Love Poems About Holocaust or Holocaust Love Poems
by Matthew Anish |
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Hope For Humanity

Just read a tale of 
   a horrendous murder in California
Makes one lose faith in humanity
My uncle saw the 
   death camps in 
Europe during World War ll
  Also shakes one's faith in humanity 
Yet, I believe 
  that out out of the 
a phoenix will appear 
    and fly upward 
and as it soars 
   it will sprinkle 
love dust 
   on those on the 
     and leave kindness 
and laughter 
   in its wake

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, friendship, history, holocaust, perspective, psychological, september,

Playing With Minds

when childhood held dreams

when friends where real

Anne Frank, child betrayed

when poetry spoke of the heart

when the psycho penetrated with dart

those who tell tales true

	the kiss of love? or
		the kiss of deceit

	evil hides in rainbows
		goodness dances with lightning

I will remember hearts of kindness
	not the man spreading blindness

yearn for happier times
	not July, only youths summertime
		illusions that once made us happy

Now devour our minds

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: beauty, death, earth, holocaust, true love, war, world,

Last Kiss

Our mouths and our souls mix as we become one, Love second to none ... The moon, that just moments before bathed our night - Now swallowed by light ... Huge clouds, like fresh mushrooms, bloom pink in the skies, Soft-sparkling your eyes ... Night, turned to day, with bright colors and aura ... Such dazzling horror ... Our mouths and our souls mix as we become one, We burn like the sun ... Our lives and world ... done. ~ 1st Place ~ in the "Half-Eleven" Poetry Contest, Nina Parmenter, Judge & Sponsor. ~ 2nd Place ~ in the "The Last ..." Poetry Contest, Silent One, Judge & Sponsor.

by Pariah Love |
Categories: desire, farewell, heartbreak, hurt, romance, sad love, youth,


Sonnet: Transient

Of all my almost-loves and far-too-soons,
Hers brought a heat most akin to summer’s sun.
I ill-assumed, one night in joyful June,
A pair so young may ever-laugh in unison.
That season we peeled the rind of unripe love,
No heed paid the holocaust by autumn,
Till it was warmth we lay in bed bereft of,
When roses dead had warned our winter’d come.
Such loves birth as flood then burn to vapor,
From eyes a pain downpours, torrential rain;
Hence I plan to leave next summer’s savior,
Before lips aflame douse to kiss in vain.
     She’ll think me true and bare me her nude heart,
     As I don armor then from her depart.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: how i feel, self,

Now I Am

there was the cynosure on your sky
you, the convergent point of poetry
I forgot to learn your all inner eye
and failed there to make Buddha tree

here, now, I’m to the hackneyed dark
a bearded holocaust bawl, 
I’m to me- a fresh skeleton, 
A barren bone of ravished love, 
grey yard of withered diction, 
the hemlock in dull speech, 
caged phantom of prose

-March 06, 2019 Chattogram

by Dan Keir |
Categories: allah, angel, angst, confusion, dream, education, faith, freedom, god, happiness, health, heaven, history, holocaust, hope, humorous, imagination, inspirational, introspection, jesus, journey, life, lonely, loss, lost, lost love, miracle, nature, on writing and words, pain, peace, people, philosophy, political, prayer, recovery from..., religious, sad, spiritual, stress, success, sympathy, teacher, time, write,

Haikus About God: Iii

Beauty of nature
Why condense it down to God?
Isn’t life enough?

by Catherine Mary Airan |
Categories: assonance, caregiving, christian, christmas, hindi, holocaust, love,


I traveled the world
And though it is vast
I still need a truth
That would always last

Studied some books
And know my mind too
The whole time God knows
Only love will do

Studied Religion and 
Forever I found
Even God loves Love
On this I expound

My Mom in my life
Always there for me
Taught me that true love
Would there always be

Love doesn't judge man
And I'm very free
From color or type
Of good company

True love doesn't die
"Oh Love, you'll abound,"
Despite all the bad
You'll stand your ground

Love's the Law for me
We are always free
Love keeps me alive
This is Love's decree.

by Keith Bickerstaffe |
Categories: holocaust, love, may, universe,

Who Knows Where the Time Goes

The stars may wink their last goodbyes, 
the sun may disappear, 
the moon may shrink and come to naught 
and I will shed a tear. 

The universe may turn to dust 
all flora, fauna waste away, 
we may spend our time in darkness 
hoping for a brand new day. 

Will you still be here to comfort me 
to fill my eyes with pride, 
and swell my heart with tenderness, 
my love, my blushing bride?

