Love Poems About Jealousy or Jealousy Love Poems
by Paul Callus |
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[A Pleiades consists of 7 lines, each having 6 syllables.
The title consists of ONE word only (and that word will NOT 
be used again in the poem itself). The first word in each line
begins with the same letter as the title.]

Obsessed by jealousy 
Overwhelmed to the point
Of no return, I reach
Out to you for comfort
Ousting repulsive thoughts
Opting to replenish
Our parched and arid love.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Pleiades “O” Contest
Sponsor: Kim Merryman
        Placed 5th

by John Hamilton |
Categories: absence, change, love hurts, missing you, relationship,

Autumn's desires

Autumn's desires

Your amber-umber eyes, penetrate me
as saffron sun sets on faces, ashen
Your suspicious mind raves with jealousy
as pumpkin winds chill our summers passion
your love transitions to winter's fashion.

Fire and ice keep flowing through your bold veins
Wild imaginations portend cold rains.

I dream of your ruby-red crimson lips
my mind won't rest until you have returned
the  touches from your ginger fingertips
we can rebuild the bridges that have burned,
then, we will laugh at all the lessons learned

I think of your flowing cinnamon hair
mem'ries of our home, and you being there.

John Derek Hamilton
September 16,2017

by Daniel Turner |
Categories: autumn, nature,

Painting Autumn

October brings us panoramic scenes
Picassoesque impressionistic style
From reds to browns and earth tones in between
When nature paints those landscapes that beguile

The helpful sun provides hot yellow paint
Which bleeds and blends from mountains to the seas
There are no signs that nature shows restraint
As hues are scattered by the autumn breeze

Yet with her madness comes a masterpiece
The reason for spring's jealousy of green
Before her creativity has ceased
Her orange and black spills on Halloween

October means peace, love, and harmony
Get with your friends, enjoy fall's scenery

     By Daniel Turner     October 3 2016

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: confidence,

Just Climb

Your strength is there
though dormant upon the silky staircase of God woven DNA...
just peel away layers of perceived weakness
climb through the fiery muck and mire
through acidic jive-devil clawed lies
climb with a pick axe of love and faith
shed doubters and deceivers-buoy desperate dreamers.
Climb until ogres can't reach your lowest high
'til jealousy no longer bangs a cymbal on your mind.
An enriched life awaits those with good intentions
climb as if every step was toward the heavens,
climb until you smack your face against the stars
                           just climb

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: angst, feelings, humorous,

- The Soup Cuckoo -

Jealousy is not the fear of losing
but the feeling that our position is threatened
As wet sand between your toes, unwanted

Sometimes jealousy turns into obsession
There are many wars, love your enemies ... never
We fight for love as a tender and small sparrow
Bitter taste, there is a fly in the soup

- Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
  Copyright © All Rights Reserved


by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, courage, cute love, dark, deep, depression, desire, destiny, devotion, dream, first love, funny love, grief, happiness, heart, heartbreak, heartbroken, how i feel, i am, i love you, i miss you, innocence, irony, jealousy, lonely, longing, loss, lost, love, love hurts, miss you, missing, missing you, night, passion, psychological, romance, romantic, sad, sad love, silence, sky, sleep, solitude, sunset, true love,

Red Light

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
lonely as ever
visible at night, useless by day?

in sync with its partner next door
for a quick kiss over a few flashes only 
then arguing again and again 
night in, night out.

have you ever felt like 
the flashing red light on the roof,
not signaling a warning to keep away
but sending a call for compassion?

using the dark pauses in between 
to yell the same name 
over and over and over
into the emptiness of each night.

have you ever felt like
the flashing red light on the roof,
being your silent cry
only heard by your eternal love?

by Guru Jad |
Categories: age, birth, journey, love, lust,

A Long Journey Made Short

Little Innocence was forged into the world 
A shrill Sound flickered around the expecting eyes
Laughter carved out of marble 
A statue thought to beat immortality 
Yet Fear had a surprise
It crept into the cradle with ease
Laughter was choked
Tears burst instead
And Sadness had a form
Evil found in youth a red soil
Jealousy marched with Envy
Lust befriended Desire
Until cupid threw a bunch of arrows
Adventure appeared
Excitement beyond description
A Thrill with no past
Sentiments were aroused
Pride threw some words
Ego played its part
And when Love meddled to defend its territory
The Heart bled in utter silence! 

© Guru Jad 2013

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: beauty, confusion, devotion, emotions, heart, jealousy, love,

Sweet Paramour

I see the edge of your smile
and the tip of your varnished toe,
the waterfall of your flaxen hair
that makes your shadow grow:
Love!  I am the one, who loves 
you as the day.
To lose you makes me shudder
like a mast on a blustered  day;
Keel-haul and whip my hopeless love
Send my soul to hell
But let me call before I die,
Love! I am the one.

by Cona Adams |
Categories: bible, creation, cute love, humor, humorous,

A Slight Improvement

Genesis 1:27 
God creates male and female

A Slight Improvement

All it took was one rib,
Adam wouldn’t miss it.
Look what he gained.

