Love Poems About Ballade or Ballade Love Poems
by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders |
Categories: faith, introspection, spiritual,

Time Alone

Today, I spent some time alone
to settle down into my bones.
I nestled deep in songs at last,
soothed by the choir of loved ones passed.
Forgotten was the ache of loss,
I meditated on the cross.
My mind was clear of lists and worries.
My soul at peace was in no hurry. 
I synchronized breaths with the breeze
and God’s empathic voice with ease.
I never uttered words of prayer,
just listened, in my silence bare.
Oh, how the world washes away
our innocence to love and play!
Our spirits fraught long to seek God,
Heaven’s envoy in His ballade.
Today, I spent some time alone
to feel my soul set free from bone.

by Alan Brown |
Categories: heart, life, love, love hurts, lust, sad, silence,

Whisper To Me

I sit here in silence staring at my phone. 
Hoping to hear her familiar ring. 
I wish she was with me, but I’m on my own, 
Wanting to hear her more than anything. 
Why can’t I hear her heart whisper to me? 

If I’m lucky, I see her once a day, 
Keeping to herself, silent as always. 
She’s surrounded by people, lost in fray, 
Yet she commands the room, and it obeys. 
Why can’t I hear her heart whisper to me? 

I see her walking calmly down the hall,
Her eyes fixated on the muted ground. 
She does not seem to notice me at all, 
Passing me without a glance nor a sound. 
Why can’t I hear her heart whisper to me?

by Zin Eddine Dadach |
Categories: beauty, innocence, spiritual,


Feeling of spring,
Soul in harmony  
Cloudiness behind me 
Blue sky my destiny;
Heart of Roses,
Grace adding melodies
Deep silence leaving me
Soft songs my symphony;
Whisper of Love,
Smiles from Eternity 
Happiness reaching me 
Beauty and Serenity.

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure, me, me,

Sweet N Dumpy

Sweet n Dumpy I’m a bit of a brute when I’m out in me ute, When the road rage gets me a bit grumpy, I’m feeling beaut like hairy galoot, The meat on this Shiela is lumpy, got me a girl might give her a whirl, short at one end and quite dumpy, she always slaps me round the head, I nibble her ears twice monthly, I must have me meat , Cos me toenails compete, With me claws and the fangs in me head, The life blood so sweet, Fills the void just a treat, But still, there’s sweet dumpy instead. Don Johnson
Matt Caliri Contest Name Wolfman Falls In Love

by Don Johnson |
Categories: adventure,


yes love is sweet but incomplete, without my baby ...thou other half of coin completes meet..rejoin ..somehow.. life is sometimes seeming cruel, as you sit and think on memorys stool, johnsons happy thinks it's cool, to have those lovely memorys... Don

by Oma Bennett |
Categories: love, mother, wifebeautiful, beauty, flower, beautiful, beauty, flower, rose,

A Woman Like a Rose

The rose bud is small and the smell is so sweet
 And no other flower in the garden quite so unique

When the petals unfold it makes a beautiful rose
and  the fragrance of that flower fills the air 

Take the thorns from  that beautiful rose
and the beauty can no longer to be found

When the morning dew falls softly on  the rose
it's like a  tear on a woman's face when she cries

 And when a woman's pride  is  taken away
 like the rose her beauty is faded and gone

So never make a woman cry and men be very aware
her beauty may be hidden but the thorn is still  there

by Jennifer Donnay |
Categories: absence, art, beautiful, friendship, heart,

Unspoken Emotions

Unspoken emotions,  they are naturally felt, rarely spoken out loud,
Unspkoen emontions,  you feel it in your heart, embracing with all the heart, 
         Unspoken emontions,  true friendships are one of a kind,
True friendships,  don't ever let it go,  the healing touch of a friendly hand,
            Unspoken emotions,  only you two can be overcome with it's nostalgia..

Unpoken love, respect, beauty from inside,  hold on tight,  dont ever let go...
            To experience it is unexpainable,  only shown through unconditional love,
                                    Between two people who share a special bond..

by Kim Robin Edwards |
Categories: lost love, song,

Let Me Hear Your Heart Beat

When ever you leave.
Don't forget! 
Feel the same for my love.

Don't ever deceive me.
Hold on tight.
Don't let go of my heart.

When ever you return to me.
We can meet.
Any place of your choice.

That's where I'll hear your heart beat.
For my love.
In the dark..