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: abuse, art, discrimination, evil, hate, history, holocaust,

Beauty and the Evil Ones

Beauty and the Evil Ones

A poet weaves such wondrous words
flowing of milk and honey
of enchanting places
soothing moments
filled with love invoked memories

Majestic symphonies of wonder
cadenza's weaving the imagination
Wagner, a musical genius sayeth so
softly painting beauty in musical tones

Overtures of compassion permeate away
such artistic brilliance buries the mind
of those whose insides are maliciously dark
pure evil pervades their bone

The painter of valleys
rivers and mountains in pastels
simple yet provocative in their tranquility
Hitler of the rose gardens
evil through and through

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: allusion, art, books, imagination, integrity, introspection, water,


All the knowledge in the world
Collected in volumes and volumes of books
May sooth the soul and give one comfort
Let me tell you, a little known tale
When knowledge is collected and wisdom lost
One will drown, in a flood like the holocaust
Knowledge in evil hands
Beware when one allows that to stand

I rather a kind heart
Spreading wise intent
It’s the goodness we must always ferment
Surround me with books
Shall they speak of love
So that the dam never bursts
Drowning out all that was written from above
Flirting with knowledge makes
A few of them smitten
Loving humanity is the true wisdom
That long ago the elders have written

by Chelsy Gonzales |
Categories: beauty, devotion, happiness, heart, holocaust,

Intense Thought

I don't know how to feel when you aren't here, my heart is so ready to burst
It's hard to picture anyone else though when you're written in there so deep
My thoughts are racing a mile a minute and my brain won't let me sleep
I don't know what this is, but you've made my heart thirst

For you, and you've got it set in it's ways, but I don't want to get out
It's not quite love but none the less, I'm stuck on you
And I don't know what any of this is about
But I'm thinking that we can make it through

Because there is nowhere else I'd rather be
Then in your heart and tucked away
Inside of you, I'd be set free
And happier than ever  because just the thought of you makes me okay

by Leon Datu |
Categories: freedom, holocaust,


When blind terror rages and burns
a city of love that now churns---
innocence, a prison.
The time will come as Fate returns,
justice for all seasons
O Liberte, newly risen.

Rime Couée-Tail Rhyme For France
Contest: Debbie Guzzi

by Susan Palli |
Categories: courage, encouraging, history, holocaust, strength,

Remember the Purple Triangles

Honor the Purple Triangles,
Who put their souls on the line.
Courageous unwavering ordinary folk,
Infused with spiritual power.

Standing up in face of evil,
Against impossible odds.
Enduring unmentionable atrocities,
Upholding what is right.

United and bonded in peace and love,
withdrawing from man’s war.
The Purple Triangles: CONQUERORS,
We follow you in awe.

by Babafemi Yinka Olubodun |
Categories: age, appreciation, black african american, character, depression, funny love, holocaust,

Thoughtful Nile

If this dance be the last
For I see them throwing spears - 
Not for its sport
This dance, a shrilling one.
When we come home for showers
Diapers of our babies, drenched,
Such aroma; a sweet-sour tale to tell
For being ready was the dance for...
Only the dead wishes not for this dance
But the living accustomed to its essence 

Such a dance we struggle to get
Yet, a dance we fear to leave 
Nor a dance to tango for!

by Beata Agustin |
Categories: appreciation, blessing, children, christian, daughter, friendship, friendship love,

Hannah and Grace

Hannah Rayburn* shared virtues she did learn blest in her growing-up endeavor inspired by Dad, a Holocaust survivor. Emma 'Grace' McKee showed values of spirited glee along joyously functional friendship** midst socialite Mom’s absentee-partnership.
*Hannah and Grace are the main characters in “State of Grace” which is an American comedy-drama series that ran for two seasons on the Fox Family Channel later ABC Family during 2001 and 2002. ** Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times… October 28, 2021 1st place, "A STRAND (1066)" Poetry Writing Contest Sponsored by Brian Strand; judged on 2/5/2022.

by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: age, analogy, devotion, holocaust, life, love, philosophy,

The Stars of the Underground

The stars that glimmer most, 
Are the stars often mistaken for stones
For they are not stones-
They are monuments of those past,
Who have worked to the bone, 
For masterment and marvel, 
For love unatoned.

by Vee Bdosa |
Categories: absence, betrayal, fear, holocaust, suicide, war, world,

Sarajevo Suicide - 1995

If only I'd the heart to be
the stronger of the two of we,
perchance I'd find you hiding here
and part of who is you and me.

But merciless, love gives no clue
from whence it comes, nor goes into;
the time of day it might appear,
then leave, the very same as you.

