Love Poems About Little Sister or Little Sister Love Poems
by Barbara Gorelick |
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Meet Bg

Barbara Jean Funny, friendly, bashful and sometimes bone-headed Little sister of Dr. Daniel Merrill Lover of the written word, my grandchildren and the natural world I feel wonder at new life, love for my friends, and confusion with math Afraid for the environment, abused women and children, and afraid of snakes I would like to see Machu Picchu, my mothers's face once more and The Giants win the World Series Resident of Vacaville, Ca Gorelick

by Skaidiv Morjin |
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Oh shooting star!

Burnt out bright across a sky
thier wonder in your light
a frozen trail of tears you leave behind

Their laughter at your sparks
I have felt your ash
You roam lost within the dark
I run to where you've crashed

I've ran so fast so far to where you are
Oh fickle little shooting star


Oh shooting star!

Burnt out lost within a sky
They all cheer
They cannot see you wave goodbye

Oh shooting star!

I sigh despite their smiles 
for the further you have flown
I know the faster you will die

So fly

fly away shooting star 



by Anna Hopper |
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She Was Easy

She was easy
Easy going, easy to please and easy on the eyes
He pursued what was hard
Hard to attain, hard to read, and hardly ever pleased
Still, she loved him, fiercely 
Possibly even more so, because he was hard

by Eleanor Bolden |
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A Prayer For My Sister

Dear Lord I come as humble as I may
Asking you to give my little sister strength
That she will need to make it thru the day.
I know the road ahead of her is going to be tuff 
give her faith in knowing that in you God she can trust

I know it’s not easy for her and she’s going thru so much
I ask that you give her guidance Lord and let her feel your 
Loving touch

I can’t begin to imagine the pain she must feel 
But when I look into my sisters eyes the hurt 
Is all to real

So Lord I come to you as humble as I may
Asking you to give my little sister strength to make 
thru the day

by Melissa De Vos |
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Stubborn, funny
Hugging, laughing, fighting
You can run. But you can't hide. 

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Qualities of Health Engendering Women

They see strengths
Not the limitations
These are people who will make you proud of yourself
They will tell you why you’re special
Trust you to the point you have to answer their expectations
They make you better than you normally are
You can be proud of yourself
They respect you 
For what you’ve done
Where you’ve come from
They see what you’ve experienced something real
Respect you for your courage
They live by their rules
They do not expect you to follow theirs
They are at peace to themselves
They are not proving anything to you
They are good listeners
Sincere in their interest in you
You feel important
They are available for honest
Genuine discussion
Makes you want to share yourself

by Christina Holmes |
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Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

by D.A Hopkins |
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Sisters are meant forever, so they say only, I have a little sister god sent my way she is my friend through all life's troubles my guide through the rough and shallow wails I didn't choose to love her this much but I did so, with God's almighty touch I have an older sister, God had previously sent but we never became the friends that we were meant so birth alone, does not bond siblings but the truth here is ever so clear I grew to love my baby sister dear brothers too fill up my heart but, it's only young Tammy I can not be apart no one else has such control over my heart

by Kershnee Govender |
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For My Sister

At the age of two
In my eyes u grew,
From a baby to a teenager
And now to a stranger,
Its only memories that are left 
To such an extreme depth,
How do we depart
And make a new start,
Broken we are
That you are too far,
We never expected this day
And that’s all i am going to say…..

by Darlene De Beaulieu |
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Little Sister Feels Alone

When little sister feels alone
   She grabs her teddy bear
   Gives it a big hug

by Erin Werner |
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My Dearest Little Sister

My dearest little sister, who I adore..
God blessed me with you, forevermore.

Side by side, we will always be..
Through tears and heartache, I will never leave..

Through life's trials we will work them out together..
What I am trying to say is I will love you forever...

by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell |
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My Little Sister

My little sister so wild and free
Always walking ahead of me
Never afraid to take any test
Papa’s pride, his little princess
You loved a brave as wild as you
And to this day you still do
But there was another who loved you so
And he stepped aside and let you go
You never looked back to see
Another loved him it was me
And now after all this time
The wolf has his doe
And the hawk is mine

by Edward Hill |
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Brother and His Newborn Sister

For the very first time
He discovers a new face
As he stares into her eyes
She drifts off into space.

“This is my little sister?”
He questions the man above.
“Why she is very beautiful.”
“Pure as a heavens dove!”

For the very first time
He held her in his hands
He too, then drifted off
Now he understands.

by Allan Granstrom |
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I love my sister
The way she smiled with her eyes
She smiles for the Lord

My sister Kathy passed last night.
Rest in peace little sister.You 
were too good for this world.

by Gwendolyn Coffey |
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Remembering When

I remember when...
We'd run around the yard.
And play 'til the sun set.
We had so much fun.
Never had any regret.

