Love Poem: Hemlock and Ivy
Hiya Sharma  Avatar
Written by: Hiya Sharma

Hemlock and Ivy

You and I, we are,
two polar petals, laced with
arctic blue moonshine
of soft sweven-hymns
and sunburst apricity
of aqua-gold tides,
reminiscing mauve
hours, when our love waltzed in teal
faithful lakes hued with
ivory ink of
coral kismet, shimmering
in wine-auroras,
but now we just trace
poisoned pixie-dust, upon
each other's frail fate,
sinking in folklores
of shaded red canopies,
as I bleed stardust
in ebonies of
hellfire heavens and we fade
like smoked-ash comets;
for you and I, are 
we Hemlock and ivy, swathed
in swan-shaped ballads, 
floating like hail on smudged graves?