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by Robert Lindley |
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Dark Earth Folds In the Heart's Red Bloom

Dark Earth Folds In The Heart's Red Bloom

You and I and all we do
Know not, til our hearts are through 
The press of life, what things we be
Root or leaves or shade of tree.
You and I and all we seem
May be but as a drift of dream
In the eyes of One who gave
Self to love and love to save,-
Yea, all the deeds that men have wrought
Mere flower of dream, flame of thought,
Break of waves on a drear shore,
Scent of the wild rose on the moor.
Yet we have seen, and hold it sure,
That out of shame come forth the pure;
Dark earth folds in the heart's red bloom;
In vain, we build the soul a tomb.

R.J. Lindley
1976 or 77 ?

by Gary Dye |
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The Breakfast Club

Dr. Zhivago, 12 angry men  Valdez is coming Clear and Present danger Scent of a woman Armageddon Medicine Man

Top Gun the ninth gate Dangerous minds, Milk money wings of the dove
Cider house rules and shangi noon

The shadow  {knows} Bugsy the firm dangerous dogs Jack
Men of honor Quills WATERBOY
the way we were Dead Poets Society bird on a Wire 50 first dates
Never been kissed

gone with the wind Cactus flower Serpico The little mermaid
good will hunting  unstrung heros

The Labarinth Wizard of Oz Miracle on 34 th street

Beguiled the good the bad and the ugly High plains drifter
Love Story, 2001 a space Odyssey  16 candles
Pretty in Pink Star wars   The Robe...

by Keith O.J. Hunt |
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The Lonely Poet

The poet and the lonely road, betwixt his netherworld abode,
   in canyons deep, and in seldom trodden creeps,
Always secrets, secrets....
   too kept ----
   he has made his humble abode, in the dark alone,
   he sleeps ----
   with vipers and white (sepulchre) tombs

He does not see the meadow, and daisies,
   (rising sun)
   nor words of wisdom on his tongue;
   fall away, to dark netherworld abodes....

Poet be he not, 'til fellowship and gratitude 
   be his home, and grace in word be his love;
   of good cheer to all concerned and more ----
   should even shadow knocketh, 
   of this he writes 

Written in 2012

by Kingsley Awoh |
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Void of you 
My life is like a wind
Drifting to nowhere
Tossed and turned
By the ragging nature

Your kisses hunted me down
Capsizing and ceaselessly 
Plowing my innermost
Drilling my manliness

Void of you,
My life is separated by miles of realities
Stay with me, my dreamer

Written by Awoh Kingsley
Dedicated to Adeola Adenekan
November, 2nd , 2012

by Keith O.J. Hunt |
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She of Sweet Kisses

She of sweet kisses and lavender hues,
  with wild loving eyes,
  to melt in each orb of fire,
  and dream too long....
Disguised to resist such wild love;
  untamed as a wild stallion ---
  she illumed this little darkling....
  with her little light of love,
  vast as the hope in her heavenly heart

That I dream her little dream,
  and dance to the wanton moon in her eyes;
  where the heavens alight a darkest night,
  where my heart swoons in sweeter meadows,
  I hold her as mine;
  for all time, we are One,
  in this red-wedded night,
(She of sweet kisses)

by Md Shahadat Hossain |
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Ode To You

When you keep silence yourslef,
I try to read your eyes,
When you keep smiling yourself.
I try to feel your nerves.

When you keep staring at me, 
I feel shy at that time,
When you get angry with me. 
I feel you love me a lot all the time.

When you shed tears, 
I feel very shocked,
When you don't make me nervous,
I feel you are only one who make me proud.

by Jo Bien |
Categories: love


love comes around once in a while
unlocks the door with its winning smile
it takes every breath, wounds with its scars
whispers to your soul as it plays with your heart
the lessons you learn, what answers remain 
each time a beginning as you try it again

by Md Shahadat Hossain |
Categories: beauty, dedication, desire, love,

Bring Something For Me

Bring me a moon lit night, 
I will shower, 
Bring me a wonderful sight, 
I will go nowhere.

Bring me a lovely smile, 
I will listen, 
Bring me a soft touch, 
I will not ever be forgotten.

