Love Poems About Bullying or Bullying Love Poems
by Arthur Vaso |
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Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad

dance with slum lords
they shed fake tears
victims they shout
from Ivory towers

Mock and attack
they of dark cloth and deceit
possesses no real God
they whoreship only their prey
living by night not day

Some even screech praise untowards
sick is the mind who follows
dead morals and upended graves
they really are the bully's slaves
Yet their churches pew is full

Criminals all
singing love songs
sewing fear and anger
no wonder God got fed up
evicting them one and all

by Patricia L Graham |
Categories: bullying, dark, depression, grief, murder, poverty, time,

Slaughtered Innocence

The hideous and the humble
Blood peppers falling snow
As world hurtles to the tipping point
Life chokes on ignited air
Wrenching love from hungry mouths
Stars fall without sound
Some weep helpless, day through night
Ever wondering how
Never knowing why ...

by Karen Jones |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, break up,

Domestic Violence

Dark heart
Onyx bruises
Madd lover
Entrapment fooling
Swollen lips
Teal tears
Indigo ears
Crying years

Violet prayers
In shelters
Only light
Love weathered
Emerald eyes
Need sleep
Courageous flight
Embracing peace

by Yazmin Malik |
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I Am Free

I am FREE, not a prisoner inside judgemental eyes, staring at me. This cloth I wear, protects my modesty. Let me be, do not swear. My faith is my power. I am God's diamond. I embrace his love, in his blessings I will shower. We are all FREE, to be what we want. Breathe love, live and let live.
We all should be free to wear and do as we please. I receive a lot of abuse when I wear the hijab, but I also used to receive abuse when I did not. Women are still subjected to judgement, regardless of their dress. You live your life and I will live mine. Respect is important if we are to live in harmony.

by Ryan Tyler |
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The Wild Child

My past was violent.
My world was quaint.
They made me a demon,
instead of a saint.
My past was full of cruelty.
They called it love.
I only felt the darkness,
as they preached from above.
They said I was a sinner,
that I should change my ways.
Whilst I cried with fury,
I hoped, an end to my days.
They shackled my wrists,
and tried to warp my mind.
Telling me, in Gods love,
freedom I would find.
With pride and arrogance,
they did this to a child.
They tried to birth a sheep.
Born rather, an animal that is wild.

-Angel Fatale-

by Stephanie Ward |
Categories: 7th grade, allusion, bullying, conflict, confusion, for teens, spoken word,

The Empty Words

Desperate.. how can you be with someone and not love them. Desperate.. your heart is empty. Are you lonely? Desperate.. is it true? A shallow word? An empty meaning? Desperate..Desperate..Desperate, is it a rumor, the spread of words that ruin lifes. Am i invisable? I'm here. Standing in front of you. Maybe my glasses are blocking your view. I can change.. I'm not desperate. I'm in love, but then again what is love? An empty word. An empty meaning.. A rumor? 

a poem by LeannW.Brown

by Daniel Schack |
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The Yin Yang of Kiss My ***

If I had to make a choice I would rather hate intelligently than to love stupidly.

by Peter Walsh |
Categories: anti bullying, friend, hurt, love, sad love,

Sticks and Stones

Sticks and stones, never hurt them bones
Names, cut him to the kwik
They hurt so deep, for to make him weep
More than any club, or stick
See the sun won't shine and it won't be fine
And it won't all fade away
And it don't seem right, that he has to fight
A world that calls him gay
So he'll hang his head and he'll live his life
While his soul is torn in two
Spend his teenage years, with his straight-laced peers
And a heart, so black and blue
The taunting in the classroom
The whispers 'round the bend 
The vision of a cold tomb
Oh! will it ever end
My love it's not so different
My dreams are pure and true
Why do you stand in judgement 
Of a heart, so black and blue

by Chetta Achara |
Categories: bullying, emotions, love hurts,

You Are a Black Hole

the weight
of your expectations
crush me

 "A black hole is a hungry beast ... It swallows up everything too close, too slow or too small to fight its gravitational force." ~JoAnna Klein/Dennis Overbye

Image: Pixabay

by Judy Ball |
Categories: anti bullying,

The Bully

Sparkle, sparkle little twink,
Who the heck you are I think.
How you love to rave and shout.
It matters not what it's about.

