Love Poems About Grandchild or Grandchild Love Poems
by Kim Rodrigues |
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Love is the cacophony of life,
the stillness of your lover’s breath in sleep,
the boa constrictor hug of a grandchild,
and the outstretched arms of Christ.


2nd place/multiple placements
Faraz Ajmal’s A four line poem on what is love poetry contest

by Faye Gibson |
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Grandma Happy

Footsteps on stairs,
little feet pounding, running,
child faces peeking round the kitchen door,
expectancy alive, dancing in their eyes.
They know that love is always here
waiting just for them.     

Each one thinks he is favorite;
in his or her own way, it is true.
Each is the most special
not for anything they say or do,
just for being.   

We have our rituals -
breakfast French toast and bacon,
back rubs and funny faces,    
movie nights,
ice cream after church,
backyard camp outs,
lots of love, laughter.   

Happy takes me by surprise
each time I look
in my grandchild’s eyes.

© September 11, 2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

by mike dailey |
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The Truth

It’s true that I have cancer
Not true that it has me
For I choose to live my life
As full as it can be
It’s true they did some cutting
To get the cancer out
But I’m still fighting cancer
And it is quite a bout
It’s true that I’ll do chemo
And chemo makes you sick
While chemo kills the cancer
That’s not what makes me tick
For me, it’s love of family
My daughter and my wife
And I’ll have a brand new grandchild
And that – to me – is life
Each moment that I’m living
My love for them grows strong
And loving equals living
That’s what keeps me going on
So it’s true that I have cancer
Not true that it has me
And like a wise man said once
The truth shall set you free.

by Seren Roberts |
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The Comment Queen - contest for PD

She is always there with a comment
Never a negative word passes her pen
Doubt whether she has heard of the people
A comment gives them a boost , to write again

Has a habit of blogging with animation
If I knew how to do it would try
Have a few funny things I could enter
Hope she passes the info on,  I sigh

Love the fact she encourages her daughter
To help with the contests and to write
Poetry has a way of opening your soul
Words escape you didn’t know were inside

Was upset for her when her grandchild died
The pain I am sure is still within
Still she comments and blogs with enthusiasm
Glad the furrowed face has turned to a grin

by Kim Rodrigues |
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parents release
tiresome grip
let go

kisses fly forth
in giggles
from lips

wings of angels
strung around
my neck

pearlescent glow
twinkling eyes
of grands

sweet love


Charlieku 4-3-2 Contest/Charles Messina

by Judy Ball |
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I roasted stuffed turkey, made candied yams,
Made holiday jello, baked pies, dirtied pans.

Made mashed potatoes to cover with gravy,
Glazed carrots and biscuits, I'm cooking like crazy.

My daughter came over with grandchild in tow,
Giving my holiday that much needed glow.

I love the holidays and gathering with family.
It's so good to see everyone gathering happily,

Laughing and joking and sharing good cheer.
I wish more would come celebrate with all of us here.

by Connie Marcum Wong |
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How I love
        to see you splash

You find puddles
        after rain such fun.

You float your
                          boat with joy.

I smile
      and I laugh
                 to see you
                           having so much fun.

You are my gift from God
                sweetest Angel child.


Premiere Contest N/A
Splash Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: Kai Michael Neumann
Yalto Form

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Twelve and Kind-Hearted

He is twelve and kind-hearted. 
I agree to try another video game because I love him.
He keeps giving me glowing reviews.
“You are doing well, grandma!”
“You got a lot further than last time, grandma!”
Sometimes I know when my spaceship has crashed and burned.
Other times I keep pushing the kill button, thinking I am still in the game somewhere.
At one point he said, “Grandma, you can stop pushing the buttons now.”
Telling me that I had already crashed and burned.

by Al Parry |
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Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

by Edward Ebbs |
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Love our grandchildren
Their love has no conditions
They love us for us

Edward J Ebbs - March 23, 2015

by Robert Wilson |
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A Granddads Love

A Granddads love will never end, it does not yield it does not bend.
Through time of good and times of bad they can rely on Granddad.
He is always there to mend their toys to make them laugh and bring them joy.
He reads them stories and plays their games and never ever mixes up their names.
A Granddads love will never end he is not just Granddad he is their best friend.

by Suyash Saxena |
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Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephen’s college

by Anna-Marie Docherty |
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Love Given

cradled in your hug
your warmth enfolds me
just a babe in arms

by Mike Martin |
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Mum's the Word

I heard a little secret
I'm not about to tell
Then again, on second thought
I guess I might as well

The greatest gal that ever was
I'm sure you would agree
Sons and daughters everywhere
Would feel the same as me

Is one who loves without a doubt
Or any strings attached
And when it comes to caring 
Her love cannot be matched

And so it stands to reason
That mothers are so great
And grammas even greater
Sometimes they just can't wait

by William Darnell Sr. |
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Grandparent At Last

Grandparent At Last

My granddaughters,
Aira'lee Nadean Jones,
Hope Faith Darnell 
Adelina Gracie Darnell
R.I.P. "Gracie"

Grandparents old of grandparents new, 
the unique joy that you are bringing proper.

Fairy tale's told in the rosy past, 
my first granddaughters are here at last. 

