Love Poems About Tail Rhyme or Tail Rhyme Love Poems
by Phil Capitano |
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Dance With Me

Writing is dancing with words...
     a titillating tango with verbs delicious...
          a sultry waltz with rhythm and meter...
               a hot rumba with randy adjectives...
                    a forbidden dance with unnamed nouns...
                         if this has not left you wanting more
                         then I shall dance with words no more.

Poetry is a pure passion play
     of alliteration and words dancing in line,
           a quick-stepping, twin-tapping salsa,
		a seductive rhapsody in rhyme,
		     moving metaphors, measure and time…
			   my love is wrapped in this poetry
			   so will you please come dance with me?

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: friendship, poetry, poets,

A Pied Piper For Me

His line and verse flow like honey
Lovely, smooth, bright and sunny
A pied piper for me

He speaks of love in phrases pure
His words take wing, on airborne tour
Soaring high and free

Yet he himself is down to earth
Epitome of cheer and mirth
A humble soul is he

Always has an encouraging word
'Good friend' the honor on him conferred
The one-and-only Chris Green

              September 26, 2019
       Pick a Friend on Soup Contest
              Sponsor: Bobby May

by Michelle Faulkner |
Categories: appreciation, husband, romantic love, wisdom,

Words From the Wiser Me

What would the future, wiser me
The lonely widow I'm sure to be
Say to me, today

How precious, his baritone groan
To muted ears left all alone
Once he's flown away

Life's rivers drain abruptly swift
So recognize this moment's gift
Within his arms - stay.


For 'Triple Stanza Tail-Rhyme' contest
Sponsor: charles messina

by Mark Turner |
Categories: abortion, baby, religious,

The Unborn Child

The Unborn Child

I wonder will they let me in? 
Will they furnish me with life support?
I want to be my Grandpa's friend,
his pride, his joy, and his hero in sports.

Really, it’s not his decision
for these nine months to go on through.
Mom and Dad, it’s up to your religion
to see that I’m worthwhile and needed, too.

Oh God, I’ll make them love me, 
please, God, tell them both to go on.
I won't act hardheaded, nor wicked nor will I be ,
apathetic and sad, nor gripe and moan.

I’ll lie restfully in my Mother's arms.
Please, God, tell them both to let me be 

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: life, love,

Half To Share

Books half opened Lines half written A bridge half built is halfway there. Bones half broken Lives half hidden A heart in half has half to share.

by William Herzog |
Categories: adventure, america, angel, art, autumn, beauty, butterfly,

Sweet Girl In Town

Sweet girl in town is so delightful n wonderful as the sun is shining above her feet as she begins her walk into the spirit of kindness n gratefulness of love when she speeds like a train that toots over n over again until the end of time

by Romeo Naces |
Categories: forgiveness, life, love,

As Always, Too Late

to ask to be forgiven 
and to truly forgive, 
to make amends, 
to soothe hurts with a vow,
the most opportune time,
my friend, is now;

             instantly we hate, 
             cautiously we love,
             belatedly we miss 
             and long for the one
             who has been unloved 
             now dead and gone;

                          postponing kindness, 
                          hesitantly, we wait,
                          tomorrow, as always, 
                          comes too late,
                          the undertaker knows 
                          the tears, the date.

by Constance La France |
Categories: birth, death, life,

Love Cast a Spell

At my birth a ringing, to mother's heart I was clinging- I loved her smell. She taught me what was best, and to my child head a kiss pressed- Love cast a spell. And when her life ended, was I, who with love attended- Weeping farewell. __________________________ May 29, 2020 Poetry/Rhyme/Love Cast A Spell Copyright Protected, ID 20-1256-606-03 All Rights Reserved, 2020, Constance La France Written for Triple Stanza Couplet Tail-Rhyme Contest sponsor, Charles Messina (birth,life,death) Third Place

by Michael Wegman |
Categories: day, encouraging, happiness, hope, love, self, smile,

The Smile - Itty Bitty

Pleasured, to feel life’s warm embrace. The smile, plastered across my face, is evidence thereof. Anticipation fills my heart, Knowing in my knower, what waits: another's smile, with love!

by Bettie Avery |
Categories: friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life,

Pure Soul

love always finds its way
even on the darkest day
when you are filled with sorrow
there is always hope for tomorrow
friends will come and go
this is something we all know
time goes by to fast
giving you a past
loving yourself is the key
so you can be happy and free
let go of your guilt
so your soul doesnt wilt
then with the rain
you wont always have to feel pain
keep your soul pure
life will be easier to endure

by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: memorial day,


Solemn Rows Of Ivory Stone,

Etched In Blood Of Those Gone Home,

To Be With Him.

