Love Poems About Growing Up or Growing Up Love Poems
by Leslie Albright |
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Before the End

Sunflowers and dandelions. 
Sometimes in life it's a fine line.
We go outside to breathe the air.
Look around, try not to stare.

The little children play and run.
The girls are screaming, having fun.
Little boys follow along.
Learning the words to write the song.

A bouquet of summer's sweet refrain.
A timeless imprint on your brain.
To carry us into the night.
Beyond what sunshine brings to light.

After all the dreams come true.
But get lost in the dawning dew.
Only glimpses of love survive.
As you awake having to strive.

Finally finding out the truth.
About our fantasy's in youth.
All we wanted was a friend.
And a little love before the end.

by Quoth TheRaven |
Categories: devotion, growing up, morning, true love,

What font type the heart

Who was it that first said..  
'the eyes are the window to the soul'..
who's eyes did they envision..
and how did they know?

And what of sweet wetted fingers that comb..
to straighten this messed heart cowlick I own.

Few well paired wanderlust seek a divine pardon..
still fancy the folly of youth's far flung travels.
Two trespass meadow lost to petal lined garden,
til intimacy's last mystery unravels.

Darting dawn awakes to write upon love's torn page.. 
parting drawn in true type font in spite of heart's age.

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: encouraging, future, growing up, life, love, mother, pride,


My child,
As you climb
Life’s journey
To the best of my ability
I will have your back
And steady your ladder
Always I will encourage you
So whenever you look back
You will see my smiling face
Supporting and proud
Cheering you on
Unwavering I will be
At the foot of your ladder

Published in my 24-page photo/anthology ~A CHILD'S WORLD~ 2020

AP: 1st place 2020

Submitted on April 23, 2019 for contest THE SMILE AT THE FOOT OF A LADDER sponsored by CRAIG CORNISH

by David Kavanagh |
Categories: allusion, first love, growing up,


  You drifted into my ambience, on a light summers breeze 
  I'd never seen such perfection, carried with so much ease
  We barely interacted, though our eyes may just have met
  Quiescently touching my heart, a moment I'll never forget 

David Kavanagh 

by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: music,

Blood Brother

Music needs lyrics to make it whole
Lyrics are words that touch the soul
Listening to one song after another
Springsteen singing "My Blood Brother"
It tells a story of of childhood friends
A genuine love that never ends
Growing up and parting ways
Changes coming in passing days
And it takes me back to the things we did
The friends I had when I was just a kid
Although time has pulled us all apart
I still carry each one in my heart

But the stars are burnin' bright like some mystery uncovered
I'll keep movin' through the dark with you in my heart
My blood brother--Bruce Springsteen

by Andre Sanders |
Categories: art, depression, devotion, faith, family, father, friendship, growing up, happiness, hope, inspirational, life, love, peace, urban,

Battle of the words

Bravery is the father of fears
Dreams are distant cousins of nightmares
Hope is the sister of prayers
Every night shame lays down and gets screwed by despair
Pollution abuses Mrs. atmosphere
It's a battle between personality and reality 
But obviously nobody cares
Maybe it's because big tough is the uncle of little scared
Planning is deeply in love with prepared
Procrastination is the biggest enemy of determination
Ignorance is jealous of realization
Sometimes strength can get sneak attacked by temptation
Silence can never defeat a great proclamation
When the brain disagrees with the heart
The body dies of complications

Love your self...

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: age, beautiful, beauty, childhood, growing up, home, mother daughter,

Blossoms And Bubbles

Dancing butterflies and laughter
without a care. A day full of sweet
smelling blossoms fill the air.

Sister's golden hair glistened in the
Summer sun's glow, as Mother blew
colorful bubbles that bounced off
her little nose.

Mother's  heart was always full of
love to share and the day of blossoms,
and bubbles will forever in my memories
be kept with  loving care.

Precious and few are moments shared
together. This wonderful day of blossoms
and bubbles, in my heart will last forever.

April 6, 2015

by Trevor Bain |
Categories: confusion, dark, depression, fear, growing up, hate, lost, lost love, love, pain, sorrow, happy, me, happy, me,

Is It Worth It

Love can seem so happy and so wonderful
But it can hurt and take away from life too
You make me so happy and make me feel so special
But then you turn around and make me feel like ****
love can turn you into a whole new person
But you could change into to something great or something no one wants
Love seems so wonderful at first 
But spending my days not knowing if you want me or even care for me is agonizing 
Sometimes i feel like your lying to me but if i say that then you'll get mad again
Your such a loose cannon, ready to burst with rage and tears
Love is so temperamental 
so can you tell me....... 
Is It Worth It?