At first sight, he uttered
an ancient word the equivalent 
of the modern, “Wow!”

From the best use of a rib
of all time, came a creature
capable of charm, seduction,
procreation, gentleness, envy,
love, virtue, loyalty, jealousy,
deceit, and an affinity for salt.

Though she came from man,
she seeks always to best him,
and considers herself superior
in every way. After all, she has
that extra rib.

First Appeared in Galaxy of Verse.

by Doug Vinson |
Categories: jealousy, sad love,

The Magic Touch

That tiny mouse's bullfighter cape,
I took it from you because I couldn't bear not to.
I had to have it.

You challenged the world with it, 
and it shown in the sun as brightly as you burned.
It grew cold when I touched it,
Like a star without light or heat,
a ghost sail with no wind,
hanging limp in memory.

by Sandip Goswami |
Categories: art, encouraging, jealousy, life, love, philosophy, violence,

Art of Love

This times, you would receive the two things from others.
Violence or grace. 
Jealousy to your success,
And grace to your failure.

So, you should not be sad.

Survival is meaningless with grace. 

Believe me,
You are the king or queen of love.
Try to distribute your love.
Don't want to see yourself as the beggar of love. 

One day, future of mankind will be written with your love.
You will become history.

(The poem is dedicated to my favorite poet Charmaine Chircop.)


by Paul Callus |
Categories: happiness, joy,


Joy (Pleiades)    

Jettison leaden thoughts
Juxtapose light and dark
Join me in spreading the
Jovial mood of love
Jump with pure elation
Jocund spirits outwit
Jealousy, hate and fear.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -				
Contest: Pleiades 'J'
Sponsor: Kim Merryman
Placed 2nd
© 4th March 2017

by Sophia Valentina |
Categories: jealousy,

Jealous Jupiter

Through endless, vast, eternal space
there hangs my most omniscient orb.
So far a dark and lonely place, 
no sunlight to absorb…
just as my dark and lonely soul, 
forever unexplored.

My many moons of sordid glow,
as all my suitors orbit slow –
but Titan’s love I longed for so,
forever mine ignored…
and left this dark and bloody spot –
forever to abhor.

*A comparison between a covetous, lonely love and that of Jupiter for Saturn's Titan :).
Posted and dedicated to Poetry Soup's Mark Peterson.

by Scott MacDonald |
Categories: bible, conflict, creation, fantasy, god, jealousy, religious,

jealous god

Wodon gave them song and verse
Promethius gave them fire
Dionysius gave them wine and games
Orpheus played the lyre
Atlas held the world aloft
Fenrir consumed it whole
Ceres gave them seeds and crops
Ran the waves that roll
Pandoras box kept evil locked
Rati set love free
Boreas brought the winters frost
Eostre, springs fertility
But for my name they are nothing,
Upon these you may not call,
For I am christ the jealous god,
And I destroyed them all
So do not sing mousai's songs
Rebrand all festivities
For each of you are heathen
And theres is only me

Scott (loki) MacDonald 2017

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: anger, angst, betrayal, break up, emotions, feelings, lost love,

Because It's True

You feel frightened and rejected by love
doubt has replaced the hope in your heart.
For within this world of push and shove
you’re dreams were lost when trust fell apart.

You felt the shame of betrayal's sting
morph into anger as tempers raged.
And you gave back his engagement ring
failing to keep your jealousy caged.

You’ve always wished for happy things
not heartaches and emotional strain.
Yet you can't escape on magic wings
and now must learn to deal with your pain.

You want the lies and pretense to end
yet his leaving somehow bothers you.
For you feel alone without a friend
and it’s depressing, because it’s true.

by Gwendolyn Brown |
Categories: desire, devotion, emotions, feelings, i love you, jealousy, longing,


Oh Baby, my eyes search you out
for you are my sunset
Yet I do not want the sun to see
your beauty for it is mine

My arms reach for you only
to hold against me
Yet my hands are jealous
for your touch

I yearn for your lips on mine
Yet I do not want a glass to
feel them sip its wine
This insatiable lingering love
I want only to touch

Not the wind nor the light
can I let have you
This jealousy I fight
Yet, The jealousy I understand,
you are my Man...