You think you look so big and scary,
But like most boars just big and hairy.
You're just making lots of noise,
Throwing fits like little boys.

You pick on those who can't fight back.
You cause them grief and give no slack.
You think you look so big and smart,
But all you show is a small, cruel heart.

So can the chatter and shut the trap,
'Cause like most gossips you're full of crap.
People like you get old real fast,
But like most blocks this too shall pass.

by Laurette Van Der Merwe |
Categories: love,

Love Is Not a Sound

love is not a sound.
love is an action.
love is a smile at your child,
as she walks into the room.
love is a hug for someone
who is hurting inside.
love is a helping hand
to a physically challenge person.
love is giving a gift to someone
who doesn’t expect it.
love is cooking a special meal
for your husband
to show that you care.
love is giving of your time
to those who don’t have time left.
love is lending an ear to those
who just need you to listen.
love is paying-it-forward to those
who cannot pay it back.
love is rescuing a person
from injustice and bullying.
love is saving an animal 
from the hands of abusers.
love is a verb and not only a noun.

by Akilah Babb |
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by Anthony Biaanco |
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Tap and Tinkle

The reason the radicals are slapping labels on you.
Is because you're strong and refuse to be silent.
One thing they love is a dog that rolls over.
One thing they fear is a fighter who throws down.
Never give in to the bullhorn -cancel crowd.
Never be silenced because silence is death. 
For you and our faith-fight to the last man.
At times you've got to tap them in the mouth.
Tinkle on their campfire then lay them to rest-

by P.S. Awtry |
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Bully Poets

There are poetry bullies.
Have you met one, yet?
I know it sounds off,
such a foreign concept.
People who love words
and fitting them just so,
polishing a poem 
to watch it glow,
that they could turn
their magical pen
and wield them to slash
seems a grave sin.
For gifted with feeling
and a sharp mind
to turn and hurt others
is more than unkind.
For their targets are poets!
--the sensitive sorts
with lovely expression
and vulnerable hearts.
Be careful out there. 
Be keenly aware,
but please be brave,
and continue to share
your lovely selves, 
your ideas, all your bests,
and please don’t be bullied
by poetry pests.

by Steven Kopko |
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U...are the greatest gift from God

Got To...understand it is you that will always make a positive difference

Love...will embrace your soul unconditionally 

Yourself...and others like you, are the reason good exists in this world

by Samantha Withee |
Categories: betrayal, bullying, depression,

Kaleidoscope Grace

In The Crypt of the night 
I am the only one singing to your grace 
To my emperor, I hear only your memoirs 
Memoirs that are my complete screen publication 

A present I like to identify my diagram of the globe 
I am colliding like two pennies in a wishing rig 
Do they hold my single accurate with of contentment? 

Now I am bending on my knees, so saintly 
Calling out your name, I don't hear a beat 
But I hear a mind-reading bond of a kaleidoscope 
To your grace of love

by Shreyashi Singh |
Categories: 11th grade, bullying,

The Kid You Deserve

When you see the scars, 
Would you believe?
Would you trust my words?
Would you have faith in me?
When I say I fought hard.
I tried to get up when I fall,
I tried to be the kid you deserve
Would you still love me?
If I am not the same kid anymore,
The urges of mine,
Those constant whine,
All those times when I said I was fine,
I wasn't, I was falling apart,
Maybe you sensed it,
And cuddled me to sleep.
Maybe you thought it as another teenage fit,
Because that was a secret I had to keep.

by Robin Davis |
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World Change-- Teach Change

