Love Poems About Farm or Farm Love Poems
by Vera Duggan |
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My Molly May

My Molly May

I had a little pony
I called her Molly May
So often I would venture out
And feed her bales of hay.

So then she’d frolic
Kick her heels up high
Round and round she would run
Looking sweet as she passed by.

She’d run until she was worn out
Then to the stable she would go
I’d bed her down then for the night
My love for her each day would grow

She was my, cutest Molly may
This pony always made my day.

25 September 2014

by Mohammad Abedin |
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I Want To Love You

There were rivers and seas
Hills and vales
Trees and green
Sky and cloud
Sun and moon
There were you and me also….

There were a lot of laughters and jokes
Trust and truth
Birds and flowers
Faith and love
You and me were also there…..

I want to depend on you
I want to like you
And I want to love you…

by Joanna Daniel |
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Morning Splendour

Nature beckons me with its charm ~ trees waving in the wind wish me good morning from their farm; birds chirrup, their music plays on, young ones squeak in response, I love hearing these sounds at dawn; honeybees, butterflies float by, busy waking flowers, I watch them with a content sigh, buds open up their little heads, sun rays smile at dewdrops, charming me as morn's splendour spreads. 10.16.2020
For Constance La France's "Writing challenge - Tercets" contest

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Clark Came Courting Loralei

Loralei’s green eyes flickered in the dark,
Noticed by males, especially Clark.

She captivated him in every way.
He reminisced about her most of the day.

Truth told, she was totally unaware.
Of his bold prowess, and that he did care.

He came courting and met her stout brothers.
Her grandma and one of her stepmothers.

They put him to work on the family farm.
Let him feed the bull without any harm.

Loralei noticed he was lots of help.
He was strong too, not like a little whelp.

Loralei and Clark promptly fell in love.
A blissful marriage honored from above.

by A.O. Taner |
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follow on facebook,
adore on pinterest,
fall in love on instagram,
kiss on a hunch,
all under a tree.

by Sheri Fresonke Harper |
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In the Meadow

Cows bellow, low, heads between rails
such large deep sad eyes, such full bags.
For whom do they await, no one home
to let them out, share out their milk.

Not long ago I saw you wandering off with him
his hand caressing your neck, gripping your arm
holding you stiff, obedient to his will
and you were bound to follow, no sound

escaped your lips, and me, why am I watching
for the scene to play out? Don’t we all know
don’t we all grieve, for the coming of that day
when cowl slips down, the bellow, low aches.

You won’t come home, will you my dear.
I guess I paid the right price for a job well done
Your cheating heart won’t bestir us to wait
Never more.  This farm is sold outright.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: history, life

Twentynet - 60's

My 60’s My 60’s meant childhood. Unaware of changing mores or real significance of Kennedy’s assassination, three sisters and I were transplanted to Mom’s childhood Iowa farm until she remarried. Though poor, we had good times! Our family, now ten souls, adapted, struggling, while soldiers fought abroad. Civil unrest was little known to me. I enjoyed summers, friendships, radio, kiss in ‘69 - Moon walk/ childhood’s end. Free love, hippies, LSD eluded me. I thrived!
By Andrea Dietrich Inspired by nette onclaud's Contest: "Magic of Decade's Moods"

by Clark Emery |
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Night Sky At the Farm

On seeing the night sky at the farm, Sunday, 10 May 2015

A myriad lights in the sky, tis yours
that brightest shines.  Not a star but Venus,
goddess of love that beckons me to shore,
to weigh anchor and share love that’s ‘tween us.
And as thy light moves across heavens’ sea
my heart doth follow even through gales of
life, for nothing parteth my heart from thee.
Thou descendest upon me like a dove,
that bird of peace, of hope, of promise kept.
Take winged flight and I with you shall soar
to a land where all true lovers have slept,
where time stands still and seems to be no more.
If in course the glory of thy light fade
I still will love you, for me you were made.

by Leanne Tuftytift |
Categories: abuse, anti bullying, autumn, marriage, parody, sexy, violence,

Tufty Tifty's, Tough Day On the Farm

Leanne was a farm girl at heart
She loved playing with her special cow
She used to eat her mums freshly made tart
Leanne didn't like her brothers sow

Oliver used to make the oil 
Dan made the juice
Oliver used to oil up Leanne and the cows
Dan bit off her ear!

