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I came across my first love You were always in my arms Swore we’d never be apart But I let you go Now we are reunited My heart just beats like a drum I can’t take my eyes off you ... My first teddy bear 02~04~15 Syllables 7,7,7,5 Contest: Dodoitsu Dr Ram Mehta

by Poet Destroyer A |
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Sugar and Spice

Spicy experiment! 

Victoria secret bra
Love, toy with hidden pleasure 
sweet surrender to my taste 
grenade ecstasy. 


Spicy taboo!

Sticky forbidden kisses
buffalo breath down my neck 
leak like a water faucet
time to get a fix.


by Andrea Dietrich |
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Seaside Love

On our skin gleams pearl white sand
in the sheen of setting sun.
From sea deep as our love - come
waves caressing land.

For Brian Strand's
A POEM YOU LIKE any form/theme MAX 7 lines Poetry Contest

by kristen bruni |
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Face to face body leaning
Clothes flying fast to the ground
Breath becoming loud and quick
Disappear in love

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A Barren Land

    In her dumpster fades away
    posy of love-struck feelings.
I plucked from my heart's garden,
           now a barren land.

Date : 01/30/2016

by Carolyn Devonshire |
Categories: autumn, lost love,

when the colors fade

the tree he planted still stands
wrapped in autumn’s fiery hues
while his colors have faded
…I visit his grave

*Written September 30, 2020
For Constance La France’s Dodoitsu contest
checked on

by Verlena S. Walker |
Categories: angst, celebrity, encouraging, freedom, irony, metaphor, simile,

of love of war

of love of war
the staff of a prophet, seen fairness not imagine, sings shouting out, obscenity recognized, yet in search of fame, seeking stance the moment arises, seek of voice of power, godsend renown supremacy, yet prophet not acknowledged, kept desire of a great life, sought skill of voice, articulate hardly ever, cheek no longer free, famous self seldom bite snarls dogma, link of country of faith, kinship all that’s true, fair play desired fame acknowledged, pent the home front, covetousness war or peace love or hate, just yelp puppy love, nice _________________________| Penned on September 28, 2014!

by Eiken Laan |
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White Wedding

Confetti flutters the sky
A bride dressed in pearly white
Footprints pave bright virgin snow
Steps to her future

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Why Love Is Blind

Diapered kid flies around,
shoots arrows at mismatched souls,
and does it all blindfolded?
That stupid Cupid!

For the SYLLABLES OF WISDOM 2 Poetry Contest of Silent One

by Shane Cooper |
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Eyes of blue with hair of gold Lips blood red with cheeks flushed pink Small shell like delicate ears Memories remain Soft skin white as ivory Neck delicate so swan like Alabaster breasts rose tipped Memories remain Our hearts join in harmony Passions raise bodies held close Loves fever rise, lips touch Memories remain Pleasures exquisite unfold Mind, body, soul enraptured Souls linked as two become one Memories remain Spent in loves delights we lay Caresses gently exchanged our lips touch in sweet union Memories remain complete dodoitsu string "memories" 13/02/2015

by Deborah Burch |
Categories: allegory, love, people, philosophy, political, prejudice,

The Colour of Love

The Colour of Love

Kaleidoscope of spectrums
On the outside... looking in
There’s only one colour—Love—
Bound by prejudice.

Archaic transmutations
Bequeath this cancerous blight 
Upon each generation
For mass genocide.

Rose-coloured glasses can not
Tint the mind of the insane…
Only the revelation 
Of true love unveils.


by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: love, passion

Loves Reflection

Behind me in the mirror 

Hot breath gently on my neck

Red satin bow falls to floor

Exposed gift adored... 

Contest: Red

Sponsored by  Francine Roberts

Form: Dodoitsu

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: humanity,

put away

In a picture she looks young Beautiful caramel hair Green eyes that light-up and dance His love once romanced In a picture she looks old Shiny platinum blonde thin hair Green eyes that are now fatigued His love put away

by Wilma Neels |
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'Tender Invite - Wilma - Ric

Your eyes a tender invite Sensual moments ignite Your devotion pure delight Can’t wait for tonight...
Contest: Magnet Marvel 1st Place

by Andrea Dietrich |
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Oceanic Peace

before sleep embraces me I look into my love's eyes soul-swept by azure waves of oceanic peace for Line Gauthier's the 'Bitesize Poem no52' Poetry Contest

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: blue, butterfly, color, flower, nature, purple, sweet love,

The Purple Attraction

at long last the time has come
when beautiful lovers meet
the scent of deep purple blooms
calls to butterfly

on wings of gold black and blue
wafting irresistibly
to the vivid fragrant source
in days of honey

at the hour of aught shadows
when hope and joy is soaring
deep blue skies smile graciously
on nature's wild ways

by Diana-Marie Bombardieri |
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Everlasting Love

Devotion of a rare hue
Canopies dusk; fashions dawn
Ceaseless esteem journeys far
Triumphs without doubt

Diana-Marie Bombardieri
For CONTEST - 1-6 lines of romance and love (Russell Sivey)

by Russell Sivey |
Categories: life,

Moon-Lit Path

The end of the path, she’s there
Looking truly deceitful
Bright is the moon over her  
Trying to show love

Russell Sivey

Entrant into Brian Strand's “YOUR MY FAVOURITE” contest

by Constance La France |
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Part 2- Fully Booked

His bluest eye, oh that blue, Like the azure sky above; As deep as the blue ocean, Dead eyes, fathomless. ______________________________ June 23, 2016 Poetry/Dodoitsu/Part 2- Fully Booked Copyright Protected, ID 16-803-635-0 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym. Inspiration - "The Bluest Eye" Novel Title For the contest, Part 2, Fully Booked sponsor, Nette Onclaud Third Place

by Joyce Johnson |
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Not So True

I sent my love a red heart,
Declaring my love so true.
His angry wife returned it.
"Hands off!! He is mine".

For contest 3 way tie for no. 1 won.

by Sharon Ruebel |
Categories: sad

Jaded Love

Jaded love, deepened wound weeps
    Theater dark, actors vanish
        No encore no ovation 
            Flowers lay dying...

by Orlando Leach Jr. |
Categories: love

Red Wine

Nocturnal heart walks with wine.
Moon-lit soul succumbs to "red".
Pure cherry lip-stick kisses.
Sweet love-tainted taste.

by Charles Henderson |
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Out of hate, love and beauty,

the eternal triangle,

came Cupid and his arrow,

victim of himself.

    ~//~                  ~//~

Psyche, the daughter of the 
king and queen of Sicily, 
boasted that she was the most 
beautiful woman on the island.
Inflamed, Aphrodite sent eros
to shoot her with an arrow of 
desire, which would make her
fall in love with the next man 
she met.  Eros fell into his
own trap, for upon shooting
her, fell in love with her him
self.  Taking her to a secret 
place and marrying her.  She
was later made a goddess by
Jupiter and Eros (cupid) was

by Seren Roberts |
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Valentines for life

Two hearts beat with one accord Entwined in loving caress Lovers now and forever…. Valentine’s for life
Penned 17 January 2017

by Wilma Neels |
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'Like You Never Left'

Your scent and presence linger All over, time is no match I inhale every ounce… You’re with me always
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