Love Poems About Concrete or Concrete Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
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Tongues Tied

     O                        D
      N                      E
        G                 I
           U      N   T  W
               E    S           I
            R                      N
           E                        E
          V                        D

Stars shine so bright this moonlit night and in my arms you lie within this kiss I leave my love for ever by

by Lynn Marie |
Categories: dance, happiness, heart, joy, kiss, love, tree,

Cherry Blossoms

atop worn weathered concrete
pink petals gaily gather
entice lovers strolling
fingers touch  mittens vanish.

blushing halo canopy
highlights cool rosy cheeks
tiny buds whisper passion
newly awakened  long sleep.

sky gleams dreamy hues
turquoise shyly taunting
button noses cold   rub
lips plump  part  wanting.

kiss  two hearts waltz  
more kisses  sweetest tune
cherry blossoms dance
sprinkle magic  love blooms.

by Edward Ibeh |
Categories: dedication, destiny, love, people, romance, together,

A Bell Tolls For Two Souls

                              bell tolls
                         for two souls
                          crimson red 
                         with passion
                          they started
                      at opposite ends            
                  at full-throttle speed
                racing to meet halfway
             on the rendezvous rubicon
            then they collided exploding 

Date written and posted: 10/23/2016

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: faith, paradise, prayer, religious,

- Heavenly Hugs -

Unique is the discipline of love 
Understanding God's law
Faith holds supreme commander

Sometimes we have to fight 
our way through a concrete jungle
stone cold dreams nightmare evaluates 

Rocking the cradle unworthy desires 
no peace or rest for the wicked deeds
in order to find the answers to hopes prayer
Truth pointing us directions 
within our code of moral conduct 
which supports us in our voyage
In the walk of life chaos grips hearts consumed with hate 
Without faith our souls identity will become dust 
Needing hugs from heaven to survive 

A Collaborated Poem 19.11.2015
Anne-Lise Andresen, and Liam Mc Daid
(tercets unrymed)

by Anthony Biaanco |
Categories: people,


Do we have "enough" .
Will silver flakes of winter's blade
cut us down 
or build us up.
Will our pasts behave like choir boys, stay in time
or re-emerge and scream and sting our eye.
Make us blind to hope and happiness.

Do we have "enough" to pluck the guts 
from the chasms of experience.
To fashion buds of love 
from the fiery depths of ego's lust.
Have we evolved "enough" to trust again...
when our old gray world blitzes in. 
Swinging concrete fists of what's the use and what ifs.
Fill our starving souls with blackbird piss.

Do we have enough-enoughs to become an "us".

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: beautiful, fantasy, moon, night, simple, sky, uplifting,

Jewel In the Sky

o how
                                    i love the
                            gentle shape 
                        of a crescent
                    moon overhead
                 hanging in the sky
                amongst the stars
                 how I adore the 
                    idyllic shape of 
                        a crescent moon 
                            way up high
                                    in amongst 
					       the stars

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AP: 3rd place 2020

Originally posted on May 9, 2019

by Teresita Cailo |
Categories: hope, lost love, love

Broken Heart

                  broken heart 
           that I am, has beset 
    by blemishes though I'm not  
 ashamed; for my shattered 
pieces myself is to blame. 
here I breath waiting for the
 day of my renewal, then back
    to the role I play; painful
         past lurking still, but 
            I'm not afraid to take
                chances to love and
                    be whole once 
                        more and
                             be ready 
                                 to shed
                                      a tear
                                         of joy

by Matthew Anish |
Categories: holocaust, hope, humanity,

Hope For Humanity

Just read a tale of 
   a horrendous murder in California
Makes one lose faith in humanity
My uncle saw the 
   death camps in 
Europe during World War ll
  Also shakes one's faith in humanity 
Yet, I believe 
  that out out of the 
a phoenix will appear 
    and fly upward 
and as it soars 
   it will sprinkle 
love dust 
   on those on the 
     and leave kindness 
and laughter 
   in its wake

by Thvia Shetley |
Categories: happiness, love, nostalgia, romance, seasons,

Walking With You

The icy wind blows through
blushing our cheeks,

Eyes stinging and watering,
and mouths tinted purple.

