Love Poem: Night Sky At the Farm
Clark  Emery Avatar
Written by: Clark Emery

Night Sky At the Farm

On seeing the night sky at the farm, Sunday, 10 May 2015

A myriad lights in the sky, tis yours
that brightest shines.  Not a star but Venus,
goddess of love that beckons me to shore,
to weigh anchor and share love that’s ‘tween us.
And as thy light moves across heavens’ sea
my heart doth follow even through gales of
life, for nothing parteth my heart from thee.
Thou descendest upon me like a dove,
that bird of peace, of hope, of promise kept.
Take winged flight and I with you shall soar
to a land where all true lovers have slept,
where time stands still and seems to be no more.
If in course the glory of thy light fade
I still will love you, for me you were made.