There are moments that we find
In our life than can define
Who we are and want to be
Keeping our faith as we see
Others doing harm and wrong
As we try to stay so strong
Through the hurtfulness and crime
Being done time after time
By children, teen and adults
Not knowing that life's about
Love, care, harmony and peace
Allowing our hearts to release
A light to take the dark away
People live with everyday
When parents don't teach from day one
It's not a game or even fun
To make this world worse more and more
On the land and on the shore
Learning there can always be
A chance and possibility
There's a safer kinder planet
Waiting for us if we plan it

by James Fraser |
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Storms Over Blue Waters

One meets at first
And love can bloom
Or its love at first site
Potential bride and groom

Two paths join
Unite as one
The future of two 
Has just begun

A few years pass
And cracks appear
Where two are to blame
Or one less sincere

Many reasons
Can lead to this
Or with a strangers kiss

Or even being shunned
Distraught victims
Their hearts in stun

Marital vows
Can be as strong as steel
But amidst the turmoil
Do they still feel so real

Passing thoughts
From day to day
Will either reignite
Or its seperate ways

by Anonomus Scorpio |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, best friend, courage, discrimination, perspective, sympathy,

Let Us Not Judge

So sad for me is human ignorance, painful disdain can be sworn
For men and women who feel unnatural in the way they were born
Why is it so hard for someone who can believe unconditionally in the Lord above
Is it such a struggle to believe that a Divine creator could also make it possible for a transgender to find self-love
Is it so critically imperative that people, without understanding, try to control others' narrative
If we can show compassion to every form of the human race
Why can we not show friendship and love to those who feel physically out of place

by Tesem Ikima |
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I feel like Afghanistan
All the friends who helped me through my depression 
Have left
I want to leave this body I call home
Rather than wage war with my demons 
Strong and mighty
Smiling is equivalent to holding a plane at Kabul. 
I fly for a minute 
And drop back down into the abyss
Depression you restrict me like the Afghan woman now. 
But I will learn to love my body
And I will find my home some day

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: anti bullying,

Target Practice

shooting aimless blame
  careful how you love yourself ~

         cupid’s boomerang

by Kristin Cook |
Categories: beautiful, bullying, corruption, humanity, summer,

Emotional Abendrot

Is it possible the sun is just an angry star?
Rising calmly with the cool morning air,
but never recognized for it's contributions
and abilities to help love grow.
Relying on the wind for a chill breeze 
as it curses the land with rays of heat 
and haunts the trees with shadows of rage.
Until it's emotions have finally piqued with frustration,
does the sky turn red, and do you realize
you have taken for granted the light of the world
as it falls furiously behind the mountain,
only to face another ungrateful day.

by L Milton Hankins |
Categories: anti bullying, discrimination, integrity, pride,

Comes the Inevitable Moment

Comes the inevitable moment to decide at last
Whether to stay or go; whether to love or hate
Whether to stand aside or bravely engage issues
To defy the odds and stand proud before the mast
To be late or early, to depend on timorous fate
Heart ripped asunder over questionable virtues.

Yea, lest anyone think fence-sitting is admirable
Or ignoring the necessities of every day’s wishes
The day arrives when we all must compensate
Stop the handwringing and become comfortable
By manning up to what life dishes.

written the week of June 20, 2021

by Jeanette Brewin |
Categories: anti bullying, appreciation, emotions, inspiration, peace, world,

A New Day


  The start of a brand new day,
  Another beginning,
  A fresh start in the morning
  What will today bring?
  Will it bring rags or riches?
  Nobody knows for sure.
  What unexpected things life brings,
  But harmony peace and gentleness,
  Who could want more?
  Respect, good wishes and kind words,
  Is important and we adore. 
  Gentleness is needed,
  And helps you through the day,
  Caring and gentle people,
  Who have good things to say.
  Making a peaceful world,
  Is important to us all,
  Love, respect and honesty,
  We need forever more!