Leanne danced with the poodle
Leanne danced with the ****(erel) 
Leanne's legs where like noodles
Leanne's ear went like a rock

I miss 'Bao to my bab' but Trish won't allow it 
I'm scarred James will leave me
But Linda is by my side
I love Poetry soups!!!!!

----Dedicated to Linda  (Poetry Destroyer A), and JB, you know who you're ;-) ---

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
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The Princess Bride - Words To Live By

The Princess Bride our favourite picture;
                  I'll say "farm boy, fetch me that pitcher"
                              and with "as you wish"
                              he hands me my dish,
                 giggling reciting our "true love" scripture.


Composed for Alexis Y.'s
Favorite Comedy Movie

by James Fraser |
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Butterfly Eyes

If you could view her
As i do
You would see
My love so true

This farm girl, my beauty
At harvest time
My heart sings notes
In loving rhyme

In her summer dress
Against the golds
She looks radiant
I long to hold

She captures the scene
Beneath the pale blue skies
This farm girl, my beauty
With her butterfly eyes

by Lin Lane |
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My Family

young couple in love
nurturing parents now gone
       left their legacy

       global  heritage
 french, spanish, lil' italian
       irish and german

      a real smorgasbord
  main ingredient was love
       served to all of us

        one older brother
younger sister - my best friend
       grew up on a farm

        life was lots of fun
 but there was work to be done
     raised with faith in God

        strong lineage tree
branched with children of our own
       fed with lots of smiles

   5.3.16      Marvin's Family Contest

by Patricia Leonaitis |
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A Cow"s Life(Haiku)

Autumn on the farm,
Cows busy chewing their cuds,
Waiting to be milked.

I love cows!

by Aunika Alch |
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Jolly Rancher Pass

There is a gingerbread man, a farmer named Ginggy, who lives in Candyland on Jolly Rancher Pass. He loves his candy farm- He has Hershey cows, M&M grass, chocolate chip seeds, and his house is made of graham crackers. He has a Laffy Taffy dog and a lovely gingerbread wife and two lovely gingerbread children. His wife's name is Ginger, his daughter's name is Jingle, and his son's name is Ding. They all love their farm very much. Aunika Alch, age 11 & Keyanna Bottoms, age 10

by Abdullah Alhemaidy |
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Nature Nature

What is going on twigs of trees!
Stillness and tranquility of nature
Twitter of birds, sense of life
Silent Love
Away from industrial screens,
Malicious false.
Farm life
Rich language
Human greed
Dragging man to deprivation
From his ancient pure inherent nature of life
To jails made of concrete, rush, and  hardship.
Is that civilization and progress?

by John Williams |
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The Goose and the Dog

A dog and a goose 
For some unknown reason,
Fell hopelessly in love
Last Spring season.

He serenaded her
With his barking voice,
She wobbled at the wings
With his barking choice.

Next he started plucking 
His country guitar,
He pawed out a tune,
She fell in love so far.

Then they sailed on 
A river boat cruise,
He howled at the moon,
Then sung her the blues.

Now both have returned
To their rustic farm,
Goose still swooning 
At his doggy charm.

They moved in together 
In a haystack barn,
He tends to sheep
While she knits their yarn.

by Jim Pemberton |
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God Gave Me a New Life

God Gave Me A NEW Life!

God reached down to my life 
and changed it!
His love touched my soul
 and I can claim it!

God brought to me peace,
 hope and care…
That I may share his goodness 
to people everywhere!

God brought to me the joy 
of his salvation!
And gave my life 
 complete satisfaction!

He’s given everything that I needed!
He gives the victory! 
I don’t have to be defeated!

He can do the same for you! 
 Won’t you accept him?
Just reach out to him now! 
 And believe him!

