Love Poems About Earth Day or Earth Day Love Poems
by Michael Wegman |
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Unconditional Love

Her love was amazing—it encompassed all;
Unconditional—never filled with condemnation,
Despite my predilection toward unmitigated gall,
And unrelenting juvenile reverence for flirtation.
The years did lapse, all consternation lost;
All apathy, on my part, long since tossed,
Replaced by unearthliness, for life’s remaining duration.


by Ockema Watson |
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A Mother's Cry

Why, oh why can't I deny
That the ones I love
Are causing my soul's hope to die,

But will you ever see it from my point of view
Or will you always consider my treasures
Were stored up for your constant abuse,

I graced your existence with the glistening seas
Provided you with an upholstery of richly colored trees
What more could I give to satisfy your needs?

You greed became a mockery to my dreams,
My toil and my labour expressed a love pure and true
Why can't you understand I created all things for you?

And though I hurt to see your apathy towards me
It is my overindulgence of you over the years
That has made this monster, Climate Change, roam free. 

by Flora Mae Gudez |
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A Mother's Cry

"Tap! Tap!" the drop
of Her tears.
Pouring on the
ground from the
clouds of fear.

'Roar! Roar!" Her
thunderous shout.
From the pain She
felt, She cried out.

"Woosh! Woosh!" She
breathed fast.
"Why my love?" She

How poor Mother
Earth was.
Tortured by her
children, She sent
Haiyan to us.

by carlos kipkoech |
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Why I Fail In English

Ten minutes past time she enters,
She's too beautiful to be a teacher,
Her favorite short skirt exposes her thick thighs,
Lips red and pouting, she's a killer,
Right away my concentration flees,
Her and me far away at planet Jupiter,
With a bungalow and two exuberant kids,
I just wedded my teacher at Jupiter,
And it's Only within fifteen minutes,
Don't worry,Maybe we'll fix and visit earth later,
Bell rings,and she ends,
Only to notice,I didn't even open my locker,
Am back to Earth,not with her,but with several boys.

by Sherwin Fernandes |
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I am a Dreamer

I am a dreamer
And I dream while I’m awake
I dream of a world 
Filled with love and faith

And as I dream I see,
I see children from all over the race
All standing united with one face

And as they stand and sing
The song of faith
I dream of a world 
With no heart breaks
No war, no dead place
No hunger, no dead race
No pollution, no sad face
No people with roses to fake
Just a world filled with love
A world filled with the human race

I am a dreamer
And I dream while I’m awake
I dream of a world
Filled with love and faith
A world filled with one human face

- Sherwin Fernandes

by sengchanh xuangphuthon |
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world for all

World for all

what’s human rights?
After a man sits on the ground 
His heart impresses from serous occurrence
The sound of the gun, suffer voice, victims

Whom belongs to the world
And what the meaning of human 

The soldier walks slow and slow
He descants on his past and future
Family within wife and children in the past
The death is waiting forward
The past memory is better than future

What’s the purpose of development 
It is true for better life
Or for showing the power of dignity 
The natural human as an elder is more need
More bigger needs more power

Sengchanh xuangphuthon

by Pushkar Korhalkar |
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Oh Rain

Oh Rain!

When land is dry and so is the sky,
When possibility of water is only in eye;

When trees turn yellow and cattle are thirsty,
When dependable God behaves little nasty;

When farms are burnt in the sun fire,
When our kid's beds turn into pyre;

When hope is lost and faith is shaken,
Don't you think it's time to awaken!

Oh Rain!

We know our mistakes; We know what we did,
Forgive us once; we'd correct our deed;

Late though, we've realized your worth,
Pour your love and bring back the mirth,
Let heaven appear once again on earth!!

by Gary Fields |
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Shephred On

I follow you there
And be thy sheep
Do doth' memory
Let the sanctified sheep
Slumber as the sleep
Fore there is a measure
With-out measure beyond
       .... Compare
For those who receive the Cloth
     Restoration is there
   With peace and love
Far beyond compare...
You can feel it in the air
It is every where...

Gary Fields

by Audrey Hays |
Categories: earth day, faith, fear,

Another Definition of Life

Life is the love that turns hearts blue
Life is the darkness and fear that corupts your soul
Life is the memory of someone lost or gone
Life is a promise that keeps getting reset
Life is a song that used to brighten your day but instead you weep
Life is unusal and cruel and the one thing we don't keep.

by Ironic Zink |
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I Added The Missing Is

When your birthday?
Your birthday today?
How old you?
I'm ten y/o.
Well... Happy
I didn't
Say it was my birthday though.
Red face; blush.
When your birthday?
My birthday ...
All day long.
When your birthday?
Mine only comes once
It called Earth Day.
Yeah, I wish that
My birthday was
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'll share with you.
Oh really?
It doesn't seem that way to me.
Mr. Earth,
I will share with you.
That I already knew
Today only my birthday;
Your birthday too.
Dedicated to Avril and Paxton... Love Dad... (Know that you are extra-special)

by Marouane Hachmi |
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Holiday in Love

Holiday in Love 
I want to love you more 
But I have not written one day in order to Mark 

Every day 
Every day I love you 
Every day is getting my love 
Every day in order to dedicate my heart 

I do not like that I love in one day 
I do not like to have a brief love in one day 
I want to be all the days of my life in order to love 
And I will stay true to my love to another day in my life

by Rayne Thomas |
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Return to the Womb

