Love Poems About Fibonacci or Fibonacci Love Poems
by Ink Empress |
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If stars were Gold

In your absence I float in psychedelic ink to design a labyrinth with rainbow roses drenched in turquoise tears and metaphors. But, if stars were gold, and I am love, you'll be the poetic garden that feeds my soul. Maybe, someday, I'll be more than just a faltering feather~will you then, remind me, how to sing again, steal the light behind the jade moon?

by Jan Allison |
Categories: moon, ocean,

Magical Moonlight

at midnight
as moonlight shadows
dance on the inky blue ocean
and watch as they sparkle and shimmer like tiny stars,
pirouetting gracefully like prima ballerinas with the ocean as their stage 

Writing Challenge 1, September 2019 - Eight Line Form
Sponsor, Dear Heart - Wiishkobi Ode
Checked with PS Syllable counter 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21

by Elaine George |
Categories: hope, love, nature,

The Promise of Spring - a Fibonacci

Kiss you
While you sleep
Lady dressed in white
And melt your cold heart  made of ice

Will rise
High into the sky
And fall as raindrops from God’s eyes

Buds below
Where now you will grow
With me - in the bloom of a rose

Author:  Elaine Cecelia George

* Note:  This poem is a Personification as well as a triple Fibonacci

Brian Strand's 'Image Contest':     First Place
John Heck's  '12-in-one' Contest:  First Place

by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: lost love, love,

Our Time

cashed out
way before
the meter expired
sending our dreams somersaulting
helter skelter to the whims of what never was planned
leaving fairy tales breathless, our favorite song, weeping still, in the landfill of love

by Hiya Sharma |
Categories: deep, dream, love, meaningful, memory, metaphor, moon,

Moonwalking Memoirs

I'm the white fog layered on gold-jasmine face of the orange moon, shimmering with shy starships and laced along hailstones of honesty; When the sapphires of earth are etched with orchestral milky beams, smeared with ominous balms, I want you to weave a cherry-crescent with periwinkle dreams and let aqua-pink amulets swing with gossamer threads of lotus-life, which shall pull my sempiternal heartstrings, as frost of the last snow kisses the lunar orchards, twirling upon maroon ruins of moonwalking memories. I'll forever be that silver haze, lingering in your soul's seascapes.

by Jan Allison |
Categories: humor, poetry, writing,

I Aim To Entertain You

I Love Writing Poetry My words flow freely Once my brain gets into the groove If possible I try my best to write with humour Because laughter is the best medicine … and it is much cheaper than a prescription! 3~08~15 Contest – Fibonacci – Rob Carmack Checked with how many syllables 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 ~awarded 15th place~

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: heart,

Heart Symphony

Feel the
Of these cold fingers
See my spirit evaporate
Only you can restore the beating of my cold heart
You are the one compassionate witness standing at the precipice of my awakening

Is Love
Never ending
Omniscient, pure
A faithful perpetual Love
His is a soul Love so much deeper than azure seas
Seeing the indigo skies I know they can't contain the Symphony of my God's Heart 

For Nayda's Heart Symphomy Contest.

by Daver Austin |
Categories: love, passion

Tango (Fibonacci)

TANGO  (Fibonacci)

Bold Spanish music
Flask of vintage wine    Two glasses
She so dark    So beautiful    The rhythm?    Maddening!
A Tango by Albeniz    Fire in her eyes    Lips promising
                                         Young love

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: feelings, love,

River of Dreams

Lucid dreams
Recreate heaven
With redolent neroli scent
Gasping for a love breath to saciate burning desires
Embracing without restriction the ardent passion that stir two souls to kiss sweetly 


by Audrey Haick |
Categories: life

I Am Woman

Of love, empathy
Compassion and true trust
At times I may seem meek; do not assume I am weak
When I am good; I am really good; and when I am bad I can be a hurricane

Note:  For Paula Swanson's "I Am" Contest

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: angst, devotion, family, father, forgiveness, husband, imagination, lost love, mother, nature, passion

