Love Poems About Middle School or Middle School Love Poems
by Zamreen Zarook |
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Fake Words

Fake Words – Zamreen Zarook

God have given us mouth,
Not to speak to north and south,
Tongue is given under an oath,
So it’s our duty to protect them both.

Girls chat fake with boys,
Having a notion that the boys are toys,
They often make varied noise,
Thinking to keep a trap on handsome guys.

Boys are also human being,
So it’s not possible being clean,
Things varies in the way they are seen,
So positive thinking will make you keen.

Boys’ minds are pure,
As it is pure bio,
So don’t try to pour vino,
Which will take decades to get cure.

by Kaylin Simmons |
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i am just a face on the street 
so invisible so discreet
you pass by me every day 
and i await words you'll never say 
not one single hello is uttered 
yet still i melt like butter 
every tlime i see you 
i think of what i should do 
i should smile, say hello 
but every single time i choke 
my tongue turns into one big knot 
and i cant manage a single thought 
if you could read my mind 
you would laugh at what you'd find
i haven't had a crush in a long while 
yet every time i see your smile 
it takes me back to middle school 
even though i was so cool
i had trouble talking to guys 
so this is no surprise

by Joshua Lacey |
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Not Perfect But Acceptable!

My younger years - I don't know how
At six and seven folks had a cow!

The journey through the mind begins
Do not think the devil wins!

In middle school has a crash
Doing some things rather rash!

In high school had good grades
Then they dropped - almost like Hades!

Drove and walked many a mile
Just to see myself and smile!

God rescued me and set me free
From a thing called apathy!

Love God's plan - it makes me smile
To think of things that are worthwile!

I might have had to just stop college
But in experience have great knowledge!

Born to help others - don't you see?
I think it is reality!

by Carlyn Parent |
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First and Only

First and Only
by Carlyn Parent

My heart tingles around the boy
in our middle school hallway,
inducing my body to a pleasant numbness.

My words stutter 
the first time we innocently speak.
Time stops
when his soft, thin lips passionately meet mine. 

Surely this is just puppy love…

My heart tingles around the young man
in our high school hallway,
inducing my body to a pleasant numbness. 

My lips waver 
when he smiles my direction. 
My legs weaken
when our blue eyes connect.

He is my first love.

by Avery Ken |
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4:13 Pm

A lot can happen in a minute. A sudden epiphany, A revelation. Opening doors, A realization. Fresh starts, Beating hearts. Good luck, Tearing apart. A lot can happen in a minute.

by Kishan Sharma |
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Love Connection

Love is you,my dear, you are mine,
My heart and heart are you mine.

You are only my every moment,
I know that you know it.

The love of both are tied together,
Mind you are mine and you are mine.

My luck and wealth are you mine.
You stay only in my heart,
Do you know how to know this?

Since birth is my birth,
 you have separated from me since then.

Just got to meet a little late,
We do not have any clue about it.

Love is you,my dear,
You are mine,
My heart and heart are you mine.

by Thaleia Greenstone |
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That’s all my closed eyes could see while my lips were being captured by an awkward preteen boy. 
My bruised lips from nervous biting matched perfectly with his smooth ones. This moment. 
Of vulnerability and shyness was his and his only to see. 
How new it felt, but not long lasting. 
After all, we were just young middle schoolers wanting to get a taste of something sacred and refreshing. 
Like fine wine, made only for the best and yearned by the curious ones.

by Aneysa Churchwell |
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Dedicated To Ashley Davis

our tears fall
this seems so unreal
it was just the other day
that we heard your laughter
saw your smile
but now we're crying
remembering you
wishing you were here right now
telling you jokes
and laughing out 
but now your gone
heaven above
we love you girl
remembering you forever.....


by Sandra Haight |
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My Emily

My Emily The years fly by, our children leave the nest; so soon their own are off to meet their quest. This month, she graduates with her degree; a teacher now, granddaughter reached her aim. With love of reading, writing, she became head of the Poetry Society and student-taught the middle school that she attended years ago...her joys to claim. English teacher now certified to shape young minds with love of words...written, read. As a poet too, the heart of this proud grandma overflows with thankful joy. Sandra M. Haight
~7th Place~ Premiere Contest: Three Style III Sponsor: Laura Loo Judged: 05/12/2017

by Erik Lopez |
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Boys and Girls

In middle school, I've never intended to be interested in anyone
the girls had claws the size of a minivan
it could extend to a couple feet to hundreds of feet in seconds.
The claws had a mind of it's own, they would grapple me
to drain my body or to rip me into shreds.
Blood would be everywhere, my screams would be internal
while the girl with the claws wouldn't even notice.  
I never wanted this, neither did the girl, I got used to it after a while.

by Dana Redricks |
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Where Were You

Where Were You
Author Dana Redricks
December 7, 2015

You missed all the big moments
In my life my elementary graduation 
My first date; my junior high school graduation
My high school graduation; the birth of your
First grandchild; her first steps; her kindergarten
Graduation; her middle school graduation,
And her high school graduation and we are
Both now almost about to achieve another
Milestone; college graduation, and my question
For you is where will you be on that day? You
Missed most of my life, but you still say you
Love me, but I still say where were you, because
All I hear is empty words, and promises.

by Millard Lowe |
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Hate is of the mind…
Love—of the womb of the heart—
The heart can’t birth hate:-

by Cindi Rockwell |
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Total Collapse of the Heart

When once I sat and pondered the definition of heartbreak
I realized mine changed almost as quickly as I matured.
My toddler heart broke when Rover stole my ice cream.
My Kindergarten heart broke when Susie was cast as Cinderella.
In middle school it was whenever someone called me fat.
Home alone on prom night, chest a bonfire of pain;
That perfect job I didn’t get and heart broken again.
The thing is, the fuller the heart with love, hope
The greater the pain when broken, like two storm-fronts clashing.
So news my daughter had cancer broke heart, soul, spirit.