by Vianca Negron |
Categories: friendship, sad,

3 Months

It took only two seconds to realise what would become 
A friendship.
Only if it could have lasted.
It seemed we couldn't be separated,
Everyday we spent together.
I fell for you
You asked of her.
Jealousy fell upon me.
Words were then spoken, 
Thats when everything ended.
3 Months
It wasn't suppose to end so soon
But it did.
It hurt,
I lost a best friend,
A lifetime friend
My one true love,
In just
3 Months.
Words do hurt
As well as actions.
Thats the mistake I did, 
It took only two seconds to realise what would become
An end 
To a great friendship.

by Allan Granstrom |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, introspection, life, love

Friends Forever

Suffice it to say I knew you before
you and I became so much more.
You started out as my best friend.
I started loving my life again.
We laughed and cried both with tears. 
You helped put an end to all my fears.
Suddenly I realized I loved you so
I told you and you said," I know."
I feel the same you said to me.
But just being friends lets us be free.
Lets enjoy each other I don't want it to end.
Love destroys the fabric of being a friend.
Jealousy will arive and hate will come too.
The end of a friendship is I love you.
I reluctantly agreed but you were so clever.
This thing that we share makes us friends forever.

by Ashley Evans |
Categories: cool,


[i]Sweet Whispers And Warm Eyes,
  The Heart Loves What no Sight,
Shattered Hearts And Broken Dreams, 
The Heart No With No Mind,

Abusive Spouse, Scream Out Shout 
The Heart loves Without Doubt.
Controlling Or Jealousy,
The Heart Won't Tell You To Leave:
Cheating Partner  With A Loyal lover ,
Because the heart Don't care.

The Mind thinking No  But The Heart Cries Yes,
Causing You So Much Stress.
No Knowledge Can Save You,
Because the heart can't Change You.

Love Is Blind  And this true,
I've Lost Count Of How Many Times my heart Has Been Bruised .
So Say Want You Want  And Do As You Must,
There's No Controlling The heart When It Come To True Love


by fauxcroft wade |
Categories: hate, jealousy, life, love, trust, war,

A life of love and light

Approaching life with love

Lived with an open heart,

Irrespective of others differences

Fundamentally shining light,

Everyone welcome to join me,

Oneness and unity on mass

Favouring love over hate,

Lighting a path and a way to

Omniscient love in this world,

Vehemently embracing unity

Everything equal as it ought to be,

Attaching ourselves more to peace,

Negating hate, war and jealousy

Dedicating our time to betterment,

Lifting up the whole of humanity

Irresistibly the light is drawing me

Great fully exposing the love in me

Highlighting just how life can be

Trusting in the love and the light.

by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: holiday, introspection, life, lost love, love, passion, sad,

A Thin Line

I love you; I hate you
Jealousy is not the cause
Killing you wouldn’t justify
Lustfully breaking the laws

The third line is not an option

by Satish Verma |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, animals, anniversary, art


What was the ethics of homefires
when homeostasis had gone awry ?
There were no concrete truths.
I will not wear the lies instead	
like fly ash on my bloodied shirt.

The old habits die hard;
the beds of flesh and bones, carry the
strange innocent meanings of heavy
eyelids which could not beat the silk
of green eyes of a sun.

A miracle was needed to undo the
thighs of mermaid who went to sleep on the
rocks of jealousy. The sky-blue flames
rise again from the navel of infidel love
who had inherited the golden moon.

Satish Verma

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: art, heart, jealousy, love,


kind heart ~ ruby slipper red ~ framed for the emerald green tinman


by varsha chouhan |
Categories: anger, jealousy, journey, motivation, sad love, stress, writing,

be yourself

noone cares as you do for yourself
noone notice your tears as you notice
noone know your silence as you know..
noone truly understand you as you understand yourself
noone always with you as you with yourself in every bad time..
noone hardwork for you as you do for yourself
noone is remember you you remind yourself ..

so Be yourself first??

by shadab shaikh |
Categories: addiction, age, anger, conflict, confusion, dark, death, depression, desire, emotions, for her, grief, heart, heartbroken, hero, hindi, how i feel, howl, jealousy, leaving, life, loneliness, lonely, longing, loss, lost, lost love, love, miss you, missing, missing you, moon, moving on, natural disasters, nostalgia, pain, poems, sad, sad love, sin, sorrow, sorry, spoken word, stress, suicide, trust, truth, words, writing,

Yeh khaalipan

Jab Meri Bechaini Mit Jayegi
Jab Mere Dilko Sukoon Mil Jayega
Yeh Khaalipan Mit Jayega

Do Pal Ki Chandni Ke Liye
Aj Bhi Zinda Hoon Main
Meri Khaamoshi Ke Ageh Aasmaan Bhi Khatam Ho Jayega

Kehne Ke Liye Toh Roz Marta Hoon Main
Thoda Aur Marne Ke Liye
Yeh Deewana Kal Phir Ayega