Betrayal of the Soul

Rocks baby
Singing  happy song
Love in its purity bonding
Daddy slips into the arms of another woman

by Izzy Gumbo |
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~dedicated to my friend, can you guess who? would dare me to turn a 'fibo' up a knotchie? lol!! That was fun. Thanks Ruben ;)

by Tim Smith |
Categories: heartbreak,

Farewell My Love

Tears Roll Gently My heart cries As it dies once more My arms go limp as you break free Standing alone with memories and a broken heart I am lost, a pauper without a grave, doing time waiting for Him to call me home

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: beautiful,

Passion of Fire

From the sea's froth emerges a woman for whom men are toys in her lusty games. As lovely as sea's finest pearl, she is of water, but her passion is that of fire; it burns with love or with rage; she is Aphrodite. Jan. 5, 2019 for the Fibonacci Contest of Dear Heart

by Richard Pickett |
Categories: happinessmoney,

Be Happy

you don't need
necklaces of gold
or all the money in the world,
what you do need though, is Love,Trust, and understanding
those are the things, that can't be bought with all the money in the world
or fifteen tons of gold.
What you can get to be happy is, Friendship,Husbands,Wives,Children,Grand
children, that is love,trust,understanding,a life of morality, GOD!

  WoW thta was tough!

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, nature, on writing and words, people, seasons,

Her Poet

Should be
Your poet,
In thy garden, let 
My muses, as I do now, spell 
For thee, the sweet honey of spring where I humbly come.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: anniversary, celebration, destiny, devotion, soulmate, true love, wedding,

My Vow To You

to you
this day forth
my full devotion
my heart belongs to only you
our souls meshed beyond terrestrial promises
these exchanged rings symbolizing our mortal union and consecrated destiny

AP:  Honorable Mention 2020

Posted on July 6, 2018

by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen |
Categories: life, love

Love... Love... Love.

Love... Love... Love.

kill love.
with the ones you love
tests the strength of their love for you.

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 28, 2010

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: baby, birth, grief, loss, parents, sad,

Arrived Yet Early



Our child

Our wee girl

Too small to draw breath

She wanted our love so dearly

Could not wait to know us and greet this glorious world

Yet she arrived early, and now sleeps eternal in the security of your arms

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "Writing Challenge January 2019 - Fibonacci" Poetry Contest, Dear Heart, Judge & Sponsor.

* This form is called "Fibonacci" and contains a syllable count of 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 ... syllables counted at *

by Joseph May |
Categories: moon, nature, tree,

Song of Love

 in the wind
 as twilight descends,
 marmalade hues imbue the sky
 and as the golden orb dips below the horizon
 Luna rises to a twinkle of stars, and a song of love drifts on the moonbeams
 Writing Challenge Fibonacci Contest
 Sponsor: Dear Heart

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: faith,


(pause) How I Love you My apple Tree, among the pines Filled with fragrance in the spring's warmth Thriving green leaves of summer adorn your strong limbs, love Tiny, luscious fruit hangs waiting to ripen, squirrels and birds enjoy, then harvest

by Brian Strand |
Categories: love

Eternity Ring

that beats,
I love you-
mumurs ,promise true

by Audrey Haick |
Categories: life, seasons,

Cool Spring

in silence
beneath winter’s breath,
its eternal magic potion
which awakens strength, life, love, hope and second chances
It is a gift that is freely given- renewed life and redemption for all that breathe.

by Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser |
Categories: beautiful, inspiration, life, love, sorrow, true love, uplifting,

--Quote Me Rumi--

--QUOTE me RUMI-- Pains grief they shake a man's stance but by lights of love sense and wisdom shall flower bright. In love's eyes wounds and scars are never a disaster; they are all the colorful curvaceous petals highlighting your everlasting grace. _____________________________________________________________________ ***The wound is the place where the light enters you... 03:35 pm, November 11, 2015

by Kim Shaw |
Categories: heartbreak, love, trust,

Love and Trust

not we
who are the foolish
laying our hearts open to love
When sorrow is our portion and our heart has a hole
our great folly lies in allowing a perfidious fool to taint our trusting soul