Love Poems About Poetess or Poetess Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
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The Poetess

Words flowing like magic, explode off my page
Taking me on journeys, I didn't seek
My mind is just floating, feelings do race
Her spirit is leading, to heaven I think

Reading but living, each chosen word
Caught up in beauty, emotions I trace
My heart is a flutter, tears sometimes fall
In awe of her verses, as much as her grace

Passion and love, I can feel her heartbeat
Sorrow and pain, mistakes made again
Dancing with nature, you take me by hand
Simply you're beautiful, I'm in love with your pen

Spilling of emotions, out onto the page
Poems come alive, for sure they are real
Confide in me please, all that's concealed
My dearest poetess, you make me feel

by Arturo Michael |
Categories: love, poetry, poets,

Moon Captured By Her Spells

Blue skies and rainbows

Science fiction and fables

Poetess and poet are making love 

She’s writes the verses to undress me

Great lines that flower in her hair

Her lips of ink are red and rosy 

Each stanza goes straight to my head

I want to read and read her

Over and over

Every day, any time 

From cover to cover

She writes of loneliness and sorrow

Of broken hearts that never mend

She is the dream I need each morning

Moon captured by her spells

I want to read and read her

Over and over

Every day, any time 

From cover to cover

Blue skies and rainbows

Science fictions and fables

Poetess and poet are making love

by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: books, poems, poetry, words, writing,

I Met a Poetess At the Book Store

Before this virus came around
On Saturday's I'd go to the mall
One of the places I like to go first
Would be the bookstore to enter
I would look for poet's poetry books
There are lots of books to choose from
As I walk through the aisles-
I noticed someone sitting at a table
She had piles of books stacked high
So i chose a chose a book and read 
It was titled Love-I bought it
The author and I chatted
Then she signed her book
Her name is Beleza Angel
The title was Pieces of Me
Will be a book i will always keep
This will be a special book
I met a poetess she wrote poems
She published her poems
Beleza Angel a book keepsake
She is on instagram & Facebook

by Ashmi Sheth |
Categories: devotion, love, poetess, poetry, romantic, romantic love, soulmate,

I Think of You


bees do of nectar
seeds do of soil
birds do of berries
shells do of sea . . .

I always think of You.

by Tom Woody |
Categories: appreciation, friendship,

She's a Fine Girl

poetess of love
heart of a warrior princess
starry eyed dreamer

*tribute to Brandy Nicole, a soldier in the cause of truth and justice... and love

by Patricia Cresswell |
Categories: poetess,



i am the twisted sister of a twister
lava lady just learning to boil
my words erupt 
yes they are mine
no matter the language
age or blasphemy
i will bid and they will obey

the garnet blood of passion
be it love or otherwise 
will spread its intoxicating infusion
to heat the feeble mind to intensities
that will make the priest weep in his vows
and down in the dives where the hip grinding
sweat soaking miasma of lust cradles
blues will be reborn 

I am the queen bee dripping with honeyed pearls
she who scratches with a stick in mud 
plays keys full of white lightening
here to spread sweet hot spice
on a gray woolsock world.

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: courage, poetess,


Panagiota is a whirling Galaxie
with her blue thunder words
a spirit like black diamond lightning..
She bruises the clueless and ignorant
not out of hate but of love
not with a brass knuckled fist
but with pearled wisdom
layered around grains of 
life's relentless grit.

Her words are not fanciful or minty...
their always stained with the talon of truth,
She crushes the weak-minded and the oblivious
with her Olympian soul and rose scented boots -
She fears nothing and never spares the rod
while weaving a spirited ink to her parchment heart.
Atop enchanted moonbeams
she lances pit vipers and tangos with God.

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: allusion, love, spiritual, visionary,

Truths of Gold

Manna gestures of kindness,
mercy dew 
every eye-opening  dawn

Silver deeds of love  ~  pure fruits of the Spirit
		   bring forth
Truths of gold   ...   Eternity reigns from above

This poem was inspired 
by the talented poetess, Besma Riaba Dziri's 
transcendent poem, "Blessings"

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: imagery, loneliness, love, moon, stars,

The Starlit Tear

    Sun,  so tired, into the Pacific, now doth take its rest.
    While the cold, homeless, head for hooded, warm tents.

     The melancholy, grateful poetess, joyful to see the moon,
     Observing its silvered reflection, in an indigo-magic lagoon.

      Pondering, how very far away, her true love doth dwell.
      A crystal, starlit tear falls, whispers back, that all is well!


