Love Poems About Choka or Choka Love Poems
by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love, self,

Where Self Love Is Born

a fantasy land
dreamt up by sleeping child
a peaceful magical place
where self-love is born
imperative to her soul

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beautiful, bird, flower, love,

M O U N T a I N S - the Choka Style

~ Mountains ~ (Double Choka) Over the mountains Sun shines in all its splendor Beautiful trees stand out tall Birds assemble there Eagles soar right to the top Wild flowers covers the ground Blue mountains stand grand Deers and bears roam all around Eyes can't get enough nice scene All trees seem to glow You can feel God's loving touch Breathe in enjoy all the view. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2015
July.24.2017 “Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.” - Mark Twain- ~ Author's Notes : The " Choka " is a Japanese poetry form or style.

by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: for her, friendship,

A Tribute To Andrea Dietrich

she’s a faithful friend
a mentor, a confidant
a trusted teacher
of poetry forms
loyal, loving me for me
with no conditions...

on one occasion
she set aside precious time
to study ALL of my work
yes, from first to last
offering kind opinions
on what she thought were my best...

she loathes the lazy
practice of copy/pasting
bland, boring comments
or: ‘Nice work! Love it! Congrats!’
(short but not so very sweet)
enough already!

she’s funny and fun
honorable and honest
sometimes brutally...
(she knows I need it)
confidence sans cockiness
now THAT’S a lady...


by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: beautiful, beauty, love, magic, metaphor, mirror,

Fall Down Together Love

Ruby all boils down 
to you in every dream hot
one vision cannot shake free 

Visiting center 
nerve glows of everlasting
beauty flowering blossoms
Singing jewel gem 
voice of a sweet angel kiss 
eyes faraway mystery 

Rose your soft petals 
touch the deepest chambers 
swept away ocean tides wave
Pearl of the deep sea 
crowning queen between two 
shells holding such rare color love
embracing ring one daisy

by Ernesto P. Santiago |
Categories: lost love, love, sympathy

Stained Love

Emotional me
is out from my verbose head
like a winter flower with
petals, so much like
hankies of a sleepless god,
to wave in such elegance
my charm over you,
again and again, ‘til your
smile, left to death by the strides
of your rococo
lover, is awakened and
becomes my choka poem

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: dream,

Old Gnarled Bench - Choka Contest

a large old gnarled bench
by a much older gnarled tree
where the old men sit to dream
of happy boyhoods
love was foremost in their  minds
now keeping awake is hard


by Tim Ryerson |
Categories: wife,


No need to pretend
She had seen me at my best
and my very worst
"So what?" She would say
"Don't you know that I love you?"
and then she would smile

by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: lost love,

Moon Glow

Tears lost and alive
Finding hope with golden moon
Regrets I’ve left holding close
Tremble in my angst
Rising once more with your smile
Shimmering in your full moon

James Marshall Goff
What happens during a full moon contest

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: love, music

A Musical Affair

Curvaceous body, His bow caresses her strings: Ode to Joy...begins. · Musical romance, Passionate sighs grace the air: Fervent notes ascend. · Music fills the room, She’s addicted to his bow: The violin plays. · Heated melodies, Of a musical affair: Between bow and strings.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: fantasy, imagination, love, nature

Under the Rose Trellis


                                             Running Pale Pink Rose
                                       On the trellis grows_ soft scent_
                                               Wafts on morning air

                                                 Under rose trellis
                                       You steal a kiss__Oh! Blissful
                                              Lips that taste of  rose

by Anna Kittrell |
Categories: nature


Soft sprinkling shower
Paper rustling in the sky
  A gift is unwrapped

  Quiet is the grass
Awaiting relief that comes
  One drop at a time

  The sky grinds his teeth
He unleashes a wild roar
  His clouds churn with wrath

  Ice rocks hit tin roofs
Ammunition from the sky
  Rings through the air

  The storm sings to me
A love song of cracks and booms
  My favorite kind

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: inspirational, language, love, silence, true love,


And the tower of 
Babel is destroyed within, thus
there is no more din;

cacophony of
mother tongues. Everything is 
silent now: the noise

is fractured, the voice 
is shattered, the sound is ruined
and at last, I hear 

no other sound of 
voice, know no other language,
but yours, the true love of mine.

by Levi Justice |
Categories: love

She Lives

She flushes and drops bright eyes
to hide my image...
I cup her face and drown it.


She breathes hesitantly, mouth
Pressed and obstinate...
I gather her corners up.

     [drawing that smile again]

She welts tearlines onto the
Pale perfection: skin...
I wet my thumbs, agonized.

     [her sorrow breaks]

She sleeps, curls framing movement
And serenity...
I weave myself into both.