So let me hear your heart beat..

Just let me hear your heart beat.

Let me hear your heart beat..

Let me hear your heart beat..

Let me hear your heart beat..

Love Song By Kim Robin Edwards
Copyright 1985,2015..ALL rights reserved..

by Ninette Carey |
Categories: god, trust, visionary,

Me the Fool

Innermost visions beckoning 
That their would be a future day of reckoning 
In their souls I felt their fear
As these mothers held their children dear
Hiding from what was near
I could not grasp 
Why I could feel their pain 
A image so frightening 
My days became harder to maintain 
I Knew it was my task...
Who could I ask...
I put it on paper 
An prayed to my Maker
Why give me this tool 
Me the fool 
I offer to you  
My love which is true 
~Morning Dew~
My Lord....
Lead my way ... Bless my day....

by Anbes Rawal |
Categories: dark, death, desire, satire, sin, time, trust,

A Sky Full of Ghosts

Desire is hunger 
Wants are temptations
Thoughts bring revolution
Actions change decisions 

The time is wild
Brothers kill brothers 
Humans become animals 
Blood thirsty of others

Selfishness maximum!
Needs maximum
Collaboration, lost

War between family
Common blood flown
Devils arising
Saints forever gone

Unjust acts arising
Evil times around
Nothing lost or found

by Stormy Smith |
Categories: conflict, corruption, dark, feelings, for her, girlfriend,

Love Is Salvation

Voices screeching, fingers pointing
A cruel world made for strangers.
Blame is crushing, guilt is haunting
A prison that no one escapes.
There’s nowhere safe
For a refugee
Like you
Like me.
Loneliness is a monster
From which you cannot run.
Where you go,
It already waits.
Where you hide,
All ready, it lurks.
You are my hope
In the darkness.
I believe in love
Because of you.
Together we are
Free from sadness.
Because “you and me”
Only has room
For two.

by Sazemina Saitovic |
Categories: lost love, love, moon, relationship, romance, sad, sad love,


O my sweet moon, thank you for lighting up the night so gracefully. 

You ambrace the night sky,  and let me sleep peacefully. 
O sweet moon, o sweet knight in the night. 

Your so far away, yet I see your light,  and feel your love. 

O my sweet moon,  my love,  you give me such innocent sweet dreams.

Everything around me is so  magically. 

Oh my sweet moon,  it's not just a fantasy.  It is just a simple love story of a simple girl. This love grows deeper until the clouds tragically hide you away.

by Letitia Alvarez |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, love, passion, romance, me, me,

Sensual Thoughts of You

Thinking of you day and night
Hold me tight, don't let go
Your pictures an awesome sight
I'll be your doe if you be my beau

Grab me darling, lay me down
Caress my body from head to toe
I promise I'll never frown
Make me holler, make me scream
I'll make you glow then you'll grow

Kiss me honey, sensually (seductively)
Make me tremble make me weak
Do it though impulsively
Hush my darling, don't misspeak
Your eyes will tell me everything

Take your time, take it slow
Kiss me tongue to tongue
Move it slow to below
Then kiss me once again

Let me rub you all around
Gently stroking up and down
I'll hold you down and lick you too...

by Cherie Thomas |
Categories: love,

Lost-Yet So Complete

Can your eyes see ,
  Whats so deep.
Can your heart feel,
  The murmur,
That reaps.

The gravitation towards,
  Silence in your speech.
Pulls me in a direction,
  So out of reach,
Which awakens, this feeling
  Lost yet so complete...

The caress in your eyes, 
  Without being touched.
The kiss in your voice,
  Disguised, in such lust.
The magnetism in your aura,
  Leaves me visibly, flushed.

Without uttering a word,
  Your thoughts call, my name,
Whispered in the dusk.
  Catching each grain...

Your alluring smile,
  Is a thief in destined defeat.
You have captured apart of me.