by Katrina Salem |
Categories: adventure, art, confusion, daughter, dedication, devotion, fantasy, funny, growing up, happiness, hope, imagination, inspirational, life, love, mystery, nature, on work and working, on writing and words, passion, peace, romance, social, sympathy, teen, thank you, time, travel, tribute, uplifting, visionary, words,

Enigma's Calling

Extraordinary, I am 
Craving for unusual thoughts
Endless exploration without boundary
Understanding  the gift I shouldn't fought
Invisible drawings in my mind
Playing with the words in my head
My passion
The food of my soul
I feel so lucky
The random thoughts
A lifetime companion
A self esteem builder
A goal planner
Be my forever life saver
I write more
I talk less
I want to please
I chose to bore
What tickles me the most
Is to know what I'm for
Thinking is my love
When  my mind goes empty
That's when I hate
My day dreaming lust
Organizing things in my mind
Playing roles of simulation
Where images of art is my vision
And words of attitude is my heart

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: beauty, blessing, growing up, growth, life, love, peace,


Delving in the dreamy depths, I look up
Endearing all who behold my expressive eyes.
Crawling into the dark to see contrast of light,
Embers glow immaculately in my stupor.
Married to the tenderness and comfort of family,
Brave I am to stand in the wilderness of the unknown.
Even in content I confess,
Remembering the cold is what helps me cherish the warmth within.

December 13th, 1993
written: August 10, 2015
For the contest, "Birth Month Acrostics"
Sponsored by: Charlotte Jade Puddifoot

by Carrissa Whateley |
Categories: break up, confidence, courage, funny love, grief, growing up, happiness,

The love shock Test

why seek true love 
when even the truest love is fleeting
the thing you should desire is 
for lasting love to transpire 
take my hand and hold your breath
this is a love test
do you have a single doubt
about how it will turn out
are you afraid they will leave
and how you could possibly grieve
worry no more the stress will disappear
and just send this to your sweet dear
because it's over they never really let you near
it is fact they are being clear they don't want you here
take your love and disappear don't live in fear

by Mark Ackerson |
Categories: growing up, love,

Love Comes

Infants bond from basic needs to mother’s scent,
understanding nothing of the love that’s spent.
Toddlers cry whenever they don’t get their ways,
children pout against the pane on rainy days.

Teens within a circle that fulfills their needs,
grow to see the roses hid behind the weeds.
Those who give because they love is always learnt,
gifts of time, a simple rhyme or candles burnt.

by Matthew Horstkotter |
Categories: growing up, lost love, pain, sad,

Refused To See

There are still nights
Up alone, I think of you
How right you were
But still how very wrong 
How can that be?
I battle amongst myself
Temptation to call
Just want to hear your voice
See your face
Though I know it’s wrong
I want to touch your lips
With mine
Remember the kiss I left?
How sweet and gentle
The lips of an angel 
You gave it what you could
I asked for more
You had nothing left 
Though you looked 
So I left 
Feeling you were used
What you gave me
Was what I was after
I refused to change
Refused to see

by cheryl hoffman |
Categories: growing up,

Phases of Life

As small children we are wide eyed and innocent,
toddle after Mommy like baby elephants,
go to school to learn with our writing implement,
our parents hoping that we don't act indolent,

As teens upon graduation were confident,
some acting wild while others are reticent,
finding our jobs and falling in love relevant,
some marry while others act more dissident,

When we get old hopefully were still intimate,
thinking back on our lives with heartfelt sentiment,
being nice with people till death is imminent,
eulogy at funeral will be evidence.


by mandy cabral |
Categories: devotion, faith, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, growing up, happiness, hope, life, love, romance, me, day, me,

everyday in your heart

No matter how bad my day has been
I always look forward to seeing you again
you make me happy when i'm sad
you can make me forgive when i'm really mad
It's because of this I will never give up
I will never lose hope
When you feel as though your world has fallen apart
Just think of me and i will be in your heart
If things always seem to go wrong and you start to lose hope,
Just take out this poem and read it again
And no matter how bad your day has been
You will find that you still have my love deep within

by Valsa George |
Categories: child, cute love, father, growing up, home,

Child Footles

Sleepy, Weepy, Sweetie, Cutie, Babe drools. It crawls, On floor, On four. Burbles, Gabbles, Wets bed, Cute bud! Guileless, Artless, Chuckles, Giggles, Grows up. Sits up. Child walks. Child runs. Climbs up. Falls down. Naughty, Haughty, Spoiled brat! Moppet! Mom’s joy! Dad’s toy! God’s gift World’s light! ________________ August.2.2022 ~ Placed Tenth~ Brian Strand Premiere Choice Poetry Contest

by Niyna DeSangre |
Categories: goodbye, growing up,

The Sweet Goodbye

No one screams, no one shouts, no one to cry.
No sobbing wet cheeks or damp eyes to dry
No one to stop living, nor wish to die.
No one can deny both took the chance to try
No one need to ask the other the reason why.
No one dares think of how time took to fly.
No one stops the blank stares into the sky
No more rules and laws of love to comply.
No other words unspoken but "Sweet Goodbye".