Fishing trips and ice cream cones, 
lullaby songs until we doze. 

Stories told upon cozy laps, 
sunny walks on shaded paths. 

Butterfly kisses and big bear hugs, 
truly grandparents is another word for love.

Revised Edition 12/27/2020 @ 7:09PM

by William Darnell Sr. |
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My grandsons,
Lee, Eoin, Christopher, Rowick.

A boy needs a Grandpa, 
for man-to-man talks. 

To go hand in hand, 
on companionable walks. 

To fix up his toys, 
when they no longer go. 

To tell him the things, 
little boys want to know. 

A boy needs a Grandpa, 
to show him the way. 

To handle a puppy, 
to teach him fair play. 

To impart bits of wisdom, 
he's learned through the years.

That it's no disgrace, 
for a man to shed tears. 

A boy needs a Grandpa, 
to sit on his lap. 

And if no one is looking, 
they take a wee nap. 

Each wrapped in an aura, 
of love and esteem. 

Each smiling gently, 
at some special dream.

by Sharon Gulley |
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A Tiny Freckle

I noticed a tiny little freckle upon your 
face today and it is so perfectly neat.

It reminds me that the angels above
kissed you and left a spot so sweet.

Little child each time in my arms, Oh
how my heart does peek.
With your persuasive eyes and dimpled

Such happiness every little hug brings
like a gift of fresh flowers in spring. 

Such mystery in your curious smile
what a future I see for the both of us
mile after growing mile.

by Michelle Edwards |
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Grand babies are like gifts from above. They don't criticize you all they do is love.
Their love is genuine, so precious and rare, if we could learn love from our grand babies we would have more love to share.

Grandbabies are a true gift from god, treasure them, love them, hold on to those memories in your heart and mind, because you'll never have something so rare and so kind.

by Sara Kendrick |
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Blown Kisses

K isses blown across the room
A rms filled with Teddy Bear
R esting secure in mother's love
T rutst and delight are there
E nters the world of slumber
R est, dream sweet dreams dream  

Written, Thursday, June 06, 2013

by Danielle Fenske |
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As The Years Go By

You've taught me how to share;
You've taught me how to love.
You've taught me how to trust in the Lord above.
You've given me a faith;
Beyond all measure.
You sacrificed your needs; 
for toys to bring me pleasure.

You've given from your hearts,
You've given from your souls,
and for that I love you both,
more than you'll ever know.

Now it's my turn to be All that you've been.
So, as God would have it, the cycle begins again.
You are now Grandparents;
with a new dimension of Love!
A new little grand baby, given from Heaven Above.
A little one to smile,
A little one to cry,
A little one to hold close to your hearts,
As the years go by.

by Edwin Hofert |
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A little girl found a kitten.
As she walked down the street.
She took it home to her house.
To give it food to eat.

The kitten missed it's mother.
It would cry and then meow..
The little girl held it close.
To try to help somehow.

After just a little while.
Holding the kitten next to her.
She noticed that the kitten.
Would then begin to purr.

She began to realize.
The difference in the sound.
Of a kitten that is lost.
And the kitten that is found.

Edwin C Hofert

by curtis johnson |
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What My Grandma Taught me

No. She never said to me,                                                                  
“Listen to me, and always remember this”.

Yes. I learned and believe these 11 words                                                 because of the way she loved me:

Everyone needs someone through                                                        whose eyes you can do no wrong.

07182015PSCtest, Bite Size Poem No 13,                                                Line Gauthier. 2P

by Gwendolen Song |
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Sledding with Sea-bass

Snowflakes arrive upon the scene

Showing off in grand fashion

Doing somersaults as they approach the ground

My eyes begin to sing!

Coating my city like icing on my favorite cake

Angel food cake with almond butter icing!

One more slice please!

I'll have a second serving!

Soon I'll be at my favorite place sledding with my grandson, Sebastian

Tossing and turning on our inner-tubes at Stubb's Park and sipping on warm cocoa

Snowflakes paving the way for one extraordinary day!

My city iced like the most delightful cake

We got our sleds in the trunk and we are on our way!

For my bud, Sea-bass
Love, g-ma!

by Sean Cannon |
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A Toy Brings the Ugly Me Out

He sits on top a dusty shelf;
his care when he showed none.
I think you gave me your
unwanted gifts.
And yet this
the only thing
you gave my family,
better than a beating.
I forgive you because
you are a fellow human,
but I hate you.
I hate how you remind me
that my family is jealous.
I hate how I have to hold
onto you; I don't want you.
You old, dusty,
boxed race truck;
I don't want you.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Lost the Remote in the Living Room

I lost the remote in the living room.
On Saturday.
My husband and I ran around looking and looking.
At first it was just the couch pillows, we were looking through.
An hour into it we had made what looks like a bon fire,
Tipping over couches, recliners, and such.
We broke a couple of tables.
Hey, wait, my husband reminded me.
Merlin was here today.
I called Merlin’s mommy, our daughter.
She said, "Oh, darn. We just found it. We thought it
was the one we lost a couple of weeks ago."

Merlin is our two year old grandson
Whom we apparently did not watch
As well as we should have the 
5 hours he was here.
He is going to have to
Leave his hoodie and
His diapers at home.