Love Poems About Vacation or Vacation Love Poems
by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: marriage, romance, travel, vacation,

A Venetian Honeymoon

A gondola floats o’er romantic tides
as you and I caress Venetian skies
laced deftly in exalted stars applied 
by brushes dipped in hues of lover’s eyes.      

A kiss beneath Rialto Bridge in spring
feels like our first so many years ago.
On every breeze, O Sole Mio sings
a serenade in city lights aglow.

This hope of love rekindled miles from home,
could be our chance to dream and reminisce.
Enlightened by a full moon’s wink, we’d roam
down Grand Canal in gleaming nights of bliss.      

Our renaissance, a second honeymoon -
to Venice, we could not escape too soon.  

Written 3/3/17 for Where I Want to Go Contest

by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, holiday, i miss you, love, passion, vacation, valentines day,

Kiss Me Quiet

It's near midnight, whilst we moonlight walk Palm tree lined fairway, Crickets singing Hands clenched in loving vacationed talk Hearts in wanting pound, Batangas is bringing We, she and I, now amidst our intending lock Serenity is the scene blessed by lunar watch So late, but joyous we, soon our lips are speaking Clouds now hover as we witness natures rain Our apartment is distant, we welcome given Through broken lunar light, stroking her mane My hands in taken then, sensuously they're driven Kiss me quiet is whispered, hearts now in reign Walking, slowly walking, absorbing to us this night Hearts in touching pound, Batangas has brought .

by Elizabeth Wesley |
Categories: lost love,


Blinded by a burning sun
Spellbound by the moon;
Beguiled by your tender kiss
Mesmerized too soon.

You looked at me and cast your spell
You took my breath away;
I thought that I could never live
If you didn't come each day.

In haste these moments come to be
In haste they soon will pass;
For passions then that filled my soul
Convert to splintered glass.

The flame that once burned in my heart
Is now a fading ember;
And when I look at you once more
That flame I can't remember.

Was on vacation, missed you all! :)

by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: beach, romance, vacation,

Jamaica - Pleiades

Join me in paradise
jostled loose from my dreams.
Journey to barefoot sands.
Jewels of turquoise gleam,
jaunting free in warm waves. 
Jacaranda-kissed breeze  
jogs memories of love.  

Written 3/6/17 for J Pleiades Contest

by Cherie Durbin |
Categories: children

I Am Bored With Math

I am bored with math.
Two plus two always equals four.
Why can't it equal an ice cream cone
Or a trip to the candy store?

Four plus four always equals eight-
Never a video game,
Or a Disneyland vacation.
No, the answer's e'er the same!

One times one always equals one.
Where's the fun in that?
I'd love to see the answer be
A brand new baseball bat!

by Cherie Durbin

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: life,

I Know I'M Alive

I know I'm alive
when I find the sky is blue,
when I find the birds are flying over the sky,
when the spring wind touches me lovingly,
when the scorching sun of summer spreads the scent of ripen jackfruits,
when the umbrella comes with my beloved under the seasonal rain drops

I know I'm alive and fall in love
when you come back to me after Eid vacation
and make me wait on the bank of Buriganga river 

- Tuesday, June 11, 2019 Chattogram

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fun, love, nonsense, silly, tree, vacation,

Nuts Over a Coconut

Fell in love with a coconut
The tree stood tall outside my hut
Love sublime at first sight
I thought I‘d have a bite
Lost both front teeth right on the spot

AP: 3rd place 2020

Posted on January 17, 2019

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: happy, life, love, memory, people, smile, vacation,

Spreading Happiness

S - Spreading happiness and smiles to every
P - Person near and far
R - Ringing out great cheer
E - Everyone will hear
A - And I want to say let's
D - Do it again
I - I want to make you happy
N - Never bringing a tear
G - Giving out smiles is what I was meant to do

H - Happiness and memories are
A - A part of life
P - People we have loved
P - Places we have visited
I - I have loved them all
N - Never forget the good times
E - Endless moments in life
S - Seen only once
S - Smiles are free so give them away.................

by Carole Duet |
Categories: lost love, youth,

Reaching Back

Now I reach back into the past to my first love but not my last. I hear his voice still in my brain. So many fragments of the past remain. I see the one I loved so true on the highway in my rearview. I'm on vacation, a getaway, from the sorrows of today. We laughed and cried so much back then. We shared smiles. We kissed and lingered for a while. He kissed my hand and looked into my eyes. I felt his heartbeat. He heard my sighs. We were so young then and free. He was himself and I was me. By: Carole O'Terry Duet Copyright: 2017 "All Rights Reserved"

by Francis Jacobs |
Categories: lost love,

Hear You Speak

I want nothing more
Than to hear you speak
If not daily
Then once a week

On the phone 
Or face to face
I just want

to hear you say
Hey how are you?
I've missed you so much!
What have you been up to?
Shall we grab lunch?

It would mean a great deal
As I have missed so much
And I tried to reach out 
But I've not had much luck

I got so sad
About this whole situation 
I'm taking myself
Off on a vacation 

But I'd so much prefer
To be somewhere with you
Let's walk in the park
And go to the zoo

So if you're reading this
I hope you know 
There's a you shaped whole
Left in my soul.

by Ms. Catherine |
Categories: happiness, love, marriage, meaningful, river, romantic love, vacation,

A Visit To Paris

The vacation scenes were beautiful
sailing on the waters, looking at scenes
the two gathered together
looking at each other
as whispering winds, waives of waters
not to be bothered

Love is so genuine
the touching of arms
the smiles everlasting
eyes are so bright
as the night falls
entering into the daylight.