Down in to the darkness deep
Slowly and delicately I now edge
In to the warmth so cold and bleak
In to the womb I once resided
In the mother I’d idolized
Wondering what did happen
Wondering what had changed
What had caused such death?
To cause such pain?
Still slowly moving, sneaking, 
I started faintly weeping
Why would we cause this?
Why did we not see?
Still I inch, well tears did fall
Till a light I did spy
Till a sprig I now cradle
Now I see, as I gently stop my deplore,
My mother will forgive
All the hurt,
The hate,
All the people that did denounce,
All she has provided
All that she cherishes
Yet she now grants;
Unconditional love
All in the loud roar
Of spring

by Adithya Yogesh |
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Wonders to see, Smell, hear and touch
With beauty that's ours to enjoy and protect
Nature deserves our love and respect...

by Lei Strauss |
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Earth Hour

We want to be part
Saving our earth's life
They called it Earth Hour
Saving energy
Means so much a lot.
We are ready
Take part of change
We love the world
We're living in.
Here we go!
Let's turn off
In three
Two, one...

by Flora Mae Gudez |
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In a cold and lonely night, there was a thing that shined bright. Though not as big as the stars, she captured everyone's sight. 

Dancing along the clouds, she owed her light to the sun. If not because of him, she cannot see the light nor feel the warmth of winter night.

Even though they're miles apart, the moon still shines because of the sun -- he still lends his glow no matter how he is far.

Just like true love, care serves as the light no matter how hatred darkens one's sight.

by Sona Wilae |
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The Dance

Eclectic and faint a lonely sunrise
As a backdrop horizon surmises a smile,
Arrayed in kaleidoscoped clouds softly hued.

A glorious triad fulfilled quest, flares
Its entourage of dichotomy suspended
To earth’s finite...blinded in love and mission.

Dance of the autumn leaves, bow to
Rhapsody fusioned in summer breezes.
The cosmos two-step in planetary 

Waltz to His sovereign flow of life
Impaled to redeeming satisfaction. 
Aggrandize your destiny Earth.
Rhythmize a heart beat. Dance.

Sona Wilae 2017

by M. L. Kiser |
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The Tree Hugger

Yes, I am a tree hugger And I do so love the trees. Trees give us negative ions; Oxygen to breathe. Lovely wooden sentinels; Our siblings are the trees. Though they have no legs to walk They move within the breeze. The trees see many curious things; Perhaps hear even more. They’ll share their secrets if It’s what you ask them for. Listen with your soul to leaves within the wind. You’ll be back to hear more, again and again.

by Billy Tunk |
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Love has been lost Pleasure is my mired domain All that I could say Falling away Lust wretches my face My life shall waste.... Taken from you All of those things that you've consumed Each trace of the flesh You cannot see What you've left with me, All alone...

by Denise Morgan |
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Earth Day

Phenomenal Sphere
Orbits the sun on its axis
Love Mother Earth day

by Travis Klein |
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	Have a peace
A small piece at least,
	Have a day
A day in the sun to play,

	Day in the life
Be great— life without strife,
	Would be a night
A night to end the present fight,

	I feel so happy
Still happy when I’m crappy,
	When I feel good
And not good I’ve understood,

	What I do love
I’ll love to push-and-shove,
	Have a peace
A small piece at least.

Travis “Ceijaeh” Klein

by Janet Bingham |
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Earth Song

In the brown and tan
she sits on the forest floor
pillowed by the fallen leaves.
Her soul grows silent as she listens
to the sounds in the forest.
The sky, her inverted ocean;
the clouds, her froth of waves.
The wind dances through her dark hair
like the delicate fingers of God.
As the sun warms her skin, 
light filters through tree branches
laced together like intricate spider webs
too high to touch except in Spirit.
She does not notice the hour.
She has visions sweeter than oranges.

Janet Marie Bingham

by jan oskar hansen |
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the vista

The Vista. 
It was a long climb up the mountain, cumbersome too
I used golf shoes, bought in a second hand shop, which
On reflection will endorse, but it had leather uppers

It was tiring, yet had no choice it was my mountain,
there were dark moment when I felt like giving up, but
the alternative was melancholy of the uncompleted.  

 I finally made it the top had no snow and whirling fog 
made it impossible to see and hear anything but my
laboured breathing and colourless wind of nothingness. 

It the way life is, those on the top see little of what is 
going on, one has to go down to ground level to see
and understand that love needs fertile soil to thrive. 

by Kumkum Sharma |
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What was and what wasn't

You exist more vividly in my head than you do in reality,
I express you in my writings like I've known you for eternity.

How can I remember so much about you when I didn't even know you enough
How can one be a pessimist and yet so imaginative

I was so far away from galaxies, I was sure I was only seeing what lied in front me
I know I never ideated, I know I only kept you in my sensibilities

But you were real, the whole time
And I didn't know how to negate what I felt

And that's the thing, 
I got too close to believing.
now I don't think I understand 
what was and what wasn't. 

by jan oskar hansen |
Categories: age, allusion, break up, earth day,

forget me not

Forget me not

Rebellious heart
Cast the spell of love
Like spring breeze 
Lacks boundaries,
No conclusion!
Shifting shadows
Only walked
By the unhappy

by Jerry Wells |
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