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: poems, poetess, poetry, poets, write,

Write What You Know

Write what you know
Write what you love
Invent a new world
Invent words
Be silly

Write what you see
Write what bothers you
Write what amuses you
Invent a new persona
Let the words dance
Sing them home

Poetry does not have to be fancy
Poetry does not have to be frilly
Be truthful
Heartfelt honesty sells
People love it
Write what you know

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: appreciation, butterfly, cat, friendship, love, poetess, poetry,

To Constance--Broken Wings

a fine but sad poet
her poems run deep
into love paradisial
or fraught with thorns

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: change, dark, fruit,

Paradise Lost

Before the days when man first sinned
Angels traveled upon the wind
Everything magic shone in the night
Fairies fluttered, wings shining bright

Eve was perfect with long flowing hair
Sensuous body, delightfuly bare
Adam's body strong, he was a sight
They played by day and made love at night

Everything perfect, living in the trees
Yet trouble called upon a gentle breeze
The serpent said taste, this fruit so grand
Eve so entranced, she ate from his hand

She saved fruit for Adam, he took a bite
The garden went dark, no more magic light

A sonnet in The Wind Contest.
Written September 9th, 2013
Sponsored by: Poetess Darkly

by James Inman |
Categories: poetess, poetry, poets,

The Poet

The poet dreams
                         of human sorrow
lost love
lonely nights
longing      and      desire

The poet dreams
                         beauty and light
luminescent thoughts
luscious looks
loving touches

The poet dreams
                         of sounds in the night
lyric songs
lingering chills

The poet dreams 
                         memories of tomorrow
lovely smiles
lessons learned
last lines

life      and      death

The poet dreams...


by Eric Boddie |
Categories: art, dedication, for her, friendship, love, poetess,

First Tribute 2

"Ligella 2"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

Lasting more than just a couple of days
In total awe, your pen leaves me amazed
God Is In your ink, it's not just a phase
Everything about you is what any heart craves
Love knows you well, your journey has been paved
Lust knows you better, any REAL man wants you, I must try to behave
All I know is this Spiritual Beauty that you gave...

by Phillip Rollings |
Categories: angel, dedication, inspiration, love, poetess,

A Demoralizing Good-Bye

To poetry she said good-bye
Now I live with a Broken Heart
Her words could make me laugh or cry
Or tear my inner soul apart

In a devastating Free Verse
To poetry she said good-bye
My inkless quill rides in a hearse
As an uninspired quill must die

Skat's words: an image to the eye
Emotions, feelings, come to life
To poetry she said goodbye
A requiem; bagpipes and fife

Read the words from her loving heart
Believing there's no reason why
An Angel of Poetic Art  
To poetry she said good-bye  

Dedicated to     Skat A     Respectfully submitted...Flipper

by Phillip Rollings |
Categories: angel, dedication, farewell, grief, how i feel, inspiration, poetess,

A Tribute : To - Skat A

My heart grieves for the loss of a talented Quill
For the Inspiration she warmly gave to this newbie
From the sunlight of Skat's words of Wisdom
To the moonless midnight of a heart forlorn
Memories, smiles, and joy become shadows of the past
May the Spirit of poets past descend upon her heart
That she may see the Admiration and Love that Skat receives
(From me anyway) and many others I'm sure.

I Love You Skat and intend to read all of YOUR Quill after I finish
the comments on Your last post. As Chef says I bow to you and 
hand You The GOLDEN Pen of Poetry. You are my guiding ANGEL
             Respectfully submitted...Flipper

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: beach, beautiful, love, sunshine,

S U M M E R - Dorian 42 Style

(Dorian 42) 

Summer is fun, seasons hot 
Umm, temperature just soar! 
Moving 'round, is kind of hard 
Makes one tired and rains some more 
End of summer brings next fall 
Rays from sun most folks adore. 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


~Author's Notes:

"Dorian 42"  is a poetry style created by Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson, 
to honor poetess Dorian Petersen Potter, aka ladydp2000.

It is an acrostic style of poem done with a 6 letter word to create 6 lines x 7 syllables thus 
42 in all.The 2nd 4th and 6th lines must rhyme.As many verses as you wish with a 6 letter word.