by Ngoc Nguyen |
Categories: age, childhood, depression, life, love, wisdom, youth,

On Aging

Despising my dull, listless time as a child, 
     I once wished myself to be fully-grown:
now grown, no longer am I as beguiled
     by growing up (as old age I bemoan);

the wisdom of many long years is sublime;
     but the salad days of youth eternal
are what makes songs of Poesy rhyme,       
     as shedding of life's leaves feels infernal.
Therefore, be in the winter of your life
     with love: for love restores you like a tonic,     
carves out the melancholy like a sharp knife
     (to hush the voices so dark and demonic).
To age well, live well: so love and be loved,
and bar not the comfort of your beloved.

by John Hamilton |
Categories: feelings, growing up, love, soulmate, true love,

Love has a face

Love has a face

When I was young, I wondered what love was.
It sounded nice, like a happy word
An appealing concept, but I had my doubts

Was it real, was it needed, or was it something
you could live without?
Would it be out of reach, could it ever be found?

One night, while gazing at the full moon,not knowing 
what love was...
I didn't know what to think, or even...
if I believed in love.

Then I sensed, deep within, 
a feeling beginning to grow,  an awareness...
that love had a place.

The day I met you..that's when I knew..

that love has a face!

John Derek Hamilton
December 20,2016

by Edward Clay |
Categories: fear, growing up, hope, hurt, loneliness,

Not Alone

Not Alone
Edward Clay
Created October 2016

What sadness 
does a veil of laughter hide?
What sorrow 
does gleeful merriment cover?
Behind the smile,
Someone’s aloneness and sadness 
might be disguised.
It is fear does this.
Fear someone will see. 
How alone one is. 
Will find 
how sad behind the smile is.

I speak from experience.
I speak from time spent 
alone and sad.
Spent feeling 
was not grown enough of soul 
to be able to love.

I did finally 
take off my mask.
The covering smile 
over dark sadness.
I say to you it is never too late 
it is ever possible to find.
The knowledge 
you are not alone.

by Julie Smith |
Categories: age, growing up, growth, heartbreak, introspection, life, wisdom,


Being 22
And all the things that happen to you
You ain't got a clue where this will take you
But it's the best age, it's really so true

Falling in love
You catch dreams like a dove
You can see your hopes in the sky above
But you trade them again for a couple of $#§7

You may have the best time
And feel really damn fine
You can make it all up and create in your mind
But in the end it's gone for a dime

The best year is over
Better look out for cover
It's all gonna end in a supernova
Just like the luck of my four-leaf-clover

So baby, please make sure
Never feel too secure
Of the things that happen to you
When you're 22

by Jenny brewer |
Categories: child, children, growing up, history,

Single Mum Done

I am all woman
But yet am strong
because I've had to be, 
little did I know 
that fate would deal me a blow 
and leave me alone 
to raise my family. 

Don't be mistaken, 
I welcomed my fate, 
so that I could raise my family
with love and no hate.

My duties are now over,
I feel I did succeed, 
I provided love and care 
and all they would ever need. 

My children, now young adults 
are intelligent and polite, 
as difficult as those years were, 
I think I did it right!

by Sherry Asbury |
Categories: 6th grade, growing up, growth, write, youth,

Teach the Young Girls

Teach the Young Girls- Teach Them This

to love who they are
and who they will become

Make them wise
about their bodies
so that they may cherish
living inside

Fill them to brimming
with faith and confidence

Set them to soul-searching
as their young minds grow
so they might build
a solid foundation for
a woman who is fierce
and strong

Knowledge is power
Truth is mortar for the soul

Teach the young girls
the blessing of self esteem
Then no man, no woman,
no word or careless hand
can hold them down

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: growing up, innocence, journey, life, love, youth,


in love
with the idea
of being
in love

youthful naiveté
eager and out 
to conquer the world
without a game plan

learning the game
the hard way
one hurdle at a time
one heartbreak to the next

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Posted on November 7, 2018

by Sydney Bates |
Categories: dream, first love, children, kids, soccer, sports, teenage,

Soccer Star

From the moment your foot first touched the ball
The look on your face said it all. 
This is what you were born to do.
Growing up, you would continue to play, you just knew
Soccer wouldn't be ready for you.

Year passed, and so did you, as you became a star.
The training you've had would take you far.
How far you asked? Championship Game, here you came.
With a minute left, you shot the ball hard and upset.
But luckily, Whoosh! The ball exploded into the net.