Snow flurries whirl around us
nipping at our ears;
making our breath white and heavy.

So, we pretend to smoke.

But wide grins give away our game
With hearts purging laughter,

We look long at each other,
Eyes glinting sincerely happy sighs.

City sidewalks stretching out
Before concrete winterlands,
And you and me walking,

Holding and swinging our hands.

by Emile Pinet |
Categories: earth, environment, feelings, imagery, nature, pollution,

Asphalt Jungles

Upon tomorrow's arrival, today fades into yesterday. And apathy spurs denial as endangered animals die. Wherever concrete cities rise collateral damage occurs. And as jets traverse the skies, wild birds are annihilated. We dedicate our existence to a utopia of steel. And survive in asphalt jungles, shadowed by lofty achievements. Reality is a mirage projected upon collapsing hopes. And yet, safe in our cubicles, we love our plastic paradise. Our planet's irrevocably changing into a barren sphere. And a legacy of fools; greed disguises profit as progress. 5/31/2015

by Aiyah Torres |
Categories: butterfly, cry, goodbye, irony,

This Is Not Goodbye

My love, let me leave you for a while It will not take any longer Remember that I'm just here I'm not saying goodbye. I'll find my way back to you When the right time has come I fill your cup of coffee I'll put back your precious smile. Dry your tears, make up your life Soon we'll hold each other hands We'll share our love that so divine In a place where no one could divide us. But for now, I'll be gone in the night Don't feel that you're alone 'cause I'm watching from afar Remember that I will never say goodbye.

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: love

I Love You

oXo oXo X----O----X X----O----X o---My love--o o---I stay----o X---forever---X---so true---X o--I want you to know--o X----I love you----X o---eternally---o X--yours--X o---o X

by Brian Johnston |
Categories: journey, life,

Haiku: Traditional 52

love shines in freedom
lives blossom in commitment
concrete images

Brian Johnston
May 1, 2016

by Robert Sturgill |
Categories: celebration, death, inspirational, wisdom,

For the Dying, a Journey Through the Alphabet

Avoid becoming concrete.
Death encroaching
freezes great hearts.
Illuminate joy.
Kindle love.
Never orally
practice quaint
rhetoric. Speak truths.
usurp violent waters.
X-ray your zenith.

by Irene Dixon |
Categories: life, love, beauty, beauty,

Seattle Walking With Mona Lisa

Ciao Bella
Early Misty, morning raining in Seattle, businessmen rushing, hitting the concrete 
pavement trying to make those battled Seattle dollars. Walking down the street a refine 
gentlemen with such style and grace doesn't seemed bothered at all he holds on gently, 
yet firmly to Mona Lisa.Past art, living art, art walking in motion beauty upon beauty a 
gentlemen with good taste he and his umbrella Mona Lisa.

by Hello There |
Categories: dance, imagery, longing, loss, love, poetry,

A Viennese Waltz

~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Viennese waltz, seamless and sublime... We move as one, adrift on heaven's floor; and, though my knees go weak, sky-high I soar! Each measured stride defies a need for time. Within its reign, we actualize our climb... impassioned flames, no longer keeping score, now steal their way through paradise’s door, and hardly contemplate this choice a crime. But, in this blissful state, subdued yet free, I've come to fear the thing that I love most for flames still threaten to devour me; and I, alone, am dancing with a ghost. Each dream, concrete, then sheds all certainty; alive, fulfilled, I'm left an empty host… ~~~~~~~~~~~~

by Kale Brereton |
Categories: encouraging, inspirational, inspirational love,

I Can

They told me “I couldn’t” But I did Now they don’t tell me “I can’t” anymore Because “I can.” Kale Brereton 6/12/2018

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: dedication, dream, heart, how i feel, inspirational love, love, romantic,