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: family, friendship, loveinspirational,

L O V E - 2

Could YOUR Heart, hold all the TEARS; that Life has shed in LOVE
Would YOU Gallantly suffer, Sorrow, for the Memory of Eternal LOVE
Should YOU empty an Ocean of Tears to revive YOUR Everlasting LOVE
Does YOUR mind Reminisce, about the First Kiss, igniting the Flame of LOVE

                                                   To Be Cont.
           With LOVE ALWAYS and FOREVER, YOUR Liege…HG
             Dedicated to all the Inspirational POETESS’ and POETS
                               My POETRYSOUP FAMILY 
       Special Thanks to Shannon Deane for Her Gracious Comments

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: love, passion, kiss,

Sun Kissed Lips

I watched the sunshine kissed her toes
Slowly moving to her thighs
How I envied the sun
Kissing that gorgeous brown skin
I sat in the shade yet my temperature rose
Imagination carrying me away
To that week we first met
When our love began to bloom
We kissed beneath the moon
Our surrogate for the sun
Reflecting in her eyes
Oh how I ached for her touch
My soul and body electrified
Now I watch her skin glistening in the sun
I can no longer wait 
I walk over
Lean down
Give those sun kissed lips a kiss
She opens her eyes
She smiles
My world is made complete

Poetess Darkly
A Kiss is just a Kiss Contest

by Satin Doll Diva |
Categories: uplifting

That Satin Doll

Satin Doll Diva
Born to achieve - AH!
A Leo, a fierce Lioness,

A tiny, tempting treat
Spellbinding ... Unique,
A magical spirit, a sweet Poetess,

Love writing poetry
Give me my symmatry,
Verses and phrases design,

THAT Satin Doll Diva
Intending to weave - AH!
Poems and friendships all mine.

by Elizabeth Mccann |
Categories: hurt, mother, poetess, sad love, spring, writing,

The Writer

Fancy that...
Being able to spend the whole morning
Writing a poem!

My mother's hands
Were etched in a network of tiny cracks.
Salt of the earth, the doctor said. 
She thought it meant he loved her.

It doesn't matter whether 
I write or not, I said...
Well, on one level it does,
Words whirling away into empty space.

A false Spring hangs in the air;
It's hard to keep from donning summer clothes.

He killed himself when he'd killed his wife.
(The tumor was malignant)
And the child sent away to some sister.
But his kind hands...My mother
Whispers again to believe it.

The typewriter clatters in a small room,
Closed door,
Soft light through the figured glass.

by Norman Purvis |
Categories: devotion, love,

The Poetess

There is a lady out there.
Who has stolen my heart.
Her poems have such insight.
They fill me with delight

Full of poignant thought.
Deep and true.
They catch my heart.
I am enthralled, by you.

I get a picture of you, every time.
Sitting there,  making rhyme
Your every word.
Imprints my soul.
I  read you. through and through.

What you write, is what you are.
Your thoughts, like a star,
I read you, like a book.
What you say, how you look.
Between the lines.
All the signs.

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: friend, poetess,


She let the door bang when she entered these pages
so all would know she was here.
She signed her pen name as Poet Destroyer.
We soon came to call her P.D.

She wanders these pages making kind comments,
runs contests that are easy and fun.
She judges and praises the winners, 
and does it all over again.

P.D. has won our hearts
and we love her.
She comes in the night 
leaving notes like mom used to do.
When she gets to know us 
she signs her real name
Linda suits her much better 
than Destroyer.

Written 5/10/ 13
For contest  “Appreciation” (for p.d.)

by Eve Roper |
Categories: poets,

Ps Poet Or Poetess

Silent One,

  he is a shivering summer soul 
his inspiration, while garden stroll,  
exposure of nature readily available 
to his pen on a canvas painting. 

Sunshine Smile, 

  her spun yarn snow covered paths 
an inspiration of her warm soul, 
of brilliant colors that become her lines; 
sipping sweet nectar from budding roses. 

Victor Buhagiar,

  he is the poet of love and restless thoughts,
a mind of love and lost love, and so very much to give.
Words of dreams full of imagery, and feelings. 
He steals your soul to engage and meandering around beside him. 

Who Is Your Best Ps Poet Or Poetess Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Sotto Poet

by Greg Gaul |
Categories: cry, desire, fire, loneliness, love, passion, poetry,


D, who is she? Poetess of mystery?
Not to me.

Oh, thrashing ego held in drenched embrace
a lonely lady with a gorgeous face.
Oh, willing submissive to desire
entrancing power of poetic fire!
Her cosmic cry quelled by a crimson grin
when love's pulsating cadence comes from within.
Loneliness haunts her only but why?
Rivers of tears leave eyes too dry.
Like-minded must pull her in and then...
deep inner passions ink her pen.
Craving caresses from one so close to be
all along her truest love is poetry.