Love Poems About International or International Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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Rule the World

Real women
Understand a very simple yet important concept.
Love begins at home.
Everything else just follows.

To eliminate
Hatred from the world
Entails raising children with love and guidance.

Women deserve the utmost respect and support from their partners in their
Obligations as mothers to instill morals in their offspring.
Rare is the child who goes bad when love rules his home.
Ladies, demand respect, and value your precious roles as mothers.
Don’t you realize that through your children, YOU rule the world!

Written March 8, 2017 on the International Women's Day!

by Honestly J.T. |
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One World

Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up each other,
And know that we all care.
If we help our sisters and brothers,
There's a bond that we'll share.

©2013 Honestly JT

by Charmaine Chircop |
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We Are Not So Different

I'm a Catholic,You're a Muslim I'm an Orthodox ,You're a Protestant I'm a Hindhuist,You're a Buddhist You're an Atheist,and I am a Mormon too. You're an African,I'm American You're an Asian,I'm a European You're a Mexican, I'm an Indian You're an Arab,I'm a Jew But prior to all our distinct differences I'm a Mother ,I'm a Father I'm a Sister,I'm a Brother I'm a Son,I am a Daughter and I'm Human just like you.

by Joseph Spence Sr |
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Amazing Grace

The soul whom the Son sets free
is free indeed,
Unlocking the rusting shackles
of oppression,
Allowing life’s amazing grace
to shine with His embrace,
Transformation of soul’s darkness
to light’s brightness,
The uplifting revelation of God’s
truth of freedom,
His extraordinary and infinite power
shining love every hour,
Preservation and hope for life
His love abound, no strife
How sweet the sound—
Wrapped in His embrace
Singing Amazing Grace! 

17th Place Honorable Mention/Certificate
Poetry Soup's International Poetry Contest
July 1, 2007

by Betty Harp Butler |
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Nothing Can Separate Us From Gods Love

Nothing Can Separate Us From God’s Love By Betty Harp Butler There is no mountain high enough, And no valley deep enough To separate us from God‘s love. This Coronavirus is not strong enough To overcome all of us, If we trust in our great God above. God is big enough to bring us through Any trial that we face. When we trust in Him, He is Faithful. He’ll give us the strength, To run Life’s long race. “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1 KJV Ref: Romans 8:35-39

by Demetrios Trifiatis |
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Humanity's Pride

Children's life at risk

Slumbering planet awakes 

Humanity's pride!*

 © Demetrios Trifiatis
       10 July 2018

* A total of eight boys out of twelve have been taken out of the Tham Luang Cave in Thailand after they were trapped in the cave with their coach sixteen days ago! This has been an international operation. One diver has already lost his life in the effort! 

** Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13

by Gordon Mcconnell |
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My Ultimate Clinging -Psalm 63: 8

All mankind is weak at heart
we are helpless and hopeless to a tee
our sin wraps us around its finger
tripping us up always so very easily

But there is a way to escape
there's one who we can pursue
all power and grace belong to him
out of His perfect love all things He can do

Pursue this God who is eternal
be passionately pursuing His person
cling closely for He is able
to bless you indeed His will be done

Make your soul be close to God
for His right hand to you will uphold
what greater security can you have?
the Lord God more precious than gold

(Psalm 63:8 New International Version (NIV)
 I cling to you;
    your right hand upholds me.)

by Perry Campanella |
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Your My Dear Friend

We have been together
treasured joy now for many years
we trust each other with our
emotions, with affection, tears,

Any day when you are sick or hurting
I feel your pain - significant other,
when either-one needs attention
we help one another...