Lost,................yet so complete.

by Kiara Lowdog |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, love, people,


Is that what you think you are?
Because your skin is lighter?
Because your hair is shorter?
Because your life is better?
Because your voice is deeper?
I thought you knew
Knew about racism
Knew about sexism
Knew about how it is wrong
Knew how we all are the same inside
Since you are SUPERIOR,
We have no equality to you
Bow to the superior

by Matt Starking |
Categories: love, time,

A Love Story

for a long time Matt and zeta
has not seen each other
for life has sent them afar
they did not know
they will see each other so soon
winter passed and it was full moon
the time came; it was summer
Matt has traveled to Jamaica
there he meet zeta
who has also traveled 
to spend the summer
on Sunday she went to the beach
on walking an inch
they both meet at the shore
surprise ; Matt shouted
what goes around comes around
i lost a great treasure 
but have now found
that night the two loving birds
made love till the next morning

by Verlena Dillard |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, crazy, gothic, heartbroken, , cute,

Bloody Roses

You look cute,
but scream like a beast,
your sweet voice is in mute,
and your smile has deceased.
No longer in love,
afraid to be crushed again,
feelings in the mud,
countdown to ten,
to a nervous breakdown.
cut yourself to reduce pain,
but still feel the depression,
your tears are like rain,
your heart is full of regret.
Can no longer relate,
shattered the world of love that you've created,
only concentrate on hate,
on those who abused you.
A bloody rose looks harmless,
but it's filled with cruelty,
expect the unexpected
from deadly beauty.

by Matshidiso Mosia |
Categories: baby, beauty, blessing, celebration, happy birthday, hero, i love you,

Happy Day

Thirteen years ago I was blessed
With a gift that became my life zest
Its bliss I am grateful to God

I’m astonished by the advancement 
The beauty of this venture 
It’s a vast Glee

by Gale Greenwood |
Categories: fear,


It was gone broken
shattered like a glass falling
from my hand to the floor breaking.
Never would I see another daybreak
in the same way
as colors fade from distant hazing
where everything turned a little crazy.
I sat here wondering
staring at broken glass laying scattered
and I knew then that nothing mattered.
Life, love, happiness, liberty it was shattered
never will it be gathered
like the glass that lay scattered.

Yet, I did dust away the glass fallen.
I tied my shoelaces and I went sailing.
Plugged the hole, I stopped waiting
and I kept sailing.
Gale Lynne

by Sofija Bolic |
Categories: angst, beautiful, beauty, cry, cute love, dream, emotions,

Too Young

So young
My heart
For evermore? Not enough. I can't
my mind
body still like a hundred sparkling lights
empty nights
A hundred galloping horses
Fresh mermaid bestows a gift upon me
Alone through my window I see the night
A hundred lights

by Dana Redricks |
Categories: blessing, christian, faith, friendship, jesus, love, peace,

My God Is Faithful

My God is Faithful
 Author Dana Redricks
 February 01, 2015

My God is faithful
 He is my strength when
 I am weak;
 He heals me when I’m 
 He gives me comfort
 When I am lonely.
 Praise his Holy name.
 Since he came into my life
 It has never been the same.
 When the trials come in like 
 A storm under his arms
 I am safe, and warm.
Praise his Holy name.
 Since I met my savior my life
 Has never been the same.
 He has chosen me by name.
 God is faithful.
 Praise his Holy name.

by Matt Starking |
Categories: love,


The shield shall be splinted
The sword shall be broken
But the love i have for you 
Will never be broken
Neither will love be forsaken

Like an everlasting convinant
Which binds us together
So shall we be forever
Oh sweet coconut water
You are my heart desire

The first time i meet you
I knew you were mine
Since you come into my life
Everything has been fine
You are my sunshine

by Aaliyah Haughton |
Categories: lost love, love,

Still Want You

It's sillly how I still want you
Sttll want to kiss your sweet lips
Still want to spend all my time with you
Still want to do freaky things to you
Still dream about you every night
Wondering when we're going to make it right
Me and you have this chemistry 
Me and you were met to be
I'm not sure why we ended
But I still want you I just cant help it
Baby please give me another chance
I know I can show you real romance
I want to be your one and only
I want you to only want me
Baby I just cant help needing you
I just still want you

by Sekitto Herbert Grace |
Categories: funny

Lady Carol Brown

Your name Carol
is better than money,
and sweet like honey!
It's your name Brown
which is precious like gold,
and better than sugar
as your kind heart 
is beyond the mothers' love,
and the stars in the sky.

by Alexey Fedorov |
Categories: lost love, sweet, sweet,

Good Night

good night, sweet heart, and be all right
you just resembling dying light
good night, sweet kiss now is not mine
good bye, good night, good day, good life,

good night, and never come again
you could not save but could betray
good night, sweet dreams and lovely days
good bye all happiness and prays