My Rose

Red dreams, 
Ruffled hair
Uninhibited laughter

And yet my drive
My incentive to love 
In every genuine smile

My rose,
And yet you are my concrete 
I've never grown so much before
I've never delved so deep before

Green, refreshing trust,
Warm skin
Refreshing conversations 

My rose,
And yet my very life
My desire to explore 
My burning to find Home

My rose, 
My true Love 
You are so much more than beauty 
You are a value I can only marvel
You are what keeps my heart in orbit

by Anonomus Scorpio |
Categories: abuse, boyfriend, break up, girlfriend, heartbreak, husband, wife,

Bullet Proof

So, do you tell all your friends that you have loves gun to my head?
 My legs work just fine it's easy to get up and walk away from this bed
   Love is not       a chain welded for your misuse
 My heart's             not 
an anvil for your hammer
to forge my abuse
For all the depth 
and warmth to you 
that my eyes did show
You are about to find 
out how deeply low my 
heart's A/C can go

by J. Summers |
Categories: perspective,

Mountain View

                                   the highest
                                mountains and
                           seen the world spread
                    out before me as a prize to be
               won. Not with deeds of strength and
        valor, but with words of charity and love. I am
  not interested in conquering en masse, just one by one.

by Kim James |
Categories: christmas,

What I Want For Christmas

A hot meal for two a new hat, coat and shoes a home with a door and a good roof to stop the rain. and keep out the sound of bombs and bullets a safe place to bear my baby and a warm crib to lay him down to sleep with love and hope for a future that will not crucify him so not a lot to ask is it Santa, as you fly around with your sleigh and Rudolph and the rest of your reindeer set Not too much to ask for just a little peace for a little justice - in a dangerous world for a star in the sky to call the wise men and shepherds, oxen, asses and angels.

by Satish Verma |
Categories: adventure, allegory, angst, animals, anniversary, art

Stoning Dark

What was the ethics of homefires
when homeostasis had gone awry ?
There were no concrete truths.
I will not wear the lies instead	
like fly ash on my bloodied shirt.

The old habits die hard;
the beds of flesh and bones, carry the
strange innocent meanings of heavy
eyelids which could not beat the silk
of green eyes of a sun.

A miracle was needed to undo the
thighs of mermaid who went to sleep on the
rocks of jealousy. The sky-blue flames
rise again from the navel of infidel love
who had inherited the golden moon.

Satish Verma

by Janis Thompson |
Categories: care, emotions, trust,

Quite Fragile

Quite Fragile

Quite fragile is the trusting breast
that gives completely all its faith
with belief in human goodness
that offers rather than it takes.

Easily it can be shattered
like crystal on a concrete floor
precious blood tie that is splattered
destroyed innocence at the core.

Quite fragile is the trusting smile
that goes behind the stormy clouds
at sight of evil deeds so vile
or angry words from angry mouths.

Fragile things need special caring.
Some with the soul are only felt.
Love, faith, loyalty and sharing, 
cause even toughened hearts to melt.


by David Smalling |
Categories: hope, natureearth,

A Bee Came Buzzing

A bee came buzzing too soon, too soon
The season is not yet in its June
The sap must rise to the breast of the moon
And roots must lust for the earth in ruin

I am planting in September rain
When the ice winds come shall this remain
Shall sow my love to earth in vain
Shall the winter's cross bring me pain

The bee does not hesitate, in faith
It buzzes to find the flower, and wait
Enshrine in dazzling dance, in spate
With the autumn's fruitful date

O but the barren glade is bare, is bare
Except for concrete everywhere
Shall bowers green brim again here
And the bee brims with honey from my darling dear?

by Pipping Stars |
Categories: art,

Choke My Womb

choke my womb with your toddlerd thoughts catch my breath as you watch my words rot run like coward yellowd belly fled glimpses of word in head freelance riddler'ing middle-class pauper-erity heathens featherd features eons beyond fleas on the dog love me again beyond all wrong slaughter another hotter hatter make me mad'der than a mat lay me under flying on rug give me vital fetal hugs touching my breaths colord me lessons eloping my hues while you choke my womb ?