I remember when...
We had all those fights.
With every word that was said.
I wish I could take it all away.
No longer feel this dread.

I remember when...
We use to be so close.
When we had it all.
Let's forget the past.
Our love was never small.

by Heather Bateman |
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I Love My Little Sister With All My Heart But Please Help Me Understand

I love my little sister with all my heart 
But she is always in my personal life that has nothing to do with her 
She tells me to stop going into her personal life that I am not in 
Well I have a life 
I have feels inside me to although some times I may not show it 
I have other feelings other then love 
I have other feelings then boys 
More importantly I have feels about who I am in life 
Who I want to be 
Who I am now and who I wanna be 
How can I tell her that I dont wanna always have her writing on all my poems 
How can I tell her that not all the poems are about me 
How can I tell her everything that I just wrote in this ?

by Michael Miers |
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Jhaine In a Favela, I Think

Jhaine in Brazil, I think
closest I can figger
'cause, we don't share some language
probably a generational thing
I suppose

many words I don't understand
many of the words
she writes
like music

but, the ideas, I think
I could help to explain

Jhaine, she comes across strong
seems to carry herself 

loves her baby

beautiful and strong

rise up, little sister, rise on up
above it all

and bring the ones you love
for you are beautiful

you are strong

by Carmen Sunshine |
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For Maggie

I remember the day you were born
I exclaimed Oh God not another one
As you grew older it was plain to see
The lovely woman you’d turn out to be 
Maggie my dear, we shared a room through the years 
I combed your hair, wiped away your tears
Tried to keep you happy, and calm your fears
My dreams for you were always many
Hoping you’d marry a man with plenty a penny
And here you are all settled and grown,
With a family you can call your own
A beautiful woman so deep so sincere
With so much love for her family it is quite clear
So my dear sweet sister, I proclaim with no fear
That I will love you forever year after year.

by Kishan Sharma |
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The Pain of Waiting

Wait waiting for you to wait.
Come on,let me tell you once.
Love you, love you, we love you.
But you can not meet us once.

You have been irresponsible, irresponsible.
But do not come.
Why do not you.
You love us now.

Tell me today why do you have
Become a friend from me.
Or you are not with us.

by Dean Mobley |
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I remember the feelings 
I had for you dear
Images in my mind
so vivid so clear
I know it was true 
you felt it for me

by Rebecca Workman |
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A girl as lovely as a rose
With the face of a angel
The spirit of a dove
And a heart full of love.

As beautiful as a sunset
With hair that waves
Her beauty comes along
With her childish ways.

A kid that has it all
All of an angel
She's my little sister
A precious one at that.

by Anna Hopper |
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The Best of Friends

Fusses and fights
Long, sleepless nights
 Snuggled up together
I dim the lights 

Who’s better spelling
Tattle telling
Trying to buy
The story their selling

He’s right, she’s wrong
The shot was long
Not picking sides
Can we please move on

Blood curdling screams
Life or death, it seems
I arrive to giggles
 on the swing

They don’t put on a show
When they think I don’t know
I spy from inside
Through the window

I see, first hand
A gentleman
And sweet little girl
The best of friends

by Justin Aptaker |
Categories: courage, deep, evil, humanity, philosophy, sorrow, spiritual,

My Magellan

i am the man who weeps for the world
i am the man who weeps

i do not, I will not
bleed for the world
i’m not the one who bleeds

little sister, my love
do not dry your eyes on my account

i am a fleeting consolation

i have been
to the ends
of the world
i have seen
the great emptiness (it lies) 
on the other side of that horizon

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
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To - a Retired Poetess

To poetry she said good-bye
Now I live with a Broken Heart
Her words could make me laugh or cry
Or tear my inner soul apart

In a devastating Free Verse
To poetry she said good-bye
My inkless quill rides in a hearse
As an uninspired quill must die

Her words: an image to the eye
Emotions, feelings, come to life
To poetry she said goodbye
A requiem; bagpipes and fife

Read the words from her loving heart
Believing there's no reason why
An Angel of Poetic Art  
To poetry she said good-bye

by Tifarrah Miller |
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My Sister and I

this was a poem I wrote about my older sister and my relationship 
My sister doesn't love me she 
won't say it but i know 
 She's nice to me at times though shell never give me hugs or provide me with gifts to warm 
my soul 
Her friends our better than mines so when there around she pretends I don't exist we never 
get into fights excpet once or twice i regretted it afterwards I don't know if she did we used 
to be real cool now im not sure what happened to our relationship seventeen years i waited 
for it to get better to no avail and for the rest of my life I will wait for her to say those magic 
words I love you little sister