Never Ending Flow Of Love,

From The Place That Is Above,

Reminds Us Of Them.

by Can Yucel |
Categories: love,

My Love

I wrote your name
neither on the
ground nor on the
I wrote your name,
my love

by Shanity Rain |
Categories: children, family, father daughter, kids, giving, grandfather, grandparents, heaven, poems,

See How You Give

"put on your doorstep 
to see how you give "

live life in giving and taking
live life loving or hating

my Grandfather knew things before his time 
my muse , my memories of his being kind  

I have a picture of he and I
The man with a pipe in his hand 

always a book he would read
I clearly see why , I remember him reading me a story
on wrinkled paper as if it had been once thrown away frustrated ,
 The Poet , The Man , with Pipe in his hand 
asking  as a child " where are the pictures ?" 
He replies " this book does not have them "
I can not draw that well .

I Love you Forever Grandpa Murray from Chicago , Do you read poems to children in Heaven ? Honoring James Murray The Poet .

by Lin Lane |
Categories: beauty, rose,

Dew On the Rose

There thrives inside my garden walls
a bloom that enchants and enthralls
        this lovely beauty grows

Amidst sweet scents all others pale
Designs on love will thus prevail
       as dew cries on the rose

by Kim Merryman |
Categories: dream, love, people,

A Dream Most Worthy

I lay me down upon my bed,
      and lovely thoughts invade my head;
           elusive dreams at best.
Dreams of people no longer hating,
      hand in hand, not hesitating,
            to bless and to be blessed.

No matter race, religion, gender,
      love reaching out with touch so tender,
           we become united.
Alas, for now, it's just a dream,
      but surely a most worthy scheme:
            Brotherly love ignited.


by Deborah Burch |
Categories: funny, lost love, satire,

Special Ops

Special Ops!

My heart needs a tourniquet
     For all the holes you burned in it...
          So the bleeding stops!

You'll rue the day for this offense
     And suffer without recompense...
          My job's Special Ops!

deborah burch©

by Vongai Tinomudaishe Mupetesi |
Categories: first love, love,

The City Park Bench

The city park bench

Busy city, busy people, busy life
Privacy unattainable even when you strife
Busybodies around meddling everywhere
Privately aiming to muddle every affair

Yet they find peace in this location
Their love unrestrained by commotion
In the midst of chaos and foul stench
A love nest is built on a public bench

Encircled by noise yet they speak softly
People scampering yet they sit calmly
Hand in hand, innocently as if in paradise
Regardless of brutes present to jeopardize

Engrossed by each other’s company
Spontaneously crossing legs in synchrony
Unmindful of the stench from the adjacent trench
Sitting comfortably on the rusty metal bench

by Cecil Hickman |
Categories: anniversary, girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, life, love, romance, wife,

Authentic Love

My love for you is ecstasy
Veracity, no fantasy,
With all my passion,
Forever bound upon our souls,
Delivered in delightful goals,
Pleasing our fashion.

written on

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: angst, confusion, boy,

Sad Silly Boy

What is a silly boy to do?
He wants to find a love that's true.

Drawn to sexy and so bad.

Duty says a wife and mother
Still attracted to another.

The right choice has left him sad.

by Paul Callus |
Categories: love, relationship,

Short-Lived Love

You think you’re the best
Your mind is at rest
You love with trust and zest 
Believing that deep down he feels the same.

But now I’m afraid
His love could abate
It looks like it's too late
Already in his dreams he calls her name.  

[I have to point out that this is not the usual tailed rhyme poem,
  it's my own personal layout.]

by Christopher Bunton |
Categories: life, loss, love,

She Loves Me

She loves me, she loves me not,

white petals flew away to rot.

Springs love blossoming grows.

Commitment made while passions burned,

missing lover, lesson learned.

A promise gone, as the wind blows.

Christopher Bunton

For the "petals in the wind" contest

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: adventure,

Advertising Campaign

ummmm really?
You who are so

glib with the phrase.

Get a life, love ifya can and smile

k, so another idea,
rock on



by Jack Horne |
Categories: lost love,


It only took a single glance;
A slave to lust’s hypnotic trance,
He lost his head.

He begged her for a second chance,
And tried to save the doomed romance;
Her love was dead.

5th May for Susan’s Tail Rhyme contest

by Kamal Al-Adil |
Categories: health, inspirational, time, visionary,

Patience Is a Virtue

The safety of a rose with a dozen of choices,
Why stand still and let the love waters get frozen?
When you snooze you lose, your move is like chess it doesn't prosper the fools,
Waiting to long you'll grow old sharing your blues,
Since communication rules the nation we're born to die but not miserable
Your hesitation will only lead to frustration,

Patience is your virtue

by Ralph Taylor |
Categories: love, romance,

The Proposal

He showed the ring, they were alone.
He spoke these words, in a soft, sweet tone!
"Darling, be my bride"!

She let out, a romantic moan!
She received, the Diamond stone!
"Yes dear", she replied!

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