These mutual friendly feelings
for assistance, approval, support
form our tight bonds,
usually never broken

Sharing visions, time together
we respect each other,
regardless of shortcomings
I know you, "I love you anyway"

by Rev. Dr. Samuel Mack Oms Dd |
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I Do Believe

"I Do Believe" 

The purpose of LIFE is to {Living In Faith Ever} 
to enrich God within us 
to an optimum level 
so that We as Humans 
can be guided by God 
to fuel out brothers and sisters 
with the same driving force 
to connect with the living God, 
to His existence and 
to See the Invisible, 
Believe the Incredible, and 
to Receive the Impossible 
to our everlasting journey 
to Heaven.

Rev. Samuel Mack
Copyright 2013

by Apple Star |
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You are so beautiful with a voice so sweet
You are invincible when they keep being so mean

Your battles are frightening, but your smile's a diamond 
You are incredible for being able to fight them

An oxymoron in love with everyone but yourself
A free slave to humanity, a priceless pearl in your shell

Your heart bends but still unbreakable, your waist slender, your lips tasteful
You soul tender but unshakeable, don't let the men be so ungrateful

miss America, you're beautiful
miss Universe, international
traveled, experienced, far from elementary
in vino veritas, you sing the truth so eloquently

by Ninette Carey |
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This day is here
In spite of my tear

How it troubles me to watch it unfold
As people take for granted all the Freedom they hold

Having been warned 
And having been told
Why must it be
Why haven't we learned
Why is it that we to have our backs turned

Doesn't Love matter
Are we not one
Our strength is each other
Come hold my hand
Stand together to let Freedom Rule this Land

by Perry Campanella |
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Caution - Fireworks

E-Z Glo Punk, Lightning Flash,
TNT Devices will burst, do crash
Southern Night, Piccolo Petes
       are hard to beat...

I like hand held Sparklers, Tanks
 flashing fountains, Solar Flare
 Six to #20 Gold I have to share,
 no incidence, no burns, thanks...

  Whistles blow, fountains glow,
 pop'n sounds, entire sky all aglow
 I love those colors, high an low
  trails eched onto my retina
  inspired me to let ya know

  Now you close both eyes
in pitch dark, what a surprise
  for you to see, right there
 darkness, absolutely  anywhere
beautiful trails of lights in motion
"Always read a label of caution"

by Sengchanh Xuangphuthon |
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World For All

World for all

what’s human rights?
After a man sits on the ground 
His heart impresses from serous occurrence
The sound of the gun, suffer voice, victims

Whom belongs to the world
And what the meaning of human 

The soldier walks slow and slow
He descants on his past and future
Family within wife and children in the past
The death is waiting forward
The past memory is better than future

What’s the purpose of development 
It is true for better life
Or for showing the power of dignity 
The natural human as an elder is more need
More bigger needs more power

Sengchanh xuangphuthon

by A.O. Taner |
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in the dream I had 
many appeared
extras plenty
but loved ones too

all had seen
that same dream
but only one got it
others had no clue

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
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Food For Life

We two Indians went to the hotel Storartad Sweden
                   And ate lots of Munkers , Æbleskiver and Poffertjespan
                      Coming back home we landed well on a chapatti
                           Kuzhi paniyaram Daal Sabji Bhaji and Roti
                And a Japanese Takoyaki   all they are love cuisines man

by Shanity Rain |
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Shanity Rain

So many amazing Artist ~
             one would never complain

            Just to be amongst all Soup 
             my name will never be plain

            I love all indiscriminately 
            My friends you'll  remain 

            Not to confuse or cause pain
            for the reason lies not in Vain

             From now on just call me 
                Shanity Rain ~

           However my Children remind me , I'm Insane ~
        '   Shanity Rain  my new Pen name  '

by Shanity Rain |
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Pink All Day

The old cashmere sweater in my cedar chest 
                always warming my soul on a winters day 
                Ice skating with your true love hand in hand
                frosty breath brings a warmth to your cheeks

                Anticipating that very first date 
                first glance the color lightens your way 
                as if Cupid decided this will be a day like no other
                celebrating in stars above Valentine days Forever

             It is the day God took hold of your heart and beat it for you ~

by Thabang Ngoma |
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International Love