Bring me a secured lap, 
I will sleep, 
Bring me a caring heart, 
I will not keep any gap.

Bring me a lady, 
I will love, 
Bring me a melody, 
I will standstill, won't move.

by Md Shahadat Hossain |
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Beauty Walks At Night

She walks without making any sound at night 
She is afraid of someone is watching her 
How she could go there escaping his sight?
Her heart bit is getting louder.

Everything is sleeping except them,
Someone is waiting out there,
She has to meet him
A wild owl is watching her,

Nothing can stop her walking,
Something making her mind stronger;
It's nothing but pleasures of meeting-
For her love she can go fur and further.

by Yash Ranpariya |
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Where Are U My Love

That all untold words inside me
Are roaring today for you
Where are you my love ?
My all senses are in the search of you...

The way on we walked together
Are in the thirst of the footsteps of you
Where are you my love ?
The whole soul inside me 
Is in the search of you...

My each morning of the day 
is only asking about you
Where are you my love ?
My life has become drought 
Even in the season of rain 
Without you...

by Timothy Carter |
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Oh what a mistake I have made,
Traveled so far to end up this way.
  Not in a million years would I have guessed,
That this idea was truly not one of my best.
  Never had  known things had changed so much,
We for sure had fallen so far out of touch.
  So many different do's , don't , and bewares,
Actually has left me absolutely  scared.
  What a fool I was to ever believe,
That she would ever be in love with me.
  At my age you would think I know better,
You can trust this will be remembered forever.
  Oh what a terrible mistake I have made,
Wanting all these memories to just fade away.

by Kristin Gregoire |
Categories: childhood, confusion, death, dedication, depression, devotion, faith, fear, friendship, funeral, girlfriend-boyfriend, lost love, love,

Only Death Can Tear Us Apart

Your always in my heart & head,
 I still can't believe ur dead. We may
be miles & miles apart 
but I feel ur still close because I keep you 
always in my heart, 
Death was the only thing that could ever
keep us apart.

by Nahna James |
Categories: absence, america, angel, appreciation, beauty, bible, creation,

Hidden Pains

I do not cry when doves fly
Whenever it rains
My tears are no longer flowing. 

I ask God why
We betrayed Your confidence in this paradise You gave to us 
Do you still love us? 

Money and power are used to control others
The cross of Jesus on top of the church tower 
There is no confidence in their religion. 

Like a thief, They lay in wait.

As I look up at the morning sky,
The Butterfly is stunning
I am no longer perplexed as to why Your Love and Wisdom are my guiding Light.

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: anti bullying,

Together We Are Strong

Here in the dark I will not stay
Better days are ahead 
And will come my way
I will rescue a few while I am here
Together we are strong
An will push one another along
An no longer live in fear
I will look back a shed many a tear
For a love I thought we had and held dear.......

by John Chizoba Vincent |
Categories: angel, art, beautiful,


Beat the sky to coma
With the string of your heartbeat
I will wait for the striving thunder
Then seize the light from coming

Smile back at the rain
Your love has developed wings
To dance to jerusalem
Howbeit we've come to the end of the road
When I needed you more.

Dance for my feasting eyes
My soul seek to have you within
My red blood cell to regenerate 
The motionless fibre within

Sound the drums louder
My legs want some rythms 
From an immortal heart of
A yoruba maiden in joy

by Matt Starking |
Categories: courage,

A Thing Called Courage

a thing called courage
it will only open a new page
if i did not cross the oceans
i would have been left alone
i would have been lost
and i wouldn't have seen 
what lies beyond the oceans
the road to heaven 
is paid with righteousness
for i was lost in the wildness
a thing called courage
that which unleashes you from the cage
the body is just a vehicle
transporting the soul
for there was nobody to love
nobody to console
nobody to talk to
wondering what to do
a thing called courage
it will only open a new page

by Jesz Ika |
Categories: discrimination, racism,

Dear Racist

You have your roots forgotten
Your perception's now rotten
Noticing oh so sudden
That brother's a great burden

No love for brother or sis
With contempt at them you hiss
And the sharpest point you miss
That racism can't bring bliss

People can be blue, black, white
I can name colours all night
But do remember alright
Only yourself you do fight

Because we all are on par
And you're left behind so far
Still your scars with spite you mar
Frowning at those black as tar

With the same hands, all God made
Watch as you do colours grade
Without love, away you'll fade
For we belong under one shade

by Tuija Kartaslammi |
Categories: caregiving, time, beauty, beauty,

My Angels Are Worried of You ..