I have no mind for fickle thought
nor pain that loving you has brought
if worth my time, I'd hold life dear
though Sarajevo knows it not;

tomorrow's not another day
but in  tonight I cannot stay
so I have need to leave from here
from my own hand and my own way.
© ron wilson aka Vee Bdosa the Doylestown Poet

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: corruption, deep, feelings, fish, heartbreak, holocaust, love hurts,

Madness Has Triggered the Pen

People are like lobsters crawling in dirt 
with brain cells less advanced than a jellyfish 
always digging in the sand without salt they would disappear 
They could not breathe the fresh air if it were poisoned by chemicals 
fresh water has a better taste unpolluted
Chocolate starfish slimy sea slugs
Silly cones, fake plastic barbies
Toxic people in toxic world
None the wiser
Modern day zombies
Yes men plugged into the machine
Greedy 1 % sharks living off the tuna only scraps to the bottom feeding mouth breathers poor bastards
Fed only bull they kindly ask
"Please sir may I have some more?"

A Liam MacDaibheid and Antonio Acosta

by David Palmer |
Categories: holocaust,

Tattoo: For Yom Hashoah

No one makes it through life whole without the
Branding: marks, scars, tattoos that testify
To sorrows endur’d, bitter pills swallow’d;
Some say the inner invisible ones
Wounds deepest.  My tattoo on the forearm
Pierces through to my soul like a sliver
Infected, pussy, smarting constantly—
I was sub-human, thought expendable.
“Schneller! Schneller!” Under blinding lights bark
Camp guards as we stumble blindly, free from
Cattle car stench upon arrival. My
Precious Gretel taken away at once.
Workers to the left, showers to the right
I’d die in your place, Love, one-thousand times!

© 2016 David W. Palmer

by Dawn Drickman |
Categories: confusion, loss, lost love, me, love, me, spoken word,

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

I often recall the days of past 
When love was deep, strong and vast 
The abundance of dreams once forlorn 
Deep inside me, all reborn
He opened my heart to things obscure 
Showed me passion true and pure 
He unleashed the me that longed to be 
Held me up and set me free
Swathed and ruffled wings are now unbound 
Soaring high above the ground 
A shot rings out in the dark of night 
Blindsided; no chance to fight
In a single moment all is lost 
An internal holocaust 
The pain and anger rages within 
A vision of her... with him 
All my questions remain unanswered 
Falsehoods of the spoken word 
With fear and doubt residing within 
Will I? Can I love again?

by Jesse Jones |
Categories: angst, confusion, introspection, loss, lost love, love, mystery, social,

Untitled #31 / Stop Staring

Stop staring! Holocaust survivors!
Oprah! Ann & Nancy Wilson!
Mother! Brother! Father! Friends!
Can’t you see I’m no longer a man?

by Nayanika Dey |
Categories: image, imagery, peace, violence, war, world,

Images of Peace

No trails and traces
Of witching hours,
No tandem rides of battles
And encounters either.
No more tumultuous furors,
And cadence into tempestuous errors.
No sounds of sledgehammers
And Kalashnikovs,
No manipulations, bloodshed
And carcasses and gunshots.
No more beheading infants,
But juvenile and puerile breaths
Are nourished with iridescent.
No genocide and annihilation,
No holocaust and conflagration.
Cessation of innocent blood,
And termination of cadaver flood.
Slavery, bondage and servitude ends,
When the air gets pregnant
With fragrance of love
And these images of peace again.

From: India
Copyright ©:  10 November, 2016

by Anil Deo |
Categories: addiction, appreciation, art, environment, planet, tree, writing,

Love the Kindness and Forgiveness In Plants

On the radio: "plants have both beauty and intelligence!" Her University professors were adamant: "If you want beauty, rather than biology, Why not transfer to art, or art history?!" Lord, do forgive our experts, professors ... Unwilling to teach as DEEPLY as C. S. Lewis, Tolkien, holocaust survivors ... And trees: unstinting with shade, space for critters, flowers, fruit, air for me! Never sulking, whining, withholding love: forgiving our poisoning spaces interminably

by Robert A. Dufresne |
Categories: family, life, love

Preborn In the Usa

.                             You
                          and your
                        brothers and
                      sisters are now
  missed most dearly, one million strong yearly.
        'tis more than a loss, t'is a holocaust.
                     Wisdom dictates
                         love is life.
                           We miss

for Brian Strand's "Rondel"

by Ian Petch |
Categories: life, lost love, people, philosophy, people, love, people,


The people wish for love
Reaching out for the above
The stars have turned around
All this reaching brings them down

The people pray for more
They lost their love the day before
Now god has closed his eyes
When will they see what they’ve denied?

The people ask for death
Too tired of love to feel their breath
No answers to forgive
The questions raised and why they lived

The dead can see the end
Red shadows climbing in their heads
Pure nothing in control
As they become the blackest holes

Some people rose again
The dead are proof of why they came
To hold onto their own
To remember why they’re not alone