Love Poem: Clark Came Courting Loralei
Caren Krutsinger Avatar
Written by: Caren Krutsinger

Clark Came Courting Loralei

Loralei’s green eyes flickered in the dark,
Noticed by males, especially Clark.

She captivated him in every way.
He reminisced about her most of the day.

Truth told, she was totally unaware.
Of his bold prowess, and that he did care.

He came courting and met her stout brothers.
Her grandma and one of her stepmothers.

They put him to work on the family farm.
Let him feed the bull without any harm.

Loralei noticed he was lots of help.
He was strong too, not like a little whelp.

Loralei and Clark promptly fell in love.
A blissful marriage honored from above.