have a summer day
To be a kid with a glove, bat and a ball to throw. 

Image # 4

by Ettie Christian-Bowling |
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Twenty Years

Oh captain,our captain,
How much us Yankees will miss you so.
20 years You gave us,
Without any complaints to a friend or foe.
You gained our love and trust,
Your surely and forever have our respect,
That no other player will every deflect.
A true Yankee through and through....
We couldnt be prouder,
You was always our fighter.
So calm and relaxed was you,with every
Game you showed how much you did care,
Even if you have left the plate your presence
Will always be felt there.
What more is there to say,
We know you went out your way.

by Ray Dillard |
Categories: death, grief,

The Game

The game is his friend.
Always there for him.
Never turning him away.
Inviting him to visit
And giving him the 
Best seat in the house.
In front of the screen.

It is his sport.
Replacing baseball, football,
Basketball and all others.
It lets him score 
And makes him feel
Like a winner.
Like a champion!

The game is his sustenance,
Feeding his thoughts,
Shaping his soul,
Controlling his mind,
Closing the door to family.
To intervention.
To the world.

Anger grows behind 
Raised brows and widened eyes.
Desensitizing him.
Honing his skills and
Numbing his feelings.
Making him blind to life.
Making death easy.

Without compassion,
Without love.

by Cindy Lu |
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Life Is Like Baseball

Focus means everything!!!

Effort.       Courage.

In times of our lives we strike out,

But it's a team sport.

Think about when you hit that home run!!

It really doesn't matter who was there and who was not.

Who applauded and who did not.

Moments are all we have...

Love and the fight for survival continues on....

by Robert Heemstra |
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Baseball Through the Years

the game of baseball
for some seems so small

for me its my game
never brought me fame

its a game I do love
and my MacGregor glove

when I played years ago
with friends I use to know

the years have past
legs didn't last

I'm back up North
my mother's birth

I learn baseball here
when life was so dear

love of baseball
will never fall

by Brendan Hardy |
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- Truth
Remember the truth,
Question those in government…
In full glory reflected.

- Mistake
To war is error,
To offer peace is sublime…
Bombs bursting in air.

- Belief
No matter how hard,
Stand up for what you believe…
O! say can you see.

- Responsibility
I love my country,
Like baseball and apple pie…
The home of the brave.

...(Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer)

by Chad Weeks |
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The Pitch of a Lifetime

His life had boiled down to this one moment
Nerves shaking but could never show it

A lifetime of practice to get to this fall day
Always saying goodbye & never getting to stay

The half dirt covered plate at his feet
As thousands waiting to leave their seat

Years of not knowing if he could ever get here
He looks up and his mind never this clear

Cheers all around fade away
Today was his day

He has but a single task
The question yet to be asked

His stance he choose to switch
And from a knee here comes the pitch
		She said yes

by Beverly Vera |
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True Blue Pledge

True Blue Pledge 

I pledge allegiance to the boyz in blue 
During the highs n lows 
I promise to always cheer for you
You win some u lose some is the way of the game 
Thru trial n' error I will love LA the same 
For I am a loyal dodger fan, 
I will always stand with pride
Throughout their journey 
I vow to sit shot gun the entire ride. 
I live, breath, & bleed that Dodger blue
Forever representing Los Angeles Dodgers, 
I am True Blue.

by Robert Heemstra |
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World Series Wins

Yankees twenty- seven times
maybe some of them were crimes

Cardinals won eleven
taking their fans to heaven

and the Red Sox won eight
I do appreciate

a few teams tied with five
keeping the love alive

by Thomas Martin |
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Practicing Piano

My brother, Kim, had great hands for playing the piano. With one hand he had a spread of more than octave. Almost every afternoon, I overheard him practice easy tunes at first, like ‘Carry me Back to Old Virginia’ or a simplified version of Beethoven's ‘Ode to Joy.’ 

As he progressed to more complicated pieces, I slowly became aware that although technically outstanding, he had no true feel for the music! He just practiced out of duty to our mother rather any real love.

sunlit window 
scales when he wanted
to be playing baseball

Published - Cattails - Winter - 2016

by Kurtis Scott Aka Curtis Futch Jr |
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Sports and Kids

like know other
they love from above
some have gift
born swift
do it all  from baseball
to tennis  wall
know i did

by Andrew Crisci |
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Ah, Another Summer Will End Very Soon

Ah, another summer will end very soon,
don"t expect to see a straying balloon!

Days will be rainy and windy evenings long;   
frogs won't be seen playing in the rising fog.

Boys who hate books like to play baseball;
girls love to hang out and chat in the mall.

Boyfriend and girlfriend cannot smooch,
Carol has to stay inside with her pooch.

Ah, another summer will end very soon;
sunsets won't be bright red but maroon!

Written on 8/21/2016

by The Situation |
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My heart has been in Boston
all week long
I shed some tears for Boston
while sitting in my home
I saw the people of Bosten
there filled with just pride
Though far away from Boston
I was right there by there side
God has blessed Boston
with justice and less fears
But for those still injured in Boston  
we still whisper our prayers
We love our brother Boston
and with him always share
the burdens still left for freedom
that were given birth there.

by Robert Heemstra |
Categories: baseball, childhood,

A Happy Life

Kumbaya my Lord
my favorite prayer
when I was a boy
always eased my soul
in times of troubles

young adulthood
my love of sports
kept me going
a fan of Yaz

left fielder
of Red Sox
many years