January 16, 2019

by Millard Lowe |
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A Share From Me To You

In the chilling waning Fall-waxing-Winter
I cautiously step out into graveyard-like
The earlier day and coming night seems
A lone soaring avian appears to own the sky’s

Would if you would, come and walk with me
as I pray you can feel and imagine what I see:
Penning these imaging words of a blessing sent
from the above—
As I calmly continue to walk in this chilling evening
of peace and love.

by Panagiota Romios |
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Erotic Rooftop Connection

Let's relive that night of nebulas.
Toga night, fearless night!

With Aphrodite dancing clearly in
their sight.
Eros casts his sexual might,.

Let's dance in bewitching circles of Aegean mystery.
Only and I in a kissable, erotic synergy.

Filled to the brim, our aquamarine crystal glasses.
San Francisco has memories and absolutely no passes.

They still celebrate love each night on their roof.
I hear the pawing of their Unicorn Minerva's hoof.

Two, that chose to love under the gods' directions.
From this earth, their love, a delicate confectionary,
eternal connection!


by Tonya Burns |
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Tom my husband
  Makes me smile
Have been through a lot
  But my love for him goes for miles.

A daughter, Elaina 
  Boy does she drive me out of my mind
Never a boring teen
  She is intelligent, beautiful, and kind.

Keeping in thought....
  Mia is an amazing student I work with in Pal-Mac Middle School.
  She's  important to me.
Full of energy
  She is just simply cool.

Understanding what's in my life and soul
  Excepting and inspirating 
Letting special people in, makes me Thankful......

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Still the One

We laugh at the same exact things. 
Facing life everyday with my king.

Our sense of humor is crazy,
Though our marriage by lazy.

Comfortable in every way,
Threats sometimes, but we always stay.

We met young, before we were ten.
He told our teacher he would marry me, when.

Made me mad and insane.
Called him mean names like lame brain.

Became best friends in middle school.
So much in common, it felt kind of cruel.

Been married since nineteen seventy-one.
Honeymoon moments still pretty much fun.

Written 9-8-2018                     Still The One Poetry Contest                    Sponsor:  Michelle Faulkner

by Veronica Joseph |
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Who Needs Grandchildren?

I'm taking him to concerts out there on the lawn
have to sit and suffer
middle school jazz band
and pretend to like it with the rest of us
I'm taking him to the bank
and then to taco bell
maybe to the car wash
oh what the hell
we have to go to training
teaching in a pack
sometimes he wants to eat a small dog
yap yap yap
he heels like a champ now
but he wont come when I call
there's nothing better than dog love
nothing better at all
at night we get worn out walking
and then we sit and read
sometimes we have a moment
when we know our love is real
eye to eye and big dog kiss
who could want anything more than this?

by Joshua Lacey |
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The Human Factor

Being a human:  Too confusing!
Hope the brain isn't abusing!

Power to get up when I fell
Have energy to journey through hell

No longer in middle-school
Confustion and fear seemed to rule!

In high-school really crashed 
At least life not totally trashed!

But was able to chew
Through what I did do

Then my life stopped being blue
Now it is a lighter hue!

Able to love; able to praise
Jesus from death did me raise!

by David Scott |
Categories: lost love, middle school,

Ever Lasting

I thought she had all the remedies
   As at first seemed like such a blast
    Perhaps on my part the insecurities
    Why things between us never did last

    Was it maybe just diffrent personalitys
    Though at times felt a stark contrast
    Though there were many opportunities
    For answers to questions never asked

    Now though it would seem just memories
    What once was is now of course the past
    Becuse this girl l once knew it seems shes
    A faded out picture of my everlasting cast

NOTE- abstrats from 1996 poem worlds apart like poems
You,gone take from ame poem about two diffrent relationships at diffrent tims 1998,and 2014

by Yonah Jeong |
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When I Was 15

when I was 15
middle school student
wanted to read
there was a book
not to steal
Weekly magazines covered with wire mesh
differently that book
caught always my eye and heart
But in my life the book has become unnecessary
Almost 50 years passed like that
I open the well-decorated book
Even though I was hungry,
I wanted to read that noble
I start reading like that time in my mind
"It was a blue sky that made me want to try swimming"
forgetting myself and the world
It is a dark night
blue skies begin to appear.

by Ilene Bauer |
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My Students

Within a bag of teaching stuff
I saved when I retired
Were notes and poems by students
To a teacher they admired.

How gratified I felt to read
I’d opened many eyes
To poetry and novels
(Even grammar – no surprise!)

Those students were in middle school
So now they’re all adults.
I wonder if my teaching
Had some tangible results.

No way to really know, but still,
I hope they love to read
And if they write some poetry,
I’ve done my job, indeed.