Love Poems About Repeated Words or Repeated Words Love Poems
by Sneha RV |
Categories: feelings,

Distant Thoughts

As she walked slowly
Towards the woods,
She kept thinking of her old house..
The one so dear to her.
She remembered her friends,
Her school, and her garden,
As she sat on a moss-covered rock..
Almost on the verge of tears.
Book on her lap,
She then slowly recollected,
Her parents' repeated words –
“Love everything around you.”
She looked around for a companion,
Sitting under the tree’s shade..
Gradually starting
To absorb into her surroundings.

Getting out of her pensive mood,
She appreciated the beauty of nature..
And feeling much more free,
Went home to bid goodbye.

by Alyssa Finley |
Categories: love, sad, world, love,

Portal To The Sky

You in focus, world a blur
My eyes trapped in deep allure
Racing heart and soul endure
Caging love in self demure
You are a king as you appear
Hair cusps at your ears;
Hanging crowns.

As shooting stars drag my dreams
Over and across the blue marine
To the next world of hopeless gleams
An hoard of wishes and obscene
For your voice to caress my face;

Across my eyes you skim
you step, you dance, you spin,
Smiling with your sideways grin
You give me goosebumps, out and in
Read the braille on my skin
An alphabet of three repeated words;
I love you.

by Christy Hardy |
Categories: faith, life, love, peace, time, visionary, drug,

In The Distance

Far in the distance,
comes a plea for peace,
as one is listening,
trying to reach.
Whimpers of pain,
muffled by the storm,
drug from the trenches,
their bodies so worn.
The wind of the future,
is beginning to blow,
a new light is coming,
soon we will all know.
Repeated words,
spoken from ones heart,
a new day is forming,
the old shall part.
Designed so complete,
prepared with pure love,
the answer has been given,
He is waiting above.