They offer you their hand -
they offer you their love -
and caring.
They have seen your words -
and heard your music -
they want to show you the world -
in beauty and in cruel -
cause they care of you.
Trust in them -
and they tell you all -
of the beauty of us -
and of the world.

by Douglas Lawder |
Categories: life, love, nature,

The Couple(S)

The poem as novel

Small grapes of the morning like poetry,
cold water pulsing deep in the well,
a bag of bright nails in the yard,
the smell of cut wood wet in the sun,
the mild bite of pain put on everything
and everything still to be done
-- when love's first sting buckles them to the ground.

The long melons of the afternoon like prose
and by the poolside the gin drinks and the sun,
the new car bright
as a jelly bean on the lawn,
a glaze of clean order put on everything
yet everything looking to be done
--when love has rubbed them smooth as a stone.

by Jamie Turner |
Categories: baptism, bible, blessing, change, depression, devotion, freedom,

In Gods Hands

My life is in gods hands.
My love is in gods hands.
My sprit is in gods hands.
My shallownes is in gods hands.My depesson is in gods hands.
 My bypolernece is in gods hands.Nomatter how life is going
god is with you 24 seven.

by Darlene Smith |
Categories: love, native american, romance,



I will be your shelter;
Amidst the storms in life.
I will be a light;
Within the darkest nights.

I will be a rock;
For you to make your stand.
I will be your comfort;
And calm your shaking hand.

I will be your hope;
In your times of great despair.
I will be your confidant;
When others are unfair.

I will be your trust;
When another breaks their word.
I will be your wings;
If you are my mockingbird.

By: Darlene Doll Smith

by Edward Ebbs |
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Two Boys

Whether this is your first or second child
your life changes for more than a while

The happiness of the first was beyond measure
the second adds to this with more to treasure.

You walked hand and hand with your first
your second child is also going to thirst.

One will have a new life as a big brother
almost as important as dad and mother.

Before you know the time will come
they will be sharing each other's gum

We are so excited that you have two boys
I bet you can wait until they fight over toys

Edward J. Ebbs. - June 2011

by Sayeed Abubakar |
Categories: satire,


You say that you love rain.
But when it starts raining, you raise
your umbrella over your head.

You say you love the Sun.
But when it spreads its rays, you start
looking for shade.

You say that you love storm.
But when it starts blowing, closing doors and
windows, you alone get seated.

You say that you love man.
But when a poor man comes at your door in danger,
in anger and in scorn your face turns red.

You say you love revolution.
But when revolution knocks at your door,
you fall asleep fast on your bed.

O my Love, in that way
do you say to me 'I love you' each day?

by Atour Tamrazov |
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Victory Day!

It's a Victory Day,
It's a Holiday of our Country,
Dance: we are free and genious
Citizens of Art and Dancing
City where my father and my
Mother married many years ago,
We are free, my little girl,
Free and happy boys and girls
From the little town of Joy,
From the West of Fest
Is also the beautiful country,
Sing my baby song and rest,
Have a good time,
Smile and dance,
Shania is merry
With a cowboy and  are married
In the new sense of a holiday
Of all our Big Love
As the happy people say!

by Vicki Acquah |
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Baby Me

Baby Me
May 21, 2014 at 5:47pm

Don't call be "Baby", just baby me...

lie me upon your chest skin to skin

rub me down with lotion


Spoon feed me Ice-cream

Sweeten me up for the thrill

carry me into the next room

Lie me down gently -I will coo-

when you say my name

Call me by MY name,

do not call me "Baby"

Just baby me...


Rock me in your arms after you

have loved me intensely

hold me until I sleep

after you have instilled

the seed of joy into my

love stream.


Hold me until we are

joined together in one dream...

 ...Baby me.
Spoon feed me,and sweeten me up,