By Jim Pemberton

by Assefa Dibaba |
Categories: break up, forgiveness, imagination, irony, sad love, true love,

Bridging the Gap

when Spring River recedes 
we will break a ritual bread 
the lover plans

I would rather build a fence 
along the bank,
the woman swears 

at the daybreak, 
she calls a fence-builder 
to have him build 
a fence 
between her farm 
and her lover’s field  
on Spring River

say by fate or by will 
(or by divine intervention) 
the fence builder builds 
not a fence 
but a bridge 
over Spring River 

the lover thought, 
standing on the bridge:

bone-deep sorrows 
can distill the soul 
they don’t kill,
they harden and toughen
and cleanse and heal
the foul!

by Tom Forke |
Categories: earth, farm, happiness, joy, love, seasons, work,

The Sower

Arnold gazed eastward,
His callused hands hung
by thumbs hooked to
his belt. He had beaten
the rooster by at least
an hour, and his hands
lit a pipe in
A cool breeze 
passed through, teasing
the plowed field,
the chimes,
and his arms.
The barn stood sturdy, 
ready for the season.
Seasoned tools hung on the 
new walls. The screen door 
behind him swung and
she stood next to 
him on the porch, his 
hand stroked her back.
She looked at him, he
peered eastward, a subtle
smile concealing a laugh,
“It’s going to be a good year.”

by Rick Parise |
Categories: family, farm, grandfather, love, memory, nature,

A Songbird Climbs

In breaths of morning dawn the generations before would drift through my mind. A legacy of gold and silver in depths of the dawning rise and in a picture book of vivid yesteryears I would climb. From the feathered pillow to the creaking oak floor, across the hall to the kitchen where the steamy coffee I would pour. Drowning in my coffee gaze a sweet reflection of Grandpa's face, deep beneath the creamy clouds with one raised brow, hair silver brown.

through the aged window
upon the swaying wheat field
a songbird climbs

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: bird, farm, life,

Crows In the Wheatfield

The country road split the wheat field in half A murder of crows seemed to prefer the right Hope they leave some to winnow from the chaff Crows seem but wavey lines against the night A spectacular sight in the twilight Fields of wheat in the final golden stage Ready for the harvesters to earn their wage Golden grains that hungry men have desired This art lifts up some memories to engage Remember the dirt road our love once required
Artful work: Crows In The Wheatfield by Vincent Van Gogh Written: February 11, 2023

by Regina Mcintosh |
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Farm - Nursery Rhyme

Peck, peck, peck I’m soft and fluffy I am a little chick Some think I’m scruffy Oink, oink, oink I’m kind and gentle I am a friendly piglet Some think I’m mental Bawl, bawl, bawl I’m innocent and cute I am a sweet cow Some think I’m a brute We live on the farm Filled with love and charm You won’t come to any harm Or feel any kind of alarm If you take hold of our arm Spend some time on our farm Nursery Rhyme Sponsored by Eve Roper March 13, 2021

by Mike Hauser |
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clap for mashed potatoes
gravy on the side

ketchup smothered
is how i like my fries

love a baked potato
stuffed with everything

even like them broiled
butter and sour cream

hash browns grilled with onions
get my taste buds jumping

sometimes like them fancied
dressed up in au gratin

slurping of the soup
sprinkled down with parsley

even eat them raw sometimes
though the taste is gnarly

smoked me a tater once
down on the farm

followed around behind the animals
till the cows came home

by Poetry Is It |
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The 'Happy' **** Star

The 'Happy' **** Star.
Grew up in poverty, 
on a farm,deep down in the south.
With too many brothers 
and many her cousins.
She had not the time to love them all..
Except for her pet pink pig.
She had no use for a cork screw.
Most of the house looked like there's.
Not her room, 
full of lace and silk, they yurned.
She burned and burned wanting more.
She has her own pony.
Nice little pony and friends.
By the time she was grown and tall.
Every thing of value she owned.
Old gold coins and silver in a box
southern confederate money, 
yellowed with age.
She packed it all up, 
while her pony and she rode away. 

Is It Poetry

by Tom Kesting |
Categories: farm, happiness, seasons,

Reflections From the Country

Out in the country where the well water is pure and bright...
You can sit on a fence and count the stars at night.

All the crops are growing and the harvest is near...
This has to be one of my favorite times of the year.

God is so gracious and sends each season we need...
And all we do is prepare the soil and plant the seed.

God meets our needs year after year...
And because of God's faithfulness we love it out here.

The well water is always cold, pure and bright...
And we can sit on the fence and count the stars at night.