     [touching the ends of eternity]

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, blessing, color, love, miracle,

Drunken Honey

When you kissed me love 
pure the heaven's above smiled 
melting the warmest dream dew 

From crystal oceans 
buried salt upon footprints 
underneath into sand held 

A thousand shades gold 
diamond light shades rainbows 
illumination one host  
stands beaming through the stars mead

by Silent One |
Categories: poetry,

What is Poetry

In abstract eyes what is poetry, but words weaved in meter, verse and rhymes to explain profound vivid images using metaphors, or simple stanzas. What our eyes capture, what our mind thinks and the moods of our heart. Some inspired by the moon, flowers or love, politics and health, showing and telling in different styles or freely flowing. Using techniques like alliteration, syllable forms like cinquain and choka or an acrostic. Poems will make us laugh, cry or relate, so let your ink bleed to release your thoughts in whatever way your soul desires to express without ignorant judgement.

by Hiya Sharma |
Categories: destiny, grief, heart, heartbroken, imagery, longing, love,

Hemlock and Ivy

You and I, we are,
two polar petals, laced with
arctic blue moonshine
of soft sweven-hymns
and sunburst apricity
of aqua-gold tides,
reminiscing mauve
hours, when our love waltzed in teal
faithful lakes hued with
ivory ink of
coral kismet, shimmering
in wine-auroras,
but now we just trace
poisoned pixie-dust, upon
each other's frail fate,
sinking in folklores
of shaded red canopies,
as I bleed stardust
in ebonies of
hellfire heavens and we fade
like smoked-ash comets;
for you and I, are 
we Hemlock and ivy, swathed
in swan-shaped ballads, 
floating like hail on smudged graves?

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: lost love, love

Tears of a Marionette

There’s three puppets here, You and him are on the stage; I am in the box. · I am in the box, Tangled up in my own strings: Waiting for my turn. · Waiting for my turn, I know, I won’t have that chance: Darn this puppeteer! · Darn this puppeteer, Pulling your strings far from me: While you enjoy your show. · While you enjoy your show, My wooden heart snaps for you: Splintering my soul. “4-Minutes” For Matt Caliri’s Write Now! Contest

by Jan Allison |
Categories: joy, weather, wedding,

Love Changes Everything

on our wedding day huge dark clouds won’t bring me down I’m simply walking on air my large umbrella stops my tresses getting wet let the love rain down on me Fives and Sevens Poetry Contest Sponsored by Joseph May Image 1 chosen 5,7,7,5,7,7 with how many syllables 7/8/19

by Linda Alice Fowler |
Categories: funny, giggle, humorous, money, work,

Who's Laughing Now

She wore her skirt short,
her lingerie to be seen.
Such sights aplenty!

Gawking, gawping eyes
lusted at shear nudity.
They burned with hunger.

She proudly stood in
ruffled edges of cheap chintz,
dimmed and stained with wear.

Though worn and weathered,
her shoes had seven-inch heels -
a platform for love.

She was hardworking,
a rough road for seven years,
never a complaint.

She saved her rewards,
wed an investment banker,
retired at 30,
and laughed her way to the bank.

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: family,


"Darkness may hide the trees and flowers from the eyes, but it cannot hide love from the soul." Rumi gnarled, giant twisted roots connect the family tree.... so much dysfunction removed, rescued child gnarled roots dangle hanging on.... before love showed way an empty effect deep within the soul that last.... until dawn cracked a longing for love which appears at first light one day.... Holy Spirit filled the soul

by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: abuse, analogy, beautiful, beauty, bible, celebration, courage, culture, depression, desire, destiny, encouraging, endurance, friendship, hope, life, light, love, meaningful, motivation, social, society, strength, suicide, tribute, voice,

Life Matters

Life does not stand still
If we look, we find friendship
There is always love
Sorrowfully, we look at death
There is always hate
Our days begin with sunlight
The night has darkness
Hope is the light of the moon
We only need one
One light to end the darkness
Your life does matter
Let your light shine fore others
Hope is the light from your life

Edward J Ebbs - April 10, 2015

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: beauty, blessing, dance,

Paper Heart

I love how you dance
Pirouette across my page
Delicately take my hand
Glide into my soul
Gravity cannot hold you
Neither can this paper heart

For Dr. Rams Choka contest.

by John Freeman |
Categories: allegory,

Solomon Songs

~Wisdom seeks virgins, wise virgins therefore love Him the Rose of Sharon, the beloved Lily, Beloved is mine, I am his, I swoon of His love~ Choka 5,7,5,5,7,5

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: beauty, fantasy, first love,

She Kissed Me On the Lips

She kissed me slowly,
The memory still lingers.
First kisses are so special.
A silly young boy,
imagined such a moment.
Some dreams really do come true.

by Erich Goller |
Categories: inspirational, faith,

Faith and Courage

Faith And Courage (Choka) With faith and courage seeds of love shall never die everything shall feel right deep within the heart a dream that heaven fulfilled has refreshed the soul again heavenly reflected turns shadows into sunlight touching everyone with love with His guiding grace forever when you believe blesses life in many ways courage to cope with when you reaching the summit forever near will be your gain within many ways life be never quite the same giving strength and faith anew Erich J. Goller Copyright 9.21.2012