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: celebration, joy, moon, romance, summer, sunshine, vacation,

Inner Joy

Varicolored smoke bombs, at a three generation celebration,
Splendors, rest and excitement, on a sun drenched vacation,
A heart bursting with song, love following wherever you go;
And the return to raptures, beneath a multicolored rainbow!
Fragrant flowers opening wide, their petals to gold summer,
And a moonlit tango enchantment, on ebony edges of slumber.

Written on 6/5/2021
For: ALL YOURS (Jun 7) Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Brian Strand

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: nostalgia,

The Fifties

Slide-out Coke machines
Bubble gum baseball cards
Superman/Batman comics
Full service gas stations
25 cents a gallon
Dial phones
AM radio
Fats Domino
Black & white TV
Rabbit-ear antennae
Three channels
I Love Lucy
Drive-in movies
Double dating
Drive-in diners
10 cent hot dogs
Saddle Oxfords
Penny Loafers
Vacation bible school
Homemade playgrounds
Barefoot summers
A dollar was a fortune...

No cable
No Internet
No cell phones
No problem...

by John Freeman |
Categories: love,

Soup Drama

Last week featured poetic Drama Like living at home with your momma Poetic, inspiration Perhaps taken vacation So watch your P’s, your Q’s and comma Jack’s Sprat had the nastiest critic Mary said, “You just better quit it!” Jack said, “I may as well split!” Mary’s mad enough to spit Soup is family, don’t you get it!!!! So be kind to your critics Often times they don’t get it Write loving features Appease mad creatures Write of love or forget it ++++++++++++++++++++ For and in honor of Carol Brown And contest: Write it for yourself

by A.O. Taner |
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a bright sun
danced with the sea

on her shades

eyes spoke feelings 
only she could see

by Andrea Rose |
Categories: addiction, beach, mother, nature, ocean, sports, summer, vacation, water,

Surf Therapy

Mother Ocean please
Send me waves of such beauty
I need Therapy

Dedicated to my Dad on Father's Day 2013
The man who introduced me to the ocean and educated me about it and gave me reason to love appreciate and respect it.

by A.O. Taner |
Categories: beautiful, betrayal, blessing, cheer up, city, confidence, cute love, deep, desire, earth, england, environment, feelings, garden, green, happiness, happy, i love you, imagination, irony, joy, july, june, london, love, love hurts, meaningful, missing you, nature, nice, nostalgia, passion, places, relationship, romance, romantic, sad love, seasons, simple, solitude, spiritual, spring, summer, true love, uplifting, vacation, weather, wisdom,


Chairs lined with stripes, 
green and white,
became ski jump ramps
for feelings, innocent and pure,
taking off from the edge
hoping to defy the gravity of fears. 

Only a lucky few made it,
others turned into tears
landing on the grass of Green Park
as the warm air was getting dark.

by James Fraser |
Categories: beach, beautiful, love, people, places, sun, vacation,

Palawan Hearts

distant horizon shaded outline attraction turquoise waters lure on golden sands abound we sunshine smiling in our hearts .

by Lin Lane |
Categories: dance, love,

Dirty Dancing

Summer vacation
romantic first love
Dirty Dancing to
great sixties music
The Time of My Life

Johnny Castle
Handsome dancer
These Arms of Mine
Baby's Love Man

Hungry Eyes
water lifts
Cry To Me

for love

Sigh ~

January 3rd, 2016
Favorite Movie Contest
Sponsor: Nayda Ivette Negron

by Hansteven Selfa |
Categories: feelings, for her, home, love, sad love, summer, vacation,

Summer Love

A summer love, so riant and so warm 
Underneath the rays of gold 
Though covered with sudor, I want to be around your arms 
Forever is nothing but what I hold 
And yes, it was but summer 
Goodbyes are kept until we're home again 
We spent the season out of the boundary 
But it wasn't like what I remembered 
And so I yearned for home, refrain  
The way back home is my quandary

by Faye Gibson |
Categories: funny, marriage, vacation,

Honeymoon Vacation

Just a honeymoon beach vacation,
a fine nuptial love celebration;
   we arrived a night early,
   we would find hotel surely:
“No rooms” was the sad proclamation.

“An hour away you might find one.”
They were right for we only found…NONE!!
  We got off beaten path.
  too tired then to laugh,
looked for a place “mom and pop” run.

Well, it must have been close to midnight,
exhausted the lady and her knight;
  we found Motel Warwick,
  a guest house illicit,
and christened our honeymoon site.

Copyright, July 13, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

by James Fraser |
Categories: beauty, love, people, places, poets, relationship, vacation,

Walled City

into culture walk we, amidst her history smiling faces grin .

by Marty King |
Categories: beach, how i feel, ocean, uplifting, vacation,

Birthday Present From Me To Me Haiku

love the island life
treasuring the brief feeling
serene sensation....

by Robin Silver |
Categories: adventure, beach, dream, retirement, sea, summer, vacation,

Seaside Dream

The there is a place I like to be,
To get away from the city the neighbours and some family,
To lay on the beach without a care at all,
Watching people swimming, sunbathing or just playing with a ball,
At the seaside you can eat fish and chips,
Or you can simply gaze at the distant ships,
Listening to the rocks crackle in the ebb and flow,
Of the blue crisp ocean going to and fro,
The cool sea breeze and Cornish ice cream,
Will always be with me in a seaside dream,
Yeah I really love to be by the coast,
And I hate going home the most,
So one day I will make the move and live by the sea,
Until I get old and life’s had enough of me.

by Martin Kloess |
Categories: funny, humor, love, lust, sexy, vacation,

The Vacation That Saved An Affair

I need a vacation she said
From all of this playing in bed
And she let him know
There’s more to love’s glow
By moving on sofa instead