I snowed love
   In Moscow
I showed love
   In Warsaw

I kissed love
   In Paris
I romanced love
   In Rome

I showered love
   In London
I lived love
  In Sweden

I sited love 
   In Dubai
I tasted love
   In Mumbai

I burnt love
   In Jamaica 
I fell in love
   In Africa

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
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The Master's Piece

The ungentle wind
breezes in through the window,
cooling an afternoon lust
that was widely soaked
in a summer haze, blending
with the sweet aroma of
a great Africa,
whose erotic craving was
painted in her big, round eyes;
only unearthed by
the master’s naked body
through her hot, darken coffee


The Master’s Piece, inspired by B.S. Picture Poems Contest 
and it was based on Paul Cézanne’s  «L'Après-midi à Naples» .

by Qhurame Calliope |
Categories: culture, gender, humanity, international, racism, religion,

We Are Equal

We are equal
Are we not?
We bleed the same way
We breathe the same way
It's tedious to think 
That we care about-
the colour we own in flesh 
or the person we love 

We are equal
We have a heart and mind 
We can create and destroy
But you define a being
By the god or gods they worship 
Or by the way their body is formed 

We are equal
We all have a role 
Whether we are
smarter, more creative or athletic 
So why put us in a group 

We smile,love
Or cry the same way 
Why do we choose to hate
By the words of the unknown 
By the colour of skin
By the money they possess 
By to whom they love 
Or the gender that they hold

Our hearts are the same 
Why hate it

by Ame Val |
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Am I Legal

Am I legal?
The law announced yesterday,
That being me is illegal.
For  every passing day,
The malady becomes more lethal.
I didn’t want this, If I got to pick,
I try every remedy, every trick,
But each coming morning I am more virulent, more sick.

They call me an atheist,
An abomination to any deity.
But I believe in god,
The immortal, the almighty.
But I am yet to find a religion in this world, that accepts my being.
That gives me love, for which I’ve been praying.
I have concealed myself so long, I could use some fraying.

And for the lack of courage or shame,
I choose to remain censored.
Till someone could comprehend,
Am I legal?; a question unanswered.

by Bryan Thao Worra |
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No Regrets

Maybe one day,
A page will be found,
A song will be heard,
A stroke will be drawn
Filled with explanations.

Maybe one day,
The nuckawi and silapin, beautiful as a field of khao mai 
Will be vindicated.

A family will start.

A child will learn the names of a stranger who believed in them
Before they even met.

Maybe one day,
A heart will remember a brother, a sister, a crime, a moment of love,
A chronicle of a city, a haiku from Japan. 
A teacher.
A friend on the other side of your eye.

Until then, what is certain?
Night arrives, then day. The moon, the sun, the rain and waves.
A few other things, maybe something someone will write down.
Maybe not.

by Arthur Vaso |
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Visions of Europe

Visions of Europe

Alizee is dead to me Indila can eat all of Paris She can never have even an ounce of me My heart belongs to France Moi et France took a vacation to Austria Where I met my new love, I call her Zoe! We sing and we sing, and even more Drunken recklessness With mi amour, je suis, je suis
Notes: Zoe was the Austrian entry in Eurovsion 2016. singing a song in French. Alizee and Indila are French pop singers.

by Faleshia Murphy |
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The Statue of Liberty

How lovely she stands on 
Ellis Island in New York City
Raised is her torch to inspire 
Freedom and liberty
Given to the U.S by France
Hoping for a chance
Because of the American Revolution
For friendship was the resolution
In recognition we all be one
Ever get a chance to take a trip
Go see this wonderful statue that represents
Freedom democracy and international friendship

was born and raised in NY left to a small town
will rewrite this to enter contest I LOVE AND MISS NY

by Mark J. Halliday |
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Why Poetry Soup

Why Poetry Soup?
Why ask? Where else